2013 Week 3 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. Mattyoshow

I’ll admit it, that’s two weeks now that ol’ Scottie has gotten the best of me. Am I worried about it? Not at all. We all know how Scottie operates. He starts off strong, but as the season progresses he begins thinking way too much and then implodes! Scottie posted a 12-4 record, and amassed 94 confidence points last week. I went 9-7, and also amassed 94 confidence points. The beauty of the confidence point system is that even though Scottie had a better record, the games he was the MOST confident in, he didn’t pick correctly (hence Scottie putting 14 confidence points on the Eagles and 15 confidence points on the Lions), but that’s cus Scottie is an idiot. Overall, Scottie is 24-8 with 195 confidence points, while I’m at 19-13 with 192 confidence points. I have some work to do, so let’s do it…

As long as I keep picking correctly, I am happy.  I admit I need to work on my confidence scoring.  I am still adjusting to this new wrinkle.  I am focused this season.  I am notorious for running out to a fast start and then fading at the end.  As a cross country runner in high school and college, I fully admit, it is a shortcoming of mine.  It is what it is.  At the end of two weeks, Matty is in my rear view mirror.  It is my goal to have him out of sight in two more weeks.

Chiefs @ Eaglesmadden2004-michael-vick-cover

Scottie: Eagles- 2 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I believe in the Chiefs.  I actually think they can get 9 wins this season.  But I don’t think 1 of those wins will happen Thursday night.  The Eagles offense is clicking on all cylinders right now.  Mike Vick looks like the Madden 2004 version of Vick (comparable to Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl).  The problem with the Eagles is their defense can’t stop a nose bleed.  I think this will be a shoot out.  Kansas City can’t keep pace in a shoot out.

Mattyoshow: Eagles – 9 CONFIDENCE POINTS
Andy Reid is going to be crucified upon returning to Philadelphia and the Eagles will take advantage of the hostile environment. The Eagles need to learn to close out games, but as the team matures and develops more comfort with Chip Kelly and his scheme, that will come.

Texans @ Ravens

Scottie: Texans- 11 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Ravens have been putrid through their first two games this season.  I blame Joe Flacco.  He signed a huge contract after demanding top dollar because he was a Super Bowl winning quarterback.  Flacco took so much money that there was not enough for other guys to come in and help Jump Ball Joe out.  His favorite weapons are gone.  He has effectively put the Ravens franchise in 8-8 or 9-7 mode for the next 5 to 7 years.  Meanwhile the Texans are an ugly 2-0 if there is such a thing.  I suspect the Texans will continue their ugly win streak.  I am starting to believe they will be in the AFC Championship game.

Mattyoshow: Texans – 7 CONFIDENCE POINTS
The Houston Texans have managed to start 2-0 when they deserve to be 0-2. Meanwhile, the Ravens are 1-1 after a slugfest with the Browns last weekend. The deal breaker for me in this one is Ray Rice’s health.

Giants @ Panthers

Scottie: Giants – 8 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I am surprised Ron Rivera is still employed as a head coach for an NFL team.  The Panthers have been miserable under achievers during his tenure.  Carolina needs a shake up.  Until that time, they will continue to lose.  Cam Newton is off to another slow start and that is not helping matters.  I expect the Giants to get off the schnide on Sunday.

Mattyoshow: Giants – 13 CONFIDENCE POINTS
I didn’t imagine that after 3 games, either the Giants of the Panthers would be 0-3. I truly thought that the Panthers would complete for a playoff spot this season. The Giants are too talented to start 0-3, while Cam Newton has been a disappointment this season.

Lions @ Redskinsrg3

Scottie: Lions- 10 CONFIDENCE POINTS

MattyO can bust me up all he wants about my understanding of RG3’s knee injury.  The fact remains, the man is a shell of what he was last year.  He is not moving around the pocket or scrambling for first downs like he once did.  I truly believe he came back way too soon because he feels the pressure of being the face of the franchise.  Despite a hiccup against the Cardinals last week, I still like the Lions a lot this season.  I expect them to rebound against the Skins in Washington.

Mattyoshow: Redskins – 8 CONFIDENCE POINTS
Nothing would scare me more as a Redskins fan than the idea that Ndamukong Suh will be chasing RG3 around the field on Sunday. Similar to what I mentioned above, the Redskins are too talented to start 0-3.

Chargers @ Titans


I was shocked the Chargers outlasted the Eagles last week.  I do not see the Chargers beating the Titans without Malcolm Floyd.  His injury leaves Phillip Rivers without one of his favorite targets.  Eddie Royal will not score three touchdowns the rest of the season.  Chris Johnson is due for a breakout game.  San Diego is yet to allow less than 100 yards rushing this season.

