Big East Game 17 – Providence 76 – Seton Hall 66

-That makes 7 of 8, continuing perfection in the month of March.  The Friars are undefeated at the Dunk since their January 31st loss against UConn in overtime.

-Unlike previous PC teams, the Friars are beating teams that they SHOULD beat.  Seton Hall, USF, Rutgers, etc. are teams that simply don’t have the talent or coaching that the Friars have.  Aside from the Depaul loss early in the season, the Friars have not lost a game where they have been favored in Big East play.  That is encouraging.

-Not to toss aside the 2012-2013 season so soon, but I was reading an article on regarding 6 teams to watch for next season, and Providence was on the list.

-Sadly, Vincent Council won’t be around to partake in the success that he has helped build.

-But he should be in the NBA making a solid paycheck.

-And Kadeem should follow him in 2014.

-Providence ended up beating the Pirates by 10 at the Dunk last night, however the game was never really that close.  Aside from the first 7 minutes of the game, where PC couldn’t stop the mammoth of a human being known as Eugene Teague, Providence out-hustled, out-defended, and outscored Seton Hall the rest of the way.  A few late 3’s by the Pirates made the game look closer than it really was.

-I’ll save you all time by limiting my gloating about Kris Dunn in this recap.  Dunn did what Dunn does: 2 points, 7 boards, 7 assists, 1 steal, 2 blocks, and 100% effort all game.

-I am terribly disappointed in the PC student body.  Vincent Council has left his heart on the court for 4 years.  You show him appreciation by NOT SHOWING UP on his senior night!  Are you kidding me?  I get it, it was spring break.  How many Friar Faithfuls live outside of Rhode Island? 50% tops?  SHOW UP!  It was the kids senior night.  Truly disgraceful.

-Speaking of Vincent Council, it looks like his shot might be coming back a bit.  Vince hasn’t been right offensively all season (even though he really hasn’t been needed), but last night he made a couple classic Council step-back shots.  If he could catch fire for the tournament, this team could do some damage.

-PC was 5-19 from 3.  That isn’t good enough to get it done against UConn, or any team they’ll likely face in the Big East Tournament.  I have a great solution: Henton (0-4 from 3) should stop shooting 3’s!

-Scottie’s text after one of Henton’s airballs last night: “Henton has killed many puppies tonight.”  I couldn’t agree more Scottie!

-But, I’ll take 15 and 10 from LaDontae if he just gets off the damn three point line.  He has become more consistent finishing in the paint over the last several games, and creates a good combination with Batts.  Henton in the post gives Batts an opportunity to work his mid-range game and Henton can then battle for boards with smaller defenders.

-Kadeem, stand up!  27 points, 12 boards, and 2 blocks last night.  You’re the reason the Friars won last night Kadeem.  Good work, keep it up we will need you over the next couple of weeks.

-Sidebar: Scottie and I were discussing next year’s starting lineup during halftime last night.  What’s it look like?  Dunn, Cotton, Henton, Batts, Desrosiers; Ledo, Austin, Fortune, Harris off bench?  Dunn, Cotton, Ledo, Batts, Desrosiers; Henton, Austin, Fortune, Harris off bench?  What’s the verdict?

-Huge game on Saturday for the Friars against UConn.  As of this morning, PC was on Joe Lunardi’s “Next Four Out” list, as the 8th team out of the tournament.  In my opinion, the Friars need a win at UConn and 1 BET win.  Scottie thinks they need a win at UConn and 2 BET wins.  Either way, they Friars need to continue bringing the intensity every night and keep their momentum rolling.  Let’s GO!!!

-NEXT GAME: Saturday, March 9th @ UConn, 12pm (ESPNU)


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