2013 Week 8 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. MattyOShow

After 7 weeks, it pains me to say that Scottie still has the lead.  However, my spirit is not broken.  Every week, I make progress.  Scottie and I both had identical records last week, at 8-7.  However, I slightly outdid Scottie on the confidence points, grabbing 73, while he only managed 71.  Both of us took big hits with losses by the Pats and Dolphins, but that’s the nature of the beast.  On the season, Scottie is 67-40 with 575 confidence points.  Meanwhile, I have gained no ground in the record column (60-47), but some with confidence points (561).  On a side note, how the hell does the NFL figure out these damn byes?  Last week 2 teams got a bye.  This week 6 teams have byes?  This is ridiculous!amendola1013.r

I admit I am not all that focused on football at the present time.  But I just need to maintain my lead over Matty and I will be happy.  Looking at the week ahead I can’t imagine Matty and I would differ on many of these picks.  On a ranting note: Why isn’t there more outrage about performance enhancing drugs in the NFL as opposed to Major League Baseball.  Baseball fans get all bent out of shape about steroids because they skew records and tarnish sacred records.  In football, they make the athlete bigger, faster, and stronger resulting in more season ending injuries.  The NFL needs to address the health of its money makers or the product will suffer substantially.

Byes: Bears, Titans, Colts, Chargers, Ravens, Texans

Panthers @ Buccaneers

Scottie: Panthers 7

Cam Newton has been playing really well as of late.  Steve Smith wants to bust Janoris Jenkins in the mouth.  I love a team that plays with attitude.  Didn’t I hate Ron Rivera’s Panthers a month ago?  Tampa is in trouble.  Doug Martin and Mike Williams are hurt. Mike Glennon is zoned in on Vincent Jackson making the Bucs insanely one-dimensional.  Carolina cruises to a Thursday night win.

Matt: Panthers – 4 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Mike Glennon and Vincent Jackson must get it on late at night or something.  Everytime RedZone switched over to the Bucs game, balls were flying at Vincent Jackson (HAHA!).  The Falcons finally showed what their offense looked like when they were operating decently, while the Bucs are becoming more of a disaster on a weekly basis.  In addition, Dougie fresh is out with a torn labrum, which puts Cam and the Panthers as a huge favorite in my eyes.

Cowboys @ Lions

Scottie: Cowboys 3

Dez Bryant wants to be mentioned in the same sentence as Calvin Johnson when it comes to the best receivers in the NFL.  I think Dez will make a statement in this game and go off for 200 yards and 2 touchdowns.   Detroit’s defense is shaky.  I have more faith Dallas can get a stop when they need it rather than Detroit getting an important stop.

Matt: Lions – 1 CONFIDENCE POINTdm_131023_ff_calvindez

I thought that the Lions were going to show the world last week that they were for real by taking out the Bengals and making a statement.  Contrarily, Detroit showed that they couldn’t protect Matthew Stafford and that their secondary couldn’t stop AJ Green.  Well, into town comes Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys.  However, the Cowboys defense is nothing like that fierce Bengals team, so I see a close win going in the opposite direction for Detroit this week.

Browns @ Chiefs

Scottie: Chiefs 10

Holy shmoley the Chiefs are the cream of the crop in the AFC!  There is nothing sexy about the Chiefs.  They play defense.  They protect the ball.  They keep it simple.  Now Jason Campbell and the Cleveland Browns come to town.  No way Campbell gets anything going in Kansas City.


AGAIN WITH THIS POWDERPUFF SCHEDULE!  The Chiefs aren’t good.  They might be the worst 7-0 team in the history of the NFL.  Whomever made the Chiefs schedule this season must have been getting a free supply of hoagies courtesy of Andy Reid, because it is the easiest schedule…ever!  They beat a battered Houston Texans by 1 point this past weekend, and not get to face a Browns team that will (supposedly) by led by a guy that hasn’t played in a long time (Jason Campbell).

