Lockout Over: Hockey Fans Everywhere Rejoice!


“So you’re saying there’s a chance?” asked Lloyd Christmas.  That’s a special feeling Lloyd.  However, It’s far better than one in a million which is a surprise because a few weeks ago it looked to be impossible.

In the wee hours of the morning on January 6, 2013, Gary Bettman announced to hockey enthusiasts everywhere that the National Hockey League will lace up the skates and hit the ice.  In cities like Boston, Detroit, Montreal, Toronto, New York, and Chicago fans will be rushing to StubHub and arena box offices to get their hands on tickets, despite the grudge against the owners.  However, in markets like Phoenix, Columbus, Carolina, and Florida most people probably shad no idea there was even a lockout at all.

The season is rumored to be underway on January 15th or 19th sending the shortened season into an interesting schedule conflict.  In fact, the East and the West will not face each other until the Stanley Cup Finals.  The most likely scenario is that each team will play the majority of their regular season games within the division while playing some home-and-home match-ups to round out the regular season.  My league source predicted that the Stanley Cup Champion this year will most likely come out of the East due to the heavy travel that will be required in the Western Conference in such a consolidated amount of time.

What does this mean for the Boston Bruins?  They may very well benefit the most from this debacle.  They had the most players playing in Europe of any NHL team and the majority of their roster has played together the last couple seasons.  Fairly fresh legs, and everyone knows each other.  The major question mark is the goaltending.  With Tim Thomas taking a year off in his bomb shelter in Colorado many are asking if Tuukka Rask is ready to take over the crease full time.  I’m president of the Tuukka fan club so, I will always say yes and have been waiting for this moment since 2006. However, there are many in New England who will argue otherwise just because the whole team collapsed in front of Rask in the 2010 playoffs against Philadelphia blowing a 3-0 series lead.

Another question about the Bruins is 1st round draft pick, defenseman Doug Hamilton.  It’ll be interesting to see if the Bruins elect to keep him for the shortened season or send him back to Juniors after his 9 game trial to avoid using up a contract year for the promising youngster.

Here’s how the roster looks at the moment (line condos subject to change):









McQuaid–Johnson (Hamilton)




I, myself, will probably not attend a game in person this year unless i’m given a free ticket.  However, the players have my full support.  It’s Jacobs and the owners around the league that I despise.  If you do go the Garden this season please support the players, management, and arena employees.  When you see Jeremy Jacobs, Donald Fehr, or Gary Bettman be sure to curse and boo at them until their tail gets tucked between their legs.  They’re the one’s that messed things up for all of us.



2 Responses

  1. What about Malcolm Subban?

  2. He won’t be up this year. I don’t think you’ll even see him in Providence. there’s a minor chance that once the junior season ends he shows up in Prov to get a feel for the pro level but you won’t see him full time this year and possibly next year too. He’s just a kid and there’s plenty of time to let him develop like they did with Tuukka

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