2013 Week 4 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. MattyOShow

ha ha ha ha… Ok I am done.  Sorry, I just finished a week’s worth of laughter at “The MattyOShow’s” performance last week. images Yes, Matty went 4-12 for 49 points.  Matty can comfort himself in knowing the Lions, Raiders, and Eagles all went 4-12 last season.  So he is in good company.  The bottom line is life has been difficult in the “O’Show” household as of late.  The pressure to meet deadlines at work, a wife, kids, etc.  The kid is all growns up and can’t deal with the pressures of life and still be respectable in the NFL picks.  The problem is Matty can name all the Real Housewife’s of New Jersey, can bake a helluva Quiche, and does a mean job washing the dishes.  But he can recognize a 3-4 defense anymore?  Does he know the difference between a go route and an out route? Like Rob Gronkowski this week, Questionable.

Me? I didn’t have such a great week, either.  But good Lord, it was not 4-12!  I went 8-8 last week.  I am 32-16 on the season with a total of 277 points.  Matty is below .500 at 23-25 with a total of 251 points.  (Yes, I just took great joy in eviscerating Matty O via the keyboard.)

I’m not going to come on here and start talking shit.  Quite frankly, I don’t deserve to talk shit.  I had a terrible week.  The worst week in the history of Scottie and I doing this.  Scottie is putting the beat down on me.  His only mistake, he hasn’t built up a big enough lead when I’ve been shitting my pants.  Play time is over Scottie, I’m all in…

Byes: Green Bay, Carolina  

49ers @ Rams

Scottie: 49ers 8 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The 49ers are a mess at the moment.  Aldon Smith is in rehab for the foreseeable future.  Vernon Davis is hurt.  Collin Kaepernick has been figured out by the rest of the NFL.  The 49ers need Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham back in the worst way.  Anquan Boldin can’t possibly be Kaepernick’s only option in the offense if the Niners want to win anything.  Fortunately for the Niners, they head into St. Louis and face the wretched Rams led by the pansy Sam Bradford.  Faithful readers know where I stand in this matter.


No matter the mess that the 49ers are in currently, they are simply better than the Rams.  I know, I’m going against my boy Bradford, but the Rams aren’t ready to compete with the big boys in the NFC West.  However, Pat Willis and Nhamdi Asomugha’s injuries certainly give the Rams a punchers chance.

Ravens @ Bills


Don’t you just love how Ray Lewis called out the Ravens (his former team) for a lack of leadership after Jacoby Jones was Unknownsmashed over the head with a champagne bottle by a stripper?  Don’t you just love how Ray Lewis might be the most self-serving individual in all of sports? Don’t you just love how Jacoby Jones was smashed over the head with a champagne bottle by a stripper?  Suddenly the Ravens aren’t good because Ray is no longer crying during the national anthem as if he has never heard it before, yelling bible passages at teammates, and dancing as if he has just been electrocuted.  All that means nothing going into this Sunday because they are facing the Bills.  But I needed to get it off my chest. Sorry Lyden, I showed good faith in your Bills last week and they let me down.  Doug Marone needs to find a way to get CJ Spiller in open in space.  Until he finds that remedy, the Bills will continue to be, well, the Bills.


This group of wild strippers could have taken a bottle to Joe Flacco’s head, and I’m still sticking with the Ravens on this one.  Again, with Ray Rice hurt, the Bills do have a chance.  However, I think that Rice might play, and I just don’t think EJ Manuel and the Bills are ready to compete with one of the better teams in the AFC.

Bengals @ Browns

Scottie: Bengals  14 CONFIDENCE POINTSBlake-Griffin-Brynn-Cameron-Matt-Leinart_20130923235321714_660_320

Not only was I wrong about the Browns last week, I was very wrong.  I fully expected the Browns to be awful after trading away their running back and starting their 2nd string quarterback.  The great Brian Hoyer proved me wrong finding  the next great tight end in football, Jordan Cameron, 3 times in the end zone.  Side note: Jordan Cameron’s sister is Matt Leinart and Blake Griffin’s baby mama.  All of that hard-hitting football analysis aside, the Bengals are for real this year.  They have a solid defense, a young dynamic running back in Gio Bernard, and one of the best receivers in AJ Green.  Cincy will cruise.

Matt: Bengals – 14 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Is Brian Hoyer that good, or is Brandon Weeden just that bad?  I mean seriously, the Browns looked like Scottie on the softball field under Weeden (in case you haven’t seen Scottie play softball…it’s ugly).  Hoyer comes in, and starts slinging the rock all over the Vikings and making the Browns look like the 2007 New England Patriots!  And that was AFTER they traded Trent Richardson!  Anyways, the Bengals are starting to look like the best team in the AFC North, and they pick up another win against the Browns.

Bears @ Lions


This is a guilty pleasure game for me.  I have always overrated the Lions dating back to the Barry Sanders days.  I have always thought they are better than what they actually are.  When the Lions added Reggie Bush to the offense to compliment Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford, I became hooked again.  I have also always been bothered by Jay Cutler.  I just don’t like him.  I refuse to give him credit for what he has done this season (a 3-0 start).  Against my better judgment, I will go with my heart instead of my head.  Go Lions.


The Lions always seem to do the opposite of what I anticipate.  When I pick them to win, they get smoked and Suh gets fined.  When I pick them to lose, Matt Stafford does work and I look like an asshole.  With a completely healthy Reggie Bush and Nate Burleson, I might lean towards the Lions.  However, the Bears just look good right now, and their defense will wreak havoc on Stafford.

Giants @ Chiefs

Scottie: Chiefs 6 CONFIDENCE POINTSUnknown-1

All aboard the Chiefs bandwagon!  I admit I totally wussed out last week in going with the Eagles over the Chiefs.  What I fail to realize is in reality Mike Vick may be the flashy, sexy quarterback but Alex Smith is a quarterback that wins football games.  He does not turn the football over.  He does not try to force something that isn’t there.  He does not play hero ball.  While it is maddening for Dwayne Bowe fantasy owners, it’s perfect for the Chiefs.  Smith will continue to dink and dunk.  Andy Reid will give the ball the Jamal Charles.  The Chiefs will continue to play outstanding defense.  And the Chiefs will continue to win games.  All of that and the Giants are a mess.


The Giants are playing like complete dogshit at the moment.  However, they are the Giants and the Chiefs are the Chiefs.  Eli Manning will go off this week, and the Giants will win a shootout.

Cardinals @ Bucs


We will call this my hunch game.  The Bucs have finally benched Josh Freeman.  The 17th overall pick in 2009 can  be officially known as a bust.  The Bucs have named Mike Glennon their starting quarterback.  I expect the Bucs to rally around the rookie and get their first win of the season on their home soil.  Couple the pick me up of a new starter with the fact Carson Palmer is coming to town, it is a recipe for a win.  Palmer continues to be good for 2 to 3 horrible throws a game that allow his team to lose the game.  Why is Carson still employed by an NFL team?

Matt: Cardinals – 5 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Is Mike Glennon the answer?  Is Scottie a worthwhile human being?  The answers to both of those questions are resounding NO’s!  The Bucs are a complete disaster.  Doug Martin should be getting 40 carries a game, and yet Josh Freeman threw the ball 41 times against the Pats.  I don’t get it man!  Anyways, the Cardinals are a better team right now, and the Bucs keep on doing stupid stuff…

Colts @ Jaguars

Scottie: Colts  15 CONFIDENCE POINTS

There will not be a game all year where the Jaguars are going to be the reason for my highest confidence points.  I truly believe they would lose to Alabama if there were such a game.  The Colts are a damn good football team, too.  I am so confident the Colts win this game, they could even do it with their practice squad.


Similarly to what Scottie said above, there is no situation where I’m going with the Jags all season.  Word on the street is that the Jags are offering their fans 2 free beers to go to Sunday’s game.  In my opinion, even if the NFL was offering free quarterbacks for the Jags, they don’t have a shot.

Seahawks @ Texans

Scottie: Seahawks 5 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Seahawks had a lay up last week against the Jaguars.  They face a bit more of a challenge this week when they travel to Houston.  There is no doubt Seattle has the best defense in football.  The defense allows the offense to work itself out and make mistakes.  Chances are teams will not capitalize on Russell Wilson turnovers.  Matt Schaub hasn’t been all that effective and Arian Foster is not what he once was.  Andre Johnson is hobbled with a shin injury.  I expect the Seahawks to bottle up DeAndre Hopkins and leave Texans with little else in terms of offensive fire power.


