2013 Week 13 NFL Picks: Scottie vs Mattyoshow

A rather busy week for this guy.  Apologies for not giving any rhyme or reason for my choices this week.  But then again I am smoking MattyO like a nice fat Cuban so I don’t need to explain myself.

Last Week:

Scottie: 7-6-1 – 54 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Mattyoshow: 6-7-1 – 41 CONFIDENCE POINTS


Scottie: 108-67 -1 895 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Mattyoshow: 99-76-1 – 878 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Packers @ Lions

Scottie: Lions 13

Mattyoshow: Lions – 14

On a short week, with little preparation time, I’m just not sure if Matt Flynn can get the job done.  He looked decent last week when he led the Packers back to force a tie against the Vikings.  But then again, it was against the Minnesota Vikings.  I think that the Lions defensive line will be able to put a lot of pressure on Flynn, therefore not allowing the Packers to score enough to keep up with the Lions.

Raiders @ Cowboys

Scottie: Cowboys 15

Mattyoshow: Cowboys – 13

When the NFL made their Thanksgiving day schedule, they must have anticipated that every household would be enjoying Turkey around 3:30pm and not tuning in to watch football, because this game sucks.  The Raiders are…the Raiders.  The Cowboys love sloppy football.  I’m not sure if I will watch 1 minute of this game.  Cowboys win, that’s all.

Steelers @ Ravens

Scottie: Ravens 4

Mattyoshow: Steelers – 5

The Baltimore Ravens are a mystery to me.  Their defense shuts down the Jets last week, but then surrenders 23 points to the Chicago Bears, led by Josh McCown, the week before.  Offensive inconsistency has plagued the Ravens all season.  They are ranked 27th in the NFL in rushing.  Yes, Ray Rice and the Baltimore Ravens are near the bottom of the league in rushing.  The Steelers are hot, but their consistency hasn’t been awesome either.  They are ranked 30th in the NFL in rushing.  I have more faith in Roethlisberger than I do in Flacco, so I’m going with the Steelers to keep their hot streak going.

Titans @ Colts

Scottie: Colts 5

Mattyoshow: Colts – 9

The Colts have to win soon, right?  They can’t keep playing this poorly, right?  I don’t really know how to explain blow out losses against the Rams and Cardinals for the Colts.  Andrew Luck hasn’t been good.  Trent Richardson continues to struggle.  Their defense hasn’t been able to stop a nose bleed.  I’m just not sure what to make of this Colts team.  I think that at home, the Colts get the win, but I’m not overly confident.

Jaguars @ Browns

Scottie: Browns 12

Mattyoshow: Jaguars – 1

You might be asking yourself, “Matt, why the heck are you picking the Jaguars to beat the Browns?”  My answer is simple: Brandon Weeden.

Buccaneers @ Panthers

Scottie: Panthers 16

Mattyoshow: Panthers – 15

The Bucs have been hot lately, having won 3 games in a row against some decent opponents, Miami, Atlanta, and Detroit.  However, no team in the NFL has been hotter than the Carolina Panthers, who have won seven games in a  row and eight of their last nine.  Combined with some luck and favorable calls, the Carolina Panthers have been exceptionally steady on both sides of the ball, and I look for that to continue at home against a divisional opponent.

Bears @ Vikings

Scottie: Bears 6

Mattyoshow: Vikings – 2

I’m not on the Christian Ponder bandwagon.  Josh McCown has played pretty well in relief of Jay Cutler over the past few weeks, but the loss to St. Louis last week baffled me.  I think that the Vikings will be able to control the clock with Adrian Peterson (the Bears have the worst rush defense in the NFL), and win a close one at home.

Patriots @ Texans

Scottie: Patriots 14

Mattyoshow: Patriots – 16

The Texans will get after Tom Brady.  J.J. Watt seems to love smashing Tom Brady into the ground.  The Texans have one of the best pass defenses in the NFL (statistically the best), so I expect the Pats to try and move the ball on the ground with Brandon Bolden and LaGarette Blount (Ridley is in the doghouse), and utilize the screen game with Shane Vereen and Danny Amendola.  Bill Belichick vs Case Keenum = advantage Patriots.

Cardinals @ Eagles

Scottie: Eagles 2

Mattyoshow: Cardinals – 8

Arizona presents a very difficult matchup for the Eagles.  I have complete confidence that the Eagles could win a game that turns into a shootout.  But, the question is can they win a defensive battle, and I think that’s what will get answered this week.  The Cardinals will stop the run (they are the 2nd best run defense in the NFL), and Patrick Peterson will lock down DeSean Jackson.  That means Nick Foles will have to win the game with Riley Cooper, Brent Celek, and company.  I don’t have that much confidence in Foles yet.

Dolphins @ Jets

Scottie: Jets 1

Mattyoshow: Dolphins – 7

This game is going to be ugly.  Somehow, both of these terrible teams are still in the playoff hunt, although they will make for an easy win if someone is lucky enough to face them in the playoffs.  The Dolphins have at least been competing lately, while the Jets have been getting absolutely smoked.  On the bright side, Geno Smith is right.  He isn’t Mark Sanchez…he might be worse!

Falcons @ Bills

Scottie: Bills 3

Mattyoshow: Bills – 4

What a terrible game.  What started as a promising season for the Bills has turned into a constant battle against injuries and some inconsistent play.  Meanwhile, the Falcons have gone from Super Bowl contenders to potential JaDaveon Clowney contenders.  EJ Manuel played well last week against the Jets, and at home in the elements, I expect him to have the advantage over Matt Ryan.

Rams @ 49ers

Scottie:49ers 9

Mattyoshow: 49ers – 12

In my eyes, the 49ers win over the Redskins on Monday night was their announcement that they aren’t going out without a fight.  Colin Kaepernick finally did’t suck, Anquan Boldin was productive, and the 49ers will get Michael Crabtree back to add yet another weapon to their offense.  The Rams have been hot lately, but I don’t think they have enough offensive firepower to stick with San Francisco.

Bengals @ Chargers

Scottie: Chargers 7

Mattyoshow: Bengals – 3

After losing 3 straight games, the Chargers pulled out a win last week against the Kansas City Chiefs.  Meanwhile, after losing 2 straight games, the Bengals picked up a win last week over the Browns.  Both teams need wins to stay either atop their division (Bengals) or in the playoff race (San Diego).  I like the Bengals in this one because of their ability to pressure Philip Rivers.

Broncos @ Chiefs

Scottie: Broncos 8

Mattyoshow: Broncos – 11

The Chiefs look like a team that is on the verge of collapse, which is weird to say about a team that is 9-2.  However, Tamba Hali is banged up and Justin Houston should miss significant time as elbow dislocations are pretty rare and somewhat complicated.  Peyton Manning and the Broncos will look to rebound after a tough loss against the Patriots.

