2013 Week 9 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. MattyOshow

Last week’s results:


Overall on the season, Scottie is 76-44 with 653 Confidence Points.  Meanwhile, I’m making slow progress.  My record is 70-50 with 642 Confidence Points.  Not much to say other than Scottie better step it up or I’m stealing the title for the 3rd straight year…

Byes: Cardinals, Broncos, Lions, Jaguars, Giants, 49ers

Bengals @ Dolphins

Scottie: Bengals  6

The wheels are coming off the bus in Miami.  They blew a 2 score lead last weekend in New England.  They have an offensive lineman who is AWOL because he was the victim of a prank.  The team is not buying into the gameplanning.  A once promising season is turning into a disaster.  The Bengals obliterated the Jets last week, throwing up 49 points.  Marvin Jones is turning into a nice compliment to AJ Green.  With the Dolphins in disarray having lost 4 in a row and the Bengals firing on all cylinders, this is a no-brainer.

MattyOshow: Bengals – 4 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Last week against the Pats, Ryan Tannehill was exposed for the terrible quarterback that he is.  Mike Wallace looks to be the most overpaid receiver in the league.  The Dolphins were able to move the ball on the ground against the Pats, but they were forced into passing situations because the Patriots finally put up some points.  The Bengals are on fire, and Tannehill sucks.

Falcons @ Panthers

Scottie: Panthers  7

The Falcons have gone from Super Bowl contenders to looking at a top 10 pick in the draft in just under a months time.  They have not been able to overcome injuries to Julio Jones, Roddy White, and Steven Jackson. Meanwhile the Panthers have won three in a row and Cam Newton is playing like Superman.  The offense has put up over 30 points in the three straight wins.  Suddenly the Panthers are contending for a playoff spot.

MattyOshow: Panthers – 3 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Cam Newton and the Panthers are finally playing like the team that we all expected.  The Panthers are above .500 for the 1st time since 2008.  That is ridiculous!  The Falcons, on the other hand, just somehow lost to the Cardinals, and were expected to be big sellers at the trade deadline yesterday.  They didn’t make any moves, but I think they are playing their way well out of contention.

Vikings @ Cowboys

Scottie: Cowboys 11

The Cowboys let me down last week.  They were unable to even slow down Calvin Johnson let alone stop him.  Fortunately for Big D, the Vikings don’t have anyone that can blow up their secondary.  The Vikings don’t have anyone that can throw the ball into their secondary, more like throwing “to” their secondary.  The Cowboys are getting DeMarco Murray back this week and they will roll over the Vikings.

MattyOshow: Cowboys – 7 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Is it Ponder?  Is it Freeman?  Does it matter?  Absolutely not.  The Vikings are a mess (although they scored more points than I anticipated against the Packers).  The Cowboys are atop the NFC East, and really should win the division.  In Dallas, I don’t see much hope for the Vikings in this one.

Saints @ Jets

Scottie: Saints  10

If the Jets defense is giving up 49 points to the Bengals, what is going to happen when they face Drew Brees and the Saints?  I don’t see the Jets stopping the Saints passing attack.  Geno Smith was pulled in favor of Matt Simms last week after turning the ball over twice.  Rob beats Rex on Sunday.

MattyOshow: Saints – 11 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Saints are notoriously a much better team at home than they are on the road.  However, like gets a little easier when you get to play Geno Smith and the Jets.  I knew that the Bengals were going to win last week, but I didn’t see a 49-9 beat down coming.  I’m actually kind of interested to see Rex against Rob, I think that is the most riveting matchup in this one.

Titans @ Rams

Scottie: Titans 9

Mike Munchak is planning on giving the ball to Shonn Greene 15 times on Sunday.  I don’t believe this will actually happen and that this is more of a ploy to motivate Chris Johnson.  The Titans are coming off a bye while St. Louis is still licking its wounds after realizing Kelen Clemens is their quarterback for the rest of the season.  The Titans are a better team than most give them credit for.  They will easily handle the Rams.

MattyOshow: Titans – 6 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Rams and Kellen Clemons put up one hell of a fight against the Seahawks on Monday night, but I just don’t see that effort as being sustainable.  Jake Locker is back, and I think that means the Titans are getting back to their winning ways (I NEVER thought I would say that!).  Rule #1 for Tennessee, don’t let Locker get hit.

Chiefs @ Bills

Scottie: Chiefs 12

Another week and another win for the Chiefs.  The Bills are looking at starting Jeff Teul or Thad Lewis.  I actually have something in common with those guys.  I wasn’t drafted either! The Chiefs shall roll yet again.

MattyOshow: Chiefs – 10 CONFIDENCE POINTS

And the reign of bullshit games continues for the Kansas City Chiefs.  They head into Buffalo, where Thad Lewis has bruised ribs, EJ Manuel has been ruled out, and it’s looking like CJ Spiller won’t play.  You’re welcome KC, here’s another powder puff game for you.  Seriously, they must have the easiest schedule in the history for the NFL.

Chargers @ Redskins

Scottie: Redskins 2

I am going with the Redskins here because Matty has the Chargers.  I want to say RG3 will recover from his dreadful perfomance against the Broncos last week.  I want to say the Redskins will be able to contain Phillip Rivers.  I want to say Alfred Morris will finally get it going.  I want to say Jordan Reed is the next Julius Thomas/Jordan Cameron.  Maybe they will surprise me.

MattyOshow: Chargers – 2 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I’m sticking with the hot team in this one.  The Chargers had a bye last week, which gave them 2 weeks to prepare for the Redskins.  The only think going for Washington right now is Alfred Morris, and fittingly San Diego has one of the best run defenses in the NFL.  Until RG3 proves to me that he is healthy, I can’t roll with the ‘Skins.

Eagles @ Raiders

Scottie: Eagles 1

I just can’t quit the Eagles.  I am going with them again fully expecting to be wrong.  I hate myself for it.  I just can’t fathom how a team with so much talent can be so bad.  Terrelle Pryor has turned into a mini savior for the Raiders and is probably the only reason to watch them.  It will be interesting to see how the Raiders do over the next two seasons.

MattyOshow: Raiders – 1 CONFIDENCE POINT

The Eagles are forced into starting Nick Foles again, while the Raiders are coming off a tough win over the Steelers and seem to have stumbled on one of the most dynamic quarterbacks in the NFL a couple of seasons ago in the supplemental draft.  The Eagles are a different team with Mike Vick, but until he’s healthy I don’t have a lot of faith in Philly.

Buccaneers @ Seahawks

Scottie: Seahawks 13

I’ve been saying it for years.  Seattle doesn’t lose at home.  The Bucs have a less than zero chance of winning this one.  In fact the Bucs are better off trying to get that number 1 pick over Jacksonville at this point.  Doug Martin should join Mike Williams and take the rest of the season off.

