Super Bowl Sunday: Scottie vs. Matt

After 17 weeks of regular season NFL football, Scottie and I ended in a tie.  We expanded the competition through the playoffs, and after 9 games of playoff football, we are tied.  Both of us have a 6-3 record in the postseason because last week I swallowed my Patriot pride, picked the Ravens, and sadly tied up the standings.  I know that both of us like the 49ers this week, but I also know that Scottie’s panties would be so bunched up if we both picked the same team that I would honestly NEVER hear the end of it.  Therefore, I’m simply going to have to pick the winning team and laugh my way all the way to and through a free bar tab.  Either way Scottie, it was a good battle all season long…Let’s do it!

Ravens @ 49ers

Scottie: 49ers

Matty is well aware I am all aboard the Kaepernick bandwagon.  I am grateful he has given me the chance to pick the team that I Unknown-1want to pick and know will win tonight’s game. For two weeks I have heard about Ray Lewis and Joe Flacco.  I really can’t take it anymore.  Joe Flacco thinks he is a $20 million a year player? Ray Lewis is too blessed to be stressed? At heart, they both have to know that Ray Rice is the best player on that team.  I am looking forward to the Smith boys (Aldon and Justin) conspiring with Patrick Willis to decimate Joe Flacco.  Matty and I were the biggest 49ers fans this side of the Mississippi 2-3 years ago when Singeltary had the reigns.  It is very easy for me to root for the 49ers and to hate the Ravens here.  I’m taking the 49ers, 31-21.

Matt: Ravens

Inspiration is a powerful force.  As the Patriots learned last week, Ray Lewis is arguably one of the most inspirational individuals to ever step foot on a football field.  Some people believe that this whole “deer antler spray” controversy will cause Unknownproblems in the Ravens locker room and be a distraction.  Let me tell you this, Ray Lewis will use this to his advantage.  He will have that locker room so charged up, that a few bodies might go missing before the start of the game.  Harbaugh might come out of the tunnel with a couple black eyes.  Kaepernick might catch a lead pipe to the knee…who knows!  From a Patriots mindset, I want the Ravens to win for two reasons.  It is always slightly gratifying to be knocked out of the playoffs by the eventual Super Bowl champion.  It makes you think that it wasn’t just some scrub that took you down, it was the best team.  Also, with a Ravens win comes a Flacco extension, which is awesome news to the Pats.  Flacco sucks.  Scottie knows that.  I know that.  You all know that.  Yes, he torched the Pats defense for like the 4th straight time, but Scottie could drop 250 and 3 scores on that secondary (especially with an injured Talib).  A monster deal for Flacco means offensive uncertainty for the Ravens over the next 5-7 years.  Bring it on Joe, bring it on…

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  1. As was expected…MATTYOSHOW VICTORY


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