Unlike Ronny Raw Dog above me here, I’m not a huge Seahawks fan, especially when they are on the road.  Remember, in week 1 they beat the Panthers 12-7 on the road.  In my opinion, the Texans are bigger than the Panthers.  This will be a high scoring affair, which means advantage Houston.

Steelers @ Vikings

Scottie: Vikings 2 CONFIDENCE POINTSUnknown-2

After the Vikings lost the Browns last week, I can confidently say, the Vikings stink.  I can also say the Steelers stink.  That makes this game one big stinkfest.  Adrian Peterson will run all over The Aluminum Curtain.  The Vikings will focus on containing Antonio Brown since he is Pittsburgh’s only offensive weapon.  The Vikings will make up for last week’s humiliating loss.

Matt: Steelers – 11 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Steelers lose to the Bears, and the Vikings lose to the Brown.  Yes, this game is a “home game” for the Vikings, but it’s in London.  The Steelers are poised for a win, while the Vikings will begin to question whether Matt Cassel is the answer.

Jets @ Titans

Scottie: Titans 11 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Titans have been a surprise team early in the season.  Jake Locker has looked competent under center.  Chris Johnson has been running the ball effectively.  Their defense is vastly underrated.  Our buddy CV has to be excited about his upstart Titans.  Even with their win against the Bills last week, I still see the Jets as a disaster.  Their penalty yardage from last week is evidence enough.  The Titans are the better team and they are at home.


Jake Locker is a comeback king.  My man CV pops a little Locker in his pants every time the Titans pull out a victory.  The Jets are terrible.  Yes they beat the Bills last week, but even a blind squirrel gets a nut once and a while.  Titans keep being the surprise team in the NFL, while the Jets keep making their case for Jadaveon (if that’s how you spell it) Clowney.

Redskins @ Raiders

Scottie: Redskins  10 CONFIDENCE POINTS

My concerns about RG3’s premature return have been well documented in this forum.  Kirk Cousins is a more than serviceable backup.  If I was Redskins brass, I would have given Cousins all the opportunity in the world to showcase his talents while RG3 completed his rehab allowing him to come back fully healthy.  Throw Cousins on the trading block when RG3 was ready and you continue to rebuild your franchise.  They didn’t and they are stupid.  None of this matters when you face the Raiders.  The Raiders literally have nothing going for them.  They won’t even get the number 1 pick in the draft next year because they aren’t as bad as the Jaguars.  Washington finally gets into the win column.

Matt: Redskins – 7 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Redskins haven’t looked good to start 2013.  RG3 is feeling the pressure that he never felt last year.  Alfred Morris isn’t getting the ball enough, and hasn’t been as effective.  Their defense hasn’t developed into the unit that I anticipated.  RG3 still doesn’t look right to me.  With all that being said (and Terrell Pryor having suffered a concussion last week), I have to go with the Skins.

Eagles @ Broncos

Scottie: Broncos 13 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Broncos have thrown up 49, 41, and 47 points in their first 3 games.  The Eagles couldn’t stop traffic with a red light.  The Broncos have a strong chance to throw up over 50 on Sunday.  Are the Broncos a shoo in for the AFC Championship? I am starting to think so.  D Thomas, J Thomas, Welker, and Decker? Peyton will break Brady’s touchdown record this season.

Matt: Broncos – 10 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Honestly, if this game was in Philly, I think I might go with the Eagles.  The Broncos defense has not impressed me this year.  Champ Bailey is hurt.  Von Miller is still suspended.  I’m not convinced with that unit.  The Eagles will be looking to make a statement after their disappointing performance against the Chiefs last week.  However, in Denver, Peyton has the advantage.  You should start every player in this game on your fantasy team this week.

Cowboys @ Chargers

Scottie: Cowboys  3 CONFIDENCE POINTSUnknown-3

DeMarco Murray showed why he is considered one of the best runners in the NFL after his 175 yard effort against the Rams last week.  Then again it was the Rams, and we all know how bad the Rams are.  I still think the Cowboys have to be considered as the top team in the NFC (L)east.  What an awful division!  The Chargers leading receiver last week was Danny Woodhead.  I love Danny Woodhead for all his fire and grit but when he is your leading receiver in a throwing league, you are in trouble.  The Chargers have been prone to give up big plays.  They will fall victim to the big play once more, and Dallas will leave the whale’s vagina with a victory.


Scottie might try and convince you that last week’s blowout by the Cowboys is more indicative of how bad the Rams are as compared to how good the Cowboys are.  In my opinion, the Cowboys finally showed up last week.  DeMarco Murray was healthy for once.  The Rams aren’t great against the run, and the Cowboys successfully pounded the rock.  The Chargers are an implosion waiting to happen.

Patriots @ Falcons

Scottie: Falcons 4 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Patriots face their most formidable foe to date this season.  I can’t say it is their first test because every game for them has been a test of a different variety.  The Patriots defense has risen to the occasion against weak offenses through the first three weeks.  It is no secret they have won these games while the offense figures itself out.  The Patriots will not have the same margin for error against the Falcons they enjoyed with the Bills, Jets, and Bucs.  The only positive for the Patriots in this game is the Falcons might be as banged up as the Patriots are.  Be that as it may, I like the Falcons on their home turf in this one.

Matt: Patriots – 3 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Pats showed me something last week against the Bucs that I wasn’t expecting.  Their defense continued to look good (however it was against 3 bad teams).  I was most impressed with Tom Brady’s willingness to continue to look for receivers even after a play was botched.  For instance, two weeks ago, when Dobson dropped a couple of passes, it seemed as though Brady just shut him off.  Last week, Brady continually looked for Dobson and Thompkins.  I would love to see what would happen if Josh Boyce got into the mix.  Anyways, the Falcons lost to the Dolphins last week, and in my book that’s a significant loss.  The Pats show up on Sunday night!

Dolphins @ Saints

Scottie: Saints 12 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I have said all season not to sleep on the Dolphins.  I legitimately believe Ryan Tannehill is a very good quarterback.  They have two big wins on their resume early in the season knocking off the Colts and Falcons.  While I do like the Dolphins this season, I do not believe they can stop the Sean Payton Revenge Tour.  The Dolphins will be without their #1 pass rusher in Cameron Wake.  Drew Brees will pick apart the Dolphins secondary.  You think Brees has forgotten the Dolphins chose Daunte Culpepper over him in 2006? Brees lights up the Dolphins Monday night.


Hate the Dolphins.  Hate Tannehill.  In New Orleans, they have no shot.  Scottie is an idiot.

Matty is getting smoked because he isn’t up to date with all the hot takes from Twitter.  Me on the other hand? Well.  I can be followed on Twitter @ScottieNTCF

Scottie is an idiot, so he’s on twitter

2013 Week 3 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. Mattyoshow

I’ll admit it, that’s two weeks now that ol’ Scottie has gotten the best of me. Am I worried about it? Not at all. We all know how Scottie operates. He starts off strong, but as the season progresses he begins thinking way too much and then implodes! Scottie posted a 12-4 record, and amassed 94 confidence points last week. I went 9-7, and also amassed 94 confidence points. The beauty of the confidence point system is that even though Scottie had a better record, the games he was the MOST confident in, he didn’t pick correctly (hence Scottie putting 14 confidence points on the Eagles and 15 confidence points on the Lions), but that’s cus Scottie is an idiot. Overall, Scottie is 24-8 with 195 confidence points, while I’m at 19-13 with 192 confidence points. I have some work to do, so let’s do it…

As long as I keep picking correctly, I am happy.  I admit I need to work on my confidence scoring.  I am still adjusting to this new wrinkle.  I am focused this season.  I am notorious for running out to a fast start and then fading at the end.  As a cross country runner in high school and college, I fully admit, it is a shortcoming of mine.  It is what it is.  At the end of two weeks, Matty is in my rear view mirror.  It is my goal to have him out of sight in two more weeks.

Chiefs @ Eaglesmadden2004-michael-vick-cover

Scottie: Eagles- 2 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I believe in the Chiefs.  I actually think they can get 9 wins this season.  But I don’t think 1 of those wins will happen Thursday night.  The Eagles offense is clicking on all cylinders right now.  Mike Vick looks like the Madden 2004 version of Vick (comparable to Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl).  The problem with the Eagles is their defense can’t stop a nose bleed.  I think this will be a shoot out.  Kansas City can’t keep pace in a shoot out.

Mattyoshow: Eagles – 9 CONFIDENCE POINTS
Andy Reid is going to be crucified upon returning to Philadelphia and the Eagles will take advantage of the hostile environment. The Eagles need to learn to close out games, but as the team matures and develops more comfort with Chip Kelly and his scheme, that will come.

