2013 Week 10 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. MattyOShow

Matty did not take advantage of my lackluster last few weeks.  Frankly, I am upset I have am yet to throw up an undefeated week.  Ok, I am getting ahead of myself.  Matty has beat me over the last 2 years.  Last year, Matt won because I wanted to make things interesting down the stretch.  I won’t make the same mistake twice.  Here is the winnerbreakdown:

Last week:

Scottie: 9-4   62 points   Matt 7-6  56 points

2013 Season Total:

Scottie: 85-48, 715 points.  Matt  77-56  698 points

After gaining ground over the last few weeks, I experienced a temporary setback after a tough Week 9.  I’m not really killing myself over it, considering that scrub teams like the Dolphins, Jets, and Redskins all picked up wins.  However, I can’t make a habit of this.  Time to get the ball rolling again.  Let’s do it…

Byes: Browns, Chiefs, Patriots, Jets

Redskins @ Vikings

Scottie: Redskins 10

Thursday night games have been awful all year long.  Roger Goodell must be cringing at the idea the NFL is going up against some pretty good college football games tonight.  The NFL should do away with Thursday night football outside of Thanksgiving.  On to this game, the Redskins have a swiss cheese secondary.  Unfortunately for the Vikings, they do not have the personnel to exploit it.

Matt: Redskins – 7 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Vikings put up a fight last week against the Cowboys, but then again, the Cowboys let every single opponent hang around and force Tony Romo to win the game at the end of the fourth quarter.  I just can’t get behind Christian Ponder.  RG3 and the Redskins finally got their act together against a surprising San Diego team last week.  On short weeks, the hotter team usually wins.  In this one, it’s Washington.

Seahawks @ Falcons

Scottie: Seahawks 14

The Seahawks survived a scare on their home turf last week against a winless Bucs team.  The Seahawks mounted a furious comeback and got the win.  Pete Carroll will use that game to get his team to refocus on the task at hand.  Matt Ryan might be getting Roddy White back, but his offense has shown no signs it will do anything against a top ranked defense.  This is a season Falcons fans would love to forget.

Matt: Seahawks – 13 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Last week was the last straw for the Atlanta Falcons.  There was a slim possibility that if they were able to get hot and go on a winning streak, they could possibly make the playoffs.  They responded to that challenge by laying a dud against the Panthers.

Lions @ Bears

Scottie: Bears 5

The Bears were impressive on Monday night without Jay Cutler.  I don’t think there is a more intimidating receiving corps in the league that who the Bears have.  Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey, and Martellus Bennett are some pretty big boys.  I believe this is the most interesting game of the week.  I like the Bears at home.

Matt: Lions – 8 CONFIDENCE POINTS1011-us-latestnews-chicagobears_full_600

The Bears were able to sneak out a win against the Packers at Lambeau field this past Monday, however beating the Packers led by Seneca Wallace is slightly different than an Aaron Rodgers-led Packers team.  The Lions have had 2 weeks to prepare for Josh McCown, and I don’t think the Bears will have enough offensive firepower to keep up with the Lions.

Eagles @ Packers

Scottie: Eagles 2

Yet again, I find myself picking the Eagles.  I must have a secret crush that I do not know about.  Nick Foles was impressive throwing 7 touchdowns last week.  If he can put up half the production he did last week, people in Philly will be saying Michael who? As far as Green Bay is concerned, I have zero confidence in Seneca Wallace’s ability to move the football on offense.  In order for Green Bay to win, Eddie Lacy is going to need to rush for 250.  That won’t happen with the Eagles packing 8 in the box.


I don’t think Seneca Wallace can get the job done.  Yes, he’ll have a week to prepare, but Foles looked good last week.  Combine that with the Packers inability to stop the run, and it might be a long day for the Pack.

Jaguars @ Titans

Scottie: Titans 13

After Chris Johnson heard Shon Greene was going to be a threat to his carries, CJ2K finally showed up last week.  The Titans don’t need to change their game plan against the hapless Jags.  Locker might throw the ball less than 10 times on Sunday.  Jacksonville lost their only redeeming player to an indefinite suspension.  It may not be long before the moving trucks are in Jacksonville and moving the franchise somewhere.


