2013 Week 4 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. MattyOShow

ha ha ha ha… Ok I am done.  Sorry, I just finished a week’s worth of laughter at “The MattyOShow’s” performance last week. images Yes, Matty went 4-12 for 49 points.  Matty can comfort himself in knowing the Lions, Raiders, and Eagles all went 4-12 last season.  So he is in good company.  The bottom line is life has been difficult in the “O’Show” household as of late.  The pressure to meet deadlines at work, a wife, kids, etc.  The kid is all growns up and can’t deal with the pressures of life and still be respectable in the NFL picks.  The problem is Matty can name all the Real Housewife’s of New Jersey, can bake a helluva Quiche, and does a mean job washing the dishes.  But he can recognize a 3-4 defense anymore?  Does he know the difference between a go route and an out route? Like Rob Gronkowski this week, Questionable.

Me? I didn’t have such a great week, either.  But good Lord, it was not 4-12!  I went 8-8 last week.  I am 32-16 on the season with a total of 277 points.  Matty is below .500 at 23-25 with a total of 251 points.  (Yes, I just took great joy in eviscerating Matty O via the keyboard.)

I’m not going to come on here and start talking shit.  Quite frankly, I don’t deserve to talk shit.  I had a terrible week.  The worst week in the history of Scottie and I doing this.  Scottie is putting the beat down on me.  His only mistake, he hasn’t built up a big enough lead when I’ve been shitting my pants.  Play time is over Scottie, I’m all in…

Byes: Green Bay, Carolina  

49ers @ Rams

Scottie: 49ers 8 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The 49ers are a mess at the moment.  Aldon Smith is in rehab for the foreseeable future.  Vernon Davis is hurt.  Collin Kaepernick has been figured out by the rest of the NFL.  The 49ers need Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham back in the worst way.  Anquan Boldin can’t possibly be Kaepernick’s only option in the offense if the Niners want to win anything.  Fortunately for the Niners, they head into St. Louis and face the wretched Rams led by the pansy Sam Bradford.  Faithful readers know where I stand in this matter.


No matter the mess that the 49ers are in currently, they are simply better than the Rams.  I know, I’m going against my boy Bradford, but the Rams aren’t ready to compete with the big boys in the NFC West.  However, Pat Willis and Nhamdi Asomugha’s injuries certainly give the Rams a punchers chance.

Ravens @ Bills


Don’t you just love how Ray Lewis called out the Ravens (his former team) for a lack of leadership after Jacoby Jones was Unknownsmashed over the head with a champagne bottle by a stripper?  Don’t you just love how Ray Lewis might be the most self-serving individual in all of sports? Don’t you just love how Jacoby Jones was smashed over the head with a champagne bottle by a stripper?  Suddenly the Ravens aren’t good because Ray is no longer crying during the national anthem as if he has never heard it before, yelling bible passages at teammates, and dancing as if he has just been electrocuted.  All that means nothing going into this Sunday because they are facing the Bills.  But I needed to get it off my chest. Sorry Lyden, I showed good faith in your Bills last week and they let me down.  Doug Marone needs to find a way to get CJ Spiller in open in space.  Until he finds that remedy, the Bills will continue to be, well, the Bills.


This group of wild strippers could have taken a bottle to Joe Flacco’s head, and I’m still sticking with the Ravens on this one.  Again, with Ray Rice hurt, the Bills do have a chance.  However, I think that Rice might play, and I just don’t think EJ Manuel and the Bills are ready to compete with one of the better teams in the AFC.

Bengals @ Browns

Scottie: Bengals  14 CONFIDENCE POINTSBlake-Griffin-Brynn-Cameron-Matt-Leinart_20130923235321714_660_320

Not only was I wrong about the Browns last week, I was very wrong.  I fully expected the Browns to be awful after trading away their running back and starting their 2nd string quarterback.  The great Brian Hoyer proved me wrong finding  the next great tight end in football, Jordan Cameron, 3 times in the end zone.  Side note: Jordan Cameron’s sister is Matt Leinart and Blake Griffin’s baby mama.  All of that hard-hitting football analysis aside, the Bengals are for real this year.  They have a solid defense, a young dynamic running back in Gio Bernard, and one of the best receivers in AJ Green.  Cincy will cruise.