Texans @ Ravens

Scottie: Texans- 11 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Ravens have been putrid through their first two games this season.  I blame Joe Flacco.  He signed a huge contract after demanding top dollar because he was a Super Bowl winning quarterback.  Flacco took so much money that there was not enough for other guys to come in and help Jump Ball Joe out.  His favorite weapons are gone.  He has effectively put the Ravens franchise in 8-8 or 9-7 mode for the next 5 to 7 years.  Meanwhile the Texans are an ugly 2-0 if there is such a thing.  I suspect the Texans will continue their ugly win streak.  I am starting to believe they will be in the AFC Championship game.

Mattyoshow: Texans – 7 CONFIDENCE POINTS
The Houston Texans have managed to start 2-0 when they deserve to be 0-2. Meanwhile, the Ravens are 1-1 after a slugfest with the Browns last weekend. The deal breaker for me in this one is Ray Rice’s health.

Giants @ Panthers

Scottie: Giants – 8 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I am surprised Ron Rivera is still employed as a head coach for an NFL team.  The Panthers have been miserable under achievers during his tenure.  Carolina needs a shake up.  Until that time, they will continue to lose.  Cam Newton is off to another slow start and that is not helping matters.  I expect the Giants to get off the schnide on Sunday.

Mattyoshow: Giants – 13 CONFIDENCE POINTS
I didn’t imagine that after 3 games, either the Giants of the Panthers would be 0-3. I truly thought that the Panthers would complete for a playoff spot this season. The Giants are too talented to start 0-3, while Cam Newton has been a disappointment this season.

Lions @ Redskinsrg3

Scottie: Lions- 10 CONFIDENCE POINTS

MattyO can bust me up all he wants about my understanding of RG3’s knee injury.  The fact remains, the man is a shell of what he was last year.  He is not moving around the pocket or scrambling for first downs like he once did.  I truly believe he came back way too soon because he feels the pressure of being the face of the franchise.  Despite a hiccup against the Cardinals last week, I still like the Lions a lot this season.  I expect them to rebound against the Skins in Washington.

Mattyoshow: Redskins – 8 CONFIDENCE POINTS
Nothing would scare me more as a Redskins fan than the idea that Ndamukong Suh will be chasing RG3 around the field on Sunday. Similar to what I mentioned above, the Redskins are too talented to start 0-3.

Chargers @ Titans


I was shocked the Chargers outlasted the Eagles last week.  I do not see the Chargers beating the Titans without Malcolm Floyd.  His injury leaves Phillip Rivers without one of his favorite targets.  Eddie Royal will not score three touchdowns the rest of the season.  Chris Johnson is due for a breakout game.  San Diego is yet to allow less than 100 yards rushing this season.

Mattyoshow: Titans – 4 CONFIDENCE POINTS
The Chargers have given away a game and have been given a game this season. Meanwhile, the Titans have been fighting their ass off to start 2013. Jake Locker has actually shown signs of competence! Chris Johnson goes off and leads the Titans to victory.

Cardinals @Saints tumblr_m1b1qyEe5Q1r8sw23o1_500

Scottie: Saints- 13 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Saints squeaked by the Bucs last week on a last second field goal.  Hard to believe they only put up 16 points.  Be that as it may, I expect the Sean Payton Revenge Tour to continue along its path.  The Cardinals chances aren’t helped by Larry Fitzgerald’s hamstring issue.

Mattyoshow: Saints – 14 CONFIDENCE POINTS
No matter how well Carson Palmer is playing he always makes one throw per game that makes you question how he even got a scholarship to play college football. The Cardinals have no shot in New Orleans, although I anticipate huge fantasy numbers for both sets of wide receivers.

Buccaneers @ Patriots

Scottie: Patriots- 9 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Ok, yes, it is a homer pick especially with the 9 confidence points.  Now I will attempt to back up my choice.  The Patriots have had 10 days to prepare for a Tampa team that is in disarray.  Yes, they have all the talent in the world.  But it seems they can’t put it together.  Even bolder prediction than my pick? I think LaGarrette Blount will gash his former team.   Plus Dobson and Thompkins can only improve, right? Right?

Mattyoshow: Buccaneers – 1 CONFIDENCE POINT

I know that this isn’t the popular pick, especially locally, however I just think that the Bucs, with the current state of the Patriots, are a tough matchup for the Patriots.  The Patriots lone receiving weapon (Julian Edelman) will get locked down by Revis.  The Bucs’ defensive line is a very good pass-rushing unit, which always seems to bother the Pats.  The Buccaneers are one of the better rushing teams in the NFL, and the Pats haven’t been awesome at stopping the run.  I just think that this is a tough matchup for the Pats.

Packers @ Bengals

Scottie: Packers- 7 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Packers offense hits a whole new gear when Jordy Nelson is healthy.  He is Aaron Rodgers favorite target and has shown that through 2 games.  Remember when Randall Cobb was considered “a poor man’s Percy Harvin?” I would argue he is even better than Harvin.  The Packers will throw up 35 on a solid Cincy defense.  The Bengals, at this point in time, are not capable of putting up such numbers.

Mattyoshow: Packers – 12 CONFIDENCE POINTS
The Bengals looked terrible on Monday night against the Steelers. The proclaimed AFC North champs haven’t looked good all season. Contrarily, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers absolutely lit it up last week. The Bengals’ defense is tough, but I’m not sure that they can slow down the Pack.

Rams @ Cowboys12+Football+Championship+Missouri+v+Oklahoma+8xA3BxRqJDHl

Scottie: Cowboys- 1 CONFIDENCE POINT

I am only picking the Cowboys because of passionate dislike for Sam Bradford.  I do not understand how the Cowboys are better than what they are with the talent they have.  Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray are two of the best players in the NFL at their position.  Yet they won’t make the playoffs.

Mattyoshow: Rams – 5 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Bradford baby! Oh, and Tavon Austin and Robert Quinn…

Browns @ Vikings

Scottie: Vikings- 14 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I have the luxury of typing out these picks after I learned Trent Richardson was traded to the Colts.  That trade leaves the Browns offense in flux.  Brandon Weeden won’t play.  Willis McGahee hasn’t been signed as of the time of this writing.  The Browns are in rebuilding mode and are in for all the bumps and bruises that go along with such a mode.

Mattyoshow: Vikings – 3 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Going with the gut on this one.  The Browns’ defense is actually amongst the best in the NFL.  Offensively, they just lucked out because Weeden got hurt, so they get to start former Patriot Brian Hoyer at quarterback.  Hoyer’s experience is limited, however he has to be better than Weeden, right?  The Browns will slow down Adrian Peterson, forcing Christian Ponder to air it out, and we all know how that ends…

UPDATE: I had the Browns picked in this one…and then they messed around and traded Trent Richardson.  Gotta go with the Vikes now that Scottie would be Cleveland’s best offensive player.

Falcons @ Dolphinslauren_tannehill_modeling_dolphins1

Scottie: Falcons- 5 CONFIDENCE POINTS

MattyO hates the Dolphins like I hate the Rams. He hates Tannehill like I hate Bradford. (hello Mrs. Tannehill)  Its ok.  I understand.  But he is wrong.  The Dolphins are a good football team.  They might be the favorites to win the AFC East this season.  At the same time, they are not quite on the Falcons level.  The Falcons might be undermanned without Steven Jackson and Roddy White but Matty Ice will show the young pup Tannehill how it is done.  I expect the Falcons will get big games out of Julio Jones and Jacquizz Rodgers.

Mattyoshow: Falcons – 11 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Miami Dolphins might be the worst 2-0 team of all time.  Tannehill throws up helium balls for Mike Wallace.  Lamar Miller is tripping over players and stumbling into touchdowns.  Their defense couldn’t stop a nosebleed.  Yet, they are tied with the New England Patriots for the AFC East division lead.  The Falcons will be without Stephen Jackson, but honestly, it doesn’t matter in this one.

Bills @ Jets

Scottie: Bills – 3 CONFIDENCE POINTS

This game might end up 6-3 or even a tie.  The Bills have a better offense than the Jets.  But the Jets have a defense that can bottle up CJ Spiller.  This will be an ugly rock fight.  I was a Bills fan for a few years during the Bledsoe campaign and I hate the Jets so I will go Bills.  Hard hitting football analyisis right there.

Mattyoshow: Bills – 6 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I’m pretty sure that if you offered me $100 bucks to watch this game, I would consider turning you down.  EJ Manuel vs. Geno Smith = complete disaster.  The Bills have been the more effective team this season, so they get the win in this one.  Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to get some more tears out of EJ Manuel?

