Week 16 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. Matt

Scottie’s so-called “undivided attention” brought him a 10-6 record last week, which means he is 144-79-1 on the season.  As promised, I continue grinding en route to a victory for the season.  I posted an 11-5 record last week, giving me a 144-79-1 record on the season.  It’s all tied up baby!  You can’t ask for much more than this.  Scottie and I are tied heading into week 16.  Every pick is crucial from here on out.  Honestly, I just can’t wait for those victorious free beverages!  Let’s do it…

My big mouth came back to bite me.  I should of just kept doing my thing but I got cocky.  Now I am paying for it.

Falcons @ LionsUnknown

Scottie: Falcons

The Falcons are going to lock up the all important home field advantage throughout the playoffs with a win over the Lions.  Calvin Johnson is 182 yards shy of Jerry Rice’s single-season receiving record.  Should I make a bold statement and say he breaks that record tonight?  All my other predictions have floundered over the past few weeks, why not add another one?

Matt: Falcons

Talk about a statement.  The Falcons answered the call last week to show that they were a legitimate contender in the NFC with a beat down of the defending champion Giants.  I’m not sure if it was more impressive for Atlanta, or concerning for the G-Men, but either way the Falcons did work!

Patriots @ Jaguars

Scottie: Patriots

The Patriots will not lose to the Jaguars.  As a Patriots fan, I am holding out hope either Houston or Denver loses so the Pats can get their bye.  Truth be told, I am not afraid of any team in the AFC.  The Patriots should get to the Super Bowl no matter the road they will have to take.

Matt: Patriots

The conspiracy theories need to stop.  The Pats aren’t tanking.  Even if they tried, I’d still bet on a Pats win.

Saints @ CowboysUnknown-1

Scottie: Saints

Like Matt, I have no confidence in Tony Romo.  And I certainly don’t believe he has the ability to keep up with Drew Brees and the Saints.  It amazes me the Cowboys are still in the playoff conversation.  Come Monday morning, they will be out of that conversation.

Matt: Saints

Tony Romo and the Cowboys just can’t get it done in crunch time.  They could have easily lost two or three games over their last 6 contests, however they somehow squeaked out victories.  The Saints laid the smack down on the Bucs last week, and their confidence seems to continue to grow.  Until Romo and the ‘Boys get it done in crunch time, I’m not on board.

Titans @ Packers

Scottie: Packers

The Titans don’t have the horses to keep up with Green Bay.  This week they do not have the luxury of facing Mark Sanchez.  Instead, they oppose Aaron Rodgers.  The Titans are light years away from being contenders.  Sorry CV.

Matt: Packers

The Titans beat the Jets on Monday night football this past week, but in Week 16 they run into a real opponent.  Jake Locker in Lambeau Field in December stands no chance.

Colts @ ChiefsUnknown-2

Scottie: Colts

Ricky Stanzi might start on Sunday vs. the Colts.  The truth is, the Chiefs could bring back Joe Montana and I am still picking the Colts.  The Chiefs have such a talented roster (outside of quarterback), it legit baffles me they are as bad as they are. With rumors of Dwayne Bowe leaving KC, and the Patriots having to make a decision on Welker, is Bowe a future Patriot?

Matt: Colts

Many New England fans are hoping that the Pats can somehow match up against the Colts in the 1st round of the playoffs instead of the Steelers, but this kid Luck is legit.  Yes, he makes some mistakes.  Yes, he’s thrown a lot of picks.  But, this was the worst team in the NFL last season!  Andrew Luck is a winner, plain and simple.  Plus, they have Pagano power behind them.  This team is dangerous.

Bills @ Dolphins

Scottie: Bills

Matt says Dolphins? I’ll say Bills for the hell of it.

Matt: Dolphins

Bad quarterback vs. bad quarterback.  In an ugly game like this, home team wins.  If I’m a fan of either team, I’m hoping for a loss to better my draft position.

Chargers @ Jets

Scottie: Chargers

Both franchises are going to be happy when this season is over.  The Chargers will hire Andy Reid after they fire Norv Turner.  The Jets will go get Michael Vick to play under center in 2013.  As far as the here and now, Greg McElroy is not the answer for the Jets. The Jets won’t move the ball and the Chargers will leave NY with a win.

Matt: ChargersUnknown-3

McElroy?  Seriously Rex?  I think I understand the logic.  If you throw Tebow in there, you sign yourself up for a media firestorm with an already shaky locker room.  But guess what Rexy, because Tebow was passed over, you have a media firestorm in New York!  Why did they trade for this kid if they aren’t going to play him.  Last I check Tebow went 7-4 as a starter last year.  Much better than Sanchez this year.  Give Tebow a chance!  I really hope the Pats pick up Tebow next season and show the Jets how to utilize this dude.