Matt: Bengals – 14 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Is Brian Hoyer that good, or is Brandon Weeden just that bad?  I mean seriously, the Browns looked like Scottie on the softball field under Weeden (in case you haven’t seen Scottie play softball…it’s ugly).  Hoyer comes in, and starts slinging the rock all over the Vikings and making the Browns look like the 2007 New England Patriots!  And that was AFTER they traded Trent Richardson!  Anyways, the Bengals are starting to look like the best team in the AFC North, and they pick up another win against the Browns.

Bears @ Lions


This is a guilty pleasure game for me.  I have always overrated the Lions dating back to the Barry Sanders days.  I have always thought they are better than what they actually are.  When the Lions added Reggie Bush to the offense to compliment Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford, I became hooked again.  I have also always been bothered by Jay Cutler.  I just don’t like him.  I refuse to give him credit for what he has done this season (a 3-0 start).  Against my better judgment, I will go with my heart instead of my head.  Go Lions.


The Lions always seem to do the opposite of what I anticipate.  When I pick them to win, they get smoked and Suh gets fined.  When I pick them to lose, Matt Stafford does work and I look like an asshole.  With a completely healthy Reggie Bush and Nate Burleson, I might lean towards the Lions.  However, the Bears just look good right now, and their defense will wreak havoc on Stafford.

Giants @ Chiefs

Scottie: Chiefs 6 CONFIDENCE POINTSUnknown-1

All aboard the Chiefs bandwagon!  I admit I totally wussed out last week in going with the Eagles over the Chiefs.  What I fail to realize is in reality Mike Vick may be the flashy, sexy quarterback but Alex Smith is a quarterback that wins football games.  He does not turn the football over.  He does not try to force something that isn’t there.  He does not play hero ball.  While it is maddening for Dwayne Bowe fantasy owners, it’s perfect for the Chiefs.  Smith will continue to dink and dunk.  Andy Reid will give the ball the Jamal Charles.  The Chiefs will continue to play outstanding defense.  And the Chiefs will continue to win games.  All of that and the Giants are a mess.


The Giants are playing like complete dogshit at the moment.  However, they are the Giants and the Chiefs are the Chiefs.  Eli Manning will go off this week, and the Giants will win a shootout.

Cardinals @ Bucs


We will call this my hunch game.  The Bucs have finally benched Josh Freeman.  The 17th overall pick in 2009 can  be officially known as a bust.  The Bucs have named Mike Glennon their starting quarterback.  I expect the Bucs to rally around the rookie and get their first win of the season on their home soil.  Couple the pick me up of a new starter with the fact Carson Palmer is coming to town, it is a recipe for a win.  Palmer continues to be good for 2 to 3 horrible throws a game that allow his team to lose the game.  Why is Carson still employed by an NFL team?

Matt: Cardinals – 5 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Is Mike Glennon the answer?  Is Scottie a worthwhile human being?  The answers to both of those questions are resounding NO’s!  The Bucs are a complete disaster.  Doug Martin should be getting 40 carries a game, and yet Josh Freeman threw the ball 41 times against the Pats.  I don’t get it man!  Anyways, the Cardinals are a better team right now, and the Bucs keep on doing stupid stuff…

Colts @ Jaguars

Scottie: Colts  15 CONFIDENCE POINTS

There will not be a game all year where the Jaguars are going to be the reason for my highest confidence points.  I truly believe they would lose to Alabama if there were such a game.  The Colts are a damn good football team, too.  I am so confident the Colts win this game, they could even do it with their practice squad.


