Ultimate Volvo S60: BIG EAST Edition

So if you haven’t heard yet, I am representing my alma mater (twice over), St. John’s University, in the second annual Volvo “Biggest Fan of the BIG EAST” Contest. As part of the competition, the 16 contestants (each representing one of the conference teams) must write challenge posts on their respective blogs which are then judged by the good folks over at Volvo Cars USA. The objective for blog entry No. 4: Create the Ultimate St. John’s Volvo S60. Fans can also build their own Volvo S60 at VolvoCars.com.

The first step in this process is to create the perfect S60. Of course, you would have to pick the “R-Design.” This model includes a six-speed geartronic automatic transmission, 3.0 liter engine, with 325 horses, dual exhaust and 354 lbs. of torque. Along with the usual Volvo bells & whistles, it also includes HD radio & Sirius XM, a bluetooth handsfree system, USB/IPod function, moonroof and 18-inch Ixion alloy wheels.

Time to go all out as available climate, technology and multimedia packages make this a truly “ultimate” S60. Volvo also offers two accessories that would be perfect for a true St. John’s fan. An integrated navigation system helps you find your way through New York City as Johnnies make their way Madison Square Garden, while a rear seat entertainment system allows friends to keep up on BIG EAST basketball.

Now it may seem like a given that a St. John’s automobile would have to be some shade of red, but since 2009, when the Red Storm introduced their alternate black jerseys, the annual “black-out” game has become a huge success, while the jerseys themselves have been a team favorite. With that in mind, black sapphire metallic is definitely the color for this ultimate VolvoS60.

I really contemplated putting a giant STJ logo on the hood and/or lightning bolts down the side, but a more subtle approach to represent the Red Storm may be appropriate for this machine. Although a vanity plate that says “526” (the number of wins recorded by legendary head coach Lou Carnesecca) or “Lavinwood” may be in order.

Instead of the excessive paint jobs, after market body kits and custom spoilers all in red & white, this “ultimate St. John’s Volvo” will have several additions to make it a true Johnnie.

Floor mats

Custom Plates

Good tunes

Lou Carnesecca & Steve Lavin (they come with the car right?)

Metta World Peace?


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There Will Be No Sex in the Common Room

With apologies to Chris Rock…

Students of the BYU Class of 2011 I have many rules for you

Chief among them, no matter what your boyfriend/girlfriend want,

you will have zero sex in the common room…or anywhere else for that matter.

Oh there are readings on the Church of Latter Day Saints in the common room;

But you don’t want the readings…you want sex in the common room.

And there is no sex until you are married, in the common room.

Don’t drink alcohol, Sure it feels good to loosen up a bit after a hard week,

but what about the beer googles enough drinks will give you?

Sure she looks like a 10 after a few drinks, but she’s closer to a three.

You can read the Book of Mormon; but you don’t want to read.

You want to drink until you puke and live the college life.

Not here at BYU and remember there is no sex in the common room.


Don’t consume caffeine, it is the ingredient of the devil.

Sure America runs on Dunkin, but as Mormon’s we are above that level.

You don’t care about caffeine  you want sex, and there is no sex in the common room

Cigarette smoking is an act of a non-virtuous life

It is not an attractive feature on any human being

What does it matter, you can only have sex if you have a wife,

Facial hair is a no-no; unless you obtain a beard exception

Don’t even think of trying to use contraception

Because there is absolutely no sex…in the common room.

Don’t lie, live a chaste and virtuous life

Tiger Woods did neither and where is he now?

His life is dirty, sucessess forgotten, living in strife.

He had sex in the common room; abolishing his wedding vow

So BYU students of 2011, remember this honor code

Violations of it will lead to suspension from your basketball team

We don’t care if your are an important part of the Final Four road

Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, coffee, tea, and facial hair: Keep them a dream

But always remember; there is absolutely no sex in the common room.

