Jordan Steps Up And Gives Lebron A Media Facial

The only thing better than this would be to have Jordan actually putting Lebron in a “timeout” and scolding him like the child he is.  Nobody disrespects Jordan and something tells me when Jordan saw this whole Lebron saga soap opera that showed him picking Miami on live primetime TV that it made MJ a swirling dervish and when the Lebron’s commericial aired #23 went even more ballistic.  Normally I’m not a fan of people getting back at each other through the media but I have to say job-well-done to Jordan here.  I hope he is just as disgraced as I am that the NBA has become full of a bunch of pre-madonnas and overall just a ridiculous square dance.  The NBA and Lebron sucks….Long live the real king!


EDIT: I’ve been informed that this commercial came out before Lebron left Cleveland.  Sue me.  Either way, anyone who likes to smack Lebron in the nose deserves praise.  Who’s next on the list that consists of Jordan and Delonte?