Similarly to what Scottie said above, there is no situation where I’m going with the Jags all season.  Word on the street is that the Jags are offering their fans 2 free beers to go to Sunday’s game.  In my opinion, even if the NFL was offering free quarterbacks for the Jags, they don’t have a shot.

Seahawks @ Texans

Scottie: Seahawks 5 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Seahawks had a lay up last week against the Jaguars.  They face a bit more of a challenge this week when they travel to Houston.  There is no doubt Seattle has the best defense in football.  The defense allows the offense to work itself out and make mistakes.  Chances are teams will not capitalize on Russell Wilson turnovers.  Matt Schaub hasn’t been all that effective and Arian Foster is not what he once was.  Andre Johnson is hobbled with a shin injury.  I expect the Seahawks to bottle up DeAndre Hopkins and leave Texans with little else in terms of offensive fire power.


Unlike Ronny Raw Dog above me here, I’m not a huge Seahawks fan, especially when they are on the road.  Remember, in week 1 they beat the Panthers 12-7 on the road.  In my opinion, the Texans are bigger than the Panthers.  This will be a high scoring affair, which means advantage Houston.

Steelers @ Vikings

Scottie: Vikings 2 CONFIDENCE POINTSUnknown-2

After the Vikings lost the Browns last week, I can confidently say, the Vikings stink.  I can also say the Steelers stink.  That makes this game one big stinkfest.  Adrian Peterson will run all over The Aluminum Curtain.  The Vikings will focus on containing Antonio Brown since he is Pittsburgh’s only offensive weapon.  The Vikings will make up for last week’s humiliating loss.

Matt: Steelers – 11 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Steelers lose to the Bears, and the Vikings lose to the Brown.  Yes, this game is a “home game” for the Vikings, but it’s in London.  The Steelers are poised for a win, while the Vikings will begin to question whether Matt Cassel is the answer.

Jets @ Titans

Scottie: Titans 11 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Titans have been a surprise team early in the season.  Jake Locker has looked competent under center.  Chris Johnson has been running the ball effectively.  Their defense is vastly underrated.  Our buddy CV has to be excited about his upstart Titans.  Even with their win against the Bills last week, I still see the Jets as a disaster.  Their penalty yardage from last week is evidence enough.  The Titans are the better team and they are at home.


Jake Locker is a comeback king.  My man CV pops a little Locker in his pants every time the Titans pull out a victory.  The Jets are terrible.  Yes they beat the Bills last week, but even a blind squirrel gets a nut once and a while.  Titans keep being the surprise team in the NFL, while the Jets keep making their case for Jadaveon (if that’s how you spell it) Clowney.

Redskins @ Raiders

Scottie: Redskins  10 CONFIDENCE POINTS

My concerns about RG3’s premature return have been well documented in this forum.  Kirk Cousins is a more than serviceable backup.  If I was Redskins brass, I would have given Cousins all the opportunity in the world to showcase his talents while RG3 completed his rehab allowing him to come back fully healthy.  Throw Cousins on the trading block when RG3 was ready and you continue to rebuild your franchise.  They didn’t and they are stupid.  None of this matters when you face the Raiders.  The Raiders literally have nothing going for them.  They won’t even get the number 1 pick in the draft next year because they aren’t as bad as the Jaguars.  Washington finally gets into the win column.

Matt: Redskins – 7 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Redskins haven’t looked good to start 2013.  RG3 is feeling the pressure that he never felt last year.  Alfred Morris isn’t getting the ball enough, and hasn’t been as effective.  Their defense hasn’t developed into the unit that I anticipated.  RG3 still doesn’t look right to me.  With all that being said (and Terrell Pryor having suffered a concussion last week), I have to go with the Skins.

Eagles @ Broncos

Scottie: Broncos 13 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Broncos have thrown up 49, 41, and 47 points in their first 3 games.  The Eagles couldn’t stop traffic with a red light.  The Broncos have a strong chance to throw up over 50 on Sunday.  Are the Broncos a shoo in for the AFC Championship? I am starting to think so.  D Thomas, J Thomas, Welker, and Decker? Peyton will break Brady’s touchdown record this season.

