NFL Week 14 Picks: Scottie vs. Matt

Last week, Scottie’s gloating led to a 7-9 performance and an 125-66-1 record overall.  I stepped up a bit and posted a 10-6 record, and pulled a little closer to Scottie with a 123-68-1 overall record and now 2 games back on the season.  This week is pretty much make or break.  It’s tough to make up 2 or 3 games in one week.  I need to pull it close this week and then grab the victory in the last couple weeks of the season.  Let’s do it…

I may have blacked out last week. Not my best performance.  Time to make up for it and put Matty away.

Broncos @ Raiders220px-Peyton_Manning_(cropped)

Scottie: Broncos

Having won 7 in a row, the Broncos are the hottest team in football.  Once again the MVP debate will come down to Brady vs. Manning.  If the season were to end today, the first round matchup in the AFC? You guessed it.  Manning vs. his former squad, the Indianapolis Colts.  Tell me the NFL isn’t salivating to have that matchup.  Oh yeah, about this game.  The Raiders welcome Darren McFadden back but he is not enough to stop the Broncos win streak.  Broncos win easy.

Matt: Broncos

The Broncos are on absolute fire.  Peyton looks better than he has in years, or maybe he just has a decent team around him.  I really thought the McGahee injury would hurt the Broncos, but they haven’t really missed a beat without him.

Rams @ Bills

Scottie: Bills

There is nothing more enjoyable than bashing my buddy Lyden’s chops about how bad his Bills are every year.  Dating back to the early 90’s when they lost 4 Super Bowls in a row, to the Music City Miracle, and then the decision to start Rob Johnson over Doug Flutie, I have had an array of ammunition.  But I hate Bradford, who was dumb lucky last week.  Go Bills.

Matt: Rams

Well Scottie, last week my boy Bradford took out your 49ers like 3 day old trash.  The “next coming” in Colin Kaepernick looked like a JV quarterback compared to my boy Bradford.  He is throwing to complete scrubs and still getting the job done.  Time to give Bradford some credit Scottie.

Cowboys @ Bengals

Scottie: Bengals

I have to stay consistent with my picks.  Benjarvus Green-Ellis has added a dimension of consistency to the Bengals offense.  On the surface it looks like its just Andy Dalton to AJ Green all day.  The Law Firm has rushed for 885 yards so far this season and has been a valuable asset to the Bengals.

Matt: Bengals

To be completely honest, I have no idea who will win this game.  The Cowboys are the most inconsistent team in football, but my gut tells me to go with Dallas.  Every time I pick against the Bengals, I end up losing.  I’m going with the home team in this one.

Chiefs @ Browns

Scottie: Browns

After last week’s tragedy I wanted to change my pick to the Chiefs to beat the Panthers.  I just had that feeling in the wake of tragedy they would sneak out a victory because that seems to always happen in sports.  The Browns had a tragedy of their own last week as a team employee committed suicide at their practice facility.  I think the Browns are a better team and they are at home.

Matt: Chiefs

I’m going with the Chiefs for no other reason that I have no desire to pick the Browns to win a game all year.  The Chiefs may carry some inspiration over from last week’s emotional victory.

Titans @ Coltsimages

Scottie: Colts

CV knows his Titans have next to no chance in this one.  The Colts are riding high on Luck.  With head coach Chuck Pagano sidelined battling leukemia, the Colts improbable playoff run has been the best story in the NFL this season.  The Titans will do nothing to get in the way of that.

Matt: Colts

If you asked me prior to the start of this season what the percentage was that the Colts make the playoffs I would have said 0%.  Honestly, this kid Andrew Luck is better than advertised, and he was being compared to Elway.  That game last week against Detroit sealed it for me.  Luck is the next big thing for the NFL.

Bears @ Vikings

Scottie: Bears

I made the mistake of picking the Vikings 2 weeks ago at the request of my good friend Marc.  I saw Marc last night and I told him that I don’t care how much bigger he is than me, he will no longer intimidate me into picking his upset specials.  Adrian Peterson has been playing out of his mind in recent weeks but he can’t alone win you a football game.  Percy Harvin is out.  Christian Ponder is busy getting engaged to Samantha Steele.  Jay Cutler throws to Brandon Marshall, and wins football games.

Matt: Vikings

The Bears look like they will be missing Urlacher for a few weeks and they looked horrible last week against Seattle.  The Seahawks kept giving the Bears chances to put the game away and they just couldn’t get it done.  Meanwhile, the Vikings are adapting to life without Percy Harvin by letting AP run all over the field and feeding the ball to Kyle Rudolph.  At home, the Vikings get it done.

Eagles @ Bucs

Scottie: Bucs

This is as close to a no-brainer as it gets.  The Eagles are putrid.  I am hoping Josh Freeman has a field day throwing to Vincent Jackson. I need points out of VJ to get through my first round of the fantasy football playoffs.  The only plus in Philly is Bryce Brown.  He has rushed for over 150 yards in both of his games with LeSean McCoy out.  Bucs win easy.

Matt: Bucs

The Eagles are a disaster.  Andy Reid has one foot out of the door.  He’s making his way to either San Diego or Dallas next year.  The Bucs are still fighting for a playoff spot.  They have something to play for.

Ravens @ Redskinsimages-1

Scottie: Redskins

G Knott will be happy to see that I am coming off the Ravens bandwagon this week.  The truth is they have played so poorly over the last month, it is truly a wonder they are 9-3.  I think RGIII lights up the Ravens on his home turf today.

