2013 NFL Playoffs Wild Card Round: Scottie vs. Mattyoshow

Last Week:

Scottie: 11-5, 106 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Mattoshow: 11-5, 112 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Regular Season Results:

Scottie: 156-99-1, 1365 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Mattyoshow: 154-101-1, 1373 CONFIDENCE POINTS

My laziness came back to haunt me.  I didn’t put in a solid effort in the last month of the season and Matty came back to snipe me in confidence points.  I did salvage the overall record which is nice considering Matty owned me the past few years.  Now it is playoff time.  Here we go.

Chiefs @ Colts:

Scottie: Chiefs 4

Yes, the Colts beat many of the top teams in the NFL this year including the Seahawks,49ers, and Broncos.  They have also beat the Chiefs.  With all that being said, I believe the Colts will have trouble against the Kansas City defense and even more trouble containing Jamal Charles.  More importantly, the Chiefs do not turn the ball over.  That is a key ingredient for any successful team in the NFL playoffs.

Mattyoshow: Colts – 2 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Mike Felger, from Felger and Mazz, has really been convincing me of one thing over the past week or so: You don’t win in the playoffs by running the football.  You know what, he’s completely right.  Yes, you can ice the game and eat up possession if you can run.  But, you get that lead through the air, that’s just what today’s NFL is all about.  The Colts sputtered towards the end of the season, but as Scottie mentioned, they beat some really good teams this year.  Meanwhile, the Chiefs have been riding Jamaal Charles all season, and their previously heralded defense hasn’t been very good lately.  The Colts are primed for a win, and they beat the Chiefs at home.

Saints @ Eagles:

Scottie: Eagles 3

The Saints are an arena football league team.  They only play well in a dome. They will travel to Philadelphia and battle the Eagles, the cold, and being outside of New Orleans in general.  Nick Foles will be serviceable and for one day he will be the best quarterback to come out of Westlake High School in Austin.

Mattyoshow: Eagles – 4 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Drew Brees in 20 degree weather isn’t the same Drew Brees that plays in a dome at home games.  The Eagles have been arguably the best team in the NFL since week 9, and have been even more dominant at home (finished the year by winning 4 straight home games).  I just don’t think the Saints have the type of team and, more specifically, offense that travels very well, and I expect the Eagles to get off to a quick start and end this game early.

Chargers @ Bengals:

Scottie: Chargers 2

Here is my upset special of the week.  Marvin Lewis is awful in the playoffs.  Phillip Rivers has really developed under soon to be gone Ken Whisenhunt. Yes, the Bengals have a stout defense but they are without Geno Atkins.  Andy Dalton has been inconsistent at best.  At times he has been awful.  Other times he has been great.  I will stick with the more consistent team not named the Bengals.

Mattyoshow: Bengals – 3 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Scottie, you’re an idiot.  The Chargers should have lost to the Chiefs backup squad last week if a certain kicker could make a pretty routine field goal!  I know that Marvin Lewis hasn’t been good in the playoffs.  In fact, he’s been downright awful.  However, this isn’t the Marvin Lewis show anymore, this is the Andy Dalton show.  Similarly to how I feel about Andrew Luck, I just think that Andy Dalton is ready to make that jump from good NFL quarterback to being in the discussion for the top 5 or 6 guys.  And you do that by winning playoff games.

49ers @ Packers:

Scottie: Packers 1

Talk about getting healthy at the right time.  The Packers welcomed back Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb just in time to ensure a playoff berth.  The 49ers will be battling a healthy Packers team and the bitter cold in Green Bay.  The Packers would not have made the playoffs without Aaron Rodgers.  With Aaron Rodgers? They have as good a shot as any team in the NFL at getting to the Super Bowl.  Kaepernick screwed me all year long in fantasy football.  I may hold some bitterness toward him in making this pick.

Mattyoshow: 49ers – 1 CONFIDENCE POINT

This game is going to be brutal.  Brutal to play in, brutal to think about, and brutal to watch.  When talking about cold weather football, what are we always concerned with?  The quarterback’s ability to pass the ball.  How the pigskin comes out of the quarterbacks hand.  Well, in a game with projected wind chills around -40 degrees, either team’s ability to be stout defensively, grab a score, and control the clock with the run will be the determinant of this game.  I believe that the 49ers are better at performing the aforementioned tasks than the Packers, therefore 49ers win.


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