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The Rise and Fall of WEEI

Yesterday, on the Big Show, The Big Obnoxious Glenn Ordway announced that Michael Holley would be joining him as a co-host on the program starting February 28.  This was advertised as a huge announcement on the radio station all day long.  I know this not because I listen, but because Twitter kept me updated.  See, I stopped listening to WEEI a long time ago.  And this move of bringing Michael Holley, and effectively releasing Dale Arnold from his mid-day show, will not be bringing me back anytime soon.

If I did listen to WEEI over the past few months, it would be to the Dale and Holley mid-day show.  They were the only show on the station that let the caller speak without getting screamed at for no other reason then offering an opinion.  Dale and Holley embraced their listeners and didn’t shun them like the rest of the employees at the station do so expertly.  This made the sports talk radio fun.

WEEI has hammered the Boston market over the heads with the stats of being the highest rated radio show in the nation.  They fail to recognize that the only reason for those statistics is they had zero competition in the market.  By zero, I mean none, not even a high school radio club had a station going.  People only listened to WEEI because their were no other options.  If you wanted to listen to sports talk, you had to tune into WEEI whether you wanted to or not.  I would much rather (and have) listen to Michael McDonald than The Big Show, hell I’d rather listen to Kenny G or Conway Twitty.

The Big Show lost me as a listener when they released Pete Shephard citing economic times as the reason for letting him go.  This was fresh after they made The Big Obnoxious the richest man in sports radio with a $1 million a year contract.  I never understood this move and still don’t.  When Shephard filled in for Ordway, the Show was infinitely better in my humble opinion.  Instead of really saving money and dumping Ordway, they sign him to a huge contract and dump Pete.  This makes no fiscal sense and I can’t wrap my mind around it.

The best thing that happened to Boston was the birth of 98.5 The Sports Hub.  They actually talk sports with their listeners.  They don’t yell over their callers.  They don’t try to embarrass their callers.  They don’t shamelessly advertise their Steak Houses.   The only people they grill are the guests they have on their show.  I once hated Michael Felger as much as the next guy.  But listening to him everyday, I have grown an appreciation for the man who may have unpopular opinions, but backs them up.  He isn’t afraid to ask his guests the tough questions at all.  He has no hidden agendas and might very well be the best there is on the radio.

Now that WEEI has competition in the market, they are scrambling to figure out how to compete with 98.5.  Dennis and Callahan (WEEI) are neck and neck with Toucher and Rich in the morning.  Doesn’t WEEI realize that people don’t like listening to two pompous and arrogant guys, who, if you have a differing opinion than them, will scream at you? Doesn’t WEEI realize that if people wanted to listen to talk about politics, they would turn on NPR?  Why is this so hard for the powers to be at WEEI to figure out?

I can’t really speak about the mid-day show for Gresh and Zo on 98.5 as I have always been a Dale and Holley guy.  But now, with this move, WEEI is breaking up the one show that is actually winning the ratings war with 98.5.  With that being said, I really hope the best for Dale Arnold in all of his future endeavors.  Maybe he and Pete Shepherd can get a show together in the near future.

WEEI has to realize that people are sick of Glen Ordway and his cronies.  Why is Glen so tough with his callers and yells at them for not thinking the way he does, but then goes and massages Bill Belichick’s shoulders and feet while he is interviewing him.  When has Glen Ordway ever offered up a hard question to a guest?  He doesn’t.  He is a European soccer player.  He is a Montreal Canadien.  He is a turtle going back into his shell.  Michael Felger?  He goes right after his guests and hammers them with questions.

98.5 talks all four major sports all day long.  Try to call WEEI and talk hockey.  You get laughed at, scorned, and then blown up.  But wait until the playoffs come and all of a sudden Ordway and pals are experts in hockey and know everything about the state of the Bruins and his callers are mere lepers in the sports world knowing nothing about The Big Bad Bruins.

It is sad that WEEI is collapsing faster than the 2004 Yankees.  They have an easy solution right in front of their eyes and instead they decide to break up what is working for them.  WEEI can solve its problems by simply getting an FM signal in Boston.  Instead they continue to employ The Big Obnoxious and let go of the guys that allow its clientele to speak and actually generate conversation about sports topics.

