2013 Week 11 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. MattyOShow

Last week was a rather crappy week for yours truly as I went 7-7 for 51 points.  The MattyOShow picked up two games on me as he went 9-5 for 67 points.  I am now 92-55 on the season with 766 points.  Matty is 86-61 with 765 points.  I find it amazing how close we are in points through 10 weeks in the season.  While I still hold a 6 game lead on The Better Looking Mel Kiper, it is time I step up my confidence points game.

I’m so close in confidence points because I pick games that I am sure of very well.  Scottie on the other hand, makes stupid picks, and just happens to get lucky.  But, I don’t care about confidence points, I’m here for the title.  Let’s do it…

Byes: Dallas, St. Louis

Colts @ Titans

Scottie: Colts  11

The Colts were mortified by the Rams last Sunday.  They simply could not contain Tavon Austin.  The Titans do not have anyone that can break plays like that.  The Titans were pretty horrid last Sunday also, losing to the lowly Jaguars.  Chris Johnson got back to his soft ways.  I believe Andrew Luck was embarrassed on Sunday.  I believe Luck has a lot more pride than Chris Johnson therefore I believe the Colts will destroy the Titans on Sunday.

Matt: Colts 10

With Locker out for the season, I don’t really envision a scenario where Ryan Fitzpatrick will lead the Titans to a victory over the Colts.

Jets @ Bills

Scottie: Jets 5

It pains me to pick the Jets.  It pains me even more to see they would be in the playoffs if the season ended today. Coming off their bye week, I see the Jets picking up an easy win in Buffalo.  The Jets have the best rushing defense in the NFL.  Rushing is all the Bills have on offense.  Sorry Lyden, the Bills lose again.

Matt: Jets 6

I was leaning heavily towards the Bills this week, and then I just read that Robert Woods and Stevie Johnson are not playing this week.  EJ Manuel looks like he is going to be a solid NFL quarterback, but I don’t think that the Bills will have enough offensive firepower against the best rushing defense in the NFL.  Chris Ivory goes off.

Ravens @ Bears

Scottie: Bears 3

My refusal to pick the Ravens may one day come back to bite me.  I don’t care.  I can’t stand the Ravens.  I detest Jump Ball Joe Flacco.  Ray Rice is hurt and the Ravens have no business winning games.  Josh McCown did an admirable job of filling in for Jay Cutler while he was out.  Now that Cutler re-injured himself, McCown has his chance again.  I love Forte, Marshall, and Jeffrey.  I see the Bears winning a difficult game on home turf.

Matt: Ravens 1

The Ravens only have one win on the road this year, and it was in Miami.  However, Baltimore managed to grab a tough win against Cincinnati last week, while the Bears lost to the Lions at the same time that they lost their quarterback.  Yes, Josh McCown has played well but I think that Baltimore is playing for their season and they will show up in Chicago.  Ray Rice makes you remember why he is Ray Rice.

Browns @ Bengals

Scottie: Bengals 9

The Bengals have screwed me all year.  I do not understand how Marvin Lewis still has a job.  He is the king of mediocrity.  Andy Dalton was putrid last week.  I also do not understand why Gio Bernard does not get more touches.  The kid makes things happen whenever the ball is in hands.  With all that being said, I have not been high on the Browns at all this year, and I will continue to sip my Brown haterade against my better judgement.

Matt: Bengals 9

Andy Dalton lacks consistency.  Gio Bernard is either awesome or bad.  BJGE looks like a shell of his former self.  However, the Bengals defense is a legitimate force and the Browns will really struggle to move the ball against the Bengals’ defense.

Redskins @ Eagles

Scottie: Eagles 4

The Eagles are 5-5.  They are 0-4 at home.  You don’t see that very often.  I am going to play the law of averages here and say that Chip Kelly will get his first home win of his NFL career on Sunday.  In the interest of full disclosure, I traded for RG3 in one of my fantasy football leagues, so I expect the Redskins offense to lay an egg against the woeful Eagles defense.  Funny how I end up trading for a guy I have been bashing all season.

Matt: Eagles 5

Scottie messes around and trades for RG3.  Little does he know that, speaking from a former RG3 owner this year, Griffin sucks this year and he made a huge mistake!  Nick Foles and the Eagles are hot, and the Redskins defense looks poised to give them their first win at home.

