2013 Week 7 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. MattyOShow

Matty picked up two more games on me last week.  I won’t lie the kid is starting to make up for his atrocious start.  He went 12-3 for 105 points giving him season totals of 52-40, 488.  As for myself, I went a pedestrian 10-5 for 89 points.  For the season I am 59-33, 504 points.  A seven game lead is a nice cushion but only being up by 16 points is bothersome.  This week there are a few coin flip games.  Those will be crucial at this point in the season.

Byes: Raiders Saints

Seahawks @ Cardinals

Scottie: Seahawks  12

Can we ban Thursday Night football?  I mean, seriously, the product is awful.  I can’t think of a well played Thursday night game since the NFL introduced this gimmick.  Anyways, I remember a time when I would only pick Seattle to win if they were playing at home.  Now I am picking them to win on the road, with confidence.  Isn’t Carson Palmer almost expected to throw three interceptions?  Larry Fitzgerald is playing with two cranky hamstrings on short rest.  Marshawn Lynch will ground and pound like he does best and Seattle will pick up the Thursday night win.

Matt: Seahawks – 12 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Seahawks defense is a ball-hawking bunch, and Carson Palmer is the quarterback of the Cardinals.  Advantage – Seahawks.

Buccaneers @Falcons

Scottie:  Falcons  5

The Falcons are coming off of their bye.  Yes, they lost Julio Jones for the season.  Yes, Roddy White is dinged up.  The Falcons are 1-4.  The Bucs are much worse.  They have all the talent in the world, on both sides of the ball, and still can’t get a win.  I expect Matty Ice to break out of his slump and get a much needed home win against the lowly Bucs.

Matt: Falcons – 8 CONFIDENCE POINTSjulio-leaving-field

The Bucs actually looked a little better under Mike Glennon last week than I was anticipating.  Vincent Jackson is a huge target, and Glennon should use him non-stop.  Coming off of their bye, the Falcons know that they need to start stringing wins together.  I can’t believe that Steven Jackson is still out.  Either way, Matt Ryan wins this one at home.

Bengals @ Lions

Scottie:  Lions  2

Calvin Johnson is back and presumably healthy.  I think Stafford will break the Bengals streak of not giving up a 300 yard passing game.  Truth is I can’t figure out the Bengals.  When I pick them to win, they look like the Jaguars.  When I pick them to lose, they look like Super Bowl contenders.  I’ll stick with my bandwagon ways and say, “Go Lions!”


I’m going with the Lions here simply because they are at home.  The Bengals have been playing a little better, but a win by 3 points over the Bengals doesn’t necessarily instill confidence in me.  Meanwhile, the Lions put up 31 points on a pretty good Browns defense.  With Megatron back, I’m stick with the Lions.

Bills @ Dolphins

Scottie: Dolphins  14

The Bills were quite surprising last week pushing the Bengals to overtime.  Thad Lewis played well but as is the case with any Buffalo quarterback, he got hurt.  The Dolphins are coming out of their bye week and are at home.  If I’m a Dolphins fan, I hope Tannehill and Mike Wallace used the week to work on their chemistry.  With the Patriots devastated by injuries, the Dolphins have a golden opportunity to take the AFC East title.

Matt: Dolphins – 9 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Hate Tannehill.  He just isn’t good.  But whoever the Bills play at quarterback will probably be worse.

Patriots @ Jets

Scottie: Patriots  6

Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo are out for the season.  Aqib Talib and Danny Amendola were knocked out of the game on Sunday.  Brady is playing with the cast of the Little Giants.  And guess what, the Patriots are still 5-1.  He showed he was, is, and always will be Tom Terrific with an improbable comeback against the Saints.  They beat the Jets 13-10 in Week 2.  Brady took down Rob Ryan last week.  This week he will take down Rex.

Matt: Patriots – 11 CONFIDENCE POINTS102611-NFL-Rob-Gronkowski-BiBi-Jones-Inside1-JW_20111026110607939_0_0_crop_340x234

Mayo and Wilfork are out.  Talib is banged up.  Meanwhile, GRONK IS BACK.  No longer are we going to be hoping for defensive shutdowns like we were seeing earlier this season.  We will now be hoping for offensive explosions like we have seen over the last few years.  I don’t think the Jets have enough on offense to win this game.