Matt: Ravens

After losing to the Roethlisbergerless Steelers last week, the Ravens are out for blood.  On the other hand, RGIII and the Redskins are flying high after beating the Giants last Monday night.  RGIII now faces one of the league’s toughest defenses.  Joe Flacco is due for a breakout game, and the Redskins secondary loves giving up huge gains in the passing game.

Falcons @ Panthers

Scottie: Falcons

Last week I said the Panthers can beat bad football teams.  They promptly went out and lost to the Chiefs.  I don’t see Cam and his boys coming out of Atlanta with a W.  The road to the Super Bowl in the NFC will go through Atlanta after they win today.

Matt: Falcons

The rest of the 2012 regular season doesn’t matter for Atlanta.  Success will now be measured solely on playoff success.  The fans in Atlanta are desperate for a playoff run, and I’m interested to see if Matty Ryan and the Falcons can get it done.

Jets @ JaguarsUnknown

Scottie: Jets

The Jaguars are without their top receiver Cecil shorts. I just saw Tebow is active and Greg McElroy is inactive today.  I think Tebow starts over Sanchez and does what he does.  This will be an audition for Tebow as he will surely request a trade in the offseason. The Jets will win ugly today.

Matt: Jets

I really don’t know about this one.  The Jets with Sanchez are bad.  The Jags with anyone are bad.  Isn’t it interesting that the week Rex decided to pull Sanchez, Tebow was hurt.  Seems like ol’ Rex knows that the Tebow trade created a mediafirestorm that his team (and emotionally fragile quarterback) wasn’t ready to deal with.

Chargers @ Steelers

Scottie: Steelers

I bashed Charlie Batch last week basically comparing him to Betty White.  Then he goes out and lights up the Ravens.  Last week really was a bad week for me.  My apologies to Charlie Batch.  This week, the Steelers have Big Ben back and they will beat the Chargers at home.  I am so glad San Diego has finally decided to fire Norv Turner.  It was a decision made 6 years too late.

Matt: Steelers

Roethlisberger is back, but as usually happens he wasn’t really missed.  Charlie Batch gets the job done.  It’s not statistically good, visually attractive, and amazing football, but it is successful.  The Chargers on the other hand are a disaster.

Dolphins @ 49ers

Scottie: 49ers

The Dolphins have been victimized by the injury bug.  It is also fair to say they had overachieved in the early part of the season.  Kaepernick had a hiccup last week.  He will get back on track this week and the 49ers will swim past the Dolphins.

Matt: 49ers

Tough loss for the 49ers last week against my boy Bradford.  They rebound easily at home against a Dolphins team that is falling apart quickly.

Cardinals @ Seahawks

Scottie: Seahawks

The Cardinals are terrible, losing 8 in a row.  The Seahawks are playing at home.  Every week, I remind you guys that the Seahawks will be undefeated at home this year.  Now is not the time to abandon that prediction.

Matt: Seahawks

Scottie may be right on this one, the Seahawks are tough at home.  Even with one of their starting corners out on suspension, Seattle shouldn’t have an issue taking out the Cards.  I honestly don’t even know who’s playing quarterback for the Cards these days.  I do know that he isn’t getting the ball to Larry Fitz and yet I can’t bring myself to put him on the bench on my fantasy team.

Saints @ Giantsimages-2

Scottie: Saints

The vast majority of my co-workers are Giants fans.  They had a complete meltdown after losing to the Redskins last week.  The Giants fans are like Chicken Little. “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”  I found myself talking them off the ledge citing Tom Coughlin’s knack for going through a midseason soon and then getting to the Super Bowl. But because it was so much fun to see how upset they were, I am picking the Saints here in hopes of a fun week at work.

Matt: Giants

The G-Men need a win after a tough loss to the Redskins on Monday night.  In New Orleans, I may go with the Saints.  However, with the Giants at home I think they get the job done.

Lions @ Packers

Scottie: Packers

How does Jim Schwartz still have a job?  In the last two weeks, he has cost his Lions 2 games.  Now, the Lions are going to Green Bay pretty much out of the playoffs.  Today is the reason why Aaron Rodgers was drafted with top picks in fantasy drafts.  I expect him to throw for over 300 yards and 4 touchdowns.  Anything less will be a massive disappointment.

Matt: Packers

No team finds more ways to lose than the Detroit Lions.  They had that game last week in the bag, and they let Luck drive down the field, playing lackadaisical defense, and allow the Colts to pull out the win.  Many, including myself, were expecting the Lions to be a force in the NFC this year.  Sorry Detroit fans, it looks like you’ll be waiting until 2013.

Texans @ Patriotsimages-4

Scottie: Patriots

Nationally televised game in December.  Tom Brady time.  My only wish was for some snow and ice cold temperatures.  Then Houston would truly have no shot.  Yes, the Texans have the best record in the AFC.  They have also played the weakest schedule in all of football.  Don’t be surprised if the Texans slip all the way down to a 3 seed come playoff time.  Also, JJ Watt needs to be drug tested.  He suffers from roid rage and uses a knee brace for his elbow. Pretty suspicious.  Lets go Pats.

Matt: Patriots

Statement game time!  I’m fired up just thinking about it.  Gronk being out kills the Pats.  He creates matchup nightmares for every team in the NFL.  With that being said, the Pats know what’s on the line in this one.  Home field advantage.  The Patriots covet home field advantage.  In Houston, I’m going with the Texans.  At Foxboro, I’m going with the Pats.


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Matt is a baby.

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  1. Going into Monday Night: Scottie: 8-7
    Matt: 9-6

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