Giants @ Redskins

Scottie: Giants 11

Mattyoshow: Giants – 6

The Redskins are on the verge of implosion.  RG3’s dad is walking into the locker room to console his baby of a son.  Mike Shanahan is running out of skin lotion and his face is as red as ever.  Alfred Morris is getting carries taken away from him by Roy Helu for some crazy reason.  Meanwhile, the Giants need to win out to have a shot at the playoffs, and will look to get that started in Washington.

Saints @ Seahawks

Scottie: Seahawks 10

Mattyoshow: Seahawks – 10

I am completely torn over this game.  The Saints have won three in a row and have a vastly improved defense than what we are used to.  Meanwhile, the Seahawks have won 6 games in a row, and as usual have a very good defense and solid run game.  I was originally leaning towards the Saints in this one because of the Seahawks woes in the secondary due to suspensions.  However, upon further consideration I don’t see the Seahawks losing at home.

2013 Week 12 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. MattyOShow

After 11 long weeks, Scottie is still performing at a high level.  Meanwhile, some of the risks that I’ve been taking just aren’t playing off.  Last week, Scottie managed a 9-6 record and amassed 75 Confidence Points, giving him a 101-61 record on the season with 841 Confidence Points.  I, on the other hand, floundered to a 7-8 record, while managing to rack up 72 Confidence Points.  On the season I am 93-69 with 837 Confidence Points.  I’m officially 8 games back of Scottie, while only being behind 4 Confidence Points.  That basically tells you that Scottie has been getting lucky picking some crappy games!  Anyways, I need to get the ball rolling this week to start cutting down Scottie’s lead.  Let’s do it…

Byes: Bills, Bengals, Eagles, Seahawks

Saints @ Falcons

Scottie: Saints  14

The Falcons have been excrutiatingly awful this season.  The injuries have completely decimated a once promising season.  Now the Birds are looking at a top 10 pick come May’s draft.  On the other hand, the Saints are coming off a win thanks to the zebras protecting Drew Brees.  I really hate the new NFL.  I predict in 10 years, the NFL will be the NFFL, National Flag Football League.  The Saints offense is already too good.  If referees prevent defenses from hitting Brees, they are impossible to stop.

Matt: Saints 12

Who would have thought that the Falcons would be in a the JaDaveon Clowney race on Novemeber 21st?  Not me.  But, Atlanta has been of the worst teams in the league this year, and I expect that trend to continue in this game.

Steelers @ Browns

Scottie: Browns 6

Surprisingly, this game has playoff implications.  Both teams sit at 4-6, one game out of the sixth spot in the AFC.  After the Browns traded away Trent Richardson, I said they would be the worst team in the league.  Scottie wrong yet again.  The Browns have one of the most underrated defenses in the NFL.  Joe Haden might be the best corner in the game today.  The Browns will stymie the Steelers offense and Jason Campbell will manage to squeak out a win on home turf.

Matt: Steelers 7

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been hot lately, while the Cleveland Browns have been sputtering under Jason Campbell.  Ben Roethlisberger has put the Pittsburgh Steelers on his back over the past two games (wins over Buffalo and Detroit), and will need to do that again against a stingy Cleveland defense.  The Steelers have only won one game on the road this season (Week 6 at the Jets), so this one will be close, but I expect the Steelers to remain in playoff contention.

Buccaneers @ Lions

Scottie: Lions  12

I need to air a greivance.  Matthew Stafford is a joke of an NFL quarterback.  He is fantasy football gold, but in real lie, he is terrible.  The Lions offense is simply drop back, and throw the ball as far as he can and let Calvin Johnson make a play.  There is no scheme.  There is nothing other than throwing to Johnson.  The Lions have the potential to be such an exciting team.  But they aren’t.  Fortunately for the Lions, they get the Bucs this week.

Matt: Lions 14

So Sam Bradford goes out for the season with a torn ACL, and now Scottie has to start hating Bradford.  Let me ask you a question there Scottie, who the hell do you like?  Does Drew Brees bunch up your panties?  Is Peyton Manning your arch nemesis?  Did Aaron Rodgers steal your middle school girlfriend?  This kid is ridiculous!  Anyways, the Bucs have been fortunate to have a couple of teams fall apart in front of them over the past few weeks, however the Lions need this win and get it at home.

Vikings @ Packers

Scottie: Packers 4

The Packers three game losing streak will end on Sunday.  The Minnesota quarterback situation is unsettled at best.  In Green Bay, it is Scott Tolzien.  The fact the Packers know who their quarterback is, allows them at least some consistency. The Vikings don’t have a viable quarterback.  They don’t have any receivers worthy of being mentioned in this post.  Adrian Peterson has not been the Adrian Peterson we have come to know and love this season.  Green Bay will ride the Eddie Lacy and the running game to a victory.

Matt: Packers 6

What does it say about the problems in Minnesota when I have more faith in Scott Tolzien than I do in whomever is the starter for the Vikings?

Chargers @ Chiefs

Scottie: Chiefs 7

I rolled the dice last week and said the Chiefs would beat the Broncos on the road.  That didn’t quite pan out.  The Chiefs return to Arrowhead Stadium and host the Chargers this week.  This will be another test for the Chiefs as the Chargers are an okay team.  I like the Chiefs defense against Phillip Rivers and company.  They may find themselves ahead of the Broncos for the #1 seed if the Patriots can take care of business.

Matt: Chiefs 13

The Chiefs actually played better than I expected last week.  They gave the Broncos more of a fight than I was anticipating.  What has this done?  Given me hope that the Chiefs might actually be for real.  The Chargers started hot, but haven’t been that good lately.  Andy Reid and the Chiefs get back on track at home against the Chargers.

Bears @ Rams

Scottie: Bears 8

Even without Jay Cutler, the Bears find themselves tied for the division lead with the Lions at 6-4.  The Rams are coming off a bye after annihlating the Colts 2 weeks ago.  Normally, I like to take a home team coming off of a bye but I really like Chicago this year.  I love their wideouts and most of all Matt Forte is a monster.  The Bears defense has not been very good against the run as of late, and Zac Stacy may have a big day.  St. Louis has nothing really to play for while the Bears are fighting for a division title.  I am going with the team that has something to play for.

Matt: Rams 1

Scottie basically made my points for me on this one.  The Rams can get after the quarterback.  Robert Quinn and Chris Long might be the best defensive end pairing in the NFL.  Zac Stacy has been one of the most productive running backs in the NFL  over the last couple of weeks, and I expect that to continue against a porous Chicago defense.

Panthers @ Dolphins

Scottie: Panthers  13

Carolina is for real.  Yes, last week’s infamous flag pick up was ridiculous.  But do not let that take away from  how good the Panthers played on Monday.  Cam Newton is looking unstoppable this season being the guy he was projected to be. The Carolina defense was also rather impressive.  Carolina is a scary team to face down the stretch.  Although the Dolphins won last week, I still believe they are a team in shambles.  Carolina may win by 20 down in South Beach.