Cowboys @ Eagles

Scottie:  Eagles  1

All I know is this game will be a shoot out.  I also know this is Nick Foles’s opportunity to shine.  If he can lead the Eagles to this victory, he will be the new starting quarterback in Philly.  Let’s see what the kid has.  It should be noted the Cowboys will be without a major weapon in DeMarco Murray.  Fortunately for them, the Eagles defense couldn’t stop a fat kid from fasting.  Despite that awful analogy, I am going with the Eagles.


I’m not one on the Nick Foles’ bandwagon.  Scottie goes home and starts making out with his Foles bobblehead.  Meanwhile, I just cringe every week I see Vick out because it hurts my fantasy team.  I love what the Eagles have done this year, but I really think that the ‘Boys are the best team in that division, and they show it this week.

Bears @ Redskins

Scottie: Bears 7

Suddenly, the Bears have one of the more formidable offenses in the NFL.  When Jay Cutler keeps his emotions in check, he is one of the most physically gifted quarterbacks in football.  He has Matt Forte and Brandon Marshall, two of the best at their positions.  Alshon Jeffery and Martellus Bennett are starting to show their potential.  RG3 says he is going to run the football more.  I am interested to see how long that lasts.  One tackle to the knees and he will be back to the unsuccessful pocket passer he has been through the first 6 weeks of the season.

Matt: Redskins – 2 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Jay Cutler has actually been playing well.  Alshon Jeffrey and Brandon Marshall are the 1-2 punch that Smokin’ Jay has always wanted.  Matt Forte has been running like a bald man with his chest hair on fire.  The reason I’m going with the ‘Skins in this game is two-fold: I can’t see the Redskins starting 1-5, and RG III is starting to look better.  The Bears defense is vulnerable, so I expect a steady dose of Alfred Morris leading to a Redskins upset.

Rams @ Panthers

Scottie: Panthers 4

Here is my token I hate Sam Bradford rant.  And before Matty gets all excited about the Rams abusing the Texans last week, I say relax.  The defense carried Bradford there.  Cam Newton is showing signs of returning to his rookie year form.  Bradford is still awful.  Carolina is at home.  Side note: Ask Sam how his Sooners did against my Longhorns in last week’s Red River Shootout.

Matt: Rams – 4 CONFIDENCE POINTSSam-Bradford-Press-Conference-2013

Picking this one out of principle.  Scottie hates Bradford, he made that clear above.  It’s so bad, that he’s resorted to talking OU-UT smack because he knows he can’t knock Bradford’s play from last week.  If you put Tom Brady on the Rams, all we would hear from Scottie is how Brady’s supporting cast is terrible, and how can we expect Brady to perform, blah, blah.  Well, Bradford is down there, and he’s winning games!

Chargers @ Jaguars

Scottie: Chargers 15

Another week of my 15 confidence points going against the Jaguars.  The only nice thing I can say about the Jaguars is Justin Blackmon has been a monster in his return from suspension.  I was impressed with the Chargers defense last Monday night in holding Andrew Luck’s Colts to 9 points.  Phillip Rivers has found a new favorite target in Cal product rookie Keenan Allen. The Chargers will cruise into their bye week.

Matt: Jaguars – 1 CONFIDENCE POINTshorts-4_3

This is probably the only week I’ll go with the Jags.  It’s really tough to go 0-16, yet Jacksonville is making the case that they might be the next team to get there.  As Scottie mentioned, Blackmon is playing like a man.  The Jags are a much better team with Henne at the helm.  I think that the Jags know they have a chance this week, and will lay it all on the line.

49ers @ Titans

Scottie:  49ers  10

I have been awfully hard on the 49ers in recent weeks.  Truth is, I have Colin Kaepernick on every one of my fantasy football teams.  The man is in a Cam Newton-like sophomore slump.  Obviously, I am bitter.  I digress.  Vernon Davis broke out in a big way last week to the tune of 180 yards and two touchdowns.  The defense is coming around.  They head into Tennessee and face Ryan Fitzpatrick and the laziest, most overrated running back in the league.  I like any team over Tennessee at this point.