MattyOshow: Seahawks – 13 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Scottie is right, the ‘Hawks don’t lose at home.

Ravens @ Browns

Scottie: Ravens 8

Who would have thought Brian Hoyer was the answer in Cleveland?  If Hoyer was still under center, I’d be tempted to pick the Browns here.  I can’t say the same for Jason Campbell.  I hate picking the Ravens but I just have to.

MattyOshow: Ravens – 5 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I feel for the Browns.  You see the effort.  Their defense is studly.  They might even be a better team without Trent Richardson.  Sadly, they have absolutely nobody that can play quarterback on that team, and it kills them every week.

Steelers @ Patriots

Scottie: Patriots 3

Hometown team.  I am not going to go against them.  The Patriots were resilient in their comeback win over Miami.  Tom Brady was not at his best, the defense is all banged up, and they still were able to win.  The Patriots will get Talib back this Sunday.  I don’t see Pittsburgh moving the ball effectively with Talib on the field.

MattyOshow: Patriots – 8 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The offense has to click eventually right?  I mean, Brady can’t be this bad forever, can he?  Is anyone listening?  Anyways, this isn’t the same Steelers team that we have seen in years past.  Big Ben doesn’t have much help on offense.  They cough up the ball way too many times.  Their defense looks like an old, slow unit.  I gotta stick with the Pats here.

Colts @ Texans

Scottie: Colts 4

I will be interested to see what the Colts look like without Reggie Wayne.  Who will become Andrew Luck’s primary receiver? TY Hilton or Darius Heyward-Bey?  No matter the answer, the Colts are still good enough to bear the Texans in Houston.  The Texans offense is non-existent without Arian Foster and/or Ben Tate.

MattyOshow: Colts – 9 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Texans are banged up big-time, while the Colts are well rested after a bye week.  Advantage, Indy.

Bears @ Packers

Scottie: Packers 5

It amazes me how different the Bears are without Jay Cutler.  And normally, I love to bash Cutler.  Jarrett Boykin has filled in nicely for Randall Cobb in the Packer offense.  Eddie Lacy has added some stability to their rushing attack.  In a very important NFC North matchup, I like the Packers.

MattyOshow: Packers – 12 CONFIDENCE POINTS

No Cutler = no chance for the Bears.

2013 Week 8 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. MattyOShow

After 7 weeks, it pains me to say that Scottie still has the lead.  However, my spirit is not broken.  Every week, I make progress.  Scottie and I both had identical records last week, at 8-7.  However, I slightly outdid Scottie on the confidence points, grabbing 73, while he only managed 71.  Both of us took big hits with losses by the Pats and Dolphins, but that’s the nature of the beast.  On the season, Scottie is 67-40 with 575 confidence points.  Meanwhile, I have gained no ground in the record column (60-47), but some with confidence points (561).  On a side note, how the hell does the NFL figure out these damn byes?  Last week 2 teams got a bye.  This week 6 teams have byes?  This is ridiculous!amendola1013.r

I admit I am not all that focused on football at the present time.  But I just need to maintain my lead over Matty and I will be happy.  Looking at the week ahead I can’t imagine Matty and I would differ on many of these picks.  On a ranting note: Why isn’t there more outrage about performance enhancing drugs in the NFL as opposed to Major League Baseball.  Baseball fans get all bent out of shape about steroids because they skew records and tarnish sacred records.  In football, they make the athlete bigger, faster, and stronger resulting in more season ending injuries.  The NFL needs to address the health of its money makers or the product will suffer substantially.

Byes: Bears, Titans, Colts, Chargers, Ravens, Texans

Panthers @ Buccaneers

Scottie: Panthers 7

Cam Newton has been playing really well as of late.  Steve Smith wants to bust Janoris Jenkins in the mouth.  I love a team that plays with attitude.  Didn’t I hate Ron Rivera’s Panthers a month ago?  Tampa is in trouble.  Doug Martin and Mike Williams are hurt. Mike Glennon is zoned in on Vincent Jackson making the Bucs insanely one-dimensional.  Carolina cruises to a Thursday night win.

Matt: Panthers – 4 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Mike Glennon and Vincent Jackson must get it on late at night or something.  Everytime RedZone switched over to the Bucs game, balls were flying at Vincent Jackson (HAHA!).  The Falcons finally showed what their offense looked like when they were operating decently, while the Bucs are becoming more of a disaster on a weekly basis.  In addition, Dougie fresh is out with a torn labrum, which puts Cam and the Panthers as a huge favorite in my eyes.

Cowboys @ Lions

Scottie: Cowboys 3

Dez Bryant wants to be mentioned in the same sentence as Calvin Johnson when it comes to the best receivers in the NFL.  I think Dez will make a statement in this game and go off for 200 yards and 2 touchdowns.   Detroit’s defense is shaky.  I have more faith Dallas can get a stop when they need it rather than Detroit getting an important stop.

Matt: Lions – 1 CONFIDENCE POINTdm_131023_ff_calvindez

I thought that the Lions were going to show the world last week that they were for real by taking out the Bengals and making a statement.  Contrarily, Detroit showed that they couldn’t protect Matthew Stafford and that their secondary couldn’t stop AJ Green.  Well, into town comes Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys.  However, the Cowboys defense is nothing like that fierce Bengals team, so I see a close win going in the opposite direction for Detroit this week.

Browns @ Chiefs

Scottie: Chiefs 10

Holy shmoley the Chiefs are the cream of the crop in the AFC!  There is nothing sexy about the Chiefs.  They play defense.  They protect the ball.  They keep it simple.  Now Jason Campbell and the Cleveland Browns come to town.  No way Campbell gets anything going in Kansas City.


AGAIN WITH THIS POWDERPUFF SCHEDULE!  The Chiefs aren’t good.  They might be the worst 7-0 team in the history of the NFL.  Whomever made the Chiefs schedule this season must have been getting a free supply of hoagies courtesy of Andy Reid, because it is the easiest schedule…ever!  They beat a battered Houston Texans by 1 point this past weekend, and not get to face a Browns team that will (supposedly) by led by a guy that hasn’t played in a long time (Jason Campbell).

Dolphins @ Patriots

Scottie: Patriots 2

I see Matt is awfully confident the Patriots will win this one.  I don’t think this will be an easy game at all.  Other than the miraculous win against the Saints, Tom Brady has not been Tom Brady this year.  Many will want to blame the rookie receivers for the Patriots offensive struggles.  My eyes tell me a different story.  Brady is missing his receivers time and time again.  He is throwing at the feet of his receivers, throwing it over their heads, putting it anywhere but where his guys can make a play.  I am picking the Patriots because they are my team but this one has me nervous.