Matt: Panthers 9

Yes, the Patriots got screwed last week.  However, the Carolina Panthers played one hell of a game.  Luke Kuechly is one of the best linebackers in the NFL.  Cam Newton is playing some of his best football of his career.  Brandon Lafell is emerging as a legitimate receiving threat opposite of Steve Smith.  Meanwhile, the Dolphins are a train wreck, and I kind of like it.

Jets @ Ravens

Scottie: Ravens  10

The Bills embarrassed the Jets last week.  Geno Smith was benched in favor of Matt Simms.  There are times Geno looks damn good.  Other times he has Jets fans calling for the return of the Sanchize.  Surprisngly enough the Jets are 5-5 and still in playoff contention. Ravens are 4-6 and a win goes a long way in getting them back into the race.  Ray Rice looked like the Ray Rice of old last week.  He will have difficulty being productive against the Jets D this week.  I have no faith Geno Snith can protect the ball.  The Ravens will win the turnover battle and ultimately win the game.

Matt: Jets 4

I don’t really know why I’m going with the Jets this week, but I just have a feeling.  The Jets have rebounded well after big losses this season (wins following 25+ point losses against Tennessee and Cincinnati).  The Ravens haven’t been the Ravens.  Joe Flacco is useless.  They blew the game against the Bears last week.  Ray Rice won’t do anything against the Jets defense.  I like Rex and the boys in this one.

Jaguars @ Texans

Scottie: Texans  11

So maybe Case Keenum is not as ready to be an NFL quarterback as I thought he was. He was yanked in favor of old friend Matt Schaub last week.  We know how that ended.  The Texans are 2-8, having lost 8 games in a row.  Mercifully, they get the Jaguars two out of the next three weeks.  The Jaguars have even more problems than one could expect.  Their best receiver, Cecil Shorts, is irate about his lack of targets.  Dear Jacksonville, sign Tebow already.

Matt: Texans 11

Like Scottie and I have said all year, the Jags are unlikely to get our vote at any point this season.  Case Keenum is making a believer out of me, and will cement that view after a big week against the Jags.  Meanwhile, Ben Tate is playing for a payday this offseason, and has a great opportunity to show up big against a mediocre Jacksonville defense.

Titans @ Raiders

Scottie: Titans 2

This game is just awful.  I am going to try something different here.  I am going to praise Chris Johnson for being such an explosive running back.  I am going to praise him for how he looked on the first two drives of last Thursday night’s game against the Colts.  I won’t mention that he had 16 yards on his last 9 carries of the game.  I am going to say CJ2K is going to have a day against the Raiders and lead my fantasy team to victory!  (Okay, how much of that do I believe? Not much.)

Matt: Raiders 3

Is Matt McGloin the next coming of Peyton Manning?  Well, maybe I won’t go that far, but former Penn State redhead Matt McGloin did work last week against the Houston Texans last week.  Rashad Jennings has been really good since Run DMC went down, and I expect that to continue against the Texans.  The Raiders have the 6th best run defense in the NFL, so I expect Scottie to get screwed by a poor performance by Chris Johnson.

Colts @ Cardinals

Scottie: Cardinals 5

The Cardinals are the biggest surprise in the NFL this season.  Week after week, I come on here and bash Carson Palmer.  I say the Cardinals will not win because of Carson Palmer.  But guess what? The Cardinals are 6-4 and in playoff contention.  I told anyone that would listen the Patriots should have drafted the Honey Badger.  Apparently only Arizona reads this blog.  Andrew Luck has not been the same since Reggie Wayne went down for the season.  He wants TY Hilton to be his new binkie but can’t quite pull the trigger. I will take the Cardinals at home.

Matt: Colts 8

I’m not necessarily sure what Scottie is thinking here.  Yes, the Cardinals have been a bit of a surprise this season.  Nobody expected them to be 6-4 at this point in the season.  However, the Cardinals aren’t really contenders, whereas the Colts look like serious contenders in the AFC.  The Cardinals have an awesome run defense, so I expect another terrible week for Trent Richardson, but with the 20th ranked pass defense in the league, I expect Andrew Luck to have his way against Arizona’s secondary.

Cowboys @ Giants

Scottie: Giants 3

The Giants are just going to keep rolling.  After an 0-6 start, the G-Men have won 4 in a row and are knocking on the door of playoff contention.  We have seen Tom Coughlin do this before.  There is no reason to say he won’t do it again.  It has become his modus operandi. Lose five or six games early, get hot late in the season, win the Super Bowl.  It’s the Giants way.

Matt: Cowboys 2

I think that the Cowboys pull this one out.  Yes, they got blasted in New Orleans last week, but the Cowboys have a knack of being that type of team.  They get smoked one week and show up the next.  That is the Cowboy way.  The Giants have won 4 straight, but I can’t say that I’m overly impressed with wins against Minnesota, Philadelphia, Oakland, and Green Bay (minus Aaron Rodgers).  This one will be a shootout, and I think the Cowboys ride DeMarco Murray to a victory.

Broncos @ Patriots

Scottie: Patriots 9

Game time temperature= 17 degrees.  Peyton Manning is the Ryan Leaf of cold weather quarterbacks.  Paramedics will need to be on hand to provide CPR for Peyton as he will undoubtedly choke in grand fashion.  The Patriots are still fuming about last week’s loss vs. the Panthers.  The offense looked good against a tough Carolina defense.  They ran the ball well.  I think the Patriots will get back to their early 2000 ways run the ball, manage the clock, and let Peyton be Peyton in freezing temperatures.  Best of all, I will be on hand in the 326 section to witness all of this transpire.

Matt: Broncos 5

I have not been this disappointed in my entire life.  Scottie calls me up last week, offers me tickets to the one regular season game that I would absolutely love to attend.  Luckily for me, I have an exam on Monday morning at 8am, and getting back into Boston at 3am following a Pats game just isn’t good form leading up to an exam.  Sorry Scottie, but I appreciate the offer.  I know that the game won’t be the same without me being there, but try and persevere.  Anyways, the Pats got screwed last week.  Temps are gonna be cold.  Can the Patriots secondary cover anyone?  Debatable.  How are we going to manage to cover Julius Thomas without Mayo?  We aren’t.  What does this mean?  Broncos victory.

