The Event is Here

I have had today’s date marked on my calendar since approximately July 8 of this year.  On that night LeBron James made “the decision” to leave Cleveland and sign with the Miami Heat joining Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.  It is well documented that his move to broadcast his decision on ESPN in primetime might be one of the most laughable public relations gaffes in history.  A few days later the NBA released the 2010-2011 schedule with the Boston Celtics hosting the Miami Heat to tip off the season.  The day has finally arrived.  This is The Event, not to be confused with the sci-fi television show on NBC with poor acting.

I have been home from work all of ten minutes and have already changed into my Paul Pierce jersey.  Yes, I have fallen hook line and sinker for all the hype that tonight’s game brings.  I am mindful that in the grand scheme of things the game means absolutely nothing, yet I feel I am more excited for this game than I was Game 7 of last year’s NBA Finals.  Okay, maybe that using a bit of hyperbole.  But my hatred of LeBron James is well documented and there is nothing I’d like to see more than for the Celtics cool the Heat tonight.

Tonight starts the last run for the group of Celtics in their chase for Banner 18.  Their nucleus is aging but they still are among the elite in the game.  All reports out of Boston are that the guys are the healthiest they’ve been in a long time.  Paul Pierce is playing pain free, Garnett is running the court well an jumping through the roof, Shaq even looks to be in good shape.  The excitement is a mix of squaring off against a new rival and the realization that this is the beginning of the end for the Celts.

Last year we learned that the regular season means absolutely nothing in the NBA.  With that being said I still fully expect the Celtics to be “up” for games against the likes of the Heat and the Lakers.  Tonight is Miami’s first test.  Many questions will be answered.  Can the new big three co-exist?  Who’s team is this, LeBron or D-Wade?  Will the Heat be able to keep up with a roster as deep as the Celtics?  Did Gloria James (LeBron’s mom)  sleep at Delonte West’s house last night?

With about two hours until game time I am like a three year old after drinking a gallon of Mountain Dew, more excited than Jessie Spano, and am filled with adrenaline. The Miami Heat will begin and end their season in Boston.  That road starts tonight.   At long last, October 26 is here.  The NBA season is about to begin.  Tonight we will witness The Event.