Redskins @ Eagles

Scottie: Redskins

The Redskins have to be ecstatic with the play of Kirk Cousins.  They should flip him for either a high round draft pick or multiple draft picks.  Some desperate franchise will bite.  And after the draft the Skins had this year (RG3, Cousins, Morris) I have to believe the Redskins will be a force for years to come in the NFC East.  The Eagles are headed in the exact opposite of Washington.

Matt: Redskins

RGIII is back in action and will keep the dream alive in Washington.  As late as week 9 this season the Redskins were in last place in the NFC East.  That’s insane considering they now control their own destiny in terms of getting a playoff spot.  The Eagles are a broken team.

Bengals @ Steelers

Scottie: Steelers

I have to take experience here.  Tomlin and his boys have been here before and tasted success.  Marvin Lewis always seems to fail in these games.  Big Ben has the “it” factor.  He wins the biggest games.  No reason to ignore track records. Steelers take it.

Matt: Steelers

Big Ben and the Steelers aren’t going to roll over and die like Cincinatti is hoping.  The Steelers will make the playoffs this season and that starts now.  By the way, reports have surfaced that Mike Tomlin is losing the locker room.  Who would cross this guy?  If the Pats didn’t have Belichick, Tomlin is the guy I would want.  He’s a man.  Dude is 40!

Rams @ Buccaneers

Scottie: Bucs

No comment necessary.

Matt: Buccaneers 

At home, I go with my boy Bradford.  On the road, I’m not sold on the Rams.  The Bucs got spanked last week against the Saints, and I think they come out in Week 16 looking to make a statement.

Raiders @ Panthers

Scottie: Panthers

Cam Newton finally broke out of his sophomore slump.  The Raiders are bad.  I don’t see any way the Raiders stop the Panthers Sunday.

Matt: Panthers

After starting off the season miserably, Cam Newton has turned his game around over the past few weeks.  With that being said, I’m not sure if it will be enough to save Ron Rivera’s job, and they are killing their draft position.

Vikings @ TexansUnknown-4

Scottie: Texans

I am so close to picking the Vikings here.  I can’t bring myself to do it.  As awesome as Adrian Peterson has been, Christian Ponder has been just as terrible.  Peterson actually has more yards than Ponder.  The Texans have a fluid offense.  I expect them to get up early forcing the Vikings to throw the ball, something the Vikings can’t do.

Matt: Texans

Texans are into the playoffs.  Vikings are still fighting for a playoff spot.  Their are few teams with the ability to slow down Adrian Peterson.  I believe that JJ Watt and the Texans are one of those teams.  The Texans can score enough offensively to out duel Adrian Peterson.  Also, as I have been saying over the past few weeks, Christian Ponder without Percy Harvin doesn’t scare me at all.

Browns @ Broncos

Scottie: Broncos

When it’s all said and done, the Broncos will be the #1 seed in the AFC.  Peyton gets comeback player of the year and MVP?

Matt: Broncos

I’m hoping the Browns pull something out of their ass in Denver to help out the Pats, who are looking to somehow get that #2 seed.  However, I don’t see it happening.

Bears @ Cardinals

Scottie: Bears

Remember when the Cardinals were 4-0?  Remember when I was smoking Matt in this little competition of ours?  Well, both of those are distant memories.  It always pains me to pick Cutler but I that’s what I have to do here.

Matt: Bears

The Bears have turned into the Browns and Jags, I’m simply not picking them.  Scottie hasn’t been called to come in and QB yet, so I still have no confidence in the Cardinals offense.

Giants @ RavensUnknown-5

Scottie: Giants

Here comes the start of the Giants annual mad dash to the Super Bowl.  Both teams are struggling right now.  Both teams are banged up.  I think the Giants D is going to give Flacco fits.  Jim Caldwell’s first game as an offensive coordinator didn’t go so well against Denver.  I think the Giants know they have to win out to get to the playoffs.  They go into Baltimore and grab a win.

Matt: Ravens

It is time for the Ravens to put up or shut up.  They have lost three games in a row for the first time since Scottie has been a valuable member of society.  On the other hand, the G-Men have been struggling, and are licking their wounds after being smoked in Atlanta last week.  Joe Flacco can make or break his career in this one.

49ers @ SeahawksUnknown-6

Scottie: Seahawks

Unlike Matt, I am a man of my word.  The Seahawks are going undefeated at home this year.  The 49ers are due for a let down after Monday Night’s classic in Foxboro.  I don’t expect the Seahawks to throw up 50+ on Monday.  But I think their defense will bother Kaepernick just enough to allow Seattle to protect its turf.

Matt: 49ers

I was with Scottie earlier this season thinking the Seahawks wouldn’t lose at home this year.  Well, the 49ers are coming to town and I’m going against Scottie.  The 49ers impressed me last week against the Pats with the composure after the Pats tied the game at 31-31.  In regards to the Seahawks, Sherman is dealing with an injury and they don’t have that championship look like the 49ers do.  This game will be a good one though.

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Matt is who I thought he was, and I left him off the hook!

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