Colts @ 49ersUnknown

Scottie: 49ers- 4 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Colts became a very interesting team this week after acquiring Trent Richardson.  While he won’t be a factor in this week’s game, he and Andrew Luck are looking at a bright next 5-8 years in Indy.  The 49ers defense will contain Luck, while the Colts will struggle to stop an angry Collin Kaepernick.  I mean, he has to be angry after being embarrassed by the Seahawks on national television last week, right?

Mattyoshow: 49ers – 10 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I think that everyone was a little quick to jump all over the Colts’ bandwagon.  Yes, Andrew luck is going to be (and kind of already is) a stud.  However, his supporting cast isn’t as great as we anticipated.  TY Hilton and Ahmad Bradshaw haven’t really had the impact that we were all anticipating (UPDATE: The addition of Trent Richardson is a HUGE, and will catapult the Colts into the playoffs for the 2nd consecutive season).  Their defense is still a work in progress.  On the other side of the ball, the 49ers will be enjoying some home cooking after getting smoked by my least favorite team in the league (the Seahawks) on Sunday night.

Jaguars @Seahawks

Scottie: Seahawks- 16 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Seahawks don’t lose at home.  The Jaguars can’t beat the Little Giants.

Mattyoshow: Seahawks – 16 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I don’t really have to explain myself here, right?  Awesome Little Giants reference RG3…I mean Scottie.

Bears @ Steelers

Scottie: Bears- 12 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I don’t know what Matty is smoking.  And I don’t want any.  The Steelers are a mess and there is no easy fix in sight.  They have no running game.  They have no receivers.  There defense is nowhere near what it usually is.  The Bears will win this easily.  Matt Forte has been a workhorse of a running back racking up both rushing and receiving yardage.  The Bears will continue to run him into the ground.

Mattyoshow: Steelers – 2 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Jay Cutler and the Bears have gotten off to a better start than most of us anticipated this season.  Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers have gotten off to a much worse start than most of us anticipated this season.  The Steelers need this game more than the Bears, to Roethlisberger and company get it done at home.

Raiders @ Broncos1374698649000-wes-welker-1307242314_4_3

Scottie: Broncos- 15 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Broncos loss of Ryan Clady will be a massive loss in Denver.  If Peyton isn’t protected, the Broncos are beatable.  Fortunately for Denver, the Raiders do not belong on the same playing field as them, with or without Clady.  Once again, i only provide the greatest insight in all of my picks.

Mattyoshow: Broncos – 15 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Peyton might throw 15 TDs and Welker might catch 8 TDs in this one.


Matty? Still getting his information from the daily newspaper.

2013 Week 2 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. Mattyoshow

I had a nice start to the season going 12-4 scoring 101 points.  Matt wasn’t too far behind.  He posted a 10-6 record with 97 points.  As has been the case in the last two seasons, I once again get out to an early lead.  I hope to change the ending of the story this year by finally beating the self-proclaimed “better looking Mel Kiper.’  The Patriots gave us both a scare against the Bills with 16 points at stake.  The biggest upset last week was the Bucs giving their game away to the Jets.

Scottie off to a hot start…nothing I haven’t overcome in the past.  The dude is a scrub, even he knows it.  I’m putting up some serious numbers this week!  Let’s do it…

Jets @ Patriots

Scottie: Patriots  7 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I learned my lesson last week about being overconfident in division matchups.  The Jets do not scare me.  What scares me is the Patriots.  They showed me last week they are capable of beating themselves.  Now with Vereen out until Week 11 at the earliest, Gronk likely out, and Amendola banged up the Patriots will have to rely on their defense to win this game.  I find it ironic the Patriots won all of their Super Bowls behind great defense and special teams play.  Brady just managed the games.  Maybe the Patriots have been forced back into playing what made them a dynasty in the first place.

MattyO: Patriots – 13 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Unlike the Bills, whom the Patriots have struggled (and I use that term very lightly) with over the past couple of years, the Patriots have basically owned the Jets.  The Pats have won 5 of their last 6 match ups vs. the Jets, and I don’t see that trend stopping on Thursday.  From what I have been hearing, Amendola and Sudfeld will both be missing Thursday nights game.  Guess what?  I don’t care.  You could throw Scottie and I out there at wide-out and we’re coming away with a 10 point victory.  Pats all the way, no doubt about it.

Rams @ Falcons

Scottie: Falcons, 16 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Falcons will rebound after a tough loss to the Saints last week.  Despite the opening game loss, the Falcons will go far this season. They have a better defense than the Cardinals, who the Rams faced last week. I still don’t like Sam Bradford.  But in his defense, it has to be tough when the only weapon a quarterback has is Jared Cook.  That is no slight on Cook but without a compliment to him, the Rams are easy to gameplan for.


Unlike Johnny confidence above me here, I’m basically in the front row of the Rams’ bandwagon.  Scottie hates Sam Bradford, but Bradford loves making Scottie hate him more and more every week.  Jared Cook is Bradford’s only offensive weapon?  Tavon Austin looked pretty damn dangerous when I was watching him play on Sunday.  Aside from my boy Bradford, the Rams D is developing into a very intimidating unit.  However, the Falcons are too talented to be 0-2, but the Rams make them earn it.

Panthers @ Bills

Scottie: Panthers  8 CONFIDENCE POINTS

My buddy Lyden hates me because of this but I will take the Panthers here.  If the Patriots don’t fumble three times last week, they win that game by 20 points.  Lyden is quick to point out the Bills fumbled a few times too and the argument can both ways. He fails to realize this is the identity of the Bills and it has been for years. They give games away.  Cam Newton had a tough matchup against the Seahawks defense last week.  I expect him to break out against the Bills this week.

MattyO: Panthers – 10 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Bills fought the good fight last weekend.  However, their inability to hold onto the football and capitalize on opponent turnovers will be a big issue for the Bills in 2013.  CJ Spiller doesn’t look as explosive as everyone was anticipating.  EJ Manuel looks like he can develop into a nice player, but for this week, I’m sticking with Cam.

Vikings @ Bears


The Bears surprised me last week.  I did not expect them to even play close to the Vikings.  I like that they put the ball in Matt Forte’s hands.  If they chose to continue that trend, the Bears may actually be a decent team this season.  I expect the Bears will contain Adrian Peterson.  By contain, I mean hold him to under 150 yards and 2 touchdowns.  They will force turnovers from Samantha Ponder’s husband and take the W.


Christian Ponder has done absolutely nothing to convince me that he can be a successful NFL quarterback, and putting up a solid 20.4 QBR (3 ints, 1 fumble) in week 1 didn’t help.  The Bears won a really tough game against the Bengals in Week 1, and I see them building on that success in Week 2.

Redskins @ Packers

Scottie: Packers 6 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Psychologically, Robert Griffin III is not ready to return to the NFL.  This was apparent in how he played Monday night.  He is not ready to be hit my linebackers.  He is not ready to scramble away from blitzes.  Getting over an ACL injury is not just about being physically ready, most of it is being mentally ready.  3 years ago, I broke my leg playing softball.  Not until now am I comfortable playing sports, where I am not thinking about the rod in my leg every second I am on the field or court.  No I am not a professional athlete, but I can relate to RG3.  His injury aside, the Redskins will not be able to keep up with the Packers offense.


So now apparently Scottie is RG 3 because they both have suffered leg injuries?  Kid is ridiculous.  RG 3’s leg isn’t where it needs to be.  Yes, maybe his strength has come back.  Yes, his flexibility has been restored.  Even his straight line speed may have returned.  However, his ability to take a 7 step drop, plant off that back leg, and drive the football just wasn’t present in Week 1.  Alfred Morris’ inability to generate consistent rushing offense didn’t help.  The Packers were a few stupid penalties (and a blown call) away from beating the 49ers.  They get back on track against Scottie…oops I mean RG 3 and the Redskins on Sunday.

Dolphins @ Colts


Andrew Luck will go down as one of the best players to ever play the game when it is all said and done. He has proven to be Reggie Wayne’s fountain of youth.  This week, I expect the Colts to incorporate TY Hilton into the offense in a big way.  I believe the Dolphins will contend for the AFC East division crown.  I like what I saw out of Tannehill. Mike Wallace proved to care about stats over wins.  That will be a situation to monitor throughout the season.  In a close game, I give the edge to the team with more pure talent.


In week 1, the Dolphins beat the Browns pretty easily, while the Colts needed some Andrew Luck-type magic to get the job done against Oakland.  However, I have to agree with Scottie on this one.  Luck is special.  Yes, he has all of the physical tools and the mental capacity.  We have all known that for a while.  But, he also has that “it” factor that you see in the Tom Bradys and Peyton Mannings.  I’m not sold on Ryan Tannehill, nor will I ever be.  Luck wins another one.