49ers @ Redskins

Scottie: 49ers 1

The 49ers suddenly find themselves in jeopardy of not making the playoffs.  Maybe if Kaepernick wasn’t busy doing McDonald’s commercials and every other endorsement under the sun in the off-season, he wouldn’t be in this position.  He went from being an athletic freak of a quarterback to Pat White in one season.  The Redskins will be without Leonard Hankerson for the rest of the season taking away an RG3 option.  Shanahan should be fired down in DC because he is single handedly blowing the Redskins season.  His awful play calling will allow the 49ers to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Matt: 49ers 10

I’m not really sure what Scottie is so worried about in this one.  Only 1 confidence point on the 49ers?  Yes Scottie, the Niners haven’t been the same team this year that they were a year ago, but have you seen the Redskins play?  Shanahan’s play calling isn’t awesome, but RG3 looks like a shell of himself.  Alfred Morris is a stud, but then they go and put Roy Helu in on third downs.  Nick Young (or whoever the damn fullback is) gets short yardage runs?  Alfred Morris ran for 1600 yards last season!  Give him the bleeping ball!  Anyways, even a sputtering 49ers team takes out the Redskins.  Plus, Kaepernick loves the spotlight.

2013 Week 11 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. MattyOShow

Last week was a rather crappy week for yours truly as I went 7-7 for 51 points.  The MattyOShow picked up two games on me as he went 9-5 for 67 points.  I am now 92-55 on the season with 766 points.  Matty is 86-61 with 765 points.  I find it amazing how close we are in points through 10 weeks in the season.  While I still hold a 6 game lead on The Better Looking Mel Kiper, it is time I step up my confidence points game.

I’m so close in confidence points because I pick games that I am sure of very well.  Scottie on the other hand, makes stupid picks, and just happens to get lucky.  But, I don’t care about confidence points, I’m here for the title.  Let’s do it…

Byes: Dallas, St. Louis

Colts @ Titans

Scottie: Colts  11

The Colts were mortified by the Rams last Sunday.  They simply could not contain Tavon Austin.  The Titans do not have anyone that can break plays like that.  The Titans were pretty horrid last Sunday also, losing to the lowly Jaguars.  Chris Johnson got back to his soft ways.  I believe Andrew Luck was embarrassed on Sunday.  I believe Luck has a lot more pride than Chris Johnson therefore I believe the Colts will destroy the Titans on Sunday.

Matt: Colts 10

With Locker out for the season, I don’t really envision a scenario where Ryan Fitzpatrick will lead the Titans to a victory over the Colts.

Jets @ Bills

Scottie: Jets 5

It pains me to pick the Jets.  It pains me even more to see they would be in the playoffs if the season ended today. Coming off their bye week, I see the Jets picking up an easy win in Buffalo.  The Jets have the best rushing defense in the NFL.  Rushing is all the Bills have on offense.  Sorry Lyden, the Bills lose again.

Matt: Jets 6

I was leaning heavily towards the Bills this week, and then I just read that Robert Woods and Stevie Johnson are not playing this week.  EJ Manuel looks like he is going to be a solid NFL quarterback, but I don’t think that the Bills will have enough offensive firepower against the best rushing defense in the NFL.  Chris Ivory goes off.

Ravens @ Bears

Scottie: Bears 3

My refusal to pick the Ravens may one day come back to bite me.  I don’t care.  I can’t stand the Ravens.  I detest Jump Ball Joe Flacco.  Ray Rice is hurt and the Ravens have no business winning games.  Josh McCown did an admirable job of filling in for Jay Cutler while he was out.  Now that Cutler re-injured himself, McCown has his chance again.  I love Forte, Marshall, and Jeffrey.  I see the Bears winning a difficult game on home turf.

Matt: Ravens 1

The Ravens only have one win on the road this year, and it was in Miami.  However, Baltimore managed to grab a tough win against Cincinnati last week, while the Bears lost to the Lions at the same time that they lost their quarterback.  Yes, Josh McCown has played well but I think that Baltimore is playing for their season and they will show up in Chicago.  Ray Rice makes you remember why he is Ray Rice.

Browns @ Bengals

Scottie: Bengals 9

The Bengals have screwed me all year.  I do not understand how Marvin Lewis still has a job.  He is the king of mediocrity.  Andy Dalton was putrid last week.  I also do not understand why Gio Bernard does not get more touches.  The kid makes things happen whenever the ball is in hands.  With all that being said, I have not been high on the Browns at all this year, and I will continue to sip my Brown haterade against my better judgement.

Matt: Bengals 9

Andy Dalton lacks consistency.  Gio Bernard is either awesome or bad.  BJGE looks like a shell of his former self.  However, the Bengals defense is a legitimate force and the Browns will really struggle to move the ball against the Bengals’ defense.

Redskins @ Eagles

Scottie: Eagles 4

The Eagles are 5-5.  They are 0-4 at home.  You don’t see that very often.  I am going to play the law of averages here and say that Chip Kelly will get his first home win of his NFL career on Sunday.  In the interest of full disclosure, I traded for RG3 in one of my fantasy football leagues, so I expect the Redskins offense to lay an egg against the woeful Eagles defense.  Funny how I end up trading for a guy I have been bashing all season.

Matt: Eagles 5

Scottie messes around and trades for RG3.  Little does he know that, speaking from a former RG3 owner this year, Griffin sucks this year and he made a huge mistake!  Nick Foles and the Eagles are hot, and the Redskins defense looks poised to give them their first win at home.

Lions @ Steelers

Scottie: Lions  12

Rumors are swirling in Pittsburgh that Ben Rothelisberger might be traded in the upcoming offseason.  This is a distraction the Steelers don’t need with the Lions offensive jauggernaut coming to town.  The Steelers gave up 55 points to an okay Patriots offense.  The Lions are capable of throwing up 70.  Troy Polamalu is a shell of himself and has looked ridiculously out of place most of the season.  The days of Pittsburgh being a quality NFL franchise appear numbered.

Matt: Lions 12

There have been rumors that Dick LeBeau has lost it, and I am honestly starting to believe them.  The Steelers defense hasn’t looked anything like the unit that we have seen over the past decade, plus.  Meanwhile, the Lions offense is a well oiled machine, and seemingly improves every week.  The Steelers can’t hang with the Lions, and Roethlisberger’s reign in Pittsburgh might be coming to an ugly end.

Falcons @ Buccaneers

Scottie: Falcons 6

After getting their first win of the season against the Miami Mess on Monday night, I expect the Buccaneers will resort back to their losing ways in an effort to reengage in the Teddy Bridgewater sweepstakes.  Atlanta has also had a disappointing season as they are only 1 game up on the Bucs.  I believe the Bucs will struggle to move the ball allowing the Falcons a low scoring win.

Matt: Falcons 4

The Falcons have been bad so far this season.  The Bucs have been putrid, aside from a win against a hampered Dolphins team last week.  In a battle this ugly, I have to stick with the more talented team.  In this case, that’s Atlanta.