Matt: Patriots – 8 CONFIDENCE POINTSNew York Jets v New England Patriots

Tannehill sucks.  Belichick doesn’t lose 2 in a row.  Game…over…

Bills @ Saints

Scottie: Saints 9

I bash the Bills each and every week.  Each and every week, I find myself seeing the Bills score at the bottom of the screen and seeing they are keeping it close.  I have to give the Bills credit.  They have not been an easy game for anyone this season.  The problem is New Orleans is coming off a bye, playing at home, and have more questions than the Bills have answers.  On a side note, CJ Spiller might have been my personal all-time biggest fantasy football bust.


Buffalo somehow pulled off a miraculous win last week, but then again they were playing against Tannehill, so it shouldn’t really surprise us.  Thad Lewis (or whoever the Bills will throw out these this week) isn’t good enough to win games on his own.  With Fred Jackson dinged up, and CJ Spiller running like he has a huge loaf in his pants, the Bills have a slim chance to score enough points to beat an offense like the Saints’.

Giants @ Eagles

Scottie: Eagles 1

Nick Foles was a disaster last week.  Philly-Dallas was supposed to be a shootout last week, it was anything but.  Mike Vick is the only quarterback fit to run the Chip Kelly offense.  He gets back on the field Sunday, and gets Philly back in the division race.  I want to say Eli and the Giants are going to ride their momentum from their first win of the season last Monday but I know that won’t happen.

Matt: Eagles – 5 CONFIDENCE POINTSNFL: Philadelphia Eagles-OTA

Mike Vick returns at the perfect time!  I take the Giants game on Monday night against the Vikings very lightly.  Josh Freeman sucks (like I said in the post last week).  The Giants only managed 23 points against a defeated Vikings team.  The Eagles will come out firing this week after they put up a dud last week.

49ers @ Jaguars

Scottie: 49ers 12

I just wanted to be nice this week.  I didn’t want to pick on the Jaguars.  The 49ers are rolling.  They will continue to do so against the hapless Jaguars.  Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for the Jacksonville franchise? How are they going to rebuild?  Does MJD have any trade value?  What year will the Jaguars get their next win? 2018?

Matt: 49ers – 13 CONFIDENCE POINTS

As I mentioned last week, I picked the Jaguars because I believe that it is really difficult to go 0-16 in the NFL.  After analyzing their schedule, last week was the only game that I saw them having a chance to win.  Sadly for me and the Jags, they didn’t get it done last week.  I’m back to my original stance: NEVER pick the Jaguars.

Jets @ Bengals

Scottie: Bengals 8

The Jets were beneficiaries of a fluke penalty call last week beating the Patriots in overtime.  Geno Smith has improved each week in his rookie season.  The Patriot fan in me says last week, Goodell made a David Stern like call to the officiating crew to help the Jets get a W.  The Giants are awful and he wants a New York team to be in contention.  All of this means nothing coming into Sunday, where AJ Green will light up the Cromartie and the Jets.

Matt: Bengals – 7 CONFIDENCE POINTSAJ-Green1

The Jets shouldn’t have won that game last week against the Patriots following a phantom call by the refs.  However, I’m not really up in arms about it considering that the Pats should have NEVER allowed the Jets to even be in that game.  The Bengals defense will be too much for Geno and the boys to handle.  I think that Cincinnati should win this one pretty comfortably.

Steelers @ Raiders

Scottie: Steelers 4

Ever since Mike Tomlin pulled recreational activities from the Steeler locker room, they are undefeated.  The Omar Epps doppelgänger has his Steelers squad focused.  Le”veon Bell has helped Big Ben on the offensive side of the ball.  The Raiders have been a mess for the last decade and nothing has changed.

Matt: Steelers – 3 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Steelers are rolling!  I’m sticking with the hot team, and going with Ben and the Steelers in this game.  Terrell Pryor has shown glimpses of being a good quarterback, but until he becomes a little more consistent, I’m reluctant to side with the Raiders.

Redskins @ Broncos

Scottie: Broncos 6

RG3 is slowly coming back into form.  He helped beat the Bears in a shootout last week throwing up 45 points.  The problem is his defense gave up 41.  Peyton Manning will surely enjoy destroying the Swiss Cheese defense that is the Washington Redskins.  Of more concern to Broncos fans, is their own porous defense.  If they can’t get it together the Broncos will not win the AFC.

Matt: Broncos – 11 CONFIDENCE POINTSpeyton_manning_090912_AP876230197664_620x350

The Colts got the better of Peyton Manning and the Broncos on Sunday night.  However, I think that there were a lot of factors playing into that game that weren’t all necessarily football related.  Peyton gets back to business and torches a terrible Washington secondary.

Falcons @ Cardinals

Scottie: Falcons 5

No Roddy White. No Julio Jones. No Steven Jackson.  No problem.  At least last week.  Enter Harry Douglas.  Enter Jacquizz Rodgers.  Matt Ryan will shake off Atlanta’s slow start and get them back on track.  The Cardinals can’t compete with the Falcons.  Carson Palmer is terrible.  Larry Fitzgerald is still not fully healthy.  Michael Floyd is yet to really break out.  Rashard Mendenhall is not getting the job done and the Cardinals are handling Andre Ellington with kid gloves.


Carson Palmer makes me question his place in the NFL more and more every single week.  The dude just makes some of the worst decisions that I have ever seen.  He can’t get the ball to Larry Fitz.  He can’t consistently deliver accurate passes.  He can’t check out of bad plays and into good ones.  What can he do?  Throw interceptions to the other team.  Matt Ryan and the Falcons find some way to will their wounded team to victory.

Packers @ Vikings

Scottie: Packers 11

How bad were the Vikings last week?  If Adrian Peterson is not producing, the Vikings have the worst offense in football.  Josh Freeman is concussed so Saman- I mean Christian Ponder will be under center for Minnesota.  Green Bay continues to play solid football.  No matter their injury troubles, Rodgers will always have this team in a position to win.


The Packers are hot right now, even with all of the injuries that they have amassed.  James Jones might return this week, but even if he doesn’t, I’m not sure the Vikings remember how to play well.

Seahawks @ Rams

Scottie: Seahawks 13

I figured it was time I roll the dice with my 13 point pick and not go against the Jaguars.  This is the next closest thing to a sure bet.  As much as I give Sam Bradford a hard time, I obviously do not wish for him to sustain the injury he did last week.  I hope Bradford has a speedy recovery.  Truth is the Rams need him.  I am only bitter toward him because he was an OU Sooner.  Word is the Rams were calling 44-year-old Bret Favre to come out of retirement.  That is how desperate the Rams are at the moment.  And they face one of the top defenses in the NFL.

