NFL Week 15 Picks: Scottie vs. Matt

And the comeback begins!  Scottie, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.  A few weeks bad, you stumbled upon a sizeable lead and sure enough you started running your mouth.  I warned you, don’t wake the animal Scottie!  After refocusing and paying closer attention to all 32 NFL teams, I have made a hell of a comeback and now am only 1 game behind Scottie on the season.  Don’t shit your pants just yet Scottie.  I won’t run up the bar tab too high.  Maybe a $200 max?  Scottie went 9-7 last week and overall sits at 134-73-1.  I went 10-6 last week and have a 133-74-1 overall record.  By the way Scottie, how do we stack up against the experts?  Let’s do it…Unknown

I am going to ignore Matt’s ranting and raving.  Truth is, I didn’t think I had much competition after building a 7 game lead and I became a bit bored with the task of making sure I had my picks in every week.  Well, now y’all have my undivided attention.  Week 15 looks to be an awesome week for football.  There are three games off the top of my head that are potential playoff previews including a Super Bowl preview.  There is no better time to swat away the annoying gnat Matt has become with the competition at its greatest and the stakes at their highest…Let’s go!

Bengals @ Eagles

Scottie: Bengals

The Eagles threw everyone for a loop last week shocking the Bucs.  The Bengals choked away a game in Dallas.  At the end of the day, I think the Bengals are better than the Eagles.  Couple that with the Bengals are playing for the playoffs and the Eagles are playing for draft position, I am taking the Bengals.

Matt: Bengals

I think the motivating factor for Cincinnati in this one is the opportunity to make the playoffs for the 2nd consecutive season.  They know they missed a huge opportunity to gain some ground in the standings last week after Baltimore and Pittsburgh lost, but blew that opportunity.  This week, the Ravens and the Steelers have two tough games, so Cincy needs to capitalize.

Packers @ Bears

Scottie: Packers

All season long I have said the Bears are not as good as what their record says. After losing 2 in a row they are now 8-5 and welcome the Packers to town.  Aaron Rodgers is due for a huge game.  I would know, he is my fantasy quarterback.  A win for the Packers gives them the division title.  I expect to Packers to beat the fraudulent Bears.

Matt: Packers

The Bears are done.  Jay Cutler is one more huge shot away from injured reserve.  Urlacher is out for the year.  Forte looks unmotivated.  On the other side of the ball, the Packers are looking like last years version of the Giants.  They are heating up at just the right time.  Aaron Rodgers is looking like the Rodgers of old, Matthews and Woodson should return this week, and Jennings is inserting himself back into the offensive game plan.  Clay Matthews takes this game over en route to a Packers win.

Colts @ Texans

Scottie: Texans

I expect these teams to split their matchup this season.  The Texans were embarrassed on national television by Tom Terrific.  The Texans aren’t as good as what everyone thinks they are but they aren’t as bad as they were Monday night.  They will bounce back and beat the Colts on their home turf.  For the rest of the season, every game will be the biggest game of Andrew Luck’s career.  The roided up JJ Watt will be pissed after Monday and take out his rage on Luck.Unknown-1

Matt: Texans

The Colts are hot and the Texans are coming off of a Monday night blowout against the Pats.  I think this week will be very telling about what kind of team the Texans are.  A resilient, playoff ready team would bounce back and lay it on the Colts.  A soft, not yet ready team would lick their wounds and let the Pats loss hurt them for 2 or 3 weeks.  In Indy, I’m taking the Colts.  In Houston, I have to go with the Texans.

Broncos @ Ravens

Scottie: Broncos

Peyton Manning is going into Baltimore to pick apart the Ravens.  This is one of those games I mentioned in my little introduction.  Ultimately, I think the Broncos have the better defense.  Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil will bottle up Ray Rice leaving Joe Flacco to live up to his self-proclaimed title of “elite.”  I don’t think he will live up to the high opinion he has of himself.

Matt: Ravens

The Broncos may be the hottest team in football, I just can’t see the Ravens losing three games in a row.  From what I’ve been hearing, the Cam Cameron firing was something that has been considered for a long time.  Caldwell has never called plays on the NFL level, however I think that is a good thing for Baltimore.  Harbaugh will tell Caldwell what he wants (give Ray Rice the ball on nearly every play) and Caldwell will do it.  Ray Lewis returns, Baltimore is electric, and the Ravens squeak this one out.

Jaguars @ Dolphins

Scottie: Jaguars

Pretty sure only Floridians care about this game.  Actually, they probably don’t care either.  Maybe only Chad Henne cares.  Because of that, I am going with the Jags.  Henne must be foaming at the mouth for this opportunity to light up his former team on their own turf.  Cecil Shorts should be coming back fully healthy off of the concussion he suffered 2 weeks ago.  Go Henne.

Matt: Dolphins

Who cares? Not me.  Home team wins.  Jags need Tebow.

Redskins @ Browns

Scottie: Redskins

With RGIII the Redskins win rather easily.  Judging by the fact Matt picks the Browns if there was no RGIII he has never heard of the Ewing Theory.  I am going all in on the Redskins here no matter what.  It’d be hilarious to hear talk radio blow up with quarterback controversy in Washington nonsense if Kirk Cousins starts and wins on Sunday.

Matt: RedskinsUnknown-2

The Browns are 5-8.  How the F*** did that happen?  I guess if you’re a Browns fan that is a pretty terrible thing.  If I’m in Cleveland, I want another top pick in the draft.  Give me Te’o baby!  The thing that sucks about implementing our picks on Thursday is that injured players haven’t been ruled out yet.  Will RGIII play?  I have no idea.  If he plays, the Redskins win.  If he doesn’t, the Browns win.  It looks like RGIII plans to start on Sunday, so I’m going with the ‘Skins.

