Big East Game 2: Depaul 83 – Providence 73

-Absolutely no chemistry.  That is the easiest way to describe what I saw on the court last night from the Friars.  Vincent Council looks like a completely different player.  Yes, he has had limited time to practice with this team.  Yes, he’s still trying to get back to 100%.  Yes, being on the court with another point guard (Dunn) is not what he is used to.  The best player on the team should never, NEVER have 8 turnovers!  Kris Dunn didn’t do much better, turning the ball over 6 times.  Coach Cooley needs to get in these guys’ faces and let them know that their current level of play is unacceptable.

-Bryce Cotton isn’t right.  Supposedly, he had his knee drained earlier this week for the 2nd time in three weeks.  He’s not explosive.  His scoring is completely reliant on jumpers after coming off of picks.  He can’t finish at the rim.  He needs time to rest and heal, however he’s about to face Syracuse on Wednesday.  Good luck Bryce.

-Sidiki Johnson was the best player on the floor for the Friars against Depaul.  Why he only played four minutes against Louisville, I may never know.  He was physical.  He was controlling the lane.  He was a defensive presence.  Sidiki may not be the most polished offensive player, and he may be overly emotional at times, but this team needs a defensive presence in the paint, and he provides it.  The last time we had a physical guy like that in the paint was when Jon Kale was grabbing boards and pounding his chest during the 2008-2009 season.

-With the way that this team has been playing, changes need to be made.  Here’s my proposed starting lineup:

PG: Vincent Council

SG: Kris Dunn

SF: LaDontae Henton

PF: Kadeem Batts

C: Sidiki Johnston

Bench #1 (6th man): Bryce Cotton

Bench #2: Josh Fortune

Bench #3: Bryce Kofane

Bench #4: Ted Bancroft

Bench #5: Lee Goldsborough

-The aforementioned lineup provides more size, improves your athleticism, and puts some young and hungry guys on the court for big-time minutes (Dunn and Johnson).  Henton’s natural position is at the 3, where he would be able to work more in the post against smaller defenders, and use his jumpshot as a weapon and not as a crutch.  Moving Batts to the 4 allows his to utlize his jumpshot more, while letting him work the post against smaller defenders.  Bringing Cotton off the bench provides him more time for that knee to heal considering he will play less minutes.  Also, when you bring in either Cotton or Fortune off of the bench, you create instant offense because they are both great shooters and you can then move to a smaller lineup with Batts at the 5 and Henton at the 4.

-This team needs a fire lit under their ass or Wednesday’s game against Syracuse will be over at halftime.

-NEXT GAME: Wednesday, January 9th vs #7 Syracuse, 7pm (ESPN3)

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  1. Too early to say Kris Dunn came in a bit overrated?

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