Matt: Seahawks – 12 CONFIDENCE POINTS1991-brett-favre-lg

Sam Bradford, my man, is out for the season with a torn ACL.  Many say that  he tore it in the game last week.  I say that Scottie pulled his best Tonya Harding impersonation and took a lead pipe to Bradford’s knee before the game.  The Seahawks should win this one…EASILY!


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The Red Sox are World Series Bound

USP-MLB_-ALCS-Detroit-Tigers-at-Boston-Red-Sox_007-1024x695Rewind back to March of 2013.  The Red Sox were coming into Spring Training with the likes of Shane Victorino, Mike Napoli, and Jonny Gomes.  The truth is not many Red Sox fans were excited about these moves.  The truth is many Red Sox fans were in hibernation because the Red Sox fan experience was quite abysmal over the past few seasons.  The truth is the attention of the Red Sox faithful was diverted to the Boston Bruins and their Stanley Cup run.  The truth is it was not cool to be a Red Sox fan anymore.

Fast forward to the present day.  Shane Victorino hit a grand slam in Game 6 of the ALCS that will forever live in Red Sox lore, right in the conversation with Carlton Fisk.  The truth is Mike Napoli’s 460 home run off of Justin Verlander was the one swing of the bat giving the Red Sox a 2-1 ALCS lead.  The truth is Jonny Gomes provided the personality needed to loosen up guys like Dustin Pedroia, Jacoby Ellsbury, and David Ortiz, who had been tarnished because of Bobby V.

On Wednesday, the Red Sox will host the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 1 of the World Series.  Who would have thunk it?  Most experts penciled the Red Sox in for 82-86 wins this season.  No one believed the Red Sox would win 97 games.  No one believed the Red Sox would win the AL East.  Come to think of it, did anyone truthfully believe the Red Sox would make the playoffs?

The 2013 Boston Red Sox have taken their fan base on an incredible ride.  They have brought back all the fans the 2011 prima donnas and Bobby V turned away.  This team has been indescribably fun to watch.  They enjoy playing the game.  They enjoy playing with each other.  They are the true definition of a team.

The Red Sox are playing with house money in this World Series.  It is time Red Sox fans enjoy these next seven games (because this series is going 7).  There is the chance this will be the last time we see Jacoby Ellsbury in a Red Sox uniform.  Jarrod Saltalamachhia may not be back in Boston next year.

Appreciate this ride now Sox fans.  This ride has been, is, and will be second only to the 2004 Boston Red Sox.

2013 Week 7 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. MattyOShow

Matty picked up two more games on me last week.  I won’t lie the kid is starting to make up for his atrocious start.  He went 12-3 for 105 points giving him season totals of 52-40, 488.  As for myself, I went a pedestrian 10-5 for 89 points.  For the season I am 59-33, 504 points.  A seven game lead is a nice cushion but only being up by 16 points is bothersome.  This week there are a few coin flip games.  Those will be crucial at this point in the season.

Byes: Raiders Saints

Seahawks @ Cardinals

Scottie: Seahawks  12

Can we ban Thursday Night football?  I mean, seriously, the product is awful.  I can’t think of a well played Thursday night game since the NFL introduced this gimmick.  Anyways, I remember a time when I would only pick Seattle to win if they were playing at home.  Now I am picking them to win on the road, with confidence.  Isn’t Carson Palmer almost expected to throw three interceptions?  Larry Fitzgerald is playing with two cranky hamstrings on short rest.  Marshawn Lynch will ground and pound like he does best and Seattle will pick up the Thursday night win.

Matt: Seahawks – 12 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Seahawks defense is a ball-hawking bunch, and Carson Palmer is the quarterback of the Cardinals.  Advantage – Seahawks.

Buccaneers @Falcons

Scottie:  Falcons  5

The Falcons are coming off of their bye.  Yes, they lost Julio Jones for the season.  Yes, Roddy White is dinged up.  The Falcons are 1-4.  The Bucs are much worse.  They have all the talent in the world, on both sides of the ball, and still can’t get a win.  I expect Matty Ice to break out of his slump and get a much needed home win against the lowly Bucs.

Matt: Falcons – 8 CONFIDENCE POINTSjulio-leaving-field

The Bucs actually looked a little better under Mike Glennon last week than I was anticipating.  Vincent Jackson is a huge target, and Glennon should use him non-stop.  Coming off of their bye, the Falcons know that they need to start stringing wins together.  I can’t believe that Steven Jackson is still out.  Either way, Matt Ryan wins this one at home.

Bengals @ Lions

Scottie:  Lions  2

Calvin Johnson is back and presumably healthy.  I think Stafford will break the Bengals streak of not giving up a 300 yard passing game.  Truth is I can’t figure out the Bengals.  When I pick them to win, they look like the Jaguars.  When I pick them to lose, they look like Super Bowl contenders.  I’ll stick with my bandwagon ways and say, “Go Lions!”


I’m going with the Lions here simply because they are at home.  The Bengals have been playing a little better, but a win by 3 points over the Bengals doesn’t necessarily instill confidence in me.  Meanwhile, the Lions put up 31 points on a pretty good Browns defense.  With Megatron back, I’m stick with the Lions.

Bills @ Dolphins

Scottie: Dolphins  14

The Bills were quite surprising last week pushing the Bengals to overtime.  Thad Lewis played well but as is the case with any Buffalo quarterback, he got hurt.  The Dolphins are coming out of their bye week and are at home.  If I’m a Dolphins fan, I hope Tannehill and Mike Wallace used the week to work on their chemistry.  With the Patriots devastated by injuries, the Dolphins have a golden opportunity to take the AFC East title.

Matt: Dolphins – 9 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Hate Tannehill.  He just isn’t good.  But whoever the Bills play at quarterback will probably be worse.

Patriots @ Jets

Scottie: Patriots  6

Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo are out for the season.  Aqib Talib and Danny Amendola were knocked out of the game on Sunday.  Brady is playing with the cast of the Little Giants.  And guess what, the Patriots are still 5-1.  He showed he was, is, and always will be Tom Terrific with an improbable comeback against the Saints.  They beat the Jets 13-10 in Week 2.  Brady took down Rob Ryan last week.  This week he will take down Rex.

Matt: Patriots – 11 CONFIDENCE POINTS102611-NFL-Rob-Gronkowski-BiBi-Jones-Inside1-JW_20111026110607939_0_0_crop_340x234

Mayo and Wilfork are out.  Talib is banged up.  Meanwhile, GRONK IS BACK.  No longer are we going to be hoping for defensive shutdowns like we were seeing earlier this season.  We will now be hoping for offensive explosions like we have seen over the last few years.  I don’t think the Jets have enough on offense to win this game.

