2013 Week 5 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. MattyOShow

Another week in the books.  Another week where I thrash Matty.  I went 10-5 with 83 points improving my record to 42-21 tyson-mcneeley-stwith 360 points.  Matt went 8-7 for 65 points last week.  He is still below .500 overall at 31-32 for 316 points.  I have graciously offered Matt the opportunity to pull a Peter McNeeley and throw in the towel.  Matt declined that offer.  Word is he is a big Miley Cyrus fan and blasts “The Climb” around the city of Boston.  That is what Matt is now facing an uphill climb steeper than College Hill in Providence.  He is 11 back of me and the I will only expand that lead this week.

Scottie, how do you even know that “The Climb” is a Miley Cyrus song? Weird…anyways, I need to get back on track. Let’s do it…

Byes: Vikings, Steelers, Buccaneers, Redskins

Bills @ Browns

Scottie: Browns 9 Confidence Points

The Browns have shocked the world these past two weeks after trading franchise running back Trent Richardson to the Colts.  Brian Hoyer has enjoyed throwing to Jordan Cameron and Josh Gordon leading the Browns to two improbable victories.  I don’t expect this streak to last much longer but I do expect them to handle the Bills.  The Browns have one of the best defenses in the league.  The Bills offense has been largely non-existent outside of Robert Woods and Fred Jackson. CJ Spiller has been a major disappointment because Doug Marrone does not know how to get him into the open field.  The Browns defense will contain the Bills.  The Bills do not have an answer for Cameron.  Browns win in sloppy fashion in sloppy conditions.

I’m losing confidence in the Bills (not that I had much in the first place) very quickly. Most fantasy football players thought that CJ Spiller was going to have a huge season and it hasn’t happened.EJ Manuel hasn’t necessarily performed as well as many had anticipated. Meanwhile, Brian Hoyer looks like the next coming of Sam Bradford! Browns take this one based on defensive takeaways

Saints @ Bears

Scottie: Saints 7 Confidence Points

Week 5 of the Sean Payton Revenge Tour will take place in Chicago.  There is no stopping Jimmy Graham.  The man is too big and too athletic for cornerbacks or linebackers to handle.  Brees will continue to throw the ball all over the field.  My only concern about the Saints is their lack of a running game.  But in today’s NFL, the running game is obsolete.  I expect a high scoring affair with Saints winning by a touchdown.

Mattyoshow: Bears – 1 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I’m going with the Bears in this game for 2 reasons.  First, in the Saints’ only road game this season they managed to beat the Bucs 16-14.  They are notoriously much better at home than on the road.  Second, after a bad loss last week at Detroit, the Bears need a win to get back on track, and to keep up in the NFC North.  Jay Cutler goes off against the Saints D en route to a Bears win.

Patriots @ Bengals

Scottie: Patriots 4 Confidence Points

I was impressed with the Patriots last week. The young receiving corps is slowly getting better.  They have the running backs taking the air out of the ball chewing up clock and keeping the other team off of the field.  The defense has been impressive through four weeks.  Aqib Talib was able to shut down Julio Jones last week.  This week’s test is AJ Green.  The Bengals are still figuring themselves out and are an inconsistent team.  I’ll roll the dice and say Pats squeak one out in Cincy.

Mattyoshow: Patriots – 11 CONFIDENCE POINTS

A full strength Bengals team vs. a full strength Patriots team = Bengals victory.  A depleted Bengals secondary vs. Tom Brady and an evolving bunch of young receivers = Patriots victory.  The Pats released Zac Sudfeld today, which leads me to believe that Gronk will be back in action this week.  I truly believe that the Wilfork injury essentially takes the Pats out of Super Bowl contention, but then again I’m an asshole…

Lions @ Packers

Scottie: Packers 3 Confidence Points

I hate picking against my Lions here.  The problem is Green Bay is coming off a bye and I usually like teams coming out of a Screen-shot-2011-10-27-at-5.01.24-AMbye because they have two weeks to game plan.  Eddie Lacy will be back for the Pack this week.  I expect this to be a shoot out. The Lions do not have a true third option after Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush.  Nate Burleson is busy protecting his pizza from sliding off his passenger seat and Ryan Broyles has just been a tease.  The Packers are at Lambeau and coming off the bye.  Give me the Pack.

Mattyoshow: Packers – 4 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Lions are 3-1.  The Packers are 1-2.  This weekend, the Pack starts to bring some normalcy back to the world, because those two records are far from normal.