Cowboys @ Chiefs

Scottie: Chiefs  2 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Yes, it was against the Jaguars last week.  But the Chiefs blew them off the field.  There is a new energy around the Chiefs with Andy Reid at the helm and Alex Smith under center.  Smith does not turn over the ball.  Reid will put the ball in the hands of his best players.  Dez Bryant is hobbled, Tony Romo is insanely overpaid.  I just have that gut feeling in this one.  Easily my guttiest pick of the week,

MattyO: Cowboys – 12 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Chiefs were the benefactors of playing against arguably the worst team to ever step foot on an NFL field.  Jacksonville is a complete joke, and should be ashamed that they actually call themselves an NFL team.  Alabama would smoke Jacksonville, no doubt in my mind.  The Cowboys forced 6 New York Giants turnovers, and only won by 5.  Wow, this is going to be an awesome game to watch!  The Cowboys are more talented and DeMarcus Ware looks like a beast at defensive end this season.

Browns @ Ravens

Scottie: Ravens 13 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Are the Ravens the only returning Super Bowl champion in the history of the NFL not to open the following season at home? The Orioles really screwed the Ravens last week with their refusal to change their schedule.  The Ravens are a team that plays on emotion.  The city of Baltimore will be riotous on Sunday welcoming back the Super Bowl Champions. The Browns will just be hopeless victims.  Quote the Scott, Nevermore!


The Browns are making strides, particularly on defense.  However, Brandon Weeden is still their quarterback, and that amounts to a shit-ton of losses.  My only hope here is that Trent Richardson goes off, because my fantasy team needs it.

Titans @ Texans

Scottie: Texans; 10 CONFIDENCE POINTS

It was not pretty late Monday night, but the Texans were able to come from behind to beat the Chargers.  A win is a win.  Andre Johnson looked healthy which should scare the bejesus out of the rest of the AFC.  If Kubiak can focus on keeping his studs healthy (Foster and Johnson) there is no reason the Texans can’t play in the Super Bowl.  The Titans had a nice win over the Steelers last week but they just can’t match up with the Texans.


The Tennessee Titans shocked the NFL by beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1.  Some think that is a sign that Tennessee is moving in the right direction.  In my opinion, it means that Pittsburgh is moving in the wrong direction.  Even though my man CV is a die-hard Titans fan, I can’t stand up for Jake “The Locksmith” Locker much longer.  The Texans were fortunate to sneak out of San Diego with a win Monday night, but shouldn’t have much trouble handling the Titans on Sunday.

Chargers @ Eagles

Scottie: Eagles; 14 CONFIDENCE POINTS

Sign me up.  I am a fan of the Chip Kelly system. The best part is the Eagles have the athletes to make this offense successful.  Desean Jackson looked revitalized in the first half last week.  LeSean McCoy is the second best running back in the game and Michael Vick has still got it.


I’m going with the Eagles in this one, but it’s not because I’m a huge believer in this team.  They played 30 awesome minutes of football in Week 1, however they were hanging on for dear life in the second half, and almost let the Redskins back in the game.  They play fast, but that means more plays where Mike Vick gets hit.  When Mike Vick gets hit, he gets hurt.  When Vick gets hurt, the Eagles are toast.  The Chargers are a debacle, so I’m sticking with the Eagles for another week.

Lions @ Cardinals

Scottie: Lions; 15 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I thoroughly enjoy the Lions offense this season.  So long as Reggie Bush can stay healthy, the Lions may become a Super Bowl contender. Like I said last week, Calvin Johnson stretches the field and Bush does work underneath.  Yeah, Ndomukung Suh is dirtier and sleezier than MattyO but to each his own.  Thanksgiving football will be fun again in Detroit.


I need to get it out there, Ndamukong Suh is a complete and utter jackass.  I mean, I’m not saying anything groundbreaking here, but I had to get that off my chest.  The Cardinals showed signs of improvement last week with Carson Palmer at the helm.  Larry Fitzgerald looked like his old self, and Michael Floyd looks like a stud in the making.  However, we all known that Carson Palmer will shoot himself in the foot every game.

Saints @ Bucs

Scottie: Saints; 12 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Sean Payton Revenge Tour’s next stop is Tampa Bay.  After being suspended a year because of BountyGate, Payton is looking to destroy the league.  The Bucs are next in the pecking order.  After taking a stupid penalty last week in the closing seconds, the Bucs blew their game against the Jets.  They even made Geno Smith look *ahem* ok.  Imagine how they will make Drew Brees look.


The Saints just took out many people’s pick to be the NFC representative in the Super Bowl (the Falcons) this past week.  I can’t see them struggling with the Josh Freeman led Bucs.  Sean Payton will be on a rampage in 2013, however I just don’t see the Saints defense as being a championship unit in 2013.

Jaguars @ Raiders

Scottie: Raiders 4 CONFIDENCE POINTS

This is the “who cares?” game of the week, unless you are Marcos Valentin.  The Jaguars are not winning.  They are having trouble selling tickets.  Any smart sports businessman would see this as a prime opportunity to bring in Tim Tebow and get away with it.  Start Tebow.  Sell tickets in the area where he went to college and was a god. (pun intended I guess)  If you’re going to lose games, you mind as well try to at least make some money.  Dumbest move in sports in a long time is not utilizing the free pass to bring in Tebow.  The Jacksonville owner has this pass yet he’d rather lose with Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne.  Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.


The Jaguars are the worst team in the history of the NFL.  Terrell Pryor does work in week 2.  But, I need MJD to step up in Week 2.

Broncos @ Giants

Scottie: Broncos; 11 CONFIDENCE POINTS

The Broncos found another toy for Peyton Manning to play with last week in Julius Thomas.  Many have called Thomas the next Jimmy Graham.  Add him to Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, and Eric Decker.  It is just not fair.  Eli didn’t look close to good last week despite having nice numbers.  I haven’t quite figured out how I feel about Eli yet.  He has roasted the Patriots twice now in the Super Bowl.  Because of those wins, I considered him elite.  But now, I don’t think he can hold his brother’s jock strap.  The jury is still out on Eli.


I can’t figure out the Giants.  The turned the ball over 6 times in Week 1.  They only lost by 5 points.  The David Wilson experiment went down the shitter, but Eli was able to keep the G-Men in the game.  What Giants team shows up in Week 2?  Peyton Manning went off in Week 1, however is a guy like Julius Thomas going to be a reliable target?  The Broncos defense was helped immensely by the effectiveness of the Broncos offense.  I’m taking the upset in this one.

49ers @ Seahawks

Scottie: Seahwaks 1 CONFIDENCE POINT

This will be the most entertaining game of the week.  Fitting it will be played in prime time.  Rumor is Kaepernick and Wilson have a bet on this game.  The loser has to shave one eye brow.  Because Seattle does not lose at home, Kaepernick better get his razor ready.


I don’t like the Seahawks.  They are too cocky.  What have they accomplished?  They lost in the divisional round last year.  Woohoo!  Wow, you guys are awesome!  Grow UP!  The Seahawks racked up an amazing 12 points against a mediocre Carolina defense last week.  The 49ers racked up 34 points against a decent Packers defense last week.  Yea, I’m going with the 49ers.

Steelers @ Bengals

Scottie: Bengals 9 CONFIDENCE POINTS

I voiced my concerns about the Steelers last week.  These are not the Steelers we are use to seeing.  They do not have a run game and Big Ben doesn’t have anyone to throw to.  On the other hand the Bengals are coming off a tough loss to the Bears.  AJ Green showed he is on Calvin Johnson’s level as one of the best receivers in the game.  Despite the loss, I still like the Bengals this season.


You can’t lose to the Tennessee Titans and then expect me to have confidence in your team.  The Pittsburgh Steelers are trending downwards, and have been doing so ever since Todd Haley came on board as offensive coordinator in 2012.  Yes, I think that Haley is the issue.  But, in this situation it doesn’t matter.  For the first time in years, the Bengals have a better team than the Steelers and will show it on Monday night.

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I wouldn’t get on Twitter is Scottie actually was RG 3

5 Thoughts on the Red Sox

I admit I have let down the loyal NTCF following by not posting on the Red Sox days off like I had originally promised back in April.  Do not think for one second, however, that I have lost my focus on all things Red Sox.  The magical story has continued into the middle of September where the Red Sox find themselves with a magic number of 10 to clinch the American League East.  More importantly, the Red Sox are 4.5 games up on the Tigers for best record in the American League.  If the Red Sox are able to secure the #1 spot, they will face the winner of the wild card matchup in the Divisional Round.  Here are 10 thoughts going through my head as the Red Sox finish off a memorable 2013 regular season.

