Big East Game 3: Syracuse 72 – Providence 66

-Well, that makes 5 losses in a row.

-My ESPN3 feed was terrible all game…unacceptable!

-I’ll take that loss any day of the week.  The Friars finally showed some of the heart and enthusiasm that I have been begging for over the past few games.  They knew they were up against it with #7 Syracuse coming into town, but they left it all on the court.  Were there still some chemistry issues?  Yes.  Do they seem to be improving?  Absolutely.

-It looks like Coach Cooley is an NTCF Faithful, considering he took my advice and moved Harlem’s favorite big man Sidiki Johnson into the starting rotation.  Maybe it was more of a temporary move because of Syracuse’s size, but I think the lineup Cooley started the game with was the best lineup I’ve seen on the court for the Friars.  They moved the ball well, were working it inside and out, and Johnson is just one physical mother trucker in the paint.  In just 19 minutes Sidiki gave PC 8 points and 7 boards.  Yes, he got in some foul trouble, but that has to be expected of a kid seeing essentially his first ever minutes at the college level.

-Vincent Council looked better.  He’s not the same Vincent Council that led the Big East in assists last year, but he’s getting there.  Council provided 8 points and 8 assists in 30 minutes of action.  He looked to pass early and often.  In order for the Friars to be more effective, Council needs to improve his scoring.  But, from what I’ve seen, he’s getting healthier and as Council goes so do the Friars.

-3 points in 37 minutes isn’t good enough, Kadeem.  I know that Syracuse’s size bugged Batts.  He’s a junior.  There is no time for excuses.  He needs to perform on a nightly basis for this team to win.  Kadeem Batts needs to play better.

-9 minutes for Dunn.  I know he wasn’t giving the team much production offensively, but now I’m getting concerned that his poor shooting from earlier in the season is having some sort of hangover effect.  Kris Dunn is a distributer first and scorer second.  He needs to get more minutes on the ball in order to see what he’s truly made of.  That’s no easy task, considering Coach Cooley is trying to win games while seasoning players at the same time.  Well, that’s why you get paid the big bucks coach!

-NEXT GAME: Sunday, January 13th 12pm vs. Seton Hall (ESPN 3)

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