Cardinals @ Jaguars

Scottie: Cardinals  13

The Jaguars shocked the world last week getting their first win of the season.  I sincerely thought it would be another two years before that franchise won a game.  As usual, I was wrong.  Fortunately for the Jaguars, the Bucs also won and they are still in the running for the #1 pick come draft time.  Arizona is a surprising 5-4.  Even with Carson Palmer under center, I say the Cardinals will move to 6-4.  I would like to see Andre Ellington get more touches.  He has the potential to be Darren Sproles like.

Matt: Cardinals 14

I hate the Cardinals.  I hate Carson Palmer.  He is so bad, it’s ridiculous.  The only way the Jaguars could possibly win is if they dominate time of possession by effectively running the ball.  Sadly for the Jaguars, the Cardinals run defense is legit.

Raiders @ Texans

Scottie: Texans 7

I believe in Case Keenum.  I believe if he is allowed, he will be a very good quarterback down in Houston.  I understand the Texans lost Arian Foster for the season.  I told anyone that would listen not to draft him in fantasy football.  His workload over the past 3 seasons has been insanely arduous.  The Texans have their problems, no doubt but the Raiders aren’t one.  Matty is ready to anoint Terrelle Pryor as the next great thing.  I just refer to him as The Supplemental.

Matt: Texans 7

I might actually agree with Scottie on this one.  The Texans look better under Case Keenum than they did under Schaub at the beginning of the season.  However, Houston’s defense just isn’t the same unit without Brian Cushing.  Cush’ is the teams emotional leader, and seems to make big plays at big times for the Texans’ defense.  Terrell Pryor is hurt, so there is little hope for the Raiders in this one.

Chargers @ Dolphins

Scottie: Chargers 14

With the Dolphins franchise an absolute mess down in South Beach it is becoming rather easy to pick against them every week going forward.  The offensive line looks atrocious without Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin on the field.  Every opposing team in the NFL has Tannehill’s snap count cadence down pat.  Things aren’t much better on the defensive side of the ball as the Bucs ran all over their faces on Monday night.  The Chargers will end their two game losing streak on Sunday.

Matt: Chargers 13

Unlike years past, the Chargers have actually been able to run the ball this year.  Ryan Mathews looks like the running back that they drafted in the 1st round a few years back.  Danny Woodhead has been an offensive weapon unlike San Diego has seen since Darren Sproles left.  Meanwhile, things are imploding in Miami.

49ers @ Saints

Scottie: Saints 8

The Saints do not lose at home.  They have become my new Seattle.  I will not pick against either of these teams on their home turf.  49er fans have to be concerned about Colin Kaepernick’s dismal performance this season.  His sophomore slump is reminiscent of Cam Newton a few years ago.  It has also forced me to make some moves in my fantasy football leagues as I put all my chicken’s in the Kaepernick basket.

Matt: 49ers 3

I know that the Saints are awesome at home.  Drew Brees looks locked in, while Darren Sproles and Pierre Thomas are actually serviceable in the run game for New Orleans.  However, I just have a feeling about this game.  I think the 49ers will look to make a statement, and beating the Saints at home would be just that.

Packers @ Giants

Scottie: Giants 10

Some how, Some way, Big Blue is going to make the playoffs as the NFC East champions after starting the season 0-6.  There is my bold prediction of the year.  A lot of this has to do with an absurd amount of luck.  The Packers are starting someone by the name of Scott Tolzien under center.  The injuries the Packers have suffered over the past 2-3 seasons has truly been incredible.  Eli will just enough to move his Giants to 4-6.

Matt: Giants 11

The Packers are quickly becoming on the the unluckiest teams in the NFL.  Every time they get rolling, something goes wrong.  Clay Matthews gets hurt, Eddy Lacy gets concussed, Aaron Rodgers breaks his collarbone.  The Giants always get hot at the right time, and it looks like 2013 is no exception.

Vikings @ Seahawks

Scottie: Seahawks  15

The Seahawks are scary good this season.  It is also scary they haven’t been healthy all season.  This week they learned they won’t have defensive back Brandon Browner for quite some time.  That is certainly bad news for the Seahawks.  The good news? Percy Harvin is expected to make his Seahawk debut on Sunday.  Harvin will be a nice addition to Russell Wilson’s offense.  Minnesota surprised me last week.  I don’t think they are capable of doing that 2 weeks in a row.

Matt: Seahawks 15

I know that Scottie says that the Saints don’t lose at home, and it is mostly true.  The Seahawks actually do not lose at home, that is a fact.  Percy Harvin becomes active, and the Seahawks gain another weapon in an already serviceable offense.  The Vikings and Adrian Peterson will put up a fight, but the Vikings offense can’t beat Seattle with Christian Ponder at quarterback.

Chiefs @ Broncos

Scottie: Chiefs 1

This is the first chance this season the Chiefs can prove they are for real.  Matty famously bashes their weak schedule every single week.  I admit the Chiefs do have a certain amount of luck on their side.  That is perfectly illustrated by Peyton Manning being listed as questionable for the Sunday night tilt.  Manning will undoubtedly play but is not at full strength.  Peyton struggles with tough blitzing defenses when he is healthy.  I expect the Chiefs to hit Peyton early and often.  They will upset the Broncos in Denver and stay undefeated.

Matt: Broncos 8

Come on Scottie, you know better than this.  Peyton Manning could be out there without any ankles, and I’m still going with the Broncos.  So much is being made of the Chiefs ability to get after the quarterback without having to blitz.  Well, maybe we are slightly overlooking Peyton’s ability to distribute the ball and get it out of his hand quickly.  I expect DT, Welker, Decker, and Julius Thomas to all have at least 5 catches, while Knowshon Moreno keeps the Chiefs honest on the ground.  KC will be exposed for being the worst 9-0 team in the history of the NFL.

Patriots @ Panthers

Scottie: Panthers 2

Yup, going against the hometown team.  Heck, both times I have done it (Atlanta and New Orleans) the Patriots have won.  Maybe I just really like the NFC South and I don’t know it.  The Patriots have struggled with teams that have an in your face, hard hitting defense.  That is exactly what Carolina has.  I am excited to see the return of Shane Vereen but I don’t think he will be enough on Sunday.  Cam Newton scares the bejesus out of me with all the injuries the Patriot defense has.

Matt: Patriots 2

Cam Newton has been playing well lately.  The Panthers defense is one of the best units in the NFL.  However, I don’t yet trust Cam’s decision making ability against a Bill Belichick-coahced defense.  Carolina’s win against the 49ers last week was meaningful, it let the NFL know that they were for real.  However, their previous four wins were against Minnesota, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, and Atlanta.  Not the best competition.  Tom Brady performs on Monday nights, and Cam Newton will make some bad decisions against some new looks.