Cowboys @ Eagles

Scottie:  Eagles  1

All I know is this game will be a shoot out.  I also know this is Nick Foles’s opportunity to shine.  If he can lead the Eagles to this victory, he will be the new starting quarterback in Philly.  Let’s see what the kid has.  It should be noted the Cowboys will be without a major weapon in DeMarco Murray.  Fortunately for them, the Eagles defense couldn’t stop a fat kid from fasting.  Despite that awful analogy, I am going with the Eagles.


I’m not one on the Nick Foles’ bandwagon.  Scottie goes home and starts making out with his Foles bobblehead.  Meanwhile, I just cringe every week I see Vick out because it hurts my fantasy team.  I love what the Eagles have done this year, but I really think that the ‘Boys are the best team in that division, and they show it this week.

Bears @ Redskins

Scottie: Bears 7

Suddenly, the Bears have one of the more formidable offenses in the NFL.  When Jay Cutler keeps his emotions in check, he is one of the most physically gifted quarterbacks in football.  He has Matt Forte and Brandon Marshall, two of the best at their positions.  Alshon Jeffery and Martellus Bennett are starting to show their potential.  RG3 says he is going to run the football more.  I am interested to see how long that lasts.  One tackle to the knees and he will be back to the unsuccessful pocket passer he has been through the first 6 weeks of the season.

Matt: Redskins – 2 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Jay Cutler has actually been playing well.  Alshon Jeffrey and Brandon Marshall are the 1-2 punch that Smokin’ Jay has always wanted.  Matt Forte has been running like a bald man with his chest hair on fire.  The reason I’m going with the ‘Skins in this game is two-fold: I can’t see the Redskins starting 1-5, and RG III is starting to look better.  The Bears defense is vulnerable, so I expect a steady dose of Alfred Morris leading to a Redskins upset.

Rams @ Panthers

Scottie: Panthers 4

Here is my token I hate Sam Bradford rant.  And before Matty gets all excited about the Rams abusing the Texans last week, I say relax.  The defense carried Bradford there.  Cam Newton is showing signs of returning to his rookie year form.  Bradford is still awful.  Carolina is at home.  Side note: Ask Sam how his Sooners did against my Longhorns in last week’s Red River Shootout.

Matt: Rams – 4 CONFIDENCE POINTSSam-Bradford-Press-Conference-2013

Picking this one out of principle.  Scottie hates Bradford, he made that clear above.  It’s so bad, that he’s resorted to talking OU-UT smack because he knows he can’t knock Bradford’s play from last week.  If you put Tom Brady on the Rams, all we would hear from Scottie is how Brady’s supporting cast is terrible, and how can we expect Brady to perform, blah, blah.  Well, Bradford is down there, and he’s winning games!

Chargers @ Jaguars

Scottie: Chargers 15

Another week of my 15 confidence points going against the Jaguars.  The only nice thing I can say about the Jaguars is Justin Blackmon has been a monster in his return from suspension.  I was impressed with the Chargers defense last Monday night in holding Andrew Luck’s Colts to 9 points.  Phillip Rivers has found a new favorite target in Cal product rookie Keenan Allen. The Chargers will cruise into their bye week.

Matt: Jaguars – 1 CONFIDENCE POINTshorts-4_3

This is probably the only week I’ll go with the Jags.  It’s really tough to go 0-16, yet Jacksonville is making the case that they might be the next team to get there.  As Scottie mentioned, Blackmon is playing like a man.  The Jags are a much better team with Henne at the helm.  I think that the Jags know they have a chance this week, and will lay it all on the line.

49ers @ Titans

Scottie:  49ers  10

I have been awfully hard on the 49ers in recent weeks.  Truth is, I have Colin Kaepernick on every one of my fantasy football teams.  The man is in a Cam Newton-like sophomore slump.  Obviously, I am bitter.  I digress.  Vernon Davis broke out in a big way last week to the tune of 180 yards and two touchdowns.  The defense is coming around.  They head into Tennessee and face Ryan Fitzpatrick and the laziest, most overrated running back in the league.  I like any team over Tennessee at this point.

Matt: 49ers – 15 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Kaepernick sucks.  Not like Tannehill or Weeden, but he kind of sucks.  Scottie is right, we’ve been hard on him, but honestly, he has deserved it.  Anyways, Ryan Fitzpatrick is essentially ruining Tennessee’s season right before our eyes.  Chris Johnson just can’t get anything going.  Kenny Britt should be on his way to New England.  The 49ers take this one.

Browns @ Packers

Scottie: Packers  13

Aaron Rodgers’s receiving corps took a significant hit last week losing Randall Cobb and James Jones.  It will be time for Jordy Nelson, Eddie Lacy, and Jarret Boykin to step up now.  As for Cleveland, it appears the secret is out on Jordan Cameron.  He was held to just 66 yards last week, most of which happened in garbage time.  Brandon Weeden will not win in Lambeau Field.

Matt: Packers – 14 CONFIDENCE POINTSd_driver_081226_TOP

In Lambeau, Weeden shits himself.

Texans @ Chiefs

Scottie:  Chiefs  9

It is really a said state of affairs when a team’s quarterback is injured, and the hometown team cheers because he is injured.  That is the case in Houston.  Then the backup quarterback the fan base is clamoring for promptly throws a pick 6 from their own red zone.  The Texans offense is in shambles right now.  The last thing they want is to travel to the home of the NFL’s best defense.


I really want to go with the Texans here, but their offense can’t do anything with Schaub out.  Must make all of those Houston fans realize what they had in their quarterback.  The Chiefs continue to be the beneficiaries of a weak schedule and great timing.  Is Kansas City this good?  No shot.  Will they beat a weakened Texans team?  Absolutely.

Ravens @ Steelers

Scottie: Ravens  8

Mike Tomlin took all recreational activities out of the Steelers locker room.  The team responded with its first win of the season beating the Jets.  I don’t see the newly focused Steelers being able to beat the Ravens.  I despise picking Jump Ball Joe but I don’t have much of a choice.   Matty is slowly catching up and I can’t let personal bias (outside of Bradford) cloud my judgment.  I just don’t see Pittsburgh’s offense doing anything to keep up with Baltimore.


Coach Harbaugh, let me give you some advice.  Take Joe Flacco’s hand, and grease them up.  Therefore, ol’ Joe can’t throw.  Then, simply instruct him to hand the ball off to Ray Rice, over, and over, and over again.  If you do that, you will win.

