25 NBA Players I’d Rather Have on My Team Than Carmelo Anthony

When the 2013-2014 NBA season concludes, Carmelo Anthony is expected to opt out of his current contract hitting the carmelounrestricted free agent market.  Anthony is expected to get a “max contract.” In the case of Carmelo Anthony he will get either $14 million a year or he will sign for 105% of his previous contract.  My brother sent me an email recently detailing his thoughts about Carmelo Anthony:

“Over the years, I have seen players like him.  Produces big numbers and is on a weak team or wrong team at wrong time.  For whatever reason, just does not have the planets align for a winning career.  Not sure what happened in Denver, but that was a better place for him than NY.  I am going to say something bold, under the microscope in NY, you know what, he is not that good a b-ball PLAYER.  He has a limited and talented skill set (tough match up and can score).  But, cannot pass, rebound, defend, help defend, block shots or handle the ball.  So when you see him all the time, his flaws are glaring.  Great scorer, fantastic scorer – not great player.  Make sense?”

As you know by now, I detest Syracuse.  Haven’t liked Melo since those days.  I have always argued he is the most overrated player in the NBA.  It usually falls on deaf ears and people think I am an idiot.  His two career accomplishments are winning a national championship (in which Gerry McNamara and Hakim Warrick played prominent roles) and he was outstanding in the last summer Olympics.  But he had quite the supporting cast.  Off the top of my head I could name 25 players I’d rather have on my team than Carmelo Anthony.  He slows down offenses because he needs the ball in his hands to be effective.  Does not move without the ball.

Being a man of my word, here are 25 players currently in the NBA I would rather have on my team than Carmelo Anthony:

1) Kevin Durantuntitled

2) LeBron James

3) Kevin Love

4) Chris Paul

5) Tim Duncan

6) James Harden

7) DeMarcus Cousins

8) Stephen Curryuntitled

9) Anthony Davis

10) Dirk Nowitzki

11) Paul George

12) LaMarcus Aldridge

13) Damian Lillard

14) Dwight Howard

15) Russell Westbrook

16) Kobe Bryant

17) Blake Griffin

18) Dwayne Wade

19) David Lee

20) John Wallimages

21) Rajon Rondo

22) Al Jefferson

23) Kyrie Irving

24) DeMar DeRozan

25) Paul Milsap

Yes, I realize Carmelo is 2nd in the league in scoring behind The Slim Reaper at 27.2 a night.  Yes, I realize Melo gets close to 9 rebounds a night.  All of that is just fine and dandy.  At the end of the day, the Knicks are still 20-31 and going nowhere as a franchise so long as Carmelo suits up for them.

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