The Jaguars lone bright spot this season has been the play of Justin Blackmon.  Well, there goes that!  The only fans that have a tougher time than us diehard Friar fans are Jaguar fans.  Your team is irrelevant.  You know it.  Everyone knows it.  Any nobody does anything about it.

Rams @ Colts

Scottie: Colts 12ty-hilton1

TY Hilton take a bow!  With Reggie Wayne out for the season, Andrew Luck showed TY Hilton will be his number 1 receiver going forward after staying at the Hilton to the tune of three touchdowns Sunday night.  The Rams don’t have much to offer outside of rookie Zac Stacy.  This is encouraging for St Louis however.  They may finally start to have some building blocks in place once Bradford comes back next season.


The Colts are emerging as one of the favorites in the AFC.  Andrew Luck hasn’t missed a beat this year.  Even in games when he hasn’t had his best stuff (Sunday), he finds ways to win games.  That’s all you can ask out of your quarterback.  So many people compare Luck to Manning simply because of what colors are on his jersey.  If you ask me, Luck much more Brady in him than Manning.  Rams are useless with my boy Bradford down.

Raiders @ Giants

Scottie: Giants 9

After watching Oakland get beat down by the Eagles last week, I can’t in my right mind give them any chance against the Giants.  The Giants have won 2 in a row and are poised to make a run just to spite their fan base.  News did come down today that David Wilson is officially out for the season.  That really stinks because there was so much hope in Wilson coming into the season.  I don’t see the Raiders flying across the country after getting their brains kicked in on their home turf and beating the Giants.


The Giants are on a 2 game win streak and coming off of a bye.  The Raiders are fresh off of a 49-20 beatdown provided by Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles.  Conventional wisdom would tell us that the Giants should take the blueprint that the Eagles used and take care of the Raiders at home.  Screw conventional wisdom.  Mattyoshow says that Terrelle Pryor doesn’t like getting blown out and will single handedly beat the Giants.

Bills @ Steelers

Scottie: Steelers 6

I have to feel bad for my buddy, Lyden.  Every single week the kid maps out how the Bills will win their game.  Every single week, the Bills will do something that will crush the kid.  You know, Buffalo will be driving, get into the red zone, and then throw a pick 6.  This has been the life of Lyden since the Jim Kelly days.  He will never believe me but I really do feel bad for him.

Matt: Bills – 2 CONFIDENCE POINTSimages

The Bills have heart man.  An undefeated Kansas City Chiefs team rolls into Buffalo expecting an easy win.  What do they get?  Jeff Tuel playing his heart out.  Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller running wild.  Kiko Alonso acting like Jean-Claude Van Damme just laying people out.  The Steelers play in one of the best divisions in football, and basically saw all playoff aspirations go out the window with their loss to New England last week.  EJ Manuel might return, and in my eyes that means that the Bills win.

Bengals @ Ravens

Scottie: Bengals 7

I can’t figure the Bengals out. They have plagued me every year we do these picks.  They have all the pieces in place to be playoff contenders.  Maybe its Marvin Lewis.  Maybe he is just terrible.  I have no idea anymore.  One week Andy Dalton looks like the second coming of Christ, the next he looks like MattyO.  I am going to stick with my guns and take the Bengals here, mainly because I dislike Joe Flacco and know he is the most fraudulent quarterback in the NFL.


The Ravens are in desperate need of a win to stay relevant in the divisional race with the Bengals and the Browns (yes, those Browns).  Cincinatti loves losing games that they should win in order to make things a little more interesting.  I actually expect this one to turn into a defensive battle, with the Ravens defense realizing that their offense just isn’t good enough to win games.  Comes down to the wire, Ray Rice goes off, Ravens win.

Panthers @ 49ers

Scottie: 49ers 3

The 49ers are coming off their bye.  They are playing at home.  They are getting Mario Manningham back.  Aldon Smith might be playing as well.  As far as I am concerned, it looks to be all systems go straight to the Super Bowl for San Fran.

