2013-2014 NFL Divisional Round Playoff Picks: Scottie vs. MattyOShow

Obviously, I did not do so well last week in my picks.  Once the Chiefs blew a 28 point lead in the third quarter in the first game of the weekend I knew I was in trouble the rest of the weekend.  The highlight of my weekend was picking the Chargers upset, especially because Matty called me “an idiot” last week for doing so.  In hindsight, was that not an obvious pick?  I need to get my stuff together here because Matty has smoked me from the second half of the season on.  Yes, I took home the regular season title but I want more!

Playoff Record

Scottie-  1-3  2 points

Matt- 2-2  3 points

Saints @ Seahawks

Scottie: Seahawks  8

I don’t buy what the Saints are selling.  I was pretty surprised they won last weekend in Philly. But I can confidently say their playoff run ends in Seattle.  The Seattle defense is too good, their crowd is too loud, and they are getting healthy on the offensive end of the ball at the right time.  I will stick with my mantra.  Seattle does not lose at home.

Matt: Seahawks 4

The Seattle Seahawks at home might be the best team in the NFL.  On the road, they aren’t as scary, but at home with that crowd they are nearly unbeatable.  Meanwhile, the Saints on the road are a completely different team, and Drew Brees in the elements rarely gets the job done.

Colts @ Patriots

Scottie: Patriots 2

I do not know why, but this game makes me nervous as a Patriot fan.  The Colts defense isn’t spectacular however they are opportunistic.  Robert Mathis’s strip sack was the game changer last week in their come from behind win over the Chiefs.  If the Colts can clog the middle of the field on defense, the Patriots are in trouble.  LaGarrette Blount will need to carry the load against the Colts, chewing up clock, and keeping Andrew Luck off the field.  I believe Kyle Arrington will garner the TY Hilton assignment because Hilton works primarily out of the slot.  Talib will cover Da’Rick Rodgers or Griff Whalen.  Do not expect Deion Branch to be a factor.  The zombie Patriot fan mindset says the Patriots win because they have Brady and Belichick.  I don’t think it will be that simple.  I am a Patriots fan, so I am picking my team.

Matt: Patriots 8

I’m not sure why I am so confident in this game, but I just feel like there is no way that the Pats are losing this game.  Indy is arguably the most ideal matchup for the Pats, considering they aren’t stout running the ball and have a tough time stopping the run.  Lately, the Pats haven’t been able to stop the run and have been pounding the rock like the Ravens of 2000.  Tom Brady is better than Andrew Luck, for now, and that will show on Saturday night.

49ers @ Panthers

Scottie: 49ers 6

The Panthers were the biggest surprise of the 2013 season.  Their defense has been stingy.  Cam Newton has really developed into what everyone thought he would be coming out of college.  All of that is fantastic.  I just don’t see the inexperienced Panthers taking down a battle tested 49er team.  The Niners have been on this stage before.  The Panthers have not.  The 49er defense will neutralize Cam Newton and the rushing attack will lead the Niners past the Panthers in Carolina.  Do not expect this game to be high scoring as both defenses are rather stout.

Matt: Panthers 2

Everyone is jumping on the 49ers bandwagon, however is it really that impressive to beat a Packers team that had their starting quarterback return for the first time in 2 months by 3 points?  I don’t think so.  Kaepernick is dynamic, but he might be the most overrated quarterback in the NFL.  Meanwhile, while most believe that Sunday’s game will be a coming out party for Cam Newton, I think that this game will be a Luke Kuechly coming out party.

Chargers @ Broncos

Scottie: Broncos 4

Every part of my being wants to pick San Diego in this matchup.  I just can’t pull the trigger.  Beating Denver in the regular season might be the worst thing that could have happened to the Chargers.  I expect the Broncos to still have a bitter taste in their mouth from that loss.  They had last week off to get healthy.  I expect Peyton will come out guns blazing and the Chargers won’t be able to keep up with the high powered Broncos offense.

Matt: Broncos 6

The season series is 1-1.  The Chargers are an 8.5 point under dog.  I put some money down on San Diego covering the spread, however I think that there is little chance that the Broncos lose this game.  Yes, Peyton Manning has lost more 1st time playoff games than any other quarterback in NFL history (8), but he really can’t do that again…can he?


One Response

  1. I go undefeated this week. Matty loses 1.

    Scott – 5-3 22 points
    Matt- 5-3 21 points

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