2013 Week 2 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. Mattyoshow

I had a nice start to the season going 12-4 scoring 101 points.  Matt wasn’t too far behind.  He posted a 10-6 record with 97 points.  As has been the case in the last two seasons, I once again get out to an early lead.  I hope to change the ending of the story this year by finally beating the self-proclaimed “better looking Mel Kiper.’  The Patriots gave us both a scare against the Bills with 16 points at stake.  The biggest upset last week was the Bucs giving their game away to the Jets.

Scottie off to a hot start…nothing I haven’t overcome in the past.  The dude is a scrub, even he knows it.  I’m putting up some serious numbers this week!  Let’s do it…

Jets @ Patriots

Scottie: Patriots  7 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I learned my lesson last week about being overconfident in division matchups.  The Jets do not scare me.  What scares me is the Patriots.  They showed me last week they are capable of beating themselves.  Now with Vereen out until Week 11 at the earliest, Gronk likely out, and Amendola banged up the Patriots will have to rely on their defense to win this game.  I find it ironic the Patriots won all of their Super Bowls behind great defense and special teams play.  Brady just managed the games.  Maybe the Patriots have been forced back into playing what made them a dynasty in the first place.

MattyO: Patriots – 13 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Unlike the Bills, whom the Patriots have struggled (and I use that term very lightly) with over the past couple of years, the Patriots have basically owned the Jets.  The Pats have won 5 of their last 6 match ups vs. the Jets, and I don’t see that trend stopping on Thursday.  From what I have been hearing, Amendola and Sudfeld will both be missing Thursday nights game.  Guess what?  I don’t care.  You could throw Scottie and I out there at wide-out and we’re coming away with a 10 point victory.  Pats all the way, no doubt about it.

Rams @ Falcons

Scottie: Falcons, 16 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Falcons will rebound after a tough loss to the Saints last week.  Despite the opening game loss, the Falcons will go far this season. They have a better defense than the Cardinals, who the Rams faced last week. I still don’t like Sam Bradford.  But in his defense, it has to be tough when the only weapon a quarterback has is Jared Cook.  That is no slight on Cook but without a compliment to him, the Rams are easy to gameplan for.


Unlike Johnny confidence above me here, I’m basically in the front row of the Rams’ bandwagon.  Scottie hates Sam Bradford, but Bradford loves making Scottie hate him more and more every week.  Jared Cook is Bradford’s only offensive weapon?  Tavon Austin looked pretty damn dangerous when I was watching him play on Sunday.  Aside from my boy Bradford, the Rams D is developing into a very intimidating unit.  However, the Falcons are too talented to be 0-2, but the Rams make them earn it.

Panthers @ Bills

Scottie: Panthers  8 CONFIDENCE POINTS

My buddy Lyden hates me because of this but I will take the Panthers here.  If the Patriots don’t fumble three times last week, they win that game by 20 points.  Lyden is quick to point out the Bills fumbled a few times too and the argument can both ways. He fails to realize this is the identity of the Bills and it has been for years. They give games away.  Cam Newton had a tough matchup against the Seahawks defense last week.  I expect him to break out against the Bills this week.

MattyO: Panthers – 10 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Bills fought the good fight last weekend.  However, their inability to hold onto the football and capitalize on opponent turnovers will be a big issue for the Bills in 2013.  CJ Spiller doesn’t look as explosive as everyone was anticipating.  EJ Manuel looks like he can develop into a nice player, but for this week, I’m sticking with Cam.

Vikings @ Bears


The Bears surprised me last week.  I did not expect them to even play close to the Vikings.  I like that they put the ball in Matt Forte’s hands.  If they chose to continue that trend, the Bears may actually be a decent team this season.  I expect the Bears will contain Adrian Peterson.  By contain, I mean hold him to under 150 yards and 2 touchdowns.  They will force turnovers from Samantha Ponder’s husband and take the W.


Christian Ponder has done absolutely nothing to convince me that he can be a successful NFL quarterback, and putting up a solid 20.4 QBR (3 ints, 1 fumble) in week 1 didn’t help.  The Bears won a really tough game against the Bengals in Week 1, and I see them building on that success in Week 2.

Redskins @ Packers

Scottie: Packers 6 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Psychologically, Robert Griffin III is not ready to return to the NFL.  This was apparent in how he played Monday night.  He is not ready to be hit my linebackers.  He is not ready to scramble away from blitzes.  Getting over an ACL injury is not just about being physically ready, most of it is being mentally ready.  3 years ago, I broke my leg playing softball.  Not until now am I comfortable playing sports, where I am not thinking about the rod in my leg every second I am on the field or court.  No I am not a professional athlete, but I can relate to RG3.  His injury aside, the Redskins will not be able to keep up with the Packers offense.


