Week 17 NFL Picks: The Final Showdown Matt vs. Scottie

Last week, I stepped up to the plate once again.  Scottie put up a good effort by going 11-5, bringing his overall record to 155-84-1.  However, I was a little better than Scottie last week by going 12-4, bringing my overall record to 156-83-1.  You can’t ask for a much closer battle than this.  Let’s do it…

Down by 1 going into the last week of the season.  What really sucks is the last games for teams that are completely out of it are a crapshoot to pick.  This is for all the marbles.  Here we go.

Bucs @ FalconsUnknown

Scott: Falcons

Josh Freeman has been terrible the last month or so.  The Falcons will likely rest their starters but I still think they are better than the Bucs.

Matt: Falcons

The Falcons top off the best season in the history or the franchise with a win at home against a struggling Bucs team who’s offense has unraveled over the past few weeks.

Jets @ Bills

Scott: Jets

I think Rex can draw up a defense that will force Fitzpatrick to turn the ball over.  Sanchez is pretty much playing for his job.  I don’t have much faith in Sanchez but I think he can pull this one out.

Matt: Bills

The Jets are a disaster.  Sanchez is supposedly back in as the starter, but the media circus surrounding the Tim Tebow controversy has to distract the Jets.

Ravens @ Bengalsimages

Scott: Bengals

Baltimore is sitting Ray Rice.  I think the Bengals can take advantage of this and get the win at home.

Matt: Ravens

I think that the Ravens build on a big win last week in Cincinnati against the Bengals.  Both teams are in the playoffs, so I expect hurting players to be rested and for offense and defensive playbooks kept relatively simple.  The Ravens are more talented, that decides this one.

Bears @ Lions

Scott: Bears

Just read a report that the Lions are thinking of axing Jim Schwartz.  I thought it was a certainty.  If the Lions don’t axe Schwartz it’ll be one of the biggest mistakes in franchise history.

Matt: Bears

The Lions just continually beat themselves, while the Bears are battling for a playoff spot.

Jaguars @ Titans

Scott: Titans

Another game that is meaningless.  Henne doesn’t have Cecil Shorts and MJD is out again.  The Jaguars are punchless.  I’ll take Locker and Chris Johnson over a pathetic Jaguars squad any day.

Matt: Titans

Who cares?  The Jags put up a fight against the Pats, but in Tennessee I’m going with the Locksmith.

Texans @ ColtsUnknown-1

Scott: Colts

The first game that means anything in this list of games.  I said three weeks ago the Colts and Texans would split their season series.  I am sticking to my word.  The Texans are overrated.  They shall be exposed within the next 2 weeks with an early exit from the playoffs.

Matt: Texans

As much as I want the Texans to lose this game and for the Pats to grab a 1st round bye, but I just don’t see it.  Andrew Luck is a good young player, but Wade Phillips and the Texans D will do a number on the rookie quarterback.

Panthers @ Saints

Scott: Saints

The final score of this one could be in the 50’s for each team.  Another meaningless game.  I am taking Nawlins at home.

Matt: Saints

The Saints and the Panthers are both on fire as of late.  In New Orleans, I’m sticking with the Saints.

Eagles @ Giantsimages-1

Scott: Giants

I am plenty tempted to take the Eagles here.  This is an audition for Mike Vick as it looks like the Eagles are going to let him go.  The Giants are due to pass their annual horseshoe and sneak into the playoffs somehow.  It starts with a win here.

Matt: Giants

The Giants will make a last ditch effort to sneak into the playoffs with a win at home against the re-Michael-Vick-led Eagles, but it won’t be enough.  The Pats chances at a Super Bowl run just got better.

Browns @ Steelers

Scott: Steelers

Browns are without T-Rich, their only offensive threat.  Steelers are playing at home.  I’ll go with the Steelers in another meaningless game.

Matt: Steelers

Browns are cleaning house and the Steelers are reassessing their entire team.  Steelers are at home and more talented.

Raiders @ Chargers

Scott: Chargers

Chargers are the more talented team.  And again, another meaningless game.

Matt: Chargers

Norv Turner is on his way out.  Terrell Pryor is making his 1st career start.  The Chargers finish off a bad season with a win.

Cardinals @ 49ersUnknown-2

Scott: 49ers

49ers have something to play for.  The Cardinals are still a mess.  I still think the 49ers are destined to play the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Matt: 49ers

Even though I’m pulling for Brian Hoyer in his 1st career start for the Cardinals, they just don’t have enough to get it done against the 49ers (who are still battling for playoff position).

Rams @ Seahawks

Scott: Seahawks

I hate Bradford everywhere.  The Law of Scottie 2012: Seattle doesn’t lose at home.

Matt: Seahawks

I love Bradford, but not in Seattle.

Packers @ Vikings

Scott: Packers

Another tempting pick to take the Vikings.  Ultimately Ponder throws away the game.  Packers win and secure the 2 seed.

Matt: Packers

AP is going for the record.  The Vikings need a win for a possible playoff position.  The Packers are the better team and will prove it.

Dolphins @ Patriotsimages-2

Scott: Patriots

The Dolphins aren’t going to be the walk in the park everyone thinks they are.  But I still think TB12 guts a weak secondary and the Pats put themselves in position to get a first round bye with help.

Matt: Patriots

There are talks that the Patriots might tank the game for playoff seeding purposes or rest some players leading into the playoffs.  In my opinion, the Pats could throw out the 2nd team against the Dolphins and I’m still picking the Pats.

Chiefs @ Broncos

Scott: Broncos

Peyton is going to take care of business against the most disappointing team in the NFL.

Matt: Broncos

Again, as much as I want a Chiefs win for the Pats seeding in the playoffs, the Chiefs aren’t getting it done.

Cowboys @ RedskinsUnknown-3

Scott: Redskins

Tony Romo can’t win in week 17.  RG3 leads the Redskins into the playoffs.

Matt: Redskins

Like I’ve said many times before, I have absolutely no confidence in Tony Romo in clutch time.  The dude just doesn’t get the job done in clutch situations.


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After a year long lead, Matt may swoop in and take the crown.

2 Responses

  1. 17 weeks of picks has accomplished nothing. The regular season ends in a tie.

  2. Scott- 12-4 Matt 11-5

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