Dolphins @ Patriots

Scottie: Patriots 2

I see Matt is awfully confident the Patriots will win this one.  I don’t think this will be an easy game at all.  Other than the miraculous win against the Saints, Tom Brady has not been Tom Brady this year.  Many will want to blame the rookie receivers for the Patriots offensive struggles.  My eyes tell me a different story.  Brady is missing his receivers time and time again.  He is throwing at the feet of his receivers, throwing it over their heads, putting it anywhere but where his guys can make a play.  I am picking the Patriots because they are my team but this one has me nervous.

Matt: Patriots – 8 CONFIDENCE POINTSNew York Jets v New England Patriots

Tannehill sucks.  Belichick doesn’t lose 2 in a row.  Game…over…

Bills @ Saints

Scottie: Saints 9

I bash the Bills each and every week.  Each and every week, I find myself seeing the Bills score at the bottom of the screen and seeing they are keeping it close.  I have to give the Bills credit.  They have not been an easy game for anyone this season.  The problem is New Orleans is coming off a bye, playing at home, and have more questions than the Bills have answers.  On a side note, CJ Spiller might have been my personal all-time biggest fantasy football bust.


Buffalo somehow pulled off a miraculous win last week, but then again they were playing against Tannehill, so it shouldn’t really surprise us.  Thad Lewis (or whoever the Bills will throw out these this week) isn’t good enough to win games on his own.  With Fred Jackson dinged up, and CJ Spiller running like he has a huge loaf in his pants, the Bills have a slim chance to score enough points to beat an offense like the Saints’.

Giants @ Eagles

Scottie: Eagles 1

Nick Foles was a disaster last week.  Philly-Dallas was supposed to be a shootout last week, it was anything but.  Mike Vick is the only quarterback fit to run the Chip Kelly offense.  He gets back on the field Sunday, and gets Philly back in the division race.  I want to say Eli and the Giants are going to ride their momentum from their first win of the season last Monday but I know that won’t happen.

Matt: Eagles – 5 CONFIDENCE POINTSNFL: Philadelphia Eagles-OTA

Mike Vick returns at the perfect time!  I take the Giants game on Monday night against the Vikings very lightly.  Josh Freeman sucks (like I said in the post last week).  The Giants only managed 23 points against a defeated Vikings team.  The Eagles will come out firing this week after they put up a dud last week.

49ers @ Jaguars

Scottie: 49ers 12

I just wanted to be nice this week.  I didn’t want to pick on the Jaguars.  The 49ers are rolling.  They will continue to do so against the hapless Jaguars.  Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for the Jacksonville franchise? How are they going to rebuild?  Does MJD have any trade value?  What year will the Jaguars get their next win? 2018?

Matt: 49ers – 13 CONFIDENCE POINTS

As I mentioned last week, I picked the Jaguars because I believe that it is really difficult to go 0-16 in the NFL.  After analyzing their schedule, last week was the only game that I saw them having a chance to win.  Sadly for me and the Jags, they didn’t get it done last week.  I’m back to my original stance: NEVER pick the Jaguars.

Jets @ Bengals

Scottie: Bengals 8

The Jets were beneficiaries of a fluke penalty call last week beating the Patriots in overtime.  Geno Smith has improved each week in his rookie season.  The Patriot fan in me says last week, Goodell made a David Stern like call to the officiating crew to help the Jets get a W.  The Giants are awful and he wants a New York team to be in contention.  All of this means nothing coming into Sunday, where AJ Green will light up the Cromartie and the Jets.

Matt: Bengals – 7 CONFIDENCE POINTSAJ-Green1

The Jets shouldn’t have won that game last week against the Patriots following a phantom call by the refs.  However, I’m not really up in arms about it considering that the Pats should have NEVER allowed the Jets to even be in that game.  The Bengals defense will be too much for Geno and the boys to handle.  I think that Cincinnati should win this one pretty comfortably.

