Ray Allen Making History

All week I have heard people say and seen a few write on Facebook or other social networks that they were hoping on either Sunday or Monday that Ray Allen would break Reggie Miller’s all-time 3 pointers made record.  About a month ago I kept thinking to myself about how sweet it would be for this to be done, not in some random game, but on national TV, on TNT, and in front of Reggie Miller.  For the last 2 weeks, knowing that the Lakers were coming to Boston tonight for the TNT game I was hoping above all that he would be close enough to catch and surpass Reggie tonight.  My hopes have come true.  Ray Allen needs 2 more 3’s tonight to catch and move by Reggie Miller forever, and there may not be a person in the world who will be as ecstatic as this guy when this finally happens.  Now let me briefly get into the hate I have for Reggie Miller and then I will move onto Ray Allen.  Reggie…

(If you only want to read about the great Ray Allen then feel free to skip this next paragraph.)

If you were to venture into the archives we have on this blog, and specifically search out my name, you will see that I have a sort of undying love for the greatest player to ever lace up a pair of sneakers (probably his own) Michael Jordan.  I grew up watching him play, mesmerized by the sheer ease with which he would perform.  When MJ was on the court it did not matter who you put in front of him because sooner or later he was going to get the best of any defender.  In 1998, what should have been Jordan’s final year going out poetically, the Bulls faced what some look at as their toughest opponent: the Reggie Miller led Indiana Pacers.  The Pacers were only the 2nd team to bring the Bulls to a deciding Game 7, which they eventually lost.  The thing is that this series should have been over in 5 games.  At the end of Game 4 with the Pacers trailing by one everyone knew the ball was going to Miller.  He was their go-to-guy and had hit a few big shots in his career.  The Pacers were in bounding the ball on the near-side of the court (according to camera angle on TV) about parallel to the arc of the 3 point line.  Coming off a screen Miller lowered his arms and knocked Jordan back, obvious foul, RIGHT in front of the “ref”…no call…conspiracy?  Yes, because, as you can see in the replays, it is impossible, I stress IMPOSSIBLE, for the “ref” on the far side of the court to miss what had occurred, so the only way I can justify it is that David Stern placed a discreet phone call to the room of those referees the night before the game with a message somewhere along the lines of, “This series better go 7, because everyone knows Michael (Jordan) is going to win, but I need my damn TV ratings.”  Making matters worse Miller left enough time on the clock (0.7 seconds) for Jordan to have one final shot…I would post the video of all of this and you would be able to see just how close this series was to being over a game later, but it hurts too much, just as much as when I watched it live.  So all of that can be paraphrased to say that I hate Reggie Miller.  I do not care if that is “babyish”…and I cannot wait for Ray Allen to make Reggie and his record fade into oblivion…

Now onto the star of the post…Ray Allen and some of his history leading up to tonight.

After his senior season at the University of Connecticut, a senior season in which he set the school mark for 3 pointers in one season and was named the Big East Player of the Year, Ray Allen was drafted 5th overall by the Minnesota Timberwolves, but was dealt along with another player to the Milwaukee Bucks for Stephon Marbury.  In retrospect during the 1997 Slam Dunk Contest Allen looked a little out of place from the Ray that we have come to know and love, of course he was way too smooth for the judges so they did not advance him to the next round.  In 2001 he may have finally had the revelation that he was a prolific shooter and decided to pass on the dunking for the 3 Point Shootout.  He took down Peja Stojakovic in the finals and brought home that title.  What is not realized is that Milwaukee is where Ray Allen started to make his records.  He holds the Bucks record for most 3 pointers made and before LeBron James went off against the Pistons in the 2007 Eastern Conference Finals, Allen had the record for consecutive points scored in a playoff game with 19, done in 2001 when he lead the Bucks to Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Sixers.

Halfway through the 2002-2003 season the Bucks dealt Allen, along with a number of other entities to the Seattle Supersonics for Gary Payton and Desmond Mason.  Although he spent most of the next year on the sidelines due to injury, he bounced back in 2005 helping lead the Sonics to the Western Semifinals and was named to the 2nd Team All-NBA.  In Seattle Ray was not done making history.  In April of 2006 he achieved two amazing feats: he moved into 2nd place on the 3 pointers made list behind that other guy, and about a week and a half later he eclipsed Dennis Scott’s record of 267 three’s made in a single season, resetting the record, which still stands, at 269.  The next season was not as great for Allen, lest we forget that his season was ended prematurely because he had to have surgery on both ankles.  That 2007-2008 off season is where the story continues, but only gets better so I will jog your memory with some, “Ohhh yeeaaahhh,” reactions.

The Celtics and Sonics made a deal in the summer of 2007 that sent Ray Allen, coming off knee surgery, along with the 35th overall pick in that year’s draft to the Celtics for Wally Szczerbiak, Delonte West, and the 5th overall pick, who ended up being Jeff Green.  That 35th pick we received from Seattle was…wait for it…..Glen Davis.  Hindsight is always 20/20, and with the way that deal is turning out with a possible 6th Man of the Year Award for Grown Man Davis this year the sight is approaching 20/13.  Yet, we are here tonight for Ray Allen.  While a member of the Celtics Ray Ray has reached the 20,000 point club, broke Michael Jordan’s Finals record with 7 three’s in a half and broke the game record held by Scottie Pippen and Kenny Smith by finishing with 8, and tonight, finally, he will do everything it takes to break the all-time mark set by Reggie Miller by recording the 2,560th and 2,561st 3 point field goals of his career…and it will take him about 50 less attempts than it took Miller.  I guess I could have just posted the simple line, “Ray Allen is and always will be a better shooter than Reggie Miller.”