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2013-2014 Providence College Friars: Season Preview

One of my favorite times of the year is finally upon us…the start of the college basketball season!  As with most years, there is a ton of hype surrounding this Providence College team.  Another infusion of young talent, combined with a couple of transfers becoming eligible, and finally the continued development of some familiar names all have PC fans excited for the season to get started.  What am I most excited about? PC kicking of Fox Sports 1’s coverage of college basketball.  PC hasn’t played under the national spotlight in some time and I think that a lot of curious college basketball fans will be tuning into Fox Sports 1 tonight, and stumble across the PC vs. BC game.  Here I’ve provided my preview for the 2013-2014 season for the Providence College Friars.  You need not look elsewhere, as ntcf.wordpress.com is the one and only source for quality PC basketball news, information, and opinions from the biggest PC fan around.  Let’s do it…

The Returning Players:

#3 Kris Dunn (SO.) – 6’3″, 197 lbs [Guard]

#4 Josh Fortune (SO.) – 6’5″, 205 lbs [Guard]

#10 Kadeem Batts (SR.) – 6’9″, 245 lbs [Forward]

#11 Bryce Cotton (SR.) – 6’1″, 165 lbs [Guard]

#13 Brice Kofane (JR.) – 6’8″, 210 lbs [Forward]

#21 Lee Goldsbrough (SR.) – 6’9″, 230 lbs [Forward]

#22 Ted Bancroft (SR.) – 6’6″, 215 lbs [Guard]

#23 LaDontae Henton (JR.) – 6’6″, 215 lbs [Forward]

I do not remember a season when Providence was returning this much talent and experience.  As PC fans, we have become accustomed to seeing players finally develop as seniors, and the move onto the next level.  If we were fortunate enough to see guys develop sooner than that, they usually either did something stupid to get kicked off of the team, or leave school early for some reason.  My expectations for this group are high, some (Scottie) may even describe them as lofty.  I’m not as big of a Bryce Cotton fan as most.  Yes, the dude can shoot.  He’s proven that he can be clutch.  But I never agree with the entire offense revolving around a perimeter shooter.  I would love to see Bryce use his athleticism more often and attack the rim.  Kris Dunn has the talent to be an All Big East First-Team performer.  However, in classic PC fashion, Dunn hurt his surgically repaired shoulder in the Friars final exhibition game against RIC.  From the reports I’ve read, it seems like Dunn subluxed his right shoulder.  That doesn’t worry me.  If there is labral damage, then I’m worried, but subluxations can be addressed with some stabilization exercises and taping.  If Kadeem Batts can become a little more consistent with his mid-range jumper, he could make himself into an NBA prospect.  My focus is on LaDontae Henton.  He didn’t have a very good 2012-2013 season.  His shooting percentage (especially from 3-point territory) was bad.  He didn’t play with the same swagger and heart that he displayed as a freshman.  Unlike most seasons, Henton has someone behind him coming for his starting spot (Tyler Harris).  Henton needs to prove that he deserves to keep his starting spot.

The New Players:

#1 Brandon Austin (FR.) – 6’6″, 185 lbs [Guard]

#5 Rodney Bullock (FR.) – 6’7″, 215 lbs [Forward]

#12 Casey Woodring (FR.) – 6’2″, 180 lbs [Guard]

#25 Tyler Harris (SO.) – 6’9″, 215 lbs [Forward]

#33 Carson Desrosiers (JR.) – 7’0″, 250 lbs [Center]

Brandon Austin is going to be a stud.  From what I’ve heard, he has looked very good this off-season.  When I took a look at some of his tape, he reminds me of a Tyreke Evans-type of player.  He has the ability to handle the ball, while also demonstrating the size and quickness to get to and finish at the rim.  Sadly for the Friars, Brandon Austin and fellow freshman Rodney Bullock “failed up uphold the responsibilities of student athletes.”  They are both suspended indefinitely for, what sounds to me like some academic violations.  Transfers Tyler Harris and Carson Desrosiers both become eligible this season.  These two are going to have a profound impact on the Friars this season.  I expect Desrosiers to start at center.  He is a big presence that can block shots, score from inside and outside, and is known as a very good passer.  Harris is an athletic forward with the ability to shoot the three and attack the rim.  His skill set allows him to play every position from shooting guard to power forward.  Casey Woodring is a recruited walk-on that is known as a lethal outside shooter.  I don’t see many minutes for him available this year.

The Transfer (Not Eligible until start of 2014-2015 season):

#32 Junior Lomomba (SO.) – 6’5″, 195 lbs [Guard]

Lomomba is a Cleveland St. transfer (originally from Canada) that will become eligible next season.  He will benefit from a year of practice with the team, and will hope to help soften the blow of losing Bryce Cotton next season.

Predicted Starting 5 and Rotation (considering all players are healthy and eligible):

PG – Kris Dunn

SG – Bryce Cotton

SF – LaDontae Henton

PF – Kadeem Batts

C – Carson Desrosiers

#6: Tyler Harris

#7: Josh Fortune

#8: Brandon Austin

#9: Rodney Bullock

#10: Lee Goldsbrough

#11: Bryce Kofane

#12: Ted Bancroft

#13: Casey Woodring


As you probably could have assumed from what I wrote above, I have really high hopes for this team.  I think that their combination of experience (Batts, Cotton) along with talent (Dunn, Austin, Harris) will propel Providence College to finish within the top four of the new look Big East (behind Georgetown, Marquette, and Creighton).  I expect the Friars to make the NCAA Tournament.  I expect the Friars to get an NCAA Tournament win for the first time since 1997.  Ed Cooley finally has a team full of primarily “his guys”, so for Cooley and the boys, it’s time to make some moves in the right direction.  GO FRIARS!

Record: 22-6 (13-5)

Statistical Leaders: 

  • Points: Bryce Cotton
  • Rebounds: Kadeem Batts
  • Assists: Kris Dunn
  • Steals: Kris Dunn
  • Blocks: Carson Desrosiers
  • Field Goal %: Carson Desrosiers
  • Free Throw %: Bryce Cotton
  • Three Point %: Bryce Cotton

Bold Predictions:

  • 1st Team All Big East: Kris Dunn
  • 2nd Team All Big East: Bryce Cotton
  • 3rd Team All Big East: Tyler Harris
  • Big East All Defense Team: Carson Desrosiers


2013 Week 10 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. MattyOShow

Matty did not take advantage of my lackluster last few weeks.  Frankly, I am upset I have am yet to throw up an undefeated week.  Ok, I am getting ahead of myself.  Matty has beat me over the last 2 years.  Last year, Matt won because I wanted to make things interesting down the stretch.  I won’t make the same mistake twice.  Here is the winnerbreakdown:

Last week:

Scottie: 9-4   62 points   Matt 7-6  56 points

2013 Season Total:

Scottie: 85-48, 715 points.  Matt  77-56  698 points

After gaining ground over the last few weeks, I experienced a temporary setback after a tough Week 9.  I’m not really killing myself over it, considering that scrub teams like the Dolphins, Jets, and Redskins all picked up wins.  However, I can’t make a habit of this.  Time to get the ball rolling again.  Let’s do it…

Byes: Browns, Chiefs, Patriots, Jets

Redskins @ Vikings

Scottie: Redskins 10

Thursday night games have been awful all year long.  Roger Goodell must be cringing at the idea the NFL is going up against some pretty good college football games tonight.  The NFL should do away with Thursday night football outside of Thanksgiving.  On to this game, the Redskins have a swiss cheese secondary.  Unfortunately for the Vikings, they do not have the personnel to exploit it.

