Anyone with half a pulse has a  passion for something in this world. We are deeply passionate about sports, Boston sports to be more specific. We invest a fair amount of our time following the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins and Patriots.  It is fair to say that we live and die with every pitch, deke, dribble, and snap count.

We are also very opinionated individuals.  Many will argue that we might even be a bit stubborn in our beliefs, a point that we find debatable. We thoroughly enjoy talking sports with friends and family.  We also enjoy writing.  It is with these facts that the three of us decided to start this blog and added on a few guys that share that very same passion over the life of the blog. We are without a doubt devout Boston fans.  We, like others, have wept both in sadness and in glory because of the experience that is being a Boston sports fan.

We are of the opinion that we would be doing ourselves and others a great disservice if we did not share our thoughts and ramblings with anyone who would pay attention.  It is with this knowledge that we formally introduce you to Not the Common Fan.

If you would like to contact NTCF we can be reached at the email address: scottpattersonsp@gmail.com

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