Steelers @ Raiders

Scottie: Steelers 4

Ever since Mike Tomlin pulled recreational activities from the Steeler locker room, they are undefeated.  The Omar Epps doppelgänger has his Steelers squad focused.  Le”veon Bell has helped Big Ben on the offensive side of the ball.  The Raiders have been a mess for the last decade and nothing has changed.

Matt: Steelers – 3 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Steelers are rolling!  I’m sticking with the hot team, and going with Ben and the Steelers in this game.  Terrell Pryor has shown glimpses of being a good quarterback, but until he becomes a little more consistent, I’m reluctant to side with the Raiders.

Redskins @ Broncos

Scottie: Broncos 6

RG3 is slowly coming back into form.  He helped beat the Bears in a shootout last week throwing up 45 points.  The problem is his defense gave up 41.  Peyton Manning will surely enjoy destroying the Swiss Cheese defense that is the Washington Redskins.  Of more concern to Broncos fans, is their own porous defense.  If they can’t get it together the Broncos will not win the AFC.

Matt: Broncos – 11 CONFIDENCE POINTSpeyton_manning_090912_AP876230197664_620x350

The Colts got the better of Peyton Manning and the Broncos on Sunday night.  However, I think that there were a lot of factors playing into that game that weren’t all necessarily football related.  Peyton gets back to business and torches a terrible Washington secondary.

Falcons @ Cardinals

Scottie: Falcons 5

No Roddy White. No Julio Jones. No Steven Jackson.  No problem.  At least last week.  Enter Harry Douglas.  Enter Jacquizz Rodgers.  Matt Ryan will shake off Atlanta’s slow start and get them back on track.  The Cardinals can’t compete with the Falcons.  Carson Palmer is terrible.  Larry Fitzgerald is still not fully healthy.  Michael Floyd is yet to really break out.  Rashard Mendenhall is not getting the job done and the Cardinals are handling Andre Ellington with kid gloves.


Carson Palmer makes me question his place in the NFL more and more every single week.  The dude just makes some of the worst decisions that I have ever seen.  He can’t get the ball to Larry Fitz.  He can’t consistently deliver accurate passes.  He can’t check out of bad plays and into good ones.  What can he do?  Throw interceptions to the other team.  Matt Ryan and the Falcons find some way to will their wounded team to victory.

Packers @ Vikings

Scottie: Packers 11

How bad were the Vikings last week?  If Adrian Peterson is not producing, the Vikings have the worst offense in football.  Josh Freeman is concussed so Saman- I mean Christian Ponder will be under center for Minnesota.  Green Bay continues to play solid football.  No matter their injury troubles, Rodgers will always have this team in a position to win.


The Packers are hot right now, even with all of the injuries that they have amassed.  James Jones might return this week, but even if he doesn’t, I’m not sure the Vikings remember how to play well.

Seahawks @ Rams

Scottie: Seahawks 13

I figured it was time I roll the dice with my 13 point pick and not go against the Jaguars.  This is the next closest thing to a sure bet.  As much as I give Sam Bradford a hard time, I obviously do not wish for him to sustain the injury he did last week.  I hope Bradford has a speedy recovery.  Truth is the Rams need him.  I am only bitter toward him because he was an OU Sooner.  Word is the Rams were calling 44-year-old Bret Favre to come out of retirement.  That is how desperate the Rams are at the moment.  And they face one of the top defenses in the NFL.

Matt: Seahawks – 12 CONFIDENCE POINTS1991-brett-favre-lg

Sam Bradford, my man, is out for the season with a torn ACL.  Many say that  he tore it in the game last week.  I say that Scottie pulled his best Tonya Harding impersonation and took a lead pipe to Bradford’s knee before the game.  The Seahawks should win this one…EASILY!


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2 Responses

  1. Heading into Monday night:

    -Matt: 9-3 69 CONFIDENCE POINTS
    -Scottie: 8-4 65 CONFIDENCE POINTS


  2. Make that:

    Matt: 10-3 81 CONFIDENCE POINTS
    Scottie: 9-4 78 CONFIDENCE POINTS

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