Matt: Redskins – 7 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Vikings put up a fight last week against the Cowboys, but then again, the Cowboys let every single opponent hang around and force Tony Romo to win the game at the end of the fourth quarter.  I just can’t get behind Christian Ponder.  RG3 and the Redskins finally got their act together against a surprising San Diego team last week.  On short weeks, the hotter team usually wins.  In this one, it’s Washington.

Seahawks @ Falcons

Scottie: Seahawks 14

The Seahawks survived a scare on their home turf last week against a winless Bucs team.  The Seahawks mounted a furious comeback and got the win.  Pete Carroll will use that game to get his team to refocus on the task at hand.  Matt Ryan might be getting Roddy White back, but his offense has shown no signs it will do anything against a top ranked defense.  This is a season Falcons fans would love to forget.

Matt: Seahawks – 13 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Last week was the last straw for the Atlanta Falcons.  There was a slim possibility that if they were able to get hot and go on a winning streak, they could possibly make the playoffs.  They responded to that challenge by laying a dud against the Panthers.

Lions @ Bears

Scottie: Bears 5

The Bears were impressive on Monday night without Jay Cutler.  I don’t think there is a more intimidating receiving corps in the league that who the Bears have.  Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey, and Martellus Bennett are some pretty big boys.  I believe this is the most interesting game of the week.  I like the Bears at home.

Matt: Lions – 8 CONFIDENCE POINTS1011-us-latestnews-chicagobears_full_600

The Bears were able to sneak out a win against the Packers at Lambeau field this past Monday, however beating the Packers led by Seneca Wallace is slightly different than an Aaron Rodgers-led Packers team.  The Lions have had 2 weeks to prepare for Josh McCown, and I don’t think the Bears will have enough offensive firepower to keep up with the Lions.

Eagles @ Packers

Scottie: Eagles 2

Yet again, I find myself picking the Eagles.  I must have a secret crush that I do not know about.  Nick Foles was impressive throwing 7 touchdowns last week.  If he can put up half the production he did last week, people in Philly will be saying Michael who? As far as Green Bay is concerned, I have zero confidence in Seneca Wallace’s ability to move the football on offense.  In order for Green Bay to win, Eddie Lacy is going to need to rush for 250.  That won’t happen with the Eagles packing 8 in the box.


I don’t think Seneca Wallace can get the job done.  Yes, he’ll have a week to prepare, but Foles looked good last week.  Combine that with the Packers inability to stop the run, and it might be a long day for the Pack.

Jaguars @ Titans

Scottie: Titans 13

After Chris Johnson heard Shon Greene was going to be a threat to his carries, CJ2K finally showed up last week.  The Titans don’t need to change their game plan against the hapless Jags.  Locker might throw the ball less than 10 times on Sunday.  Jacksonville lost their only redeeming player to an indefinite suspension.  It may not be long before the moving trucks are in Jacksonville and moving the franchise somewhere.


The Jaguars lone bright spot this season has been the play of Justin Blackmon.  Well, there goes that!  The only fans that have a tougher time than us diehard Friar fans are Jaguar fans.  Your team is irrelevant.  You know it.  Everyone knows it.  Any nobody does anything about it.

Rams @ Colts

Scottie: Colts 12ty-hilton1

TY Hilton take a bow!  With Reggie Wayne out for the season, Andrew Luck showed TY Hilton will be his number 1 receiver going forward after staying at the Hilton to the tune of three touchdowns Sunday night.  The Rams don’t have much to offer outside of rookie Zac Stacy.  This is encouraging for St Louis however.  They may finally start to have some building blocks in place once Bradford comes back next season.


The Colts are emerging as one of the favorites in the AFC.  Andrew Luck hasn’t missed a beat this year.  Even in games when he hasn’t had his best stuff (Sunday), he finds ways to win games.  That’s all you can ask out of your quarterback.  So many people compare Luck to Manning simply because of what colors are on his jersey.  If you ask me, Luck much more Brady in him than Manning.  Rams are useless with my boy Bradford down.

Raiders @ Giants

Scottie: Giants 9

After watching Oakland get beat down by the Eagles last week, I can’t in my right mind give them any chance against the Giants.  The Giants have won 2 in a row and are poised to make a run just to spite their fan base.  News did come down today that David Wilson is officially out for the season.  That really stinks because there was so much hope in Wilson coming into the season.  I don’t see the Raiders flying across the country after getting their brains kicked in on their home turf and beating the Giants.


The Giants are on a 2 game win streak and coming off of a bye.  The Raiders are fresh off of a 49-20 beatdown provided by Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles.  Conventional wisdom would tell us that the Giants should take the blueprint that the Eagles used and take care of the Raiders at home.  Screw conventional wisdom.  Mattyoshow says that Terrelle Pryor doesn’t like getting blown out and will single handedly beat the Giants.

Bills @ Steelers

Scottie: Steelers 6

I have to feel bad for my buddy, Lyden.  Every single week the kid maps out how the Bills will win their game.  Every single week, the Bills will do something that will crush the kid.  You know, Buffalo will be driving, get into the red zone, and then throw a pick 6.  This has been the life of Lyden since the Jim Kelly days.  He will never believe me but I really do feel bad for him.

Matt: Bills – 2 CONFIDENCE POINTSimages

The Bills have heart man.  An undefeated Kansas City Chiefs team rolls into Buffalo expecting an easy win.  What do they get?  Jeff Tuel playing his heart out.  Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller running wild.  Kiko Alonso acting like Jean-Claude Van Damme just laying people out.  The Steelers play in one of the best divisions in football, and basically saw all playoff aspirations go out the window with their loss to New England last week.  EJ Manuel might return, and in my eyes that means that the Bills win.

Bengals @ Ravens

Scottie: Bengals 7

I can’t figure the Bengals out. They have plagued me every year we do these picks.  They have all the pieces in place to be playoff contenders.  Maybe its Marvin Lewis.  Maybe he is just terrible.  I have no idea anymore.  One week Andy Dalton looks like the second coming of Christ, the next he looks like MattyO.  I am going to stick with my guns and take the Bengals here, mainly because I dislike Joe Flacco and know he is the most fraudulent quarterback in the NFL.


