Red Sox Still in First Place; Dodgers in Last

I find it quite a bit ironic (ok more like hypocritical) one week after bashing a Boston Globe reporter for tweeting a Boston Red Sox update during the second overtime of Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final, I come to you with my usual Red Sox article on their off day.  I figured I’d call myself out for it right away.  In fact the argument could be made, the Red Sox are #4 right now in the Boston sports news world.  The Bruins’s Stanley Cup run is clearly number 1.  Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett to the Clippers would be number 2.  I’ll even give Tebowmania the nod of the Red Sox at the present moment.  But here I am talking Red Sox.

The Red Sox remain in first place.  But it wouldn’t surprise me if they fell out of the top spot by their next off day.  Jon Lester has been atrocious over the last two months.  Clay Buchholz hasn’t been able to take the mound.  After those two pitchers, no one has been capable of stepping up and playing the role of stopper. It will be interesting to see if Ben Cherrington makes a run at a starting pitcher when the trade deadline comes.  Names that are sure to be on the market: Cliff Lee, Yovanni Gallardo, Josh Johnson, Mike Pelfrey, and Bud Norris.  Don’t be surprised if Jose Iglesias is dangled as trade bait.

While the Red Sox are tied for best record in the American League with Oakland, it is fun to point out the Los Angeles Dodgers are in last place in the NL West.  Both Josh Beckett and Carl Crawford are on the DL.  Adrian Gonzalez has cemented his legacy as a guy that puts up nice stats but doesn’t help win games.  Someone, somewhere, has to have his splits in less than 3 run games and in 7th-9th innings of close games.  They can’t be pretty.

This column has been short and sweet because I realize no one cares about the Sox at this precise moment.  I just felt the need to keep up with my off day articles.


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