2013 NFL Week 16 Picks: Scottie vs. Mattyoshow

Last Week:

-Scottie: 7-9, 81 CONFIDENCE POINTS

-Mattyoshow: 9-7, 78 CONFIDENCE POINTS


-Scottie: 137-86-1, 1181 CONFIDENCE POINTS

-Mattyoshow: 132-91-1, 1176 CONFIDENCE POINTS

So there are two weeks left in the 2013 NFL season.  I find myself 5 games behind in the win/loss column, and 5 CONFIDENCE POINTS off of the lead.  I have to make some really big moves over the next couple of weeks to lock down my 3rd straight NFL Picks Title!  Let’s do it…

Additional Reminder: There are no Thursday night games this week.  Only Sunday and Monday games.

I just have to play it straight and the 2013 title is all mine!  No hero plays by me these next 2 weeks.

Dolphins @ Bills

Scottie: Dolphins 14

Mattyoshow: Dolphins 10

Every year when I think I have my head wrapped around the AFC East, shit hits the fan. The Dolphins pulled off a surprising win against the Patriots last week to stay alive in the playoff hunt, and I expect them to go into Buffalo this week with a purpose.

Saints @ Panthers

Scottie: Panthers 3

Mattyoshow: Panthers 1

All week I was leaning towards picking the Saints. New Orleans made the Panthers look like the 2012 version of themselves in the last matchup. Away from home, the Saints just aren’t the same team, whereas the Panthers have something to prove.

Vikings @ Bengals

Scottie: Bengals 9

Mattyoshow: Bengals 12

Just when I thought the AFC North was wrapped up, the Bengals go and lose to the Steelers and now everything is wide open again. The Ravens have life, and I think the Bengals respond to last week’s disappointing loss by taking out the Vikings at home.

Broncos @ Texans

Scottie: Broncos 15

Mattyoshow: Broncos 16

The Broncos haven’t really played like the best team in the AFC as of late, but let’s face it, they are.  The Texans are now in the Teddy Bridgewater/Derek Carr/Johnny Manziel sweepstakes, and the Broncos will take advantage of that.  I expect the game to be close for the opening quarter, but then the Broncos will take the game over.

Titans @ Jaguars

Scottie: Titans 10

Mattyoshow: Titans 9

The Tennessee Titans have been officially eliminated from playoff contention, and I expect them to play like it.  However, without MJD, the Jaguars really have no offensive weapons.  I think that the Titans win this one simply because they are the more talented team.

Colts @ Chiefs

Scottie: Chiefs 2

Mattyoshow: Chiefs 6

The Colts put a beating on the the lowly Texans last week, but they don’t look like serious contenders in the AFC.  Indy can’t run the ball, which will allow the ball-hawking Chiefs to sit back and force Andrew Luck into mistakes.  Meanwhile, the Chiefs are recapturing some of the momentum that they lost a few weeks back, and are beginning to again look like serious contenders in the AFC.

Cowboys @ Redskins

Scottie: Cowboys 8

Mattyoshow: Cowboys 5

The Cowboys can’t lose again…can they?

Browns @ Jets

Scottie: Browns 4

Mattyoshow: Browns 8

Man, the Cleveland Browns battle.  Over the past 2 weeks, they’ve taken the Patriots and the Bears to the final possession.  These guys get after it, and I really think they are moving in a good direction.  Watch out AFC North, Cleveland is coming.  Meanwhile, the Jets offense is completely useless, and their defense has been loving motivation as the losses keep piling up.

Buccaneers @ Rams

Scottie: Buccaneers 5

Mattyoshow: Rams 4

I don’t know if Scottie lives underneath some sort of rock, but I saw the Rams absolutely beat down the Saints last week.  Whereas the Bucs caught a beat down courtesy of the 49ers.  The Rams are a tough team, and that defense will be elite within 2 years.  Jeff Fisher > Greg Schiano.

Cardinals @ Seahawks

Scottie: Seahawks 13

Mattyoshow: Seahawks 14

The Seahawks don’t lose at home, even with a tough Cardinals team coming into town.

Giants @ Lions

Scottie: Lions 12

Mattyoshow: Lions 13

Tom Coughlin admitted last week that some of his guys aren’t playing their heart out on the field.  That tells me one thing, the Giants have given up.  Coughlin lost his team, and it’s going to be an interesting offseason in New York.

Patriots @ Ravens

Scottie: Ravens 1

Mattyoshow: Patriots 3

Pats play to the level of their opponents.  It’s been frustrating me for years.  Last week, the Dolphins were lined up for elimination, and the Patriots let them hang around long enough for it to bite them in the ass.  This week, they travel to Baltimore to face on of the hottest teams in the NFL.  I expect Tom Brady and the crew to be on point, however it all comes down to the defense.  Like I said last week, for the rest of the way, if the Pats defense gives up 24 or more points, they lose.  Less than 24, Pats win.

Raiders @ Chargers

Scottie: Chargers 11

Mattyoshow: Chargers 11

The Raiders, once looking like a promising young team under 2nd year coach Dennis Allen, have sputtered down the stretch.  Their defense surrendered 56 points against a decent offense in Kansas City last week.  I expect San Diego to follow suit and light up the Raiders secondary.

Steelers @ Packers

Scottie: Steelers 6

Mattyoshow: Steelers 2

This one hurts.  I really want the Packers to win.  They deserve it.  This team has been absolutely battling ever since Aaron Rodgers went down, and have managed to win two straight games under Matt Flynn.  Sadly, the Steelers offense has been very good lately, and I don’t think that the Packers can score enough points to keep up.

Bears @ Eagles

Scottie: Bears 7

Mattyoshow: Eagles 7

The Eagles made a major misstep last week in Minnesota, while the Bears were able to sneak out a win in Cleveland.  This one is going to be a complete shootout.  If you have any Eagles or Bears players on your fantasy team, they better be starting.  Philadelphia will have a really tough time slowing down Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey.  Meanwhile, the Bears have no answer for LeSean McCoy.  I think Philadelphia has enough defensively to slow down the Bears just a bit, and pull out the win.

Falcons @ 49ers

Scottie: 49ers  16

Mattyoshow: 49ers 15

No brainer here.  The Falcons are in the JaDaveon Clowney sweepstakes, and the 49ers will take advantage of their sloppy play.


2 Responses

  1. Heading into Monday Night…Scottie is blowing it:

    Scottie: 7-8, 62 CONFIDENCE POINTS
    Matt: 10-5, 70 CONFIDENCE POINTS

  2. after monday night

    scottie 8-8 78
    matt 11-5 85

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