Chiefs @ Titans

Scottie: Chiefs  8 Confidence Points

I love the way the Chiefs are playing through the first month of the season.  After 4 weeks, they have the best defense in football.  Alex Smith seldom turns the ball over.  Jamal Charles is finally being utilized correctly.  Suddenly Kansas City looks like playoff contenders.  The Titans have lost Jake Locker for 4-6 weeks.  I do not believe in Ryan Fitzpatrick especially against the Chiefs defense.  I also wish Chris Johnson cared more about his fantasy stats because he is killing me this year.  His 15 carry 21 yard performance last week was abysmal from a fantasy perspective and a real life football perspective.  Get it together CJ(no)K!

Mattyoshow: Chiefs – 10 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Unlike Scottie, I hate this Chiefs team.  I don’t think that they are that good.  I don’t believe in Alex Smith.  Jamaal Charles is a devastating injury away from retirement.  I love what the Locksmith was doing for my man CV and the Titans in Tennessee.  Loved Locker coming out of college, and while he’s very far from being elite, the dude is holding his own this year.  Sadly, with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center, I can’t go with the Titans.

Seahawks @ Colts

Scottie: Colts 2 Confidence Points

Reggie Wayne has found the fountain of youth and thy name be Andrew Luck.  All along I have said Luck has the chance to go down as the greatest to ever play the game. Reggie Wayne would agree with me, no doubt.  Wayne has 22 catches for 300 yards and 2 touchdowns this season.  He was not putting up those numbers with Dan Orlovsky! The Seahawk defense will provide a stern test for Luck.  Fortunately for him, he is at home and not in Seattle.

Mattyoshow: Seahawks – 5 CONFIDENCE POINTS

It is well documented how much I hate the Seahawks.  Richard Sherman might be the most overrated player in the NFL.  The dude runs his mouth all day, and then gets touted as one of the best corners in the league because he just yaps constantly.  I’m not buying the Seahawks!  However, the Colts haven’t done enough to make me believe.  They look like a lost version of last year’s team.  Trent Richardson still hasn’t caught on.  Reggie Wayne has been good in bursts.  Andrew Luck has been running for his life.  I  have to go with the hot team here.

Jaguars @ RamsTebowJagspromoBIG

Scottie: Rams 14 Confidence Points

Gasp! I am giving my highest vote of confidence to my nemesis?  Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  My complete confidence in a Rams win on Sunday is not about the Rams.  It is indictment on how horrific the Jaguars are.  I am considering sending my resume to Jacksonville for the general manager gig.  It is appalling they can’t get some form of compensation for Maurice Jones Drew.  It is also baffling they would rather lose with Blaine Gabbert and an empty stadium than Tim Tebow and a full stadium.  Losing is losing.  You can do it with anyone.  Mind as well lose, and at least save face by making some kind of profit.  PS Bradford still sucks and the Rams running game is in flux.

Mattyoshow: Rams – 12 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Welcome to the Rams bandwagon Scottie!  We all know that every time the Rams play you get a little Tavon Austin in your pants.  You love Bradford, just admit it.  Jags suck, Scottie sucks, MJD sucks, Scottie sucks, and…go Tebow!

Ravens @ Dolphins

Scottie: Dolphins 5 Confidence Points

Tannehill and the Dolphins fell flat on their face in the national spotlight last Monday.  That has not shaken my belief that the Dolphins will contend for the AFC East title.  There will be growing pains for the young team and Monday was just a bump in the road.  The Dolphins need to realize Daniel Thomas is simply not good.  Lamar Miller needs to be the full time back.   $120.6 million dollar man Joe Flacco couldn’t beat the Bills last week.  I am suppose to have faith he can lead his team to a win over the Dolphins?  Until Ray Rice becomes the focal point of the offense in Baltimore, they will continue to lose.

Mattyoshow: Ravens – 9 CONFIDENCE POINTS

All I needed to hear was Jim Harbaugh say that the Ravens were going to recommit to making Ray Rice the focal point of their offense.  Once I read that, I knew that the Ravens were going to be just fine.  Oh, and the Dolphins still have Tannehill.  He just sucks!

Eagles @ Giants

Scottie: Giants 6 Confidence Points

I am resisting temptation here.  I love Eagles.  They are athletic and fun to watch. Vick, Jackson, and McCoy are an excellent trio of skill players.  However, the defense stinks and as much as I love the offense, they are prone to turnovers.  The Giants can’t possible go 0-5 to start the season can they?  I expect the Giants to right the ship this week and eventually contend for the NFC East title.  It is entirely possible the NFC East winner will be 7-9.

