Seth Davis Says Stupid Things

I have never really been fond of Seth Davis.  I disagree with most everything he says when it comes to college basketball.  UnknownBasically, I think he is an idiot.  Last night he tweeted, ” I know we are all hoping Nerlens Noel is ok. College hoops needs him.”  I do not disagree with the first sentence of that particular tweet.  It sucks the kid went down with a very serious knee injury.  I do
hope he is able to recover and get back to full strength.

My real problem comes with the second sentence.  College hoops needs Nerlens Noel? Why? Doesn’t Noel need college basketball more than college basketball needs him?  I highly doubt Noel was going to come back to Kentucky for a second season.  He is the 2013 version of Andre Drummond, one year in college and done, off to the NBA to make his millions.  What did Andre Drummond do for college basketball?  He auditioned for the NBA with UCONN for 1 season and left the second he had the chance.

These guys aren’t going to school to go to class.  They are going because college basketball is their marketing agency.  Without college basketball, these guys don’t have a venue to promote themselves.

College basketball is always going to be great.  Take last Saturday night’s five overtime Louisville-Notre Dame game for example.  Yes, the first 39 minutes of that game would never be described as beautiful basketball.  But the final 26 minutes were mind Unknown-1blowing.  The kids left everything on the court.  Compare that game to the Celtics-Nuggets triple overtime game.  The Nuggets absolutely gave up at the end of the third overtime.  Andre Miller fired up a three out of a time out that was ill advised and then pretty much handed Jason Terry the ball on the next possession.  Denver quit.  They didn’t want to keep playing.  That is the exact opposite of what happened at Notre Dame.

Saying college basketball needs Nerlens Noel is a problem.  It’s because of statements like this that essentially worship Noel, enabling an 18 year old kid to believe he is more important than he truly is. Kentucky will get its next big recruit and Noel will be forgotten. It is unbelievably unfair to an 18 year old kid.  I will put this in a local perspective.  I don’t think Ricky Ledo will ever step on the court in a Providence Friar uniform.  He is surrounded by people that are telling him how great he is.  Now I am not naive.  Ledo is important to Ed Cooley’s Friars.  But guess what? If Ricky leaves Providence will move on.  They have Brandon Austin and Rodney Bullock as incoming freshman already committed for 2013-2014.  Transfers Carson Desroisers and Tyler Harris will eligible to play as well.  Providence will move on.  They pretty much already have.

College basketball has the best postseason of any sport, yes even hockey.  The tournament is glorious.  Everyone looks forward to filling out their brackets.  Everyone loves it when they pick the big upset and detest it when their team is upset all the same.  The NBA is predictable.  Last year Oklahoma City played Miami in the finals.  LeBron vs. Durant.  Spoiler alert: That will be the case in the 2013 NBA Finals as well.  Upsets don’t happen in the NBA like they do in college basketball.  15 seed Lehigh beat Duke last season.  Charlotte doesn’t beat Miami in the NBA.

Seth Davis is sadly mistaken. College basketball doesn’t need Nerlens Noel.  Noel will never be considered a college basketball great.  Kentucky will move on with or without Nerlens Noel. Georgetown moved on from Mike Sweetney, BYU moved on from Rafael Araujo, and North Carolina moved on from Marvin Williams.

Will Nerlens Noel be able to move on without college basketball?

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One Response

  1. Completely agree with your initial point. College basketball doesn’t need Nerlens Noel. But I still don’t think it’s fair to compare college to the NBA besides being completely subjective about it. College is a completely different game due to zone defense. It’s basically a huge equalizer. It allows those upsets that don’t happen in the NBA to happen. I don’t even like playing or playing against zone defense in pick-up basketball. If college BB didn’t have zone defense, college basketball would then need Nerlens Noel.

    I think that the intensity that the players show is amazing but it’s also inherent due to the system. The players need to play 110% to put on their audition for the NBA as you said. If you’re already in the NBA, while there are some players that don’t always play with that tenacity, keep in mind that these players are ASSETS. Extremely expensive assets that if they’re in a triple overtime game that it may not be worth giving that 110% to risk injury. I’m not defending that, I’m just saying that that’s the unfortunate truth. It’s 1 game out of 82 versus a much shorter college season. Again, I agree with you, I just think it’s comparing apples to oranges.

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