Broncos @ Colts

Scottie: Broncos 11

There really is a part of me that wants to pick the Colts in Peyton’s return to Indianapolis.  But then I remember Jim Irsay is the Colts owner and he is a raging jackass.  He is one of those owners who loves to hear himself speak.  As if Peyton needed any bulletin board material in his return to the franchise he rebuilt, Irsay goes and calls him out for choking in big spots.  If the Colts D couldn’t stop Phillip Rivers and his list of no name receivers last week, there is a strong possibility a pissed off Peyton Manning throws up 70 points at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Matt: Broncos – 10 CONFIDENCE POINTSJim-Irsay1

I really want to go with the Colts here, but I can’t be too risky when I want to make moves to catch up to Scottie.  Jim Irsay gave Peyton all of the fire that he needed.  I think T-Rich goes off in this one, but don’t think the Colts’ defense will be enough to slow down the Broncos.

Vikings @ Giants

Scottie: Giants 3

I mean, don’t the Giants have to win eventually?  The Vikings are starting Josh Freeman.  They are in disarray.  The Giants are at home.  If they aren’t going to get off the schnide now, are they going to at all this season?  The sad part is the Giants are still in playoff contention in that awful awful awful division.


Josh Freeman is supposedly going to save Minnesota?  The dude completed less than 50% of his passes in Tampa Bay.  I don’t get the trade, but whatever makes AP happy I guess.  The Giants have to win eventually, I think…


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Scottie’s Radio Debut

I was asked to call in to the Doc and Jock radio show in Detroit to give my thoughts on the Tigers-Red Sox series prior to Game 4.

Here is my interview with Detroit Sports Podcast.  For the record, I do realize I need to work on my vocalized pauses.


Check out their website at http://www.detroitsportspodcast.com

Follow them on Twitter @AdamRStrozynski and @DetroitPodcast

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Dear John, I am Sorry

The 2013 ALCS has been nothing less than an instant classic through the first three games.  The Red Sox will go into Game 4 with a 2-1 series lead, something that seemed improbable at best going into the 8th inning of Game 2 at Fenway Park.  In Game  1, the Red Sox were only able to produce 1 hit…1 god damn hit… to quote the great Harry Doyle en route to a 1-0 loss.  In Game 2, Detroit looked to take a commanding 2-0 lead with the Sox facing the unenviable task of facing Justin Verlander down two games to none.  Then Big Papi struck.

David Ortiz.  Big Papi.  Senor Octubre.  Red Sox fans have witnessed Ortiz’s heroics for a decade now.  It came to the point 963805-tigers-red-sox-baseballwhere many fans were almost expecting Ortiz to deposit a first pitch Joaquain Benoit change-up into the Boston bullpen for a grand slam to tie the game. A grand slam that sent Torri Hunter sprawling head over heels into the Boston bullpen.  A grand slam that made a Boston Cop a local hero and coined a term, Horganing. A grand slam that will be talked about for generations. A grand slam that gave the Red Sox life. The Red Sox offense had been anorexic through the first 17 innings of the ALCS.   The Big Dog ate, and completely changed the complexion of the series with one swing of the bat.  Red Sox fans take what Papi does for granted.  But let me be the first to say, the man is clutch.  Time and time again he has come up big, in the times the Sox have needed him most.  I mean a grand slam! In the eighth inning! With 2 outs!  Are you kidding me?  Isn’t that what small children dream of every day?

One inning later Jarrod Saltalamacchia plated Jonny Gomes to walk off with Game 2.  The Red Sox were going to board a plane to Detroit with the series tied at 1.  A series, which arguably, would’ve been 2-0 in Detroit’s favor.  Think about it for a second.  The Red Sox were no hit through the first 5 innings of each game.  Detroit fired their absolute best shot at the Red Sox.  What have we said about the Sox all year?  Man, these guys are resilient!  Every time we were ready to discount the Sox, they came right back with a massive win.  Game 2 was no different.  Why are we surprised?

Going into Game 3, all the talk was about Justin Bie- sorry Verlander.  Verlander has been incredible in October, nearly lackey-big-10340.runtouchable.  No one was talking about John Lackey.  No one has been more critical of The Underbite then yours truly over the lifetime of the Lackey contract.  What Lackey did in Game 3 against a potent Tiger lineup will rank right up there in Red Sox lore with the names Pedro and Schilling.  Lackey matched zeroes with Verlander, through 6 innings.  I can’t think of another Boston athlete in my lifetime that has drawn as much ire from the Fenway Faithful, then made amends, and now has drawn the same amount of praise from Sox fans.  From chicken and beer, to Tommy John, to pitching like an ace in the biggest game of the season, John Lackey has earned this year’s salary and then some.

Mike Napoli came to the plate in the top of the 7th inning boasting a feeble .111 batting average in the playoffs.  Napoli changed Game 3 with one swing, mashing a Verlander offering to give the Sox a 1-0 lead.  Coincidently, Napoli’s first major league at bat came against Justin Verlander.  Napoli turned the clock back to 2006, and hit a home run to the same exact spot at Comerica Field in 2013.  This proved to be enough.

I wasn’t overly excited about the quick hook John Farrell gave Lackey after 6.2 innings and 97 pitches.  During the regular imagesseason the Red Sox bullpen was much maligned.  In October? They have been lights out.  Craig Breslow and Junichi Tazawa preserved the 1-0 lead giving way to Koji Uehara who slammed the door on Game 3 giving the Sox a 2-1 series lead.  Tazawa struck out Miggy Cabrera with straight gas with ducks on the pond.  Each pitch, New England held its collective breath as the young righty struck out the reigning AL MVP in the biggest spot of the season.  Uehara came in and made rather quick work of Prince Fielder with runners on.  Fair to say Uehara and Tazawa both have Marbles!

Now the Red Sox go into Wednesday night with 2-1 series lead.  Doug Fister will be the opposition.  While he is nothing to sneeze at, he is not Verlander, Scherzer, or Sanchez.  Red Sox fans had been dying to get the Detroit bullpen after the aforementioned triumvirate had pitched 21 innings struck out 35 and given up just two runs.  Now Boston is in the driver’s seat in this series.  Jake Peavy will take the mound tomorrow night.  Peavy, who will be motivated to show Boston they were the big winners in the deadline trade that sent Jose Iglesias to Detroit.

Speaking of Iglesias, he is who no one is talking about.   In Game 2, he made a horrible decision trying to throw Jonny Gomes out on a sure infield hit.  His throw went into the Boston dugout and Gomes was able to take second base with no outs.  Gomes’s run won the game.  In Game 3, he pinch hit, yes Boston fans you read that correctly, and struck out on three pitches.  Meanwhile, Peavy was awesome in the ALDS against Tampa going 5.2 innings giving up just 1 run and throwing just 74 pitches.

There is no doubt this series has been an instant classic.  It will continue tomorrow night at 8 o’clock.  I wish life had a fast forward button.