Matt: 49ers – 15 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Kaepernick sucks.  Not like Tannehill or Weeden, but he kind of sucks.  Scottie is right, we’ve been hard on him, but honestly, he has deserved it.  Anyways, Ryan Fitzpatrick is essentially ruining Tennessee’s season right before our eyes.  Chris Johnson just can’t get anything going.  Kenny Britt should be on his way to New England.  The 49ers take this one.

Browns @ Packers

Scottie: Packers  13

Aaron Rodgers’s receiving corps took a significant hit last week losing Randall Cobb and James Jones.  It will be time for Jordy Nelson, Eddie Lacy, and Jarret Boykin to step up now.  As for Cleveland, it appears the secret is out on Jordan Cameron.  He was held to just 66 yards last week, most of which happened in garbage time.  Brandon Weeden will not win in Lambeau Field.

Matt: Packers – 14 CONFIDENCE POINTSd_driver_081226_TOP

In Lambeau, Weeden shits himself.

Texans @ Chiefs

Scottie:  Chiefs  9

It is really a said state of affairs when a team’s quarterback is injured, and the hometown team cheers because he is injured.  That is the case in Houston.  Then the backup quarterback the fan base is clamoring for promptly throws a pick 6 from their own red zone.  The Texans offense is in shambles right now.  The last thing they want is to travel to the home of the NFL’s best defense.


I really want to go with the Texans here, but their offense can’t do anything with Schaub out.  Must make all of those Houston fans realize what they had in their quarterback.  The Chiefs continue to be the beneficiaries of a weak schedule and great timing.  Is Kansas City this good?  No shot.  Will they beat a weakened Texans team?  Absolutely.

Ravens @ Steelers

Scottie: Ravens  8

Mike Tomlin took all recreational activities out of the Steelers locker room.  The team responded with its first win of the season beating the Jets.  I don’t see the newly focused Steelers being able to beat the Ravens.  I despise picking Jump Ball Joe but I don’t have much of a choice.   Matty is slowly catching up and I can’t let personal bias (outside of Bradford) cloud my judgment.  I just don’t see Pittsburgh’s offense doing anything to keep up with Baltimore.


Coach Harbaugh, let me give you some advice.  Take Joe Flacco’s hand, and grease them up.  Therefore, ol’ Joe can’t throw.  Then, simply instruct him to hand the ball off to Ray Rice, over, and over, and over again.  If you do that, you will win.

Broncos @ Colts

Scottie: Broncos 11

There really is a part of me that wants to pick the Colts in Peyton’s return to Indianapolis.  But then I remember Jim Irsay is the Colts owner and he is a raging jackass.  He is one of those owners who loves to hear himself speak.  As if Peyton needed any bulletin board material in his return to the franchise he rebuilt, Irsay goes and calls him out for choking in big spots.  If the Colts D couldn’t stop Phillip Rivers and his list of no name receivers last week, there is a strong possibility a pissed off Peyton Manning throws up 70 points at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Matt: Broncos – 10 CONFIDENCE POINTSJim-Irsay1

I really want to go with the Colts here, but I can’t be too risky when I want to make moves to catch up to Scottie.  Jim Irsay gave Peyton all of the fire that he needed.  I think T-Rich goes off in this one, but don’t think the Colts’ defense will be enough to slow down the Broncos.

Vikings @ Giants

Scottie: Giants 3

I mean, don’t the Giants have to win eventually?  The Vikings are starting Josh Freeman.  They are in disarray.  The Giants are at home.  If they aren’t going to get off the schnide now, are they going to at all this season?  The sad part is the Giants are still in playoff contention in that awful awful awful division.


Josh Freeman is supposedly going to save Minnesota?  The dude completed less than 50% of his passes in Tampa Bay.  I don’t get the trade, but whatever makes AP happy I guess.  The Giants have to win eventually, I think…


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