Matt: Panthers – 4 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Here’s a desperation pick that I need to hit on to get back into this picks race.  My rationale: The Panthers are hot right now!  They’ve won four games in a row (yes, I know SF has won 5).  Cam Newton is playing as well as he has in the past 2 seasons.  Jonathan Stewart is back healthy, which gives the Panthers 3 running back to deploy against a decent run defense (12th in the league against the run).  Carolina sees this as a statement game, and they should.  The Panthers are second in the NFL against the rush, and I honestly don’t know if Kaepernick is ready to single-handedly win a game for the 49ers.

Texans @ Cardinals

Scottie: Texans 4Case-Keenum-roll-Texans_002738

Unlike Matt, I think Case Keenum is a better option for the Texans than Matt Schaub.  Keenum understands Andre Johnson is the best receiver on the field.  He knows in order to be successful he has to use his best.  Keenum set all kinds of records in college and loves to air it out.  On the flip side, Carson Palmer is still the Cardinals quarterback meaning I will still pick against the Cardinals no matter what.

Matt: Cardinals – 10 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Cardinals have one of the best rushing defenses in the NFL, which means that Case Keenum will have to win this game for the Texans.  I don’t see it.  With that being said, Carson Palmer could very well win this game for the Texans, so who knows…

Broncos @ Chargers

Scottie: Broncos 11

The Chargers were a fun team for the first half of the season.  No one really expected anything out of them yet they managed to be a .500 team through the first 9 weeks of the season.  The problem is, Peyton Manning is on the other side of the field in this one.  I expect a high scoring game.  I don’t expect Phillip Rivers to keep pace with the future first ballot Hall of Famer.

Matt: Broncos – 11 CONFIDENCE POINTS

If the Broncos weren’t coming off of a bye, I would give the Chargers a little more of a shot in this game.  However, if you give Peyton Manning 2 weeks to prepare for any team, he will be firing on all cylinders.  Also, the Chargers mystique might be wearing off a bit after a surprising loss to the Redskins last week.

Cowboys @ Saints

Scottie: Saints 8

Can’t believe the Saints lost to the Jets last week.  I am still stunned.  I understand the Saints suck on the road, but losing to the Jets? C’mon man.  (And yes I do realize if the season ended today, the Jets would be in the playoffs).  While the Saints are horrid on the road, they are nearly unbeatable at home.  The Saints will beat the Cowboys in a shootout.


New Orleans, if you want to compete for a Super Bowl, you can’t lose to the Jets (that goes for you too New England!).  The Cowboys are being themselves, useless until the last drive when Tony Romo is forced to win his team the game.  The Saints will rebound from a subpar effort and win at home.

Dolphins @ Buccaneers

Scottie:  Buccaneers 1Jonathan-Martin-Richie-Incognito

The Dolphins have more distractions going on than they know what to do with.  Have they dedicated any of their time to studying the Bucs for Monday night?  The Dolphins have become a full fledged circus.  For the record, I am in Richie Incognito’s corner in this situation.  I love to argue for the underdog.  I think there is so much more to the story than  Jonathan Martin was bullied.  When this is all said and done, it would not surprise me if Jonathan Martin comes out the villain.  A guy who did not want to play football anymore after losing his spot to Bryant McKinnie, and needed a scapegoat.  Enter Incognito.  Anyways, if the Bucs are going to win at all this year, it will be Monday night.

Matt: Buccaneers – 1 CONFIDENCE POINT

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are one of the best pass-rushing teams in the NFL, so the Dolphins picked a bad time to lose 2 starting offensive lineman.  This is a hail-mary here, but like I said previously, it is really tough to go 0-16, so I’m trying to pick my spots with the Bucs.  I think that they Bucs defensive line makes Tannehill’s life a living hell on Monday night, and showcase their talent on a national stage.

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  1. Heading into Sunday night:

    Scottie: 5-7 – 42 CONFIDENCE POINTS
    Matt: 7-5 – 57 CONFIDENCE POINTS

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