Vikings @ Rams

Scottie: Vikings

Do I even need to say anything here?  Bradford bobs apples from the toilet and Matty likes it.

Matt: Rams

Bradford has taken me this far, and I’m not abandoning him now baby!  AP is a man, but I think the Rams stack the box and make Ponder beat them.  I’m taking Bradford over Ponder.  Let’s go Scottie!!!

Buccaneers @ Saints

Scottie: Saints

I honestly have no idea who to pick in this game.  Both teams have repeatedly screwed me over all season long.  Jimmy Graham has been on the side of a milk carton the past month which has been frustrating to deal with as a fantasy football owner.  I am taking the Saints in a shootout because they’re playing on their turf.

Matt: Saints

The Bucs fought this year, you have to say that.  The Saints started off horribly, but have rebounded a bit and at least have made their season somewhat respectable.  At home, the Saints are a tough team to beat.

Giants @ Falcons

Scottie: Falcons

Atlanta hasn’t played a game that’s meant anything all year.  The Giants are back to their Jekyll and Hyde ways.  I think Matty Ice gets his boys amped up for this one.  I am taking the Falcons here just to spite my co-workers.

Matt: Falconsimages

Statement game.  Enough said.  The Falcons need to come out and prove something against the defending champion Giants.  The Panthers punched Atlanta in the mouth last week, which doesn’t really bother me, every team gets trapped once in a while.  Sunday’s game is a game to get pumped for.  Matt Ryan needs to make a statement.  The Giants are trending downwards (even though they smoked the Saints last week).  I’m not sold on the G-Men…but I may never be.

Seahawks @ Bills

Scottie: Seahawks

The Seahawks defense may have scored the most points in fantasy football history last week against the worst offense in the history of sports.  While I expect the Bills to put up a better fight than the Cardinals did, I am still taking the Seahawks here.

Matt: Seahawks

Bills are a disaster.  Seahawks aren’t very good on the road, but are good enough to beat the Bills.

Panthers @ Chargers

Scottie: Chargers

Could care less about this game.  I don’t like either team.  Both quarterbacks are babies.  There is no one really to like on either team and they are playing for draft position.  I’m taking San Diego because Matt took the Panthers.

Matt: Panthers

Cam Newton has been a man lately!  This is the player that all of those stupid fantasy owners thought they were getting when they took Cam in the 1st round over the summer.  The Panthers have been playing well lately while the Chargers can’t wait for 2012 to be over.  Philip Rivers is done with Norv Turner, and I don’t blame him.

Lions @ CardinalsUnknown-3

Scottie: Lions

If Jim Schwartz can’t win this one, the Schwartz is not definitely not with him.

Matt: Lions

There is a 100% chance that I won’t pick the Cardinals for the rest of the season.  The Cards are done.  They’ve hung up the cleats.  Larry Fitz is trying to avoid injury, and will hopefully look for a trade after this season is over.

Chiefs @ Raiders

Scottie: Chiefs

Hate the Raiders.  Going with the Chiefs because there is no way on God’s green earth the Raiders can stop Jamal Charles.

Matt: Raiders

I put my faith in the Chiefs last week and they slapped me in the face by getting blown out by the Browns.  The Raiders have sputtered down the stretch, however they are better than the Chiefs.

Steelers @ Cowboys

Scottie: Steelers

Remember earlier in the season when I had my “if you had to win one game post…?” Well I ranked Big Ben pretty high because he wins big games.  it may not be pretty but he wins.  Dez Bryant’s hand injury also bothers me.  Romo will find a way to flub this one up and the Steelers will find themselves in playoff position.

Matt: Steelers

Hell of a game!  This is what December football is all about.  Two times fighting for their playoff spot, knowing that a loss could mean the end of their playoff aspirations.  Who do I put my faith in?  Roethlisberger and Mike Tomlin.  How can you not?  These two have done it time and time again.  If you have more faith in Garrett and Romo, then you might as well be friends with Scottie because you’re a joke.  The Steelers get the job done in Big D.

49ers @ Patriotsimages-1

Scottie: Patriots

This is a preview of the Super Bowl.  I am 10 times more nervous about this game than I was the Texans matchup.  I believe the 49ers have a great defense.  They also have weapons on offense.  Brady isn’t going to be able to gash the Niners like he did the Texans.  I am interested to see how Bill defends Kaepernick.  This has all the makings of the game of the year.  Patriots have the home field advantage and the GOAT Tom Brady.

Matt: Patriots

I’m not sure how many predicted a blowout last Monday against the Texans, but the Pats certainly cemented their spot as the best team in the AFC, while Tom Brady and Vince Wilfork threw their names into the MVP and defensive player of the year races respectively.  I think the 49ers will stop Ridley in his tracks, so Belichick and company won’t even try to establish the run.  They will throw the ball all over the field, while defensively they will confuse the hell out of Kaepernick.

Jets @ Titans

Scottie: Titans

I’ll go with the Titans to make CV and my future father-in-law happy.  He HATES the Jets more than anyone I know.  Credit me for trying to score points here at least.

Matt: Titans

Who cares? Not me.  Gotta flex this game.  Make the Pats-49ers the Monday night game.  Can’t have the Jets and Titans battling for absolutely nothing on national TV.  Titans are the home team.  They win.

Scottie is shitting his pants.  Where am I drinking for free Scottie?  Tavern 12? Fat Belly’s?  Wherever we decide, I can’t wait to get drunk on your dime.

Matt will be getting O’Douls all night wherever we go no matter whose tab it’s on.

I can be followed on Twitter @ScottieNTCF

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  1. I came to play… 8-1 going into 4 o clock
    Matt is 7-2

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