Matt: Broncos – 10 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Honestly, if this game was in Philly, I think I might go with the Eagles.  The Broncos defense has not impressed me this year.  Champ Bailey is hurt.  Von Miller is still suspended.  I’m not convinced with that unit.  The Eagles will be looking to make a statement after their disappointing performance against the Chiefs last week.  However, in Denver, Peyton has the advantage.  You should start every player in this game on your fantasy team this week.

Cowboys @ Chargers

Scottie: Cowboys  3 CONFIDENCE POINTSUnknown-3

DeMarco Murray showed why he is considered one of the best runners in the NFL after his 175 yard effort against the Rams last week.  Then again it was the Rams, and we all know how bad the Rams are.  I still think the Cowboys have to be considered as the top team in the NFC (L)east.  What an awful division!  The Chargers leading receiver last week was Danny Woodhead.  I love Danny Woodhead for all his fire and grit but when he is your leading receiver in a throwing league, you are in trouble.  The Chargers have been prone to give up big plays.  They will fall victim to the big play once more, and Dallas will leave the whale’s vagina with a victory.


Scottie might try and convince you that last week’s blowout by the Cowboys is more indicative of how bad the Rams are as compared to how good the Cowboys are.  In my opinion, the Cowboys finally showed up last week.  DeMarco Murray was healthy for once.  The Rams aren’t great against the run, and the Cowboys successfully pounded the rock.  The Chargers are an implosion waiting to happen.

Patriots @ Falcons

Scottie: Falcons 4 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Patriots face their most formidable foe to date this season.  I can’t say it is their first test because every game for them has been a test of a different variety.  The Patriots defense has risen to the occasion against weak offenses through the first three weeks.  It is no secret they have won these games while the offense figures itself out.  The Patriots will not have the same margin for error against the Falcons they enjoyed with the Bills, Jets, and Bucs.  The only positive for the Patriots in this game is the Falcons might be as banged up as the Patriots are.  Be that as it may, I like the Falcons on their home turf in this one.

Matt: Patriots – 3 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Pats showed me something last week against the Bucs that I wasn’t expecting.  Their defense continued to look good (however it was against 3 bad teams).  I was most impressed with Tom Brady’s willingness to continue to look for receivers even after a play was botched.  For instance, two weeks ago, when Dobson dropped a couple of passes, it seemed as though Brady just shut him off.  Last week, Brady continually looked for Dobson and Thompkins.  I would love to see what would happen if Josh Boyce got into the mix.  Anyways, the Falcons lost to the Dolphins last week, and in my book that’s a significant loss.  The Pats show up on Sunday night!

Dolphins @ Saints

Scottie: Saints 12 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I have said all season not to sleep on the Dolphins.  I legitimately believe Ryan Tannehill is a very good quarterback.  They have two big wins on their resume early in the season knocking off the Colts and Falcons.  While I do like the Dolphins this season, I do not believe they can stop the Sean Payton Revenge Tour.  The Dolphins will be without their #1 pass rusher in Cameron Wake.  Drew Brees will pick apart the Dolphins secondary.  You think Brees has forgotten the Dolphins chose Daunte Culpepper over him in 2006? Brees lights up the Dolphins Monday night.


Hate the Dolphins.  Hate Tannehill.  In New Orleans, they have no shot.  Scottie is an idiot.

Matty is getting smoked because he isn’t up to date with all the hot takes from Twitter.  Me on the other hand? Well.  I can be followed on Twitter @ScottieNTCF

Scottie is an idiot, so he’s on twitter

3 Responses

  1. I go 6-3 for 37 points after 1 o clock games

    Matty goes 3-6 for 32 points as his swoon continues

  2. Going into Sunday night

    Scott – 9-4 – 71 points
    Matt – 6-7- 53 points

  3. week 4 finals :
    Scott 10-5 83 points
    Matt 8-7 65 points

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