1) Cy Uehara

Go ahead an laugh at me.  When you pick yourself up off the floor and clean the tears out of your eyes, read these numbers.Koji Uehara  1.10 ERA. 0.59 WHIP. 19 saves. 91 strike outs. 65.2 innings.  When he enters the game, you know it is over.  The other team has had zero chance against him.  And he only throws 89 MPH! Opposing batters are hitting .129 against him. Some say those are video game numbers.  Well, I want to meet the man that can put up those numbers in a video game.  There are no words or analogies to describe how good Koji has been this season.  If Craig Kimbrell drew consideration back in 2011, why shouldn’t Koji get that same respect? Koji is my Cy Young winner.  High Five!

2) Jacoby’s Final Exam

Jacoby Ellsbury will miss the next two weeks because of a broken bone in his foot.  This is the same bone Dustin Pedroia broke in 2010 and the same bone Cody Ross broke last season.  Many people have coined Ellsbury as soft.  I have mostly stuck up for Jacoby because of how he has been injured in the past.  I know I wouldn’t want to collide with Adrian Beltre.  I also know I wouldn’t want a shortstop landing on me as I slide into second base to break up a double play.  This injury and his recovery are fascinating.  Jacoby is going to free agency this winter.  It’s no secret Scott Boras will get top dollar for his client.  No one will give him the $120 million he is seeking if he can’t stay on the field.  It is in Jacoby’s best interest to get out on that field and build his free agent resume.  For the record, I want Ellsbury back in Boston for another six years.  In my estimation, he has about $40 million riding on it.  Will he man up?

3) Pitching, Pitching, Pitching

The Red Sox have four aces on their staff.  Granted they are not aces today, but over the course of their careers, they have been at one time an ace.  Jake Peavy won a Cy Young Award with the Padres in 2007.  John Lackey was the Game 7 starter in the 2002 World Series for the champion Angels.  Jon Lester finished 4th in the Cy Young voting in 2010.  And don’t tell me Clay Buchholz wasn’t the ace of this staff up until June of this year.  The rotation is deep and full of experience.  By all appearances, they are healthy and primed for a deep playoff run.

4) The Valuable Victorino

The Red Sox brought Shane Victorino to Boston for 3 years and $39 million because he was a nice guy who smiled a lot and dt.common.streams.StreamServer.clsis known to be active in the community.  Red Sox ownership was concerned about the image of the team because of how much the region hated the Red Sox last year.  I don’t think any one expected Victorino to actually be good at baseball to boot!  Victorino has run into walls, dove into the stands, and provided some of the biggest hits of the season for the Sox.  Keep in mind another name on the free agent market last winter: Josh Hamilton.  Hamilton signed a 5 year contract for $125 million with the Angels.  The Angels are paying that kind of cash for a guy that is hitting .243 with 20 home runs and 67 runs batted in.  The case can be made that Victorino has been the most valuable player (other than Koji) for the Red Sox.

5) Is the future now?

I have been one of the few Red Sox fans that have been in Stephen Drew’s corner all year long.  He has been clutch when the Sox have needed him to be clutch.  He has played stellar defense all year long.  He has been solid all around.  Xander Boegarts is with the big club.  In limited action, he has been everything he was cracked up to be.  Drew has struggled against left handed pitching this season.  For the life of me, I can’t understand why John Farrell won’t play Xander against lefties.  It is my hope Xander makes the playoff roster because I believe he can be an asset in October.  Along the same mindset, Will Middlebrooks is in Boston to stay.  I am psyched the Red Sox held on to him at the trade deadline and showed their faith in him.  He will only reward them with great pop from the corner spot.  While everything is great in Boston at the present time, the future looks even brighter.

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2013 Week 1 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. Mattyoshow

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, welcome back to another season of NFL picks brought to you by Scottie and Mattyoshow.  As always, Scottie and I will make our picks for every NFL game, every single week.  We will keep track of our overall record, and at the end of the season (including the playoffs), the person with the best record is treated to a night out at the bar by the loser.  In case you haven’t been keeping score, I always smoke Scottie.  The dude owes me at least 2 bar tabs.  Anyways, Scottie was whining to me about how I always win, so he wanted to institute a wrinkle into our weekly picks.  I know that no matter what Scottie wants to do, I will win, so I agreed to this slight wrinkle.  Aside from making our picks, we will assign confidence points to each game.  In a week where 16 games are being played, the confidence points will range from 1-16.  We will add confidence points at the end of each week and keep track of them just as we do with the overall record.  Like I said, no matter the method, Scottie has no show in hell to win!  Let’s do it…

I got cocky last year after jumping out to an early lead over this “MattyOshow.”  Yes, I have lost 2 years in a row.  While I admit, I am not at all ready for football season because I am fully invested in the Red Sox, the reality is the NFL is not going to wait until I am ready.  Game on…

Ravens @ Broncos

Scottie: Broncos  CONFIDENCE POINTS: 13

Peyton has all weapons an aging quarterback could ask for.  Demaryius Thomas is the deep threat.  Eric Decker is an all around option.  Wes Welker will be his check down binkie.  Only the defense is a question for the Broncos this year. I don’t care if the Ravens won the Super Bowl last year, I still hate Flacco.  He is a tool.  Ray Lewis isn’t around to emotionally lift his team.  Ravens will struggle this year because Flacco is not worth the contract he signed.

Mattyoshow: Broncos – CONFIDENCE POINTS: 7

Peyton Manning > Joe Flacco.  It’s the 1st game of the season.  Emotions will be running high.  The players will be all jacked up.  Cool heads will prevail.  I have much more confidence in the Broncos offense compared to the Ravens offense, and normally at the beginning of the season, offensives have the advantage over defenses.

Patriots @ Bills

Scottie: Patriots CONFIDENCE POINTS: 16

Buffalo will start EJ Manuel when Sunday comes.  The same EJ Manuel who has not taken a single NFL snap even in the preseason.  Why would Buffalo do such a thing? They have no other choice.  Sadly, their backup Kevin Kolb, suffered a serious concussion in the preseason.  Chances are he has no idea where he is at the moment.   Much like Kolb, the Bills will be completely lost come Sunday, and for most of the season.

Mattyoshow: Patriots – CONFIDENCE POINTS: 16

In my opinion, this is about as much of a no-brainer as there is (hence the 16 confidence points).  Even if somehow EJ Manuel makes a miraculous comeback and starts for the Bills, a rookie quarterback in his first ever start isn’t going to have much success against a Bill Belichick coached defense.

Titans @ Steelers

Scottie: Steelers- CONFIDENCE POINTS : 6

Big Ben has lost his favorite target in Mike Wallace.  Rookie running back Le’veon Bell is out with a mysterious foot injury.  I am not sold on Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders as a solid wide receiver corps.  Be that as it may, I think the Steelers are still better than the Titans at this point.

Mattyoshow: Steelers – CONFIDENCE POINTS: 14

I think that the Steelers are going to surprise a lot of people this year.  Ben Roethlisberger was battling a ton of injuries in 2012 and the Steelers still managed an 8-8 record.  If Jarvis Jones can stay healthy, the Steelers defense will be a solid unit once again.  Le’veon Bell’s injury hurts, but not enough for the Steelers to lose to the Lockman and the Titans.

Falcons @ Saints

Scottie: Saints- CONFIDENCE POINTS: 1

I want to believe Sean Payton meant everything to the New Orleans Saints.  I was high on the Falcons last season.  I think they will be even better this season with the addition of Steven Jackson and with Julio Jones having another year under his belt.  I think the Saints will be filled with adrenaline at home and want to show last year was a fluke.

Mattyoshow: Falcons – CONFIDENCE POINTS: 6

With the return of Sean Payton, the Saints will come out with their guns blazing on Sunday against the Saints.  My problem with the Saints lies with their defense.  New defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is transitioning them over to a 3-4 scheme, but they don’t have the horses yet to run that defense.  The Falcons offense takes this one.

Buccaneers @ Jets

Scottie: Buccaneers- CONFIDENCE POINTS- 15

The Jets are big players in the Jadevon Clowney sweepstakes.  The Barnum and Bailey Circus could not hold a candle to how chaotic the Jets situation stands.  Geno Smith looked atrocious in the preseason.  Mark Sanchez will forever be known as butt-fumble.  Things are so dire, they brought in Brady Quinn this week.  I think the Bucs are a playoff team this year.  The road to the playoffs starts with a thrashing of the New York Disaster.

