2013-2014 NFL Conference Championship Picks: Scottie vs. MattyoShow

I went undefeated last week correctly predicting the outcome of all four divisional playoff games.  My perfect weekend tied me with MattyO for the playoff wins-loss aspect of this challenge.  Matty lost one game incorrectly picking the Panthers to beat the 49ers.  We are both 5-3.  I have 22 confidence points.  Matty has 21 confidence points.  As always, it is a tight matchup.  This weekend we have two close games to choose from.

Scottie’s confidence grows on a weekly basis as I continue to fail to put him away.  This weekend is huge, and I need to go 2 for 2.  My fanship for the Pats will most likely interfere with my brain function while making these picks, but I’m so pumped for this game I can’t help it!  Let’s do it…

Patriots @ Broncos

Scottie: Broncos 8

The weather report for Sunday in Denver calls for temperatures reaching nearly 60 degrees with 0% chance of precipitation.  In other words, ideal weather for Peyton Manning.  Since when does it hit anything above 35 in Denver in the middle of January?  I hate to say it but I believe this weather dooms the Pats.  Peyton can’t choke when there are no elements to deal with.  He is surrounded by too many deadly weapons on offense.  Talib will play Demaryius Thomas, Dennard on Decker, Arrington on Welker, and Collins on Julius Thomas?  Without Brandon Spikes, Knowshon Moreno will gut the Pats up the middle time and time again.  I see no possible way the Patriots can pull this one out in Denver.

On a side note, I want nothing more than for the Patriots to win the Super Bowl this season.  I want Aaron Hernandez to know he was not important to this team.  I do not want him to have the luxury of saying, “If I had of been there…”

Matt: Patriots 8

Scottie says there is no possible way that the Pats can win in Denver.  The weather will be nice, Brandon Spikes is still snowed in, Peyton Manning has had arguably the best season of his career, and so on.  Well, guess what Scottie, the Pats are winning this game!  Tom Brady has as much to prove as Peyton Manning.  The guy hasn’t won a title in 9 years.  His playoff stats since that point are similar to Peyton Manning.  The Broncos can run Moreno all they want.  Heck, he can rush for 300 yards.  That means Peyton Manning isn’t completing passes and the Patriots game plan is being successful.  Tom Brady gets the job done in crunch time, Peyton Manning shits his pants with the game on the line.  DONE DEAL!

49ers @ Seahawks

Scottie: Seahawks 16

Everyone is talking up Kapernick vs. Wilson.  In reality this game is a tale of two hard nosed running backs and two incredible defenses.  The teams are near mirror images of each other.  I never pick against Seattle when they are playing at home.  I will not break that habit now.  Yes, the Niners are the hottest team in football coming into Sunday.  That will not matter on Sunday.  Kaepernick will not be able to solve the Seahawks defense and the crowd will be all over Kaepernick from he player introductions until the time the Seahawks are crowned NFC Champions.

Matt: Seahawks 16

So much is being made of how great the 49ers are.  Guess what, they aren’t that awesome!  In the Wild Card round, they beat up on a Green Bay team that had their starting quarterback playing for the first time in over 2 months.  Last week they took out the Panthers, whom were underprepared and under-talented.  This week, they are matched up with a team that knows what it takes to win playoff games (last week’s game against the Saints was the most physical game I’ve seen all season) and has a HUGE advantage when playing at home.  The 49ers defense will keep it close, but I expect a big mistake from Kaepernick to be the difference in this game.