The fact of the matter is 98.5 is the best station in the Boston market.  It’s hosts are knowledgeable and they understand what their clientele wants.  The sports radio population are a group of people who just want to talk sports.  They want their hosts to ask the tough questions that they would ask coaches, players, and GM’s if they had the chance.  If they wanted to get screamed at, they would sit in their boss’s office all day.  WEEI has failed to identify with their target market and they are now paying the price.

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Bah Chattah: 10-22-10 Edition

Here at the NTCF we have found a love for writing in segments on a weekly basis.  We recap the Pats game, we offer up our NFL picks of the week, we recap the college football weekend, and we Mumble.  Last night as I was trying to will myself to sleep and losing the battle, I came up with another segment I could feature.  The idea is Bah Chattah.  Each weekend hard guys like to meet at the local watering hole, have a couple beers, watch the game, and chat about everything and nothing at the same time.  Each Friday I will strive to bring you what’s going on in the sporting world so you are prepared for the weekend hangouts.

This is a great weekend to start as all 4 major sports are in full force and effect. Here is what you will hear being discussed this weekend over a nice cold Budweiser.

*You may be tired of hearing it but the discussions about hits in football will continue.  The guys will discuss how awesome it is to watch a linebacker crunch someone going over the middle.  In New England, Brandon Meriweather will be a hot topic.  Do you love him or hate him? A wrinkle in this debate: Why doesn’t college football have the same problem?

*Monday morning the nation will know what the World Series matchup will be.  Both the ALCS and NLCS are going to at least a sixth game.  Can Philly stop the Giant magic? Will the Yankees be able to get by Cliff Lee?  The Phillies have Oswalt and Hamels to survive while the Yankees don’t have the luxury of having CC Sabathia or Mark Teixeira. A Rangers-Giants World Series would be refreshing and new but deliver next to nothing on the ratings schedule.  Yankees-Phillies would be more of the same over the past 3 years and have stronger ratings.

*The NHL Season is up and going and the Bruins are back.  Some are still leery of this franchise since they have been nothing but choke artists over the last 10 years.  On a personal note I remain optimistic and believe in them even though they broke my heart last year.  The big debate at the start of the season is Tuuka or Timmy between the pipes.  Rask was the victim of sloppy play in front of him in the season opener letting up 4 goals.  But everyone in Boston knows he’s better than that.  Tim Thomas has been standing on his head leading the B’s to four straight wins. The big argument is who is labeled “starter?” Or is this just a great audition by Thomas to other teams around the league that would make for a blockbuster trade by Cam Neely and company.

*Tuesday, October 26 has been circled on my calendar for quite some time.  The new look Miami Heat will travel to Boston to take on the Celtics in he opening game of the 2010-2011 NBA Season.  This game will be much discussed even though in the grand scheme of the season it means absolutely nothing.  I hope the Celtics win by 15 and send a message to the rest of the Association that they are not to be messed with.

Big Games this weekend

Yankees at Rangers, Friday night

Yankees at Rangers, Saturday (if necessary)

Giants at Phillies, Saturday

Giants at Phillies, Sunday (if necessary)

#1 Oklahoma vs. #11 Missouri, Saturday night

Vikings at Packers, Sunday night (Favre back at Lambeau)

*Scottie’s bold statement of the week:  LeBron James’ fall from grace has been a steeper decline than OJ Simpson, Tiger Woods, and Kobe Bryant.  He will be booed at deafening levels in every arena he plays in this year that isn’t located in Miami.  He was once an icon, every child in America’s hero.  Now he is a villain of epic proportions who has made those same children that idolize him cry their eyes out with his disgusting self centered actions.  He truly is the most arrogant, awful, backstabber on the planet. To that, I am a witness.  We are all witnesses.

