Big East Game 8: Marquette 81 – Providence 71

-Well, I can happily say that the Friars will never see a bat on the court again in 2013.

-With that being said, the bat was probably one of the best Friars on the court.  The momentum it killed was much more than the actual team could do.

-LaDontae Henton blocked again, and again, and again…huge surprise!

-I texted Scottie this exact phrase during the game and as of January 27, 2013 I’m sticking with it: Sidiki Johnson > LaDontae Henton

-I mean I’ve heard of sophomore slumps, but he just looks so untalented compared to last year’s version.  Maybe it’s confidence.  Maybe it’s teams are focusing a little more on him.  Maybe it’s off the court stuff.  Maybe it’s the continued implementation of Cooley’s system.  Maybe it’s a combination of all of those things.  Whatever it is, it’s not getting any better and Henton keeps pissing me off.

-Sidiki Johnson is out of control at times.  He looks so uncoordinated at certain points throughout the game.  He takes some ill advised shots throughout the course of the game.  With all of that being said, he is the most talented big man on this team.  Yes, Batts shows flashes of brilliance and has become a more consistent player over the years.  However, Johnson has a knack for snatching boards and always seems to make a path to the hoop.  He played his best game (14 points, 6 boards, 2-3 from the line) against a Mongoose of a man in Davanta Gardner.  I’m hoping that Johnson can build on this performance, and with a little fine tuning from the coaching staff, can become a more consistent contributor down the stretch.

-Kadeem Batts’ play has been slowly trending downwards.  They don’t seem to be finding him as much, but he’s not converting his opportunities as efficiently as well.  6 points and 3 boards simply isn’t enough out of Batts for the Friars to win.  Yes, he was in early foul trouble, but this team needs to be firing on all cylinders to win in the Big East.

-I feel like the Bryce Cotton’s offense has become so forced over the past few games that it is taking the rest of the team out of rhythm.  Teams are paying much more attention to Cotton as they should, but running him off 5 screens to throw him a quick pass for a fade away three hasn’t been wonderfully affective as of late.  If the opposition’s defense is picking Cotton up man-to-man at half court doesn’t that mean there should be more openings for the other 4 guys offensively?  I realize the importance of getting Bryce in the flow of the game, but at what cost?

-Fortune is becoming more and more useless as the season progresses.  His defense is decent.  His offense is scarce.  He is turnover prone.  That is a recipe for more time on the bench.

-Kriss Dunn shouldn’t be playing the 3.  His defense is useful.  His offense is spotty.  He has yet to acclimate to the speed of the collegiate game, while showing us glimpses of brilliance from time to time.  I want to see him get more time at the 1…even if it means watching a few stupid turnovers.  It’s not like Council and Cotton make wonderful decisions all of the time…

-The Friars are desperate for a win, and yet the schedule doesn’t look promising.  Hello Uconn, Villanova, Cincy, USF, Notre Dame, and Cuse over the next 6 games.  This should be fun…

-NEXT GAME: Thursday, January 31st vs. UConn, 7pm (ESPN2)


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