So now apparently Scottie is RG 3 because they both have suffered leg injuries?  Kid is ridiculous.  RG 3’s leg isn’t where it needs to be.  Yes, maybe his strength has come back.  Yes, his flexibility has been restored.  Even his straight line speed may have returned.  However, his ability to take a 7 step drop, plant off that back leg, and drive the football just wasn’t present in Week 1.  Alfred Morris’ inability to generate consistent rushing offense didn’t help.  The Packers were a few stupid penalties (and a blown call) away from beating the 49ers.  They get back on track against Scottie…oops I mean RG 3 and the Redskins on Sunday.

Dolphins @ Colts


Andrew Luck will go down as one of the best players to ever play the game when it is all said and done. He has proven to be Reggie Wayne’s fountain of youth.  This week, I expect the Colts to incorporate TY Hilton into the offense in a big way.  I believe the Dolphins will contend for the AFC East division crown.  I like what I saw out of Tannehill. Mike Wallace proved to care about stats over wins.  That will be a situation to monitor throughout the season.  In a close game, I give the edge to the team with more pure talent.


In week 1, the Dolphins beat the Browns pretty easily, while the Colts needed some Andrew Luck-type magic to get the job done against Oakland.  However, I have to agree with Scottie on this one.  Luck is special.  Yes, he has all of the physical tools and the mental capacity.  We have all known that for a while.  But, he also has that “it” factor that you see in the Tom Bradys and Peyton Mannings.  I’m not sold on Ryan Tannehill, nor will I ever be.  Luck wins another one.

Cowboys @ Chiefs

Scottie: Chiefs  2 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Yes, it was against the Jaguars last week.  But the Chiefs blew them off the field.  There is a new energy around the Chiefs with Andy Reid at the helm and Alex Smith under center.  Smith does not turn over the ball.  Reid will put the ball in the hands of his best players.  Dez Bryant is hobbled, Tony Romo is insanely overpaid.  I just have that gut feeling in this one.  Easily my guttiest pick of the week,

MattyO: Cowboys – 12 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Chiefs were the benefactors of playing against arguably the worst team to ever step foot on an NFL field.  Jacksonville is a complete joke, and should be ashamed that they actually call themselves an NFL team.  Alabama would smoke Jacksonville, no doubt in my mind.  The Cowboys forced 6 New York Giants turnovers, and only won by 5.  Wow, this is going to be an awesome game to watch!  The Cowboys are more talented and DeMarcus Ware looks like a beast at defensive end this season.

Browns @ Ravens

Scottie: Ravens 13 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Are the Ravens the only returning Super Bowl champion in the history of the NFL not to open the following season at home? The Orioles really screwed the Ravens last week with their refusal to change their schedule.  The Ravens are a team that plays on emotion.  The city of Baltimore will be riotous on Sunday welcoming back the Super Bowl Champions. The Browns will just be hopeless victims.  Quote the Scott, Nevermore!


The Browns are making strides, particularly on defense.  However, Brandon Weeden is still their quarterback, and that amounts to a shit-ton of losses.  My only hope here is that Trent Richardson goes off, because my fantasy team needs it.

Titans @ Texans

Scottie: Texans; 10 CONFIDENCE POINTS

It was not pretty late Monday night, but the Texans were able to come from behind to beat the Chargers.  A win is a win.  Andre Johnson looked healthy which should scare the bejesus out of the rest of the AFC.  If Kubiak can focus on keeping his studs healthy (Foster and Johnson) there is no reason the Texans can’t play in the Super Bowl.  The Titans had a nice win over the Steelers last week but they just can’t match up with the Texans.


The Tennessee Titans shocked the NFL by beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1.  Some think that is a sign that Tennessee is moving in the right direction.  In my opinion, it means that Pittsburgh is moving in the wrong direction.  Even though my man CV is a die-hard Titans fan, I can’t stand up for Jake “The Locksmith” Locker much longer.  The Texans were fortunate to sneak out of San Diego with a win Monday night, but shouldn’t have much trouble handling the Titans on Sunday.

Chargers @ Eagles

Scottie: Eagles; 14 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Sign me up.  I am a fan of the Chip Kelly system. The best part is the Eagles have the athletes to make this offense successful.  Desean Jackson looked revitalized in the first half last week.  LeSean McCoy is the second best running back in the game and Michael Vick has still got it.


I’m going with the Eagles in this one, but it’s not because I’m a huge believer in this team.  They played 30 awesome minutes of football in Week 1, however they were hanging on for dear life in the second half, and almost let the Redskins back in the game.  They play fast, but that means more plays where Mike Vick gets hit.  When Mike Vick gets hit, he gets hurt.  When Vick gets hurt, the Eagles are toast.  The Chargers are a debacle, so I’m sticking with the Eagles for another week.

Lions @ Cardinals

Scottie: Lions; 15 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I thoroughly enjoy the Lions offense this season.  So long as Reggie Bush can stay healthy, the Lions may become a Super Bowl contender. Like I said last week, Calvin Johnson stretches the field and Bush does work underneath.  Yeah, Ndomukung Suh is dirtier and sleezier than MattyO but to each his own.  Thanksgiving football will be fun again in Detroit.