October Mumbles

*So the Boston Red Sox ownership group did not have enough money to seal the deal to sign Mark Teixeira but they have enough to buy the Liverpool soccer franchise?  For those keeping track at home, since the Yankees signed Teixeira they have won a World Series and are now in the ALCS.  The Red Sox have been swept in the first round of the playoffs and didn’t make the playoffs this year.  While I understand that businessmen are out to make as much money as they can, and look to jump into profitable ventures, I as a fan, do not want my owners out spending money on other franchises.  When they bought this team in 2002, they pledged their undying devotion to putting the most competitive team on the field possible.  This purchase of Liverpool will be a clear conflict hindering their ability to pay top dollar for prized players.  They don’t even own Liverpool yet and already missed out on a perennial all star because they didn’t want to pay him and extra 12 million.

*The Boston Bruins have the luxury of a two headed monster at the goalie position.  Most are saying that there is a goalie controversy brewing in Boston between Tuuka Rask and Tim Thomas.  I feel the Bruins should embrace this.  Last season they had the 2 lowest goals against averages in the league.  It’s a fact that they are two of the best in the world at what they do.  In football most teams have two running backs as opposed to one.  Why not adopt this formula?  Keep both players healthy all season and reap the benefits.  Come playoff time ride the hot goalie.

*This NFL season has been one of the most unpredictable yet exciting seasons in recent memory.  This is evident by the fact that I simply can’t pick the winners at a high rate on any given Sunday.  One week the Giants are awful and then the next they look like contenders for the Super Bowl.  One week the Texans look like clear favorites to go deep into the playoffs, the next they look like the Texans of old.  While it is maddening not being able to pick winners successfully, this NFL season embodies all that is great with sports.  There is so much parity in the NFL that every game on the schedule is interesting.  I once thought the NFL was an overrated enterprise.  I once was a damn fool.

*Speaking of things changing on a week to week to basis in football, how about the Green Bay Packers?  They were a heavy favorite to be playing in the Super Bowl by many experts in the preseason.  Now they are football’s version of the Boston Red Sox, decimated by injuries.  Jermichael Finley is out for the season.  Aaron Rodgers may miss Sunday’s game with a concussion.  Ryan Grant’s season was over after three quarters of football.  Clay Matthews is also dealing with injuries.  The plethora of injuries the Packers have faced has been incredible.  It will be interesting to see if they can be as resilient as the Sox were with their misfortunes.  Both teams have shown that all hopes and expectations can be dashed with a rash of injuries.

*On a non sports related but Boston related note, I recently saw The Town, the new movie written by and starring Ben Affleck.  I tend to enjoy any movie that is set in Boston, (Good Will Hunting, The Departed, Mystic River) and The Town was no exception.  There was plenty of action in the movie to make me forget how Affleck is not cut out to be a lead actor. Affleck is a very talented writer and a solid supporting actor but should never be confused with Matt Damon or Leonardo Dicaprio when it comes to lead acting ability. That being said, I enjoyed the action and the sights of Boston.  Anyone with similar interests should check it out.

*A long over due Rest In Peace wish to the late Pawtucket Red Sox owner, Ben Mondor who passed away last week.  I attribute my childhood memories of going to McCoy Stadium and watching the Pawsox play to him.  There was a time when the Pawsox future in Rhode Island was in doubt but Mondor came in and saved the franchise.  I will always remember taking my milk carton, Sharpie, and ball to the game seeing what autographs I could get.  Any Rhode Islander can relate to what I am talking about.  Thank you for everything Mr. Mondor.

*With baseball on the mind, I believe the Phillies are the team to beat looking ahead to the World Series.  Pitching wins playoff baseball.  That has been proven time and time again.  The Phills have three of the best in the game in Halladay, Hamels, and Oswalt.  While their pitching is beyond awesome, don’t forget that they have a very potent lineup as well.  Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, and Jayson Werth will provide the offense needed to get the Phillies to their 3rd World Series in a row and a rematch with the New York Yankees.