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2013 Week 6 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. Mattyoshow

John-Clayton-This-is-SportsCenterAfter a stunning loss on Monday night by the Atlanta Falcons, Scottie and I both finished the week on a down note.  However, I am starting to get back on track, posting a 9-5 record with 67 confidence points in week 5.  Scottie managed just a .500 week, at 7-7 with 55 confidence points.  Scottie is now 49-28 on the season with 415 confidence points.  I am starting to pull myself out of the massive hole I dug to start the season.  On the year, I am 40-37 with 383 confidence points.  I’m not going to talk any trash, it’s not the time for that.  I’m just gonna keep Sportscenter on the TV, keep checking stats and match-ups like an animal, and when it’s all said and done, there’s no shot I’m losing to Scottie.  Let’s do it…

Matty still watches SportsCenter.  Enough said.

Giants @ Bears

Scottie: Bears 10

There is a sadistic side of me that has enjoyed watching the Giants be awful this year.  Maybe it is the jealous Patriots fan in me that has always believed the Giants are frauds and only won 2 Super Bowls against us by sheer luck.  Right when it looked like David Wilson was getting on track, he injures his neck.  A co-worker who is a big Giants fan has joked they are playing for the first pick in the draft.  The Giants are bad.  But they aren’t Jaguars bad.  On the Chicago side of the equation, the Bears have enjoyed the emergence of Alshon Jeffrey.  The Bears are slowly becoming a real threat in a loaded NFC North.

Mattyoshow: Bears – 10 CONFIDENCE POINTSAlshon-Jeffery

I can’t lie, I love seeing the Giants suck.  I only picked the Eagles last week because I thought it would be awesome to see the Giants start the season 0-5, however I truly believed that the G-Men would win.  However, after the beatdown that Nick Foles put on the Giants, I have no choice but to go with my boy Alshon Jeffrey and the Bears tonight.

Packers @ Ravens

Scottie: Packers 7

The Ravens almost blew a two score lead against the Dolphins last week.  Somehow they survivied.  I want to hammer on the Ravens every week because I think they are awful.  At the end of Week 5, they sit at 3-2 in a three way tie for the division lead.  Maybe the Ravens aren’t as bad I as I think they are.  Green Bay sits at 2-2.  They have added an element to their offensive attack with the ground game.  They are 5th in the NFL in rushing.  Packers are the better team and they will get the win on the road.

Mattyoshow: Packers – 5 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Ravens finally started to play Baltimore Ravens football again last week, making Ray Rice the focal point of their offense in last week’s win vs. Miami.  But, as Scottie mentioned, they still almost blew the lead against the Tannehill-led Dolphins.  I’m sorry, but the NFL’s highest paid quarterback is lucky if he breaks my top 15 QB rankings.  Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are getting healthy on offense (however, Clay Matthews going down sucks), Eddy Lacy is pounding the rock, and Randall Cobb is a man!

Bengals @ Bills

Scottie: Bengals 13

I heard a fascinating stat about the Bengals.  They have not allowed a 300 yard passing game in the last 9 weeks.  In today’s NFL, that is absolutely incredible.  Thaddeus Lewis has been signed off the practice squad by the Bills.  he won’t throw for 200 yards, let alone 300.  I keep waiting for the Bengals to break away from the Ravens and Browns and cruise to the division title.  Maybe that starts this week.

Mattyoshow: Bengals – 12 CONFIDENCE POINTSThaddeus Lewis

Thad Lewis.  Enough said.

Lions @ Browns

Scottie: Lions 4

The Browns have stunned the NFL winning three games in a row after trading Trent Richardson.  The problem is, they lost Brian Hoyer last week for the season.  Not that Brian Hoyer is a franchise savior, but he at least looked competent running an offense as opposed to Brandon Weeden.  The Cinderella Browns’s streak will end here as the Lions will be too much to handle even if they don’t have Calvin Johnson.

Mattyoshow: Lions – 9 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I was leaning heavy on the Browns initially in this game.  Their defense has been my surprise of the season thus far.  Their run game hasn’t really missed a beat since they traded Trent Richardson.  Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron look like the next installment of Marvin Harrison and Dallas Clark (BOLD!).  But then I remembered, the Browns are stuck with Weeden.

Rams @ Texans

Scottie: Texans 6

Houston fans are losing their patience with Matt Schaub.  A fan went to Schaub’s house to voice his displeasure with the starting quarterback’s play.  They are screaming for TJ Yates.  Imagine if Sam Bradford was a Texan?  What would that reaction be like?  Bradford should be grateful he is in St. Louis where the focus at the current time is baseball.  In fairness to Schaub, Andre Johnson has been banged up and Owen Daniels will be out 4-6 weeks.  His only weapon in the passing game is DeAndre Hopkins. The Rams have one of the worst rushing defenses in the league. Arian Foster and Ben Tate might each hit the century mark in yards on Sunday.  Matt Schaub might live to see another day.

Mattyoshow: Rams – 1 CONFIDENCE POINTMatt Schaub

Do I think that the Rams are going to win this game?  Absolutely not.  Do I just want to see the reaction on Scottie’s face if the Rams do win?  Absolutely.  Do I think that Sam Bradford would be a potential hall of fame quarterback if he were on the Texans?  Without a doubt.  This one is for you Scottie.  Go Bradford!

Panthers @ Vikings

Scottie: Vikings 2

When I look at a game and truly have no idea who to pick, I go with the home team.  In that case, it is the Vikings.  The Vikings are also coming off a bye.  I showed faith in Cam Newton and Ted Ginn last week.  They rewarded me by getting spanked by Carson Palmer.

Mattyoshow: Panthers – 7 CONFIDENCE POINTS

So the Josh Freeman signing basically means that Minnesota has admitted that the Christian Ponder experiment was a complete disaster, right?  I mean you can’t bring in a guy that said he’ll go somewhere where he believes that he can start and then expect your young quarterback’s confidence not to be shot.  The Vikings are a disaster.  They should just stick with Cassel.  Cam Newton does work for my fantasy team this week.

Raiders @ Chiefs

Scottie: Chiefs  14

Jump on that Chiefs bandwagon while you still can!  The Chiefs moved to 5-0 on the season after they disposed off the Titans.  Jamal Charles will gash the Raiders defense.  Alex Smith will continue to be conservative and not turn the ball over.  Lastly, Terrell Pryor has no shot of getting anything going against the best defense in the league.  Hail to the Chiefs!

Mattyoshow: Chiefs – 11 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Hate the Chiefs.  Hate Alex Smith.  I think the Chiefs might be the most overrated team in NFL history.  Remember last year when Arizona started the season 4-0 and some were anointing them as the best team in the NFL?  Well, they proceeded to lose 11 of their next 12 games.  Hello Chiefs!  That’s your destiny.