Mattyoshow: Buccaneers – CONFIDENCE POINTS: 12

It’s not that I have a ton of confidence in the Bucs this season, it’s that the Jets are a complete disaster.  The newest news out of Jets camp is that Rex Ryan took a trip to Clemson on Saturday.  That wouldn’t be a big deal…if this past Saturday was “cut-day.”  Geno Smith shits his pants.  Revis picks off 3 balls.  Bucs win.

Chiefs @ Jaguars

Scottie: Chiefs – CONFIDENCE POINTS-11

Obviously the Jaguars are dismal.  They may not win a game this season.  Maybe they get Clowney.  The Jaguars aside, I am interested to see how the Chiefs do with Andy Reid at the helm.  Not only did they bring in Reid, they also brought in the efficient Alex Smith.  I think these moves coupled with the talent already on the roster (Bowe, Charles) gives the Chiefs at least 8 wins this year.

Mattyoshow: Chiefs – CONFIDENCE POINTS: 11

Aside from the Oakland Raiders, the Jacksonville Jaguars might be the biggest disaster in the NFL.  2011 1st round pick Blaine Gabbert has lost and then regained his job this offseason.  Maurice Jones-Drew is their only formidable offensive weapon until Justin Blackmon returns from suspension in week 5.  The Chiefs will look to perform well under new head coach Andy Reid.

Seahawks @ Panthers

Scottie: Seahawks  CONFIDENCE POINTS : 8

I remember my theory last season was the Seahawks only win at home.  I know I am going against my theory by saying they will win on the road to start the 2013 campaign.  I think their defense will do enough to disrupt Cam Newton into enough turnovers to win it in Carolina.  Russell Wilson will be a victim of the sophomore slump this season.  For the Seahawks sake, hopefully, the running game and defense can pick him up.

Mattyoshow: Panthers – CONFIDENCE POINTS: 1

The 1 confidence point reflects how strongly I feel about the Panthers.  In my opinion, all of the offseason hype about the Seahawks is going to give them a big head.  The Panthers meanwhile have a ton to prove.  Cam Newton needs to rebound from a mediocre second season.  Head coach Ron Rivera’s job is on the line.  The Panthers are going to be a formidable force in the NFC this season.

Bengals @ Bears

Scottie: Bengals  CONFIDENCE POINTS: 9

I think the Bengals are playoff contenders this season.  They have an impressive young defense.  AJ Green is the next Calvin Johnson.  I still think Jay Cutler stinks.  I believe the Bengals will get to Cutler early and often resulting in a Bengals win.

Mattyoshow: Bengals – CONFIDENCE POINTS: 4

Another game that I’m picking a team based on a gut feeling.  The Bengals have put in the time, made the moves, and have drafted the horses to finally get the atop the AFC North.  Marvin Lewis somehow is still head coach of the Bengals and has this team moving in the right direction.  The pressure on Jay Cutler is immense in Chicago, and I think he cracks against a very good Cincinnati defense.

Dolphins @ Browns

Scottie: Dolphins- CONFIDENCE POINTS: 10

I’m starting to overrate the Dolphins in my own head.  I am giving Ryan Tannehill to much credit for doing absolutely nothing.  I think Hartline and Wallace are very good receivers.  I am interested to see what Lamar Miller does for Miami.  I actually think they will give the Patriots a run for their money for the AFC East crown.  At least in Week One I can get away with overrating them because it is the Browns they are visiting.

Mattyoshow: Dolphins – CONFIDENCE POINTS: 10

The Browns have elected to start Brandon Weeden to begin the 2013 season.  I hate Ryan Tannehill.  However, I hate Weeden more.  Dolphins step it up in their first game.

Vikings @ Lions

Scottie: Lions – CONFIDENCE POINTS: 7

Reggie Bush is a much needed added weapon to the Lions offensive attack.  Calvin Johnson will stretch the field while Bush will be open time and time again underneath.  When Reggie gets into the open field, show is over.  I think the Lions will become the most explosive offense in the league.  Christian Ponder has some added toys in Greg Jennings and Cordarelle Patterson (no relation) but he is still Christian Ponder.

Mattyoshow: Lions – CONFIDENCE POINTS: 3

The Detroit Lions will make the playoffs in 2013.  It starts with a beat down of the Christian Ponder-led Vikings.  In 2 games last season, Adrian Peterson amassed 270+ yards and 1 touchdown against the Lions.  Without Percy Harvin running routes for the Vikes, the Lions can focus much of their attention on Peterson.

Raiders @ Colts

Scottie: Colts- CONFIDENCE POINTS: 14

Terrelle Pryor at quarterback for the Raiders?  Ok, maybe they will get Clowney.  While I think Russell Wilson will go through a sophomore slump, I see no such thing happening to Andrew Luck.  TY Hilton will emerge as his number one receiver and remind Colts fans of the Manning to Harrison hook up.  Luck will have the Colts back in the playoffs this year.

Mattyoshow: Colts – CONFIDENCE POINTS: 15

Even though I love the Raiders realizing that they are in major rebuild mode and going with Terrell Pryor, they might end the 2013 season with an 0-16 record.  Andrew Luck has the best 2nd year of all of the quarterbacks of the 2012 draft class and the Colts make the playoffs for the 2nd consecutive season.

Packers @ 49ers

Scottie: 49ers- CONFIDENCE POINTS- 2

The Packers offensive line is horrid.  Losing Bryan Bulaga for the season certainly did not help them, either.  The San Fran “D” will have Aaron Rodgers running for his life.  This is also a semi-homer pick on my part, as I drafted Collin Kaepernick in all three of my fantasy football leagues.  I am expecting a “Michael Vick in his prime” type fantasy season from Kaep.

Mattyoshow: 49ers – CONFIDENCE POINTS: 8

There is a lot of hype surrounding NFC teams.  The Seahawks, Packers, Saints, Falcons, 49ers, etc are all getting proclaimed as the best team in the NFL.  Here’s my thought, the 49ers are the only one of those teams that is for real.  All Colin Kaepernick has to do is not lose games for the 49ers.

Cardinals @ Rams

Scottie: Cardinals- 5

I am holding true to last year’s form.  The Rams suck.  Sam Bradford sucks even more.  I am intrigued by the Cardinals.  I think Carson Palmer is actually capable of throwing the football to Larry Fitzgerald.  Something the Cardinals did not have last year.  I also believe Michael Floyd is the sleeper of all sleepers in fantasy football this year.

Mattyoshow: Rams – CONFIDENCE POINTS: 13

The Cardinals are led by Carson Palmer, which means they are destined for a season of mediocrity, at best.  The Rams, on the other hand, are led by MY MAN (and Scottie’s least favorite player) Sam Bradford.  Bradford made Scottie eat his words all of last season, and I’m looking for a repeat performance in 2013.  The Rams defense will be awesome this year…awesome.

Giants @ Cowboys

Scottie: Cowboys- CONFIDENCE POINTS: 4

Dez Bryant will have the best season by any receiver in NFL history in spite of his quarterback this season.  The man is a monster.  He showed it in the preseason.  He is going to be unstoppable this year.  The Giants come in with some injury concerns (Cruz and Brown), a man made of glass (Nicks), and a muppet as quarterback.

Mattyoshow: Giants – CONFIDENCE POINTS: 5

I have little confidence in the Giants and Eli Manning this season.  However, I have absolutely no confidence in the Cowboys and Tony Romo.  I don’t care what any of the experts are saying, I’m not buying in to the Cowboys unless the emphatically convince me.

Eagles @ Redskins

Scottie: Eagles- CONFIDENCE POINTS: 3

I like the Eagles a lot this year.  You know what? Give them the NFC East.  I believe in Chip Kelly, especially with the athletes he has in his offense.  Is there a more exciting triumvirate of players in the NFL on the same team as Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson, and LeSean McCoy?  If you don’t think so, Chip Kelly will prove you wrong this season.  I also don’t believe RG3 is fully healthy.

Mattyoshow: Eagles – CONFIDENCE POINTS: 2

I don’t know why, but I like the Eagles in this one.  Maybe it’s because I have fallen into the Chip Kelly hysteria.  Maybe it’s because I still think that Michael Vick can be a good NFL quarterback.  Maybe it’s because I think that the Redskins and RGIII will be trigger-shy for a few weeks to ease his return to game action.  Or maybe I just think that the Eagles are going to be better than many expect this season.

