The Backbone of Boston Sports….

Just a few years ago, at this time, the front page of the sports section would be flooded with various articles about Red Sox baseball.  Fast forward one year, and you had the combination of the Celtics race for the championship, and the Red Sox  race to repeat.  Here we are in 2010 and what team is carrying the weight of Boston fandom on its back in the early months of Spring…?

  The Boston Bruins. 

As shocking as it sounds, the team on the upswing in this part of town is 4 years removed from being the red-headed step child of one of the most successful sports regions of the last decade.  This is not to say that they finished last every year.  The Bruins have still made the post-season here and there.  However, when you play under the shadows of the Red Sox reversing the curse, the Patriots owning the last decade, and the Celtics recent resurgence, the Bruins were an afterthought, hardcore fans aside of course Cent.

  When you take into account all that is going on with the franchises of Boston, the Bruins seems to be the most promising in the future.  Let’s not forget that they will be drafting either Seguin or Hall in the upcoming draft.

I am not going to lump the Patriots in here, as I did say Boston franchises, although they are getting a little long in the tooth, as long as you have #12 behind center you got a shot.  The Red Sox were just swept by the Baltimore Orioles, again sorry Cent, and they have reached the point where…(swallows his pride) they can’t take Varitek out of the lineup????  The Celtics have been showing their age as of late and it seems I am one of the few that believe they have a shot against Cleveland.  I do however acknowledge the fact that “the big three” will soon turn into “the old three” and you are left with Rondo running in circles passing the ball to…[insert someone worth it here].

When you look at the Boston Bruins current roster you can’t help but notice the youth on the team.  With Rask (23) in net for the next, I don’t know, decade, you have a chance to steal any game you play with his efforts.  The names you are now getting to know along with Rask; Bergeron, Boychuk, Lucic, Krejci, Ryder, and even Sabotka, may not be as explosive as the lines that the Capitals skate out every shift, but they’re average age is 24 years old.  Another fun fact; they’re STILL PLAYING.

The team play that the Bruins have exhibited this playoffs really shows you the quick learning curve that has taken place in Boston.  Claude Julien needs to be applauded for the job he has done with this team, when, with 3 games left in the season, still didn’t know their fate.

With all of the post-season upsets, the Bruins have home ice against the Flyers and find themselves up 1-0 in great position.  Regardless of the outcome this post-season, the young players on this team are getting a priceless lesson on playoff hockey, and what hockey in May is all about.