The Red Sox are World Series Bound

USP-MLB_-ALCS-Detroit-Tigers-at-Boston-Red-Sox_007-1024x695Rewind back to March of 2013.  The Red Sox were coming into Spring Training with the likes of Shane Victorino, Mike Napoli, and Jonny Gomes.  The truth is not many Red Sox fans were excited about these moves.  The truth is many Red Sox fans were in hibernation because the Red Sox fan experience was quite abysmal over the past few seasons.  The truth is the attention of the Red Sox faithful was diverted to the Boston Bruins and their Stanley Cup run.  The truth is it was not cool to be a Red Sox fan anymore.

Fast forward to the present day.  Shane Victorino hit a grand slam in Game 6 of the ALCS that will forever live in Red Sox lore, right in the conversation with Carlton Fisk.  The truth is Mike Napoli’s 460 home run off of Justin Verlander was the one swing of the bat giving the Red Sox a 2-1 ALCS lead.  The truth is Jonny Gomes provided the personality needed to loosen up guys like Dustin Pedroia, Jacoby Ellsbury, and David Ortiz, who had been tarnished because of Bobby V.

On Wednesday, the Red Sox will host the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 1 of the World Series.  Who would have thunk it?  Most experts penciled the Red Sox in for 82-86 wins this season.  No one believed the Red Sox would win 97 games.  No one believed the Red Sox would win the AL East.  Come to think of it, did anyone truthfully believe the Red Sox would make the playoffs?

The 2013 Boston Red Sox have taken their fan base on an incredible ride.  They have brought back all the fans the 2011 prima donnas and Bobby V turned away.  This team has been indescribably fun to watch.  They enjoy playing the game.  They enjoy playing with each other.  They are the true definition of a team.

The Red Sox are playing with house money in this World Series.  It is time Red Sox fans enjoy these next seven games (because this series is going 7).  There is the chance this will be the last time we see Jacoby Ellsbury in a Red Sox uniform.  Jarrod Saltalamachhia may not be back in Boston next year.

Appreciate this ride now Sox fans.  This ride has been, is, and will be second only to the 2004 Boston Red Sox.

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