Lions @ Steelers

Scottie: Lions  12

Rumors are swirling in Pittsburgh that Ben Rothelisberger might be traded in the upcoming offseason.  This is a distraction the Steelers don’t need with the Lions offensive jauggernaut coming to town.  The Steelers gave up 55 points to an okay Patriots offense.  The Lions are capable of throwing up 70.  Troy Polamalu is a shell of himself and has looked ridiculously out of place most of the season.  The days of Pittsburgh being a quality NFL franchise appear numbered.

Matt: Lions 12

There have been rumors that Dick LeBeau has lost it, and I am honestly starting to believe them.  The Steelers defense hasn’t looked anything like the unit that we have seen over the past decade, plus.  Meanwhile, the Lions offense is a well oiled machine, and seemingly improves every week.  The Steelers can’t hang with the Lions, and Roethlisberger’s reign in Pittsburgh might be coming to an ugly end.

Falcons @ Buccaneers

Scottie: Falcons 6

After getting their first win of the season against the Miami Mess on Monday night, I expect the Buccaneers will resort back to their losing ways in an effort to reengage in the Teddy Bridgewater sweepstakes.  Atlanta has also had a disappointing season as they are only 1 game up on the Bucs.  I believe the Bucs will struggle to move the ball allowing the Falcons a low scoring win.

Matt: Falcons 4

The Falcons have been bad so far this season.  The Bucs have been putrid, aside from a win against a hampered Dolphins team last week.  In a battle this ugly, I have to stick with the more talented team.  In this case, that’s Atlanta.

Cardinals @ Jaguars

Scottie: Cardinals  13

The Jaguars shocked the world last week getting their first win of the season.  I sincerely thought it would be another two years before that franchise won a game.  As usual, I was wrong.  Fortunately for the Jaguars, the Bucs also won and they are still in the running for the #1 pick come draft time.  Arizona is a surprising 5-4.  Even with Carson Palmer under center, I say the Cardinals will move to 6-4.  I would like to see Andre Ellington get more touches.  He has the potential to be Darren Sproles like.

Matt: Cardinals 14

I hate the Cardinals.  I hate Carson Palmer.  He is so bad, it’s ridiculous.  The only way the Jaguars could possibly win is if they dominate time of possession by effectively running the ball.  Sadly for the Jaguars, the Cardinals run defense is legit.

Raiders @ Texans

Scottie: Texans 7

I believe in Case Keenum.  I believe if he is allowed, he will be a very good quarterback down in Houston.  I understand the Texans lost Arian Foster for the season.  I told anyone that would listen not to draft him in fantasy football.  His workload over the past 3 seasons has been insanely arduous.  The Texans have their problems, no doubt but the Raiders aren’t one.  Matty is ready to anoint Terrelle Pryor as the next great thing.  I just refer to him as The Supplemental.

Matt: Texans 7

I might actually agree with Scottie on this one.  The Texans look better under Case Keenum than they did under Schaub at the beginning of the season.  However, Houston’s defense just isn’t the same unit without Brian Cushing.  Cush’ is the teams emotional leader, and seems to make big plays at big times for the Texans’ defense.  Terrell Pryor is hurt, so there is little hope for the Raiders in this one.

Chargers @ Dolphins

Scottie: Chargers 14

With the Dolphins franchise an absolute mess down in South Beach it is becoming rather easy to pick against them every week going forward.  The offensive line looks atrocious without Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin on the field.  Every opposing team in the NFL has Tannehill’s snap count cadence down pat.  Things aren’t much better on the defensive side of the ball as the Bucs ran all over their faces on Monday night.  The Chargers will end their two game losing streak on Sunday.

Matt: Chargers 13

Unlike years past, the Chargers have actually been able to run the ball this year.  Ryan Mathews looks like the running back that they drafted in the 1st round a few years back.  Danny Woodhead has been an offensive weapon unlike San Diego has seen since Darren Sproles left.  Meanwhile, things are imploding in Miami.