Mattyoshow: Titans – 4 CONFIDENCE POINTS
The Chargers have given away a game and have been given a game this season. Meanwhile, the Titans have been fighting their ass off to start 2013. Jake Locker has actually shown signs of competence! Chris Johnson goes off and leads the Titans to victory.

Cardinals @Saints tumblr_m1b1qyEe5Q1r8sw23o1_500

Scottie: Saints- 13 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Saints squeaked by the Bucs last week on a last second field goal.  Hard to believe they only put up 16 points.  Be that as it may, I expect the Sean Payton Revenge Tour to continue along its path.  The Cardinals chances aren’t helped by Larry Fitzgerald’s hamstring issue.

Mattyoshow: Saints – 14 CONFIDENCE POINTS
No matter how well Carson Palmer is playing he always makes one throw per game that makes you question how he even got a scholarship to play college football. The Cardinals have no shot in New Orleans, although I anticipate huge fantasy numbers for both sets of wide receivers.

Buccaneers @ Patriots

Scottie: Patriots- 9 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Ok, yes, it is a homer pick especially with the 9 confidence points.  Now I will attempt to back up my choice.  The Patriots have had 10 days to prepare for a Tampa team that is in disarray.  Yes, they have all the talent in the world.  But it seems they can’t put it together.  Even bolder prediction than my pick? I think LaGarrette Blount will gash his former team.   Plus Dobson and Thompkins can only improve, right? Right?

Mattyoshow: Buccaneers – 1 CONFIDENCE POINT

I know that this isn’t the popular pick, especially locally, however I just think that the Bucs, with the current state of the Patriots, are a tough matchup for the Patriots.  The Patriots lone receiving weapon (Julian Edelman) will get locked down by Revis.  The Bucs’ defensive line is a very good pass-rushing unit, which always seems to bother the Pats.  The Buccaneers are one of the better rushing teams in the NFL, and the Pats haven’t been awesome at stopping the run.  I just think that this is a tough matchup for the Pats.

Packers @ Bengals

Scottie: Packers- 7 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Packers offense hits a whole new gear when Jordy Nelson is healthy.  He is Aaron Rodgers favorite target and has shown that through 2 games.  Remember when Randall Cobb was considered “a poor man’s Percy Harvin?” I would argue he is even better than Harvin.  The Packers will throw up 35 on a solid Cincy defense.  The Bengals, at this point in time, are not capable of putting up such numbers.

Mattyoshow: Packers – 12 CONFIDENCE POINTS
The Bengals looked terrible on Monday night against the Steelers. The proclaimed AFC North champs haven’t looked good all season. Contrarily, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers absolutely lit it up last week. The Bengals’ defense is tough, but I’m not sure that they can slow down the Pack.

Rams @ Cowboys12+Football+Championship+Missouri+v+Oklahoma+8xA3BxRqJDHl

Scottie: Cowboys- 1 CONFIDENCE POINT

I am only picking the Cowboys because of passionate dislike for Sam Bradford.  I do not understand how the Cowboys are better than what they are with the talent they have.  Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray are two of the best players in the NFL at their position.  Yet they won’t make the playoffs.

Mattyoshow: Rams – 5 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Bradford baby! Oh, and Tavon Austin and Robert Quinn…

Browns @ Vikings

Scottie: Vikings- 14 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I have the luxury of typing out these picks after I learned Trent Richardson was traded to the Colts.  That trade leaves the Browns offense in flux.  Brandon Weeden won’t play.  Willis McGahee hasn’t been signed as of the time of this writing.  The Browns are in rebuilding mode and are in for all the bumps and bruises that go along with such a mode.

Mattyoshow: Vikings – 3 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Going with the gut on this one.  The Browns’ defense is actually amongst the best in the NFL.  Offensively, they just lucked out because Weeden got hurt, so they get to start former Patriot Brian Hoyer at quarterback.  Hoyer’s experience is limited, however he has to be better than Weeden, right?  The Browns will slow down Adrian Peterson, forcing Christian Ponder to air it out, and we all know how that ends…

UPDATE: I had the Browns picked in this one…and then they messed around and traded Trent Richardson.  Gotta go with the Vikes now that Scottie would be Cleveland’s best offensive player.