The Ravens are in desperate need of a win to stay relevant in the divisional race with the Bengals and the Browns (yes, those Browns).  Cincinatti loves losing games that they should win in order to make things a little more interesting.  I actually expect this one to turn into a defensive battle, with the Ravens defense realizing that their offense just isn’t good enough to win games.  Comes down to the wire, Ray Rice goes off, Ravens win.

Panthers @ 49ers

Scottie: 49ers 3

The 49ers are coming off their bye.  They are playing at home.  They are getting Mario Manningham back.  Aldon Smith might be playing as well.  As far as I am concerned, it looks to be all systems go straight to the Super Bowl for San Fran.

Matt: Panthers – 4 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Here’s a desperation pick that I need to hit on to get back into this picks race.  My rationale: The Panthers are hot right now!  They’ve won four games in a row (yes, I know SF has won 5).  Cam Newton is playing as well as he has in the past 2 seasons.  Jonathan Stewart is back healthy, which gives the Panthers 3 running back to deploy against a decent run defense (12th in the league against the run).  Carolina sees this as a statement game, and they should.  The Panthers are second in the NFL against the rush, and I honestly don’t know if Kaepernick is ready to single-handedly win a game for the 49ers.

Texans @ Cardinals

Scottie: Texans 4Case-Keenum-roll-Texans_002738

Unlike Matt, I think Case Keenum is a better option for the Texans than Matt Schaub.  Keenum understands Andre Johnson is the best receiver on the field.  He knows in order to be successful he has to use his best.  Keenum set all kinds of records in college and loves to air it out.  On the flip side, Carson Palmer is still the Cardinals quarterback meaning I will still pick against the Cardinals no matter what.

Matt: Cardinals – 10 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Cardinals have one of the best rushing defenses in the NFL, which means that Case Keenum will have to win this game for the Texans.  I don’t see it.  With that being said, Carson Palmer could very well win this game for the Texans, so who knows…

Broncos @ Chargers

Scottie: Broncos 11

The Chargers were a fun team for the first half of the season.  No one really expected anything out of them yet they managed to be a .500 team through the first 9 weeks of the season.  The problem is, Peyton Manning is on the other side of the field in this one.  I expect a high scoring game.  I don’t expect Phillip Rivers to keep pace with the future first ballot Hall of Famer.

Matt: Broncos – 11 CONFIDENCE POINTS

If the Broncos weren’t coming off of a bye, I would give the Chargers a little more of a shot in this game.  However, if you give Peyton Manning 2 weeks to prepare for any team, he will be firing on all cylinders.  Also, the Chargers mystique might be wearing off a bit after a surprising loss to the Redskins last week.

Cowboys @ Saints

Scottie: Saints 8

Can’t believe the Saints lost to the Jets last week.  I am still stunned.  I understand the Saints suck on the road, but losing to the Jets? C’mon man.  (And yes I do realize if the season ended today, the Jets would be in the playoffs).  While the Saints are horrid on the road, they are nearly unbeatable at home.  The Saints will beat the Cowboys in a shootout.


New Orleans, if you want to compete for a Super Bowl, you can’t lose to the Jets (that goes for you too New England!).  The Cowboys are being themselves, useless until the last drive when Tony Romo is forced to win his team the game.  The Saints will rebound from a subpar effort and win at home.

Dolphins @ Buccaneers

Scottie:  Buccaneers 1Jonathan-Martin-Richie-Incognito

The Dolphins have more distractions going on than they know what to do with.  Have they dedicated any of their time to studying the Bucs for Monday night?  The Dolphins have become a full fledged circus.  For the record, I am in Richie Incognito’s corner in this situation.  I love to argue for the underdog.  I think there is so much more to the story than  Jonathan Martin was bullied.  When this is all said and done, it would not surprise me if Jonathan Martin comes out the villain.  A guy who did not want to play football anymore after losing his spot to Bryant McKinnie, and needed a scapegoat.  Enter Incognito.  Anyways, if the Bucs are going to win at all this year, it will be Monday night.

Matt: Buccaneers – 1 CONFIDENCE POINT

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are one of the best pass-rushing teams in the NFL, so the Dolphins picked a bad time to lose 2 starting offensive lineman.  This is a hail-mary here, but like I said previously, it is really tough to go 0-16, so I’m trying to pick my spots with the Bucs.  I think that they Bucs defensive line makes Tannehill’s life a living hell on Monday night, and showcase their talent on a national stage.

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Enjoy The Parade!

Before the Hot Stove heats up, it is important to take a minute and recognize the overachievements of the 2013 Boston Redimages-1 Sox.  Go back to March of 2013.  Most writers and fans believed the Red Sox would win maybe 81 games give or take.  Fans were happy the “chicken and beer” prima donnas were gone.  We thought Victorino, Dempster, and Gomes were brought in because they were nice guys, true pillars of a community.  It turns out, they could play a little baseball too.  David Ross was the first free agent signing coming into this season.  Many were upset he was given $8 million over two years.  It turns out he was worth every penny.

The Red Sox went on to win 97 games during the regular season.  They never lost more than three games in a row.  The won the American League East.  They were tied with the St. Louis Cardinals for the best record in all of baseball.  They brought Red Sox Nation back to postseason baseball.  The 2013 postseason was a wild ride culminating in winning the freaking World Series!

In the postseason they beat guys named Price, Moore, Verlander, Scherzer, Sanchez, Wainwright, and Wacha.  Those are imagessome of the best names to toe the rubber in 2013.  We should always remember Wil Myers botching a fly ball on the warning track in the very first game of the postseason against the Rays.  How about David Price’s mental breakdown on Twitter after getting tuned up in Game 2 of the divisional series?   After eliminating the Rays, the Sox moved on to Detroit.

We always remeber David Ortiz’s grand slam in Game 2 of the ALCS that sent Torii Hunter sprawling into the bullpen.  It was the hit that gave Steve Horgan a name in Boston sports history.  Shane Victorino’s Game 6 grand slam off of Jose Veras will forever be remembered in Red Sox lore.  Shane Victorino, the same guy who Red Sox fans weren’t overly excited about in the offseason. The same guy who Red Sox fans wanted Josh Hamilton over, provided the biggest hit of the post season.  The Tigers’ pitching was literally unhittable for the Sox at times throughout the series.  But the Sox overcame it and beat the Tigers in 6.

On to the World Series, the Sox marched.  David Ortiz and Jon Lester put up legendary performances.  Ortiz catapaulted himself to the forefront of New England sports history, as one of the top 3 greatest athlete’s to play in this city.  The Red Sox faced no obstructions all season in achieving the goal they set in the Spring.  (see what I did there?)  Koji Uehara was his dominant self.  Has there ever been a more dominant closer in one season in baseball history?  John Lackey, the most hated man in Boston 2 years ago, became among the most loved.  We saw a glimpse of the future in Xander Bogaerts.  And the future looks great.

Enjoy these celebrations now.  Unfortunately it does not look like these 25 guys will be together again.


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