*Lastly, this whole Bret Favre situation is making me nauseous.  Not because it’s Favre and I don’t like him to begin with, but it make me wonder why professional athletes feel the need to take pictures of their junk and send it around.  Other culprits that I shake my head at include Greg Oden and Brandon Spikes.  I am sure there are more that I am failing to mention but the message I want to relay is clear…Stop being an idiot! By doing stupid things, you make yourself a punchline.  This is criticism you can avoid!  But no, you have to be a jackass.

*It’s coming….

Farley’s Fantasy 3.0

Sorry for the delay people, believe it or not NTCF doesn’t pay me for my genius!

OK, hope everyone’s week two was just a little less awful than mine.  NO I don’t, I hope you all went 1-4. Yes, that’s right, five leagues people, it’s called dedication!


Mike Vick-  I have to give Vick a lot of credit for the way he’s been playing lately. He is becoming the fantasy stud so many people reached for in the past. The main difference in my opinion is Andy Reid. He has Vick looking like a quarterback that can run and not a running back that can throw.  Vick torched the Jags for 291 yds passing and 3 TD’s and added a rushing TD along with 30 yds on the ground. 

Anquan Boldin- If Q were on another team he would be one of my favorite players in the NFL hands down.  He is one of the best in the league at running after the catch as well as coming back from a broken face in record time.  Honestly, every time I see that hit from the Jets game where he gets smoked I cringe.  Then I wonder how he came back in two weeks! The guy is a beast and his performance last week shows you the potential of the Ravens offense.  Boldin chimed in for 8 catches 142 yds and 3 TD’s.  Baltimore will have to pass this weekend against the steel curtain.

Austin Collie- Here are some numbers for you- 27 Catches 359 yards and 4 TD’s. That is the season Austin Collie is having thus far.  Here are some more numbers for you- 14 catches 172 yards, 0 TD’s; 6 catches 81 yds, 0 TD’s; 18 catches 181 yds, 0 TD’s.  Those three fantasy busts to this point are Marques Colston, Michael Crabs-I am giving him this name because I would almost rather have Crabs than to have Crabtree on my roster at this point, TRUE STORY, and finally Steve(he has always been and will always be the other) Smith.  All three of these guys were drafted well ahead of the White Knight.  Collie had an outstanding game against the Broncos hauling in 12 passes for 172 yds and 2 TD’s. The capital of Texas has seemed to pass Garcon’ as the teams number two, and with Wayne getting double teamed worse than Matt Dillon in Wild Things, he has more importantly got Peyton’s trust, not to mention his fantasy owners.

Peyton Hillis- I can’t wait to her the AP and CJ owners whine after this ranking.  When a running back goes against the Baltimore Ravens defense and breaks one hundred yards it’s a big deal.  When a white glorified fullback gashes them for 144 yds rushing with 1 TD along with 36 yds receiving on 7 catches it’s an event! I couldn’t believe my eyes watching the tracker on the bottom of the television. I thought Hillis’ uncle Remus worked in the CBS truck or something.  For all of you that drafted Jerome Harrison…you deserve this.


Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark- I know I wrote about how Wayne was double teamed, but whats Clark’s excuse?  When you’re a stud wideout there are few times when you aren’t double teamed. Wayne had 4 catches for 65 yards and had a front row seat to the Austin Collie show. The Clark matchup was favorable in my opinion and going against him I was scared.  Lucky for my opponent Clark’s 5 catch 44 yd performance was plenty to beat my abortion of a team this weekend. 

Jahvid Best- You can give me the injury excuse all you want, but ask yourself this question…did owners know about this before the game? The answer is obviously no and if you had him on your team you were probably thin on running backs in the first place for starting him against the best run defense in football the past five years.  26 yds rushing and 13 receiving do not make a fantasy stud. 

Matt Schaub- It seems that Schaub loves this column.  Only problem is he’s been on the shit end of it more than he has been praised.  His 241 yards were disappointing and the fact that 100 of them came in a comeback effort in the fourth quarter means it should have been a lot worse.  Oh and don’t forget that interception for a negative two points, hurts when you lose by one! Screw you Matt, I can’t quit you!