Steelers @ Jets

Scottie: Jets 3

Suddenly, the Patriots win over the Falcons isn’t all that impressive anymore.  What was impressive was Geno Smith’s efficency against the Falcons last weekend.  He was 16-20, 199 yards, and 3 touchdowns. He did not turn the ball over.  Big Ben has stated publicly the Steelers are the worst team in football.  Heck of an endorsement from your star player.  The Jets defense stop Pittsburgh’s feeble offense, leading the Jets to victory setting up a Week 7 showdown with the Patriots with the AFC East division at stake.

Mattyoshow: Steelers – 6 CONFIDENCE POINTSgeno_smith_photo_725610135

No shot Geno Smith can pull off two good weeks in a row.  Get it done against the useless Atlanta defense and you have just simply shown me how bad Atlanta’s defense is.  Dick Lebeau is a different animal.  Troy Polamalu will be going airborne at least 10 times on Sunday to take Geno out.

Eagles @ Buccaneers

Scottie: Eagles 1 point

I want to say this is the week Doug Martin finally breaks out and has a big day leading the Bucs to their first win of the season.  The problem is I see a quarterback controversy storyline unfolding in Philadelphia.  I believe Nick Foles will play well enough to make people think Mike Vick’s starting job is in jeopardy.  Tamba Bay coach Greg Schiano might be unemployed by next week.

Mattyoshow: Buccaneers – 4 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Word on the street (mainly on the updates for my fantasy football team) is that Mike Vick has actually been participating in practice this week.  Whether or not he has a chance to play on Sunday, I’m not sure.  However, if Vick doesn’t play, and you give a decent Bucs secondary a week to prepare for Foles, that isn’t a good situation for the Eagles.  Their run defense is porous, and I think that this is the week Doug Martin goes off.  Plus the Bucs are coming off of a bye.   On a side note, no QB controversy in Philly, Vick is Kelly’s guy.

Jaguars @ Broncos

Scottie: Broncos 15

The only question here is if the Broncos will cover the 28.5 spread.  I believe they will.  I also hope they pull Peyton after the first half seeing that I am facing him in fantasy football this week.  Hopefully the Broncos use this game to work on some weaknesses and let someone else have huge stats instead of Manning.

Mattyoshow: Broncos – 15 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Broncos cover the spread.  The Jags have no emotion.  MJD needs to be traded.  Gabbert needs to be cut.

Titans @ Seahawks

Scottie: Seahawks 12110802-12th-man

The Seahawks are at home.  The Seahawks do not lose at home.  The Seahawks defense will destroy Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Chris Johnson will be of no help to the Titans because he has been useless since September 1, 2011.  That was the day he agreed to a 4 year $53.5 million dollar extension.  He has done nothing since he signed his name to that paper.  He is the poster-child for getting paid and then doing absolutely nothing to earn that money.  There is nothing worse in the world than wasted talent.  That is what Chris Johnson is.

Mattyoshow: Seahawks – 14 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I’m actually starting to believe what Scottie is saying above me here.  The Seahawks just don’t lose at home.  The 12th man is real.  Ask my man CV who is out in Seattle.  He shits his pants when he walks into that stadium because it’s so loud.  Fitzpatrick will be playing with a huge load in his draws. That has to be uncomfortable!

Saints @ Patriots

Scottie: Saints 9

After the pathetic display put forth by Tom Brady and the Patriots offense last week, I am inclined to say I do not see any possible way the Pats beat the Saints.  If the defense holds the high flying Saints to 20 points, that’d be a small victory for the team.  Talib and Denard will be 1 on 1 with Colston and Meachem or Stills.  But who covers Jimmy Graham? Double coverage?  No Vince or Tommy Kelly on the D-Line to disrupt Brees.  This has disaster written all over it. The problem is the Patriots can’t put points on the scoreboard.  I am not convinced Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola are fully ready to return, either.  It will be a long day on Sunday in Foxboro.

Mattyoshow: Patriots – 2 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Think the Saints win this one, but Scottie went with the Saints and I need to make up ground.  It makes life easier when I can root for the Pats because I am a fan AND because I pick them to win.  However, I am not confident at all in this offense yet.

Cardinals @ 49ers

Scottie: 49ers 8colin-kaepernick

I would really appreciate it if Colin Kaepernick got his act together.  My wallet would appreicate it even more.  What happened to the unbelievable athlete that pranced the field like a gazelle last season? Whatever happened to Kapernicking? Yes, his lack of weapons is troubling.  Fortunately for the 49ers, they oppose Carson Plamer.  The NTCF faithful know even Matty and I agree that Palmer is deplorable.

Mattyoshow: 49ers – 13 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Cardinals suck.  Carson Palmer might be one of the worst quarterbacks in NFL history (besides Tannehill, Weeden, and Gabbert of course).  He is actually decent for like 25 throws a game.  Then for another 6-8 throws you are sitting there thinking, “How the hell is this asshole even in the NFL.  I mean, he wouldn’t make an arena league squad with that throw!”  49ers are hitting their stride.

Redskins @ Cowboys

Scottie: Cowboys 5

Classic Tony Romo last week.  The guy is snake bitten.  Every year he makes a notable turnover that allows the haters to continue sipping their haterade.  He might be the best worst quarterback of all time.  I still think RG3 is not up to snuff.  I think the Cowboys will be over the Skins at home in a crucial NFC Least matchup.

Mattyoshow: Redskins – 3 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Cowboys are coming off of a huge emotional loss against the Broncos, and Jason Garrett notoriously has a tough time building his team back up mentally after a tough defeat.  RGIII needs to get his head out of his ass.  The ‘Skins are coming off of a buy, so they have had two weeks to prepare for the Cowboys.  Given two weeks, Shanahan is tough to beat.

Colts @ Chargers

Scottie: Colts- 11Andrew Luck

I can’t really offer up any analysis on the Chargers and their game last week.  The game ended at 3 am?  I wake up to find they lose to the Raiders? The Chargers are the most bi-polar team in the NFL.  Ryan Mathews is out with a concussion.  Old friend Danny Woodhead has become the main option in that offense.  Everyone knows I love the Colts this year.  They have more firepower than the Chargers.  If the Chargers couldn’t slow the Raiders offense, there is no way they are slowing down Andrew Luck, who just beat the Seahawks one week ago.

Mattyoshow: Colts – 8 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I actually kind of feel bad for Philip Rivers.  The dude has absolutely no help.  Ryan Mathews was a terrible pick in hindsight.  Danny Woodhead is serviceable, but he’s bound to get broken.  Their defense couldn’t stop me and Scottie, even playing without an offensive line.  It’s just pathetic in San Diego.