Big East Game 6: Providence 69 – Villanova 66

-I apologize for the delay.  School has been crazy as of late and due to my emotional low after last night’s devastating loss, today has been a slow day to say the least.

-I want to thank Scottie for filling in for me, hitting the NTCF faithful with the Georgetown recap.  He did a decent job, although he’s no Matty O.

-In a game that the Friars would lose 10 out of 10 times over the past couple of seasons, somehow PC held on and won a close game where both teams weren’t at their best.  And by not at their best I mean that the Nova-PC game was one of the ugliest basketball games I have ever seen.  Just look at the team numbers:


FG%: 44.9%

3pt FG%: 31.3%

FT %: 68 %

TO: 24

Personal Fouls: 32


FG%: 33.9%

3pt FG%: 14.3%

FT%: 60.4%

TO: 12

Personal Fouls: 23

-The two most telling numbers from above are 24 and 60.4%.  24, the number of turnovers committed by the Wildcats.  Providence was pressuring the ball consistently throughout the game, and it shows up on the stat sheet.  Villanova actually looked like a PC team from November.  Nobody could be trusted to make a good pass.  They had no floor general and played out of control for most of the game.  60.4%, the free throw percentage for the Friars.  I’m surprised they shot that well.  The Friars will not win another Big East game all season if they shoot like that at the line again (especially considering they earned 48 trips to the charity stripe!!).  Granted, Sidiki’s 0-6 from the line doesn’t help their stats, but guys like Batts, Council, and Cotton need to be reliable from the free throw line.

-I guarantee if someone keeps track of this stat, LaDontae Henton leads the countries in shots blocked.  Now let’s get this straight.  I’m not talking blocked shots, I’m talking SHOTS BLOCKED.  It’s downright sickening.  LaDontae goes from arguably the best freshman in the Big East last season to looking like Scottie playing against Syracuse.  He’s so dependent on his left hand that I nearly vomit every time he takes the ball to the lane.  The problem is (and as Scottie always texts me) every time he shoots a 3, a little puppy dies.  LaDontae shouldn’t take another three all season.  You may find your self asking, “But Matt, if he shouldn’t take a 3 and he gets blocked every time he goes to the hoop, what should he do?”  My answer: sit on the bench and try to figure out what happened to the 2011-2012 LaDontae Henton.

-For those of you that think I’m being a bit to harsh, LaDontae’s stat line against Villanova: 6 points, 7 rebounds, 1 steal, 1/7 shooting, 0/3 from 3pt range, 4/4 free throws, 4 personal fouls, 28 minutes played.  I’m willing to bet that Sidiki Johnson could gave you the same if not better production.  To prove my point, Sidiki’s stat line: 4 points, 7 rebounds, 2 steals, 2 blocks, 2/5 shooting, 0/6 free throws, 2 personal fouls in 19 minutes.  Looks pretty similar to me, and Sidiki played 10 less minutes.  For all you LaDontae lovers out there, it’s time to get critical.

-After all of that ranting, you would think PC got blown out by 30.  There were some positive things.

-Vincent Council is getting there.  His swagger is returning.  His jumper still isn’t falling, but he’s starting to become that offensive conductor once again.  15 points, 5 assists, 3 boards, and 2 steals is what I want from Council at this point, physically.  With that being said, he can’t foul out of games.  He’s the floor general.  He’s the extension of Ed Cooley on the court.  The young guys need him out there.  Vin has to be smarter than to foul out of games.

-Kris Dunn’s energy won that game for PC.  I was close to saying that he was the best player on the floor for the Friars, but after shooting 3/10 I can’t go that far.  Dunn’s energy in the press and his pure speed and athleticism offensively make me drool when watching him play.  Scottie is constantly texting me “Dunn is overrated” or “Who recruited this bum?”  As we all know, Scottie is an idiot.  For a kid that missed practicing with this team until December, Dunn is blossoming nicely.  I love starting him over Fortune.  What I really do want to see is Dunn to get a little more time at the point offensively to give Council and/or Cotton a breather.  This kid is special, we are just watching him adapt to the collegiate game before our eyes.

NEXT GAME: Tuesday, January 22nd vs. Pittsburgh, 7pm (ESPN 2)

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  1. Maybe you and Kris Dunn should get a room.

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