I need to get it out there, Ndamukong Suh is a complete and utter jackass.  I mean, I’m not saying anything groundbreaking here, but I had to get that off my chest.  The Cardinals showed signs of improvement last week with Carson Palmer at the helm.  Larry Fitzgerald looked like his old self, and Michael Floyd looks like a stud in the making.  However, we all known that Carson Palmer will shoot himself in the foot every game.

Saints @ Bucs

Scottie: Saints; 12 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Sean Payton Revenge Tour’s next stop is Tampa Bay.  After being suspended a year because of BountyGate, Payton is looking to destroy the league.  The Bucs are next in the pecking order.  After taking a stupid penalty last week in the closing seconds, the Bucs blew their game against the Jets.  They even made Geno Smith look *ahem* ok.  Imagine how they will make Drew Brees look.


The Saints just took out many people’s pick to be the NFC representative in the Super Bowl (the Falcons) this past week.  I can’t see them struggling with the Josh Freeman led Bucs.  Sean Payton will be on a rampage in 2013, however I just don’t see the Saints defense as being a championship unit in 2013.

Jaguars @ Raiders

Scottie: Raiders 4 CONFIDENCE POINTS

This is the “who cares?” game of the week, unless you are Marcos Valentin.  The Jaguars are not winning.  They are having trouble selling tickets.  Any smart sports businessman would see this as a prime opportunity to bring in Tim Tebow and get away with it.  Start Tebow.  Sell tickets in the area where he went to college and was a god. (pun intended I guess)  If you’re going to lose games, you mind as well try to at least make some money.  Dumbest move in sports in a long time is not utilizing the free pass to bring in Tebow.  The Jacksonville owner has this pass yet he’d rather lose with Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne.  Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.


The Jaguars are the worst team in the history of the NFL.  Terrell Pryor does work in week 2.  But, I need MJD to step up in Week 2.

Broncos @ Giants

Scottie: Broncos; 11 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Broncos found another toy for Peyton Manning to play with last week in Julius Thomas.  Many have called Thomas the next Jimmy Graham.  Add him to Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, and Eric Decker.  It is just not fair.  Eli didn’t look close to good last week despite having nice numbers.  I haven’t quite figured out how I feel about Eli yet.  He has roasted the Patriots twice now in the Super Bowl.  Because of those wins, I considered him elite.  But now, I don’t think he can hold his brother’s jock strap.  The jury is still out on Eli.


I can’t figure out the Giants.  The turned the ball over 6 times in Week 1.  They only lost by 5 points.  The David Wilson experiment went down the shitter, but Eli was able to keep the G-Men in the game.  What Giants team shows up in Week 2?  Peyton Manning went off in Week 1, however is a guy like Julius Thomas going to be a reliable target?  The Broncos defense was helped immensely by the effectiveness of the Broncos offense.  I’m taking the upset in this one.

49ers @ Seahawks

Scottie: Seahwaks 1 CONFIDENCE POINT

This will be the most entertaining game of the week.  Fitting it will be played in prime time.  Rumor is Kaepernick and Wilson have a bet on this game.  The loser has to shave one eye brow.  Because Seattle does not lose at home, Kaepernick better get his razor ready.


I don’t like the Seahawks.  They are too cocky.  What have they accomplished?  They lost in the divisional round last year.  Woohoo!  Wow, you guys are awesome!  Grow UP!  The Seahawks racked up an amazing 12 points against a mediocre Carolina defense last week.  The 49ers racked up 34 points against a decent Packers defense last week.  Yea, I’m going with the 49ers.

Steelers @ Bengals

Scottie: Bengals 9 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I voiced my concerns about the Steelers last week.  These are not the Steelers we are use to seeing.  They do not have a run game and Big Ben doesn’t have anyone to throw to.  On the other hand the Bengals are coming off a tough loss to the Bears.  AJ Green showed he is on Calvin Johnson’s level as one of the best receivers in the game.  Despite the loss, I still like the Bengals this season.


You can’t lose to the Tennessee Titans and then expect me to have confidence in your team.  The Pittsburgh Steelers are trending downwards, and have been doing so ever since Todd Haley came on board as offensive coordinator in 2012.  Yes, I think that Haley is the issue.  But, in this situation it doesn’t matter.  For the first time in years, the Bengals have a better team than the Steelers and will show it on Monday night.

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I wouldn’t get on Twitter is Scottie actually was RG 3

3 Responses

  1. Going into Sunday night

    Scott: 10-4 84 points
    matt: 8-6 86 points

  2. After the 4pm wave of games:

    Scottie: 10-4 (84 CONFIDENCE POINTS)
    Matty O: 8-6 (86 CONFIDENCE POINTS)

  3. Week 2 complete

    Scott 12-4 94 points
    matt 9-7 94 points


    Scott 24-8 195 points
    Matt 19-13 192 points

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