Falcons @ Dolphinslauren_tannehill_modeling_dolphins1

Scottie: Falcons- 5 CONFIDENCE POINTS

MattyO hates the Dolphins like I hate the Rams. He hates Tannehill like I hate Bradford. (hello Mrs. Tannehill)  Its ok.  I understand.  But he is wrong.  The Dolphins are a good football team.  They might be the favorites to win the AFC East this season.  At the same time, they are not quite on the Falcons level.  The Falcons might be undermanned without Steven Jackson and Roddy White but Matty Ice will show the young pup Tannehill how it is done.  I expect the Falcons will get big games out of Julio Jones and Jacquizz Rodgers.

Mattyoshow: Falcons – 11 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Miami Dolphins might be the worst 2-0 team of all time.  Tannehill throws up helium balls for Mike Wallace.  Lamar Miller is tripping over players and stumbling into touchdowns.  Their defense couldn’t stop a nosebleed.  Yet, they are tied with the New England Patriots for the AFC East division lead.  The Falcons will be without Stephen Jackson, but honestly, it doesn’t matter in this one.

Bills @ Jets

Scottie: Bills – 3 CONFIDENCE POINTS

This game might end up 6-3 or even a tie.  The Bills have a better offense than the Jets.  But the Jets have a defense that can bottle up CJ Spiller.  This will be an ugly rock fight.  I was a Bills fan for a few years during the Bledsoe campaign and I hate the Jets so I will go Bills.  Hard hitting football analyisis right there.

Mattyoshow: Bills – 6 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I’m pretty sure that if you offered me $100 bucks to watch this game, I would consider turning you down.  EJ Manuel vs. Geno Smith = complete disaster.  The Bills have been the more effective team this season, so they get the win in this one.  Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to get some more tears out of EJ Manuel?

Colts @ 49ersUnknown

Scottie: 49ers- 4 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Colts became a very interesting team this week after acquiring Trent Richardson.  While he won’t be a factor in this week’s game, he and Andrew Luck are looking at a bright next 5-8 years in Indy.  The 49ers defense will contain Luck, while the Colts will struggle to stop an angry Collin Kaepernick.  I mean, he has to be angry after being embarrassed by the Seahawks on national television last week, right?

Mattyoshow: 49ers – 10 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I think that everyone was a little quick to jump all over the Colts’ bandwagon.  Yes, Andrew luck is going to be (and kind of already is) a stud.  However, his supporting cast isn’t as great as we anticipated.  TY Hilton and Ahmad Bradshaw haven’t really had the impact that we were all anticipating (UPDATE: The addition of Trent Richardson is a HUGE, and will catapult the Colts into the playoffs for the 2nd consecutive season).  Their defense is still a work in progress.  On the other side of the ball, the 49ers will be enjoying some home cooking after getting smoked by my least favorite team in the league (the Seahawks) on Sunday night.

Jaguars @Seahawks

Scottie: Seahawks- 16 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Seahawks don’t lose at home.  The Jaguars can’t beat the Little Giants.

Mattyoshow: Seahawks – 16 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I don’t really have to explain myself here, right?  Awesome Little Giants reference RG3…I mean Scottie.

Bears @ Steelers

Scottie: Bears- 12 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I don’t know what Matty is smoking.  And I don’t want any.  The Steelers are a mess and there is no easy fix in sight.  They have no running game.  They have no receivers.  There defense is nowhere near what it usually is.  The Bears will win this easily.  Matt Forte has been a workhorse of a running back racking up both rushing and receiving yardage.  The Bears will continue to run him into the ground.

Mattyoshow: Steelers – 2 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Jay Cutler and the Bears have gotten off to a better start than most of us anticipated this season.  Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers have gotten off to a much worse start than most of us anticipated this season.  The Steelers need this game more than the Bears, to Roethlisberger and company get it done at home.

Raiders @ Broncos1374698649000-wes-welker-1307242314_4_3

Scottie: Broncos- 15 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Broncos loss of Ryan Clady will be a massive loss in Denver.  If Peyton isn’t protected, the Broncos are beatable.  Fortunately for Denver, the Raiders do not belong on the same playing field as them, with or without Clady.  Once again, i only provide the greatest insight in all of my picks.

Mattyoshow: Broncos – 15 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Peyton might throw 15 TDs and Welker might catch 8 TDs in this one.


Matty? Still getting his information from the daily newspaper.


4 Responses

  1. Well this was painful, Bills 6-3? EJ Gino is the game of the week, Bills 28-17

  2. Delusional as always Mr. Lyden

  3. Goin into the 4 o clock games:

    Scott: 5-5 39 points
    Matt: 2-8 (hahahahahahhahahaha) 18 points

  4. Week 3 Results
    Scottie: 8-8 82 points
    Matt: 4-12 49 points

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