I will not be going into the diamond in the rough portion of this article but I will give you some names before introducing a new idea that I had.  Three guys I think should be picked up are:

 The law offices of BenJarvis Green Ellis, Stephen Williams, and Ryan Torain.


That’s right people, this is absolutely my favorite game in fantasy football.  A brief background of me- I am a salesman, I love selling people, and in fantasy football there is no greater feeling than low-balling the shit out of some idiot because his guy had a rough start.  This is what wins you championships gentleman.


Tim Hightower- Listen I am not saying this guy is done for the season.  However, Beanie Wells at 80% last week was much more effective vs a bad team.  Last week was Hightower’s chance to outshine Wells and maintain the number one spot if not for just one more week, even though Wells was a little banged up.  I still think Hightower has some good games left in him, but by trading him now you are taking advantage of his stock while it’s still higher than a guy like Marshawn Lynch or the aforementioned Green Ellis.  If you can get a bona fide starter for Hightower than it will be a good deal.

Thomas Jones- Jones had 95 yards rushing last week and a TD.  There have been numerous reports of a time share and depth charts have him listed as the number one.  The Jamal Charles hype is starting to wear off and you need to take advantage of this because Charles will be in charge soon (buy low).  The Chiefs are trying to save JC for the long haul and the time share will end when the fantasy playoffs start.

Kyle Orton, Matt Ryan and  Mike Vick- That’s right people, quarterbacks are the best bargaining chips in the game.  I list these three quarterbacks because most likely out of the three only Matt Ryan was drafted as the starter for your team. At this point in the season Guys with quarterback problems are scrambling to find one.  Chances are, if you own one of these three, you have another guy on your team with higher value.  You have the option, no, you have the luxury to either run with the three listed here and sell your high value quarterback, or trade one of these waiver wire gems for a possible stud.  The choice is yours.


Larry Fitzgerald- Fitz hasn’t been playing poorly at all, but he hasn’t been a stud either.  With Steve Breastonplants going under the knife and Early Doucett’s tardy return, Fitzgerald will continue to build on his high target ratio.  Stephen Williams will be the number two and Fitzgerald owners are probably willing to take a flier on an over-achieving wideout with some other value he may need. You won’t regret trading for Fitz esp if you are in a keeper league.

Ben Rapelessburger- I didn’t feel like spelling his name and it makes sense, no? Listen the guy who has him had to draft a starter he was high on because he pretty much wasted a roster spot for five weeks (I counted the bye week geniuses).  Now is the time to try to trade for Big Ben if you are in quarterback trouble.  You could potentially land a guy who threw for 4,00 yards a year ago.  Here is some more food for thought. The Steelers play Baltimore, Cincy, and the Jets in the three playoff weeks; think they can run? Pick Ben up now boys and thank me later.

Maurice Jones-Drew- MJD owners are no doubt frustrated with their stud back. Bottom-line, he plays Indy this weekend Buffalo the next and is the only player on his team aside from that other hyphenated bust that is going to score.  Now I know its Friday but it is early in the morning, get on the laptops gentleman!!!

Fantasy Name of the week:

Lofa Bread Tatupu Platter

Farley’s Fantasy Football 2.0

Happy waiver Wednesday everyone!

There were a lot of big performances in week 2. So many that the studs portion of this post will be a bit larger than last week.  I must first address something that I was totally wrong on.  I excluded Mike Vick from my week one diamonds in the rough section because I, along with everyone else in the league, figured that Kolb would resume his role as starting quarterback this coming Sunday.  After another strong performance from Vick and a handjob of a press conference from Andy Reid who so eloquently put that Vick is simply, “playing out of his mind right now”, I retract that statement and apologize.  Vick looks like a real quarterback for the moment and if you jumped on him early good for you.  If you need a quarterback stay tuned because the diamond in the rough section will feature one, maybe two.