Texans @ Chargers

Scottie: Texans- CONFIDENCE POINTS: 12

The Texans have a ton of talent on their roster.  If Matt Schaub can manage his offense and limit turnovers  there is no reason why the Texans shouldn’t be in the Super Bowl.  The Chargers are just not even close to that level at this point.

Mattyoshow: Texans – CONFIDENCE POINTS: 9

What happened to the San Diego Chargers?  I few years ago, the Chargers were a perennial playoff team.  Rivers was a Pro Bowl quarterback.  Their defense was solid, and their offense was among the best in the NFL.  Now, Philip Rivers isn’t even close to the same player, the Chargers defense doesn’t intimidate anyone, and their best offensive player (Antonio Gates) is again and oft injured.  Meanwhile, the Texans will battle for home field advantage in the AFC.


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Assessing the Final 53 for the New England Patriots

Quarterback (2):

1. Tom Brady

2. Ryan Mallett

Analysis: No surprise here with the two names listed above.  For me, the surprise is that Tim Tebow got cut.  Here’s my thought process: When the Pats signed Tebow, they knew about his struggles as a passer and had to assume that he was going to be a developmental project.  Then, Tebow comes in, shits his pants throwing the ball as was suspected, and yet he gets cut.  I just don’t understand why Tebow was brought in if they weren’t in it for a long-term developmental project.

Running Back (5):

1. Stevan Ridley

2. Shane Vereen

3. Brandon Bolden

4. LeGarrette Blount

5. James Develin

Analysis: In my opinion, 5 is too high.  Yes, James Develin is a fullback by trade, but on a team that relies primarily on the pass, keeping 5 running backs makes you pretty thin in other areas.  With that being said, I love having both LeGarrette Blount and Brandon Bolden waiting in the wings.  We all know that Shane Vereen has had some problems staying healthy, but if Ridley were to ever go down, both Blount and Bolden are more than capable of handling the load.  My question is surrounding the 3rd down running back.  If Vereen goes down, who handles the pass blocking and catching?  Blount has never been known to have great hands, and Bolden is an unknown.

Tight End (3):

1. Rob Gronkowski

2. Michael Hoomanawanui

3. Zach Sudfeld

Analysis: For those of you that have sprouted a little Gronkowski in your pants after seeing the Pats remove him from the PUP list, let’s examine Gronk’s injury history.  During the Patriots last two Super Bowl appearances, Gronkowski, arguably the Patriots’ most dangerous offensive weapon, was banged up.  Wouldn’t you rather have a healthy Gronk in the playoffs rather than in week 3 of the regular season?  I know that I would.  I was a proponent of him starting the season on the PUP, and am still leaning in that direction.  Hoo-man and Sudfeld were no brainers in my opinion.  Hoo-man is a good blocker and has familiarity with the system.  He also has the ability to play both TE and FB.  Sudfeld has shown some flashes of greatness in the preseason, but needs to ass bulk to his frame.  I could see him in a Hernandez-like role this season, playing primarily outside of a 3-point stance, running routes and not run blocking very often.  Am I surprised that Jake Ballard got cut?  Not really.  Word from the insiders were that Ballard never looked right after suffering a torn ACL more than 18 months ago.  Fells?  He was useless.

Wide Receiver (6):

1. Danny Amendola

1. Aaron Dobson

1. Kenbrell Thompkins

2. Josh Boyce

2. Julian Edelman

3. Matthew Slater

Analysis: No real surprises here.  Veterans Michael Jenkins, Donald Jones, and LaVelle Hawkins were all cut early on in camp, which was a clear indicator to me that the Pats were confident in the rookies that they had brought in.  Matthew Slater is nearly exclusive to special teams, so that means the Pats are going into 2013 with 5 wide receivers, 3 of whom are rookies.  I expect the starting 3 wideouts to be Thompkins and Dobson on the outside, with Amendola roaming the middle.  Edelman and Boyce have the ability to spell all three starters.

Offensive Line (9):

1. Nate Solder

1. Logan Mankins

1. Ryan Wendell

1. Dan Connolly

1. Sebastian Vollmer

2. Marcus Cannon

2. Will Svitek

2. Braxston Cave

2. Chris Barker

Analysis: Again, there aren’t any surprises here.  The Patriots are returning their whole starting offensive line from 2012.  Nate Solder has had a year of experience and time in the weight room with the Patriots’ strength and conditioning staff.  Top backups Marcus Cannon and Will Svitek are very versatile and can both play 4 of 5 spots on the line.  Cave is probably their backup center, with Barker providing some depth at guard.

Defensive End (4):

1. Chandler Jones

1. Rob Ninkovich

2. Jake Bequette

2. Michael Buchanon

Analysis: I’m a little surprised with some of the moves that the Patriots made at defensive end.  Previous contributors like Jermaine Cunningham and Justin Francis received their pink slips.   Offseason CFL acquisition Jason Vega got cut while Armond Armstead is on the non-football injured list.  Meanwhile, unproven guys like Bequette and Buchanon hang around.  I’ll be interested to see what the rotation starts to look like once the season gets underway.

Defensive Tackle (4):

1. Vince Wilfork

1. Tommy Kelly

2. Joe Vellano

2. A.J. Francis

Analysis: The top two guys on this list come as no surprise.  Wilfork has been a staple for the Pats for years, while Tommy Kelly has impressed throughout the preseason.  The surprise comes with the 2nd two guys on this list.  Both Vellano and Francis were undrafted rookies that were claimed on waivers by the Patriots yesterday.  Meanwhile, the Patriots released more proven commodities in Marcus Forston (who was moved to the practice squad) and Marcus Bernard.  I’m not sure if Vellano and Francis will be here for long, but either way I am surprised by the moves.

Linebacker (7):

1. Jerod Mayo

1. Brandon Spikes

1. Dont’a Hightower

2. Jamie Collins

2. Dane Fletcher

3. Steve Beauharnis

3. Chris White

Analysis: Not many surprises here.  Mayo, Spikes, and Hightower were all expected to return and start for the Patriots in 2013.  Jamie Collins will contribute on passing downs, where he’ll be able to use his rushing ability and pass coverage skills.  Dane Fletcher looks close to the 2011 version of himself as he is still recovering from a torn ACL.  Steve Beauharnis has looked decent in the preseason and will need time to add some bulk to his frame.  Chris White was acquired on waivers and will look to contribute on special teams.

Cornerback (5):

1. Aqib Talib

1. Alfonzo Dennard

2. Kyle Arrington

2. Logan Ryan

3. Marquice Cole

Analysis: The Patriots will move into the 2013 season with 5 cornerbacks on the roster.  That concerns me.  Yes, if necessary Devin McCourty can move to corner.  Yes, if necessary Steve Gregory can slide down and cover slot receivers.  Sadly, neither are ideal situations.  In addition to only keeping 5 corners, Alfonzo Dennard’s future is completely unknown as his probation hearing is approaching.  Kyle Arrington can play the outside, but he is much better on the inside.  Logan Ryan played more snaps than any other player this preseason, but he still has a lot of room for improvement.  If there is one position that concerns me on this Patriots team, it’s cornerback. 

Safety (5):

1. Devin McCourty

1. Steve Gregory

2. Tavon Wilson

2. Duron Harmon

3. Nate Ebner

Analysis: Although much has been made of Adrian Wilson being placed on IR, I don’t see it as much of a surprise.  Throughout the preseason, Wilson has reportedly looked slow, and Gregory was receiving many more 1st team reps than Wilson.  As camp progressed, Duron Harmon was moving his way up the depth chart while Adrian Wilson wasn’t making any improvements.  As for the guys remaining on the roster, McCourty is solid at free safety.  Steve Gregory makes me nervous.  Oftentimes, he takes gambles and is found out of position when the other team makes big plays.  Tavon Wilson is losing my confidence as he continues to fail to make gains as time progresses, while Duron Harmon makes plays that continue to improve my confidence in him.  Nate Ebner is a Matt Slater type, aka special teams extraordinaire.

Specialist (3):

P: Ryan Allen

K: Stephen Gostkowski

LS: Danny Aiken

Analysis: The only surprise here is with the cut of Zoltan Mesko.  Mesko was a solid performer for the Patriots and was an even bigger influence within the community.  However, Allen proved to be as effective as Mesko in the preseason, and by cutting Mesko the Patriots saved more than $1 million in salary cap space this season.


Most Surprising Player Cut: Tim Tebow

As mentioned above, the Patriots had to expect that Tebow was going to be a developmental signing, however it didn’t seem that they were willing to give Tim Tebow time to develop.

Most Surprising Player Kept: James Develin

By keeping James Develin, on thing is becoming apparent, the Patriots will place a lot of emphasis on the run game in 2013.