49ers @ Saints

Scottie: Saints 8

The Saints do not lose at home.  They have become my new Seattle.  I will not pick against either of these teams on their home turf.  49er fans have to be concerned about Colin Kaepernick’s dismal performance this season.  His sophomore slump is reminiscent of Cam Newton a few years ago.  It has also forced me to make some moves in my fantasy football leagues as I put all my chicken’s in the Kaepernick basket.

Matt: 49ers 3

I know that the Saints are awesome at home.  Drew Brees looks locked in, while Darren Sproles and Pierre Thomas are actually serviceable in the run game for New Orleans.  However, I just have a feeling about this game.  I think the 49ers will look to make a statement, and beating the Saints at home would be just that.

Packers @ Giants

Scottie: Giants 10

Some how, Some way, Big Blue is going to make the playoffs as the NFC East champions after starting the season 0-6.  There is my bold prediction of the year.  A lot of this has to do with an absurd amount of luck.  The Packers are starting someone by the name of Scott Tolzien under center.  The injuries the Packers have suffered over the past 2-3 seasons has truly been incredible.  Eli will just enough to move his Giants to 4-6.

Matt: Giants 11

The Packers are quickly becoming on the the unluckiest teams in the NFL.  Every time they get rolling, something goes wrong.  Clay Matthews gets hurt, Eddy Lacy gets concussed, Aaron Rodgers breaks his collarbone.  The Giants always get hot at the right time, and it looks like 2013 is no exception.

Vikings @ Seahawks

Scottie: Seahawks  15

The Seahawks are scary good this season.  It is also scary they haven’t been healthy all season.  This week they learned they won’t have defensive back Brandon Browner for quite some time.  That is certainly bad news for the Seahawks.  The good news? Percy Harvin is expected to make his Seahawk debut on Sunday.  Harvin will be a nice addition to Russell Wilson’s offense.  Minnesota surprised me last week.  I don’t think they are capable of doing that 2 weeks in a row.

Matt: Seahawks 15

I know that Scottie says that the Saints don’t lose at home, and it is mostly true.  The Seahawks actually do not lose at home, that is a fact.  Percy Harvin becomes active, and the Seahawks gain another weapon in an already serviceable offense.  The Vikings and Adrian Peterson will put up a fight, but the Vikings offense can’t beat Seattle with Christian Ponder at quarterback.

Chiefs @ Broncos

Scottie: Chiefs 1

This is the first chance this season the Chiefs can prove they are for real.  Matty famously bashes their weak schedule every single week.  I admit the Chiefs do have a certain amount of luck on their side.  That is perfectly illustrated by Peyton Manning being listed as questionable for the Sunday night tilt.  Manning will undoubtedly play but is not at full strength.  Peyton struggles with tough blitzing defenses when he is healthy.  I expect the Chiefs to hit Peyton early and often.  They will upset the Broncos in Denver and stay undefeated.

Matt: Broncos 8

Come on Scottie, you know better than this.  Peyton Manning could be out there without any ankles, and I’m still going with the Broncos.  So much is being made of the Chiefs ability to get after the quarterback without having to blitz.  Well, maybe we are slightly overlooking Peyton’s ability to distribute the ball and get it out of his hand quickly.  I expect DT, Welker, Decker, and Julius Thomas to all have at least 5 catches, while Knowshon Moreno keeps the Chiefs honest on the ground.  KC will be exposed for being the worst 9-0 team in the history of the NFL.

Patriots @ Panthers

Scottie: Panthers 2

Yup, going against the hometown team.  Heck, both times I have done it (Atlanta and New Orleans) the Patriots have won.  Maybe I just really like the NFC South and I don’t know it.  The Patriots have struggled with teams that have an in your face, hard hitting defense.  That is exactly what Carolina has.  I am excited to see the return of Shane Vereen but I don’t think he will be enough on Sunday.  Cam Newton scares the bejesus out of me with all the injuries the Patriot defense has.

Matt: Patriots 2

Cam Newton has been playing well lately.  The Panthers defense is one of the best units in the NFL.  However, I don’t yet trust Cam’s decision making ability against a Bill Belichick-coahced defense.  Carolina’s win against the 49ers last week was meaningful, it let the NFL know that they were for real.  However, their previous four wins were against Minnesota, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, and Atlanta.  Not the best competition.  Tom Brady performs on Monday nights, and Cam Newton will make some bad decisions against some new looks.

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