As for the top performers from week 2:


1. Matt Schaub- If you read the column last week you will remember how I said Schaub and Andre Johnson will torch the Redskins.  497 yds and 3 TD’s later I will pat myself on the back.  Some people were worried about the low attempts from week one, but make no mistake, this Houston offense is for real and is running like a well-oiled machine right now.  When Owen Daniels gets healthy every starter on this team is a must start in my opinion. From Arian Foster to Neil Rackers, Start em!

2. Andre Johnson- Listen, Johnson is a beast, he sprains his ankle during a solid performance and on a 4th and ten jumps through the ceiling to catch a TD.  Don’t worry about the ankle sprain he will rest enough this week and continue to toy with defensive backs.

3. Jahvid Best- Best is a bright surprise this season and if you’ve got him on your roster you are no doubt a happy owner.  He is the total package and contributed this weekend with 78 yds rushing, 154 recieving, 9 catches and 3 total TD’s. 

4. Lesean McCoy- McCoy had a great day, as expected vs the Lions, running for 120 yds and 3 TD’s. I was worried about McCoy’s opportunities given the fact that Andy Reid likes to chuck it 50 times a game.  Vick actually helps to balance the offensive game plan for the Eagles so I would expect McCoy’s role be extended.

5. Jason Snelling- You’ve got to give massive props to Snelling.  After the burner went down Snelling stepped in and dominated! He amassed 129 yds on the ground 57 yds receiving with 3 total TD’s.  If Turner is out for an extended period of time than Snelling has great value. Unfortunately, all signs point to Turner being fine for this weekend.


1. Chris Johnson- Johnson was totally shut down by the Steelers defense and saw his 12 game streak of 100 yds rushing come to an end.  Johnson ran for 34 yds and only managed one catch for 19. I don’t expect him to be on this list much and you couldn’t expect much production from him going against the steel curtain.

2. Maurice Jones-Drew- MJD personally hurt me this weekend, however I had Andre and Schaub clean up his mess :). Jones-Drew is definitely a concern for his owners so far. The whole Jags offense has been awful and without a passing threat he will be seeing 9 in the box.  He had 48 total yards and only one catch.  He is normally a PPR stud and his lack of catches is a reflection of David Garrard.  I would not try to trade him at all but with his stock this low you would be a fool.

3. Joe Flacco- Flacco was downright terrible Sunday.  Don’t think I am putting him in the same burp as Tom Brady, but after watching film of the Bengals pass defense, how do you throw for only 154 yds and 4 picks??Hopefully you drafted a contingency plan because with all of these weapons he is not producing.

Diamonds in the Rough

Last week was a little bit of a mixed bag. Mark Clayton was a great pickup and Brandon Jackson should be fine as long as Green Bay doesn’t bring in another receiver.  I think the Camarillo pick was a week too early. Harvin didn’t practice again today and with a bye week looming in week four, he could sit out against the Lions. Here are my waiver wire gems for week 3.

1. Kyle Orton- Orton is available in most leagues right now and if these two weeks are any indication, he will be a solid fantasy option.  Hey Flacco owners, do it! McDaniels system is extremely quarterback friendly and Demaryius Thomas’ return adds yet another weapon.

2. Marshawn Lynch- If you need a back and he is available, make him your first priority.  Don’t get me wrong there will still be a committee there, but Chan Gailey has been a “one back man” for a long time.  He loves establishing the run and incorporating his running back in every possibly way.  CJ Spiller’s impressive pre-season gave everyone a hard on but the honeymoon is over.  With a bad offensive line Spiller’s inability to break tackles and make his own holes bodes well for the stronger, almost as young, Lynch.  Besides, if the trade rumors with Green Bay are true his value will only go up!

3. Keiland Williams- Grab this guy now! With the recent release of Larry Johnson it has been confirmed that Williams is the number 2 back in Washington.  Portis hasn’t been too productive this season and if Mike is up to his Shannahanagans again, you could see Williams cutting into Clinton’s time.  In my opinion, Williams has more long-term value than Mike Tolbert and yes Jason Snelling!

Fantasy team name of the week: For those of you familiar with coaching rants….

I’m a man…..I’m Forte!!!!!!

Good luck this week!