Big East Tournament Round 2: Cincinnati 61 – Providence 44

-That was a disappointing end to what turned out to be a surprisingly successful season (although the season really isn’t over).  Providence played very lackadaisically, lacked enthusiasm, and simply didn’t show up for their first Big East Tournament game against Cincinnati.

-Although I love what the new Big East is all about and why it was formed, it pains me to see the current Big East break up.  No matter the status of the Friars, every season all PC fans look at the schedule and circle the games against Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Louisville, etc.  I don’t like the fact that we won’t be facing those top 10 teams every couple of weeks…but the new Big East will be there soon.

-The story of the Cincinnati game: Inability to convert.

-1/16 from 3 (6%)

-18/64 from the floor (28%)

-You aren’t going to win any games in the Big East, or the A-10 for that matter, shooting that poorly from the floor.  Kadeem Batts was getting pounded on the block (and no fouls were being called), Bryce Cotton couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat (for the 6th consecutive game), LaDontae Henton looked over matched all game, and Josh Fortune was being his classic Charlie Burch-like self.

-Bryce Cotton kills the flow of the Friars offense, and if he doesn’t fix it they won’t make it far in the NIT.

-Kadeem Batts needs to demand the ball.  Batts constantly fights for position on the low post, but guys like Cotton on the outside aren’t feeding the big man and rewarding him for his hard work.  The only guys that constantly feed Batts are Council and Dunn.  That needs to change.

-Classic Dunn: 4 points, 7 boards, 3 assists.

-I’m not making excuses, but that was one of the most poorly officiated games I’ve seen in a long time.  I don’t watch a ton of college basketball outside of the Big East, but from what I have watched, the level of officiating in the Big East is inferior in comparison to other power conferences.  If the goal is to create the best basketball conference in the country, the new Big East needs to step it up.

-Cincinnati’s jerseys were the ugliest jerseys that I had ever seen.  Then, I turned on the Notre Dame game…

-Providence has drawn a #4 seed in the 2013 NIT.  They will be matched up against Charlotte in the first round.  The other teams in Providence’s part of the bracket are: 1) Kentucky 2) Baylor 3) Arizona St. 6) Detroit 7) Long Beach St. 8) Robert Morris.  If Providence is able to get passed Charlotte in the first round, they will be matched up against the defending NCAA Champs in Kentucky.

NEXT GAME: Wednesday, March 20th vs. Charlotte, 7:15pm (ESPN3)


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