Mattyoshow: Eagles – 3 CONFIDENCE POINTS

It is awesome watching the Giants shit their pants.  Honestly, I think that the Giants win this game.  However, I’m going with the Eagles because I think it would be absolutely hilarious is the Giants go 0-5, and I need every excuse in the books to root against the G-Men.  Mike Vick and LeSean McCoy go off, Eli gets eaten, and Chip Kelly gets win #2.

Panthers @ Cardinals

Scottie: Panthers 10 Confidence Points

Rolling the dice here and going with Cam in a big way this week.  2 weeks ago I blasted the Ron Rivera and the Panthers.  This week, I believe Cam Newton has revitalized Ted Ginn’s career and the Panthers have a potent offense.  Truth is until the Cardinals bench Carson Palmer, I can’t confidently say they will win a game.  Palmer will drive his team down the field, and then make an awful throw that erases all the good he had done. I may have given the panthers too many points, but let’s be honest, I am destroying Matty so I can take these risks.  I need to have fun somehow.

Mattyoshow: Cardinals – 2 CONFIDENCE POINTS

We have all come to know that Cam Newton might be the most inconsistent player in the NFL.  Cam lit it up a couple of weeks ago, and made me realize why I picked him in the 3rd round of my fantasy draft.  However, this week, Cam is cemented on my bench.  Until Newton starts playing well on a more consistent basis, I certainly can’t see him winning on the road.

Broncos @ Cowboys

Scottie: Broncos 12 Confidence Points

The Broncos offense has been unreal.  There are just too many weapons for any defense to stop.  Manning has four All Pro caliber options on every play.  On top of that Knowshon Moreno has been effective in running the ball.  The Broncos will continue to throw up 40 points a game.  in the long run, I hope they meet the same fate as the 2007 Patriots.

Mattyoshow: Broncos 13 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Broncos are the hottest team in the NFL.  The Cowboys are their usual sucky selves.  This one is a no brainer in my opinion.

Texans @ 49ersamy-winehouse-rehab

Scottie: Texans 1 Confidence Point

I keep going back and forth on this one.  At the end of the day, I believe the 49ers are still a mess with the Amy Winehouse, I mean Aldon Smith distraction going on.  Kaepernick has limited options to throw too.  Arian Foster is slowly returning to form and Ben Tate has been stellar as well.  I am not confident in Matt Schaub but the 49ers defense is not what it once was.  My gut is saying Texans.

Mattyoshow: 49ers – 8 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Scottie hates Sam Bradford but then shows his love for Matt Schaub?  This asshole doesn’t make any sense.  Now he’s got pictures of Amy Winehouse on the blog?  Scottie, are you alright over there man?  You want me to call someone that you can talk to?  Anyways, Kaepernick will get it going this week against a Texans defense that blew a huge lead against the Seahawks.

Chargers @ Raiders

Scottie: Chargers 11 Confidence Points

Will anyone watch this game? This is a concrete example of the “if a tree fell in the woods…” saying.  The Chargers have been a surprise team this season.  The Raiders are the Raiders.  I couldn’t care less about this game.

Mattyoshow: Chargers – 7 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Gotta agree with Scottie here, this is a shitty game.  I mean it’s not Oakland vs. Jacksonville, but it’s close.  The only reason I’m even considering paying attention to this one is to see if Rashad Jennings was a good waiver pickup for my fantasy team.

Jets @ Falcons

Scottie: Falcons 13 Confidence Points

The Falcons need a lay up to get themselves back on track. (Reminds me of Matt)  Enter the Jets.

Mattyoshow: Falcons – 14 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I’m not ready to say that I’m overly confident in the Falcons.  I am ready to say that the Jets suck something awful.  Geno Smith is bad.  The Jets offense is about as good as Scottie from the 3-point line (complete dogshit).  Their defense is decent, but it will struggle to slow down Matty Ice and the stumbling Falcons.

I can be followed on Twitter @ScottieNTCF.  Who cares about Matt?

Scottie uses twitter.  I have a life…


3 Responses

  1. After 1-

    Scott- 6-3 43 points
    Matt-6-3 44 points


    After the 8pm Sunday night game:

    Scottie: 7-5 – 55 CONFIDENCE POINTS
    Mattyoshow: 9-3 – 67 CONFIDENCE POINTS

    Let’s go…

  3. Heading into Monday night:

    Scottie: 7-6 – 55 CONFIDENCE POINTS
    Mattyoshow: 9-4 – 67 CONFIDENCE POINTS

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