New Lovable Team; Same Tired Ownership

Reader Beware:  The following post will be nothing more than an angry rant.

I have supported this team as far back as I can remember.  The 1999 divisional series against the Indians is one of my favorite memories of all time.  Troy O’Leary making Cleveland pay for intentionally walking Nomar was beautiful poetic justice.  Pedro Martinez coming out of the bullpen to shut down the Indians for 6 innings? Hearing Jacobs Field go mute as he came in from the bullpen? All priceless.  Did you know there were three guys warming up in the bullpen of Game 5 that year, in that game?  I did.  Can you name them?  I can.  Saberhagen got the start, got lit up.  Lowe did not have it that night as he relieved Sabes.  In the bullpen? Pedro Martinez.  His brother Ramon Martinez.  And the late Rod Beck.  Jimy Williams went with Pedro.  The rest is history.

I cried my eyes out in 2003 when Aaron Boone deposited a Tim Wakefield knuckleball into the left field stands of Yankee Stadium in Game 7.  I locked myself inside my college dorm room and cried into my pillow repeatedly saying “it’s just not fair!” And “I hate you Grady Little!”

2004 was more of a happy ending.  Everyone knows the Red Sox story.  My story?  Game 3 against the Yankees, I sat in an overstuffed chair in my buddy’s apartment cursing under my breath and drinking way too much.  The Red Sox lost 19-8.  Tim Wakefield took one for the team getting shelled like no other.  With each rocket the Yankees hit, the faster my beer was being consumed.  Waking up the next morning I swore off alcohol forever.  I stayed sober the rest of the playoffs.  It’s no coincidence the Red Sox did not lose the rest of that year en route to their first World Series Title since 1918.

The Red Sox did it again in 2007.  All of Boston got fat and happy.  They didn’t care as much about the Red Sox anymore.  Winning the World Series was routine,  I never held this belief.  I believe each World Series is special.  Ask my grandfather who was born in 1921 and did not see a championship until 2004.  The World Series is pretty damn special.

In order to get to the World Series, a team has to make the playoffs.  The Red Sox have not made the playoffs since 2009.  In 2011, they were suppose to be the best team of all time.  In classic Red Sox fashion, they had the worst September collapse of all time winning just 7 games.  The only manager to “break the curse,:” Terry Francona was fired because the overpaid prima donnas (see: Beckett, Josh, Gonzalez, Adrian, and Crawford, Carl) laid down like dogs.

Ownership (aka the devil, aka satan, aka Larry Lucchino) decide Bobby Valentine could right the Red Sox ship.  What happened in 2012? Oh, the Sox win 69 games.  At least the genius of Bobby V led the Red Sox to a nice draft pick in Trey Ball.  Ben Cherrington was finally allowed to do his job after ownership saw the mess they have made.  He promptly traded the three most disgusting, overrated babies in Boston sports history shedding over $200 in salary for a few mid-major prospects.

That trade leads us to the present.  Cherrington went out and signed Shane Victorino, Ryan Dempster, Jonny Gomes, Mike Carp, Mike Napoli, and Koji Uehara.  Many people criticized Cherrington saying he was only trying to bring in “good guys.”  These guys proved they can also play baseball.  Now the Red Sox finished the regular season tied with the Cardinals for the best record in baseball.  Who watched, checked in on, or knew the score of every game throughout the 2013 season?  This guy.

And this leads me to the overall point of this post.  I looked up tickets for Saturday’s Game 2 of the Divisional Series at Fenway Park.  The cheapest ticket I could find was $89.  That was for standing room only.  I was going to pay $89 to STAND!  My reaction?  Well, my mother reads this blog so I will tone down my language.  I referred to the droppings of a bull.  Once I got over that price, I received an email from the Boston Red Sox informing me I could “register for the opportunity to buy” tickets for the ALCS.  Like a fool, I registered in hopes I would be picked to spend over $125 for a single ticket.  Today, I received an email.  “Sorry you have not been picked for the chance to buy tickets to the ALCS.  But you will be entered for the chance to buy tickets to the World Series!”

I hate you John Henry.  I hate you Tom Werner.  I hate you most of all Larry Luchhino.  You want to send out a registration form for just the “chance” to buy tickets to the ALCS?  Attach a quiz to the form.  Find out who your real fans are.  Invite them to these games.  I have gone to 3 games this year, I would be at more if my budget allowed it.  I was apart of your famous sell out streak (which was the biggest joke in sports) that got you guys a stupid footnote in the Guinness Book of World Records.  Now you exclude me from the opportunity to buy tickets at face value, to a game I want to be at?

Some things never change.  Ownership and their way of doing whatever they can to spin a buck versus treating a true fan is disturbing.  It’s no coincidence once Cherrington was allowed to do his job, Boston started winning again.  It’s also no secret, when ownership tried to take over the baseball operation, it resulted in a high draft pick.

this was a rant brought to you by Scott Patterson.  There are no pictures that can spice this post up.  Sorry for visual boredom.  

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