NFL Week 13 Picks: Scottie vs. Matt

Matt is running out of time…

Last week Scottie went 10-6 and I posted a 9-7 record.  Overall, Scottie is 118-57-1 and I am pissed off at 113-62-1.  I’m 5 games down at this point, but I’m not rolling over.  Although, that bar tab is becoming more and more of a realization.  But at the end of the day I know one thing to be true, I’m the man and Scottie sucks.  Let’s do it Scottie…

Saints @ Falcons

Scottie: Saints

I am going with the upset pick on Thursday Night Football.  The Saints need this game more than the Falcons do. If they lose tonight, their season is over.  I expect Jimmy Graham to have a huge game after being on the side of a milk carton last week.  I think the Saints have finally bought in to defensive coordinator Steve Spagnolo, and believe they are poised to make a run this last month of the season.

Matt: Falcons

I think Matty Ryan and the Falcons will be using Thursday night’s battle as a statement game.  They know the Saints have their number.  They know the Saints are the only team to beat them in 2012.  They know what they need to do to get the job done.

Jaguars @ Bills

Scottie: Jaguars

The Bills will not be able to cover Justin Blackmon and Cecil Shorts.  The Bills D has been routinely toasted this season and their offense simply can’t keep up with the whooping the opposition is laying on their defense.  Can’t believe I am going to say this next sentence: Chad Henne is going to have a field day in Buffalo.

Matt: Bills

The Bills at home are not the same team as the Bills away.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Shorts and Blackmon do toast the Bills defense, but I think CJ Spiller will have a monster day and lead the Bills to victory.

Seahawks @ Bears

Scottie: Bears

I cringe whenever I am forced to pick the Bears.  While their record is really impressive at 8-3, I just can’t say they are as good as what their record says they are.  I understand that makes zero sense whatsoever.  It makes even less sense that I feel forced to pick them.  But I believe my theory that rookie quarterbacks don’t win on the road is actually a fact.

Matt: Bears

The Seahawks on the road are not the same as the Seahawks at home.  I am just going to keep repeating myself apparently.  The Bears have an 8-3 record, but I have to agree with Scottie by saying that they really don’t meet the eye test.  With that being said, I think the Bears defense will shut down Seattle’s offense en route to a win.

49ers @ Rams

Scottie: 49ers

My usual reason for picking against the Rams is Sam Bradford being under center.  “I am sure glad we have Sam Bradford and two number one draft picks instead of RGIII” -No one. Ever.  Call me crazy, my disdain for Sam Bradford aside, I am really starting to love the 49ers.  They could be playing the All-Pro team this Sunday and I’d pick the Niners.  Kaepernick gives the 49ers what they have been missing, the big play quarterback.  Watch out NFC.

Matt: Rams

Let’s go Scottie.  My boy Bradford against your new boy Kaepernick.  See who wins.

Cardinals @ Jets

Scottie: Jets

I didn’t know who Ryan Lindey was until last week.  I couldn’t tell you anything about him now other than he is the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals.  I don’t care that the Jets have the least talented roster in all of professional sports.  I think they will avenge their Thanksgiving Night embarrassment and beat the Cardinals.

Matt: Jets

If any other team was headed in to play the Jets this week I would probably be going with the road team.  Sadly, I can’t jump on the Ryan Lindey bandwagon.  The Cardinals passing game, or lack thereof, is absolutely killing Larry Fitz’s fantasy value, and is destroying the Cardinals once promising start.  Imagine how dismal the situation in Philly would be if Kolb was still the backup there.  No hope for the future.  Anyways, Fireman Ed misses a win this Sunday.

Colts @ Lions

Scottie: Lions

While I have really liked the Colts this season and the Lions have largely been a disappointment, I am forced to go against conventional wisdom and take the Lions here.  The Colts can’t stop a nose bleed let alone Calvin Johnson.  I also don’t like rookie quarterbacks on the road.

Matt: Colts

The Lions are demoralized after that Thanksgiving day flop against the Texans.  Schwartz just blew his foot off with a shotgun.  By the way, am I the only one that thinks Suh’s kick to Schaub’s nuts wasn’t intentional?  The dude got cut blocked and his leg was just headed in the wrong direction.  I think Luck tears apart a shaky Lions defense and the Colts send the house to cover Calvin Johnson.

Vikings @ Packers

Scottie: Packers

I learned my lesson last week.  Just because my buddy Marc is an intimidating man towering over me, demanding I pick the Vikings in an upset, I don’t have to actually listen to him.  I will not make the same mistake twice. I doubt Percy Harvin will play.  The new Percy Harvin (Randall Cobb) will continue to tear it up.  The Packers will recover from their embarrassing loss to the Giants last week.

Matt: Packers

Great move last week Scottie.  I told you the Vikings weren’t dangerous without Harvin and you just don’t listen.  The Packers are hitting their stride at just the right time (although last weeks game was ugly).  I expect that Packers offense to get back on track against Minnesota’s defense.  The Packs’ lack of healthy defensive stars scares me a bit, but for some reason I’m not scared by Christian Ponder.

Texans @ Titans

Scottie: Texans

I was really hoping the Texans would have a somewhat tougher schedule the last month of the season.  Their defense has been getting picked apart in recent weeks and is cause for concern.  When it comes playoff time, they won’t have the luxury of playing the cupcakes they have had all season long.  While they win this week, they are a quick out in the playoffs.

Matt: Texans

Sorry CV, doesn’t look good for the Titans for the 13th consecutive week.  The Texans won a game they should have lost on Thanksgiving (which hurts pretty bad for all of us Pats fans trying to get that #1 seed) and are lucky enough to have 10 days to prepare