Scottie vs. Matt: Divisional Round Picks

Scottie showed up last week, and frankly I got screwed by an overzealous, previously injured quarterback.  Were the Redskins going to win before RG3 got hurt?  Without a doubt.  Sadly for me, that’s the nature of the beast.  Scottie did work, going 4-0 last week.  I didn’t stick with my gut and wound up 2-2.  If my math is correct, there are 7 games remaining in the season (including the Super Bowl).  I have to make up 2 games over then next 7.  It’s going to be tough, but if history is any indicator, Scottie is bound to screw up.  I have some bad news Scottie.  Word on the street is that Rob went 5-0 last week.  Looks like we are both falling behind!  Let’s do it…

Plain and simple, I was the man last week.  I am glad I am up 2 games on Matt because quite frankly, I have been over thinking this weekend’s match ups like you wouldn’t believe.  I am glad I have some room for error.  While I am agonizing over these picks, it is fair to say this weekend will provide what last weekend could not.  Great football.

Ravens @ Broncos

Scottie: Broncos

I believe in conspiracy theories.  I believe the NFL would LOVE  Brady vs. Manning in the AFC Championship.  Besides my conspiracy theories, I do have a concrete reason why the Broncos will win.  Joe Flacco will lose the game for the Ravens.  He is called Jump Ball Joe.  He loves to throw the ball downfield as high as he can and pray that Anquan Boldin or Torrey Smith will bail him out.  Champ Bailey won’t allow that kind of nonsense.  Yes, the Ravens defense showed signs of the stinginess they were known for years ago last weekend.  It was the first time they had Ngata, Lewis, Suggs, and Reed on the field at the same time all season.  I don’t think Peyton wins this one.  Flacco loses it.

Matt: Broncos

The bye week is going to hurt Denver more than it helps them.  Coming into the playoffs, the Broncos were one of the hottest teams in football.  Now, they have had a week off and I anticipate seeing a little rust on the field come Saturday.  I agree with Scottie’s statement completely regarding Joe Flacco.  The dude just throws it up there in hopes that one of his receivers pulls it down.  Joe Flacco isn’t good enough to win this game, and that’s my deciding factor.

Packers @ 49ers

Scottie: 49ers

The first thing I checked before making this pick was the status of Justin Smith.  It appears he is ready to go.  He helped Aldon Smith have the season he had.  The Packers line has been awful at protecting Rodgers all season.  The 49ers have the best defense in football when healthy.  Aaron Rodgers has been a front runner his whole career.  He reminds me a lot of Mike Tyson.  If you are able to hit him first, you have a great chance of winning.  The 49ers are going to hound Rodgers all day long and the their offense will run all over the Packers D.

Matt: 49ers

The 49ers are pissed about last years loss to the Packers and are ready to avenge it.  As Scottie mentioned, Justin Smith looks like he’ll be back in the lineup, which is a huge boost for the 49ers’ defense.  The Packers biggest barrier to success in this game will be Aldon Smith.  Aaron Rodgers was the most sacked quarterback in 2012, and now he’s got one of the league’s elite pass rushers coming after him.  I think the Packers put up a good fight, but the 49ers do enough to get the job done.

Seahawks @ Falcons

Scottie: Seahawks

This is the only matchup I am close to certain about.  I said last week the Seahawks were the hottest team in football.  I see the Seahawks defense shutting down Matt Ryan.  Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch pose massive matchup problems for the Atlanta defense.  I haven’t seen Matt Ryan do anything in a big game that would sway me from my ride on the Seattle bandwagon.

Matt: Falcons

Scottie is so certain about this matchup, huh?  How certain was Scottie last week when the RG3 led Redskins scored two touchdowns on their first two possessions?  As far as I remember, the Seahawks beat a Redskins team that was led by a 1 kneed by only 10.  That doesn’t sound like a very dominating performance to me.  The Seahawks are the sexy pick right now, I get it.  Well, I need to make up some ground, so here’s my shot.  The Falcons are sick of everyone questioning their playoff success, so they show up in a big way Sunday and send the Seahawks limping back to Seattle.

Texans @ Patriots

Scottie: Patriots

Let me be clear.  I am only picking the Patriots here because this is for the most part a New England sports blog.  This game terrifies me and it shouldn’t.  The Patriots recent playoff history sticks out in my head.  They lost to the Jets when they were suppose to destroy them.  They lost to the Giants twice when they were suppose to annihilate them.  What scares me about the Texans is their ability to get to the quarterback.  If JJ Watt is able to get to Brady early and not allow to him to get into a rhythm, the Pats are in trouble.  The Pats were the beneficiaries of a few lucky bounces in their regular season blow out.  Shaughnessy’s column writing off the Texans’ also gives me reason to worry.  But I am a Pats fan.  This is the playoffs.  I can’t turn my back on my team.

Matt: Patriots

No need to be terrified, Scottie!  The Texans offensively are a very stubborn team.  Their reluctance to throw the ball on 1st down and run the ball on 3rd down makes them very predictable.  Yes, their ability to get to the quarterback is troubling, especially now that Brooks Reed is healthy.  With that being said, having Gronk back working the middle, I think the Pats have the advantage offensively vs. Houston’s defense.  Defensively, Matt Schaub is looking more and more like Tony Romo as time passes.  He doesn’t show up in big game situations, and until he actually does, I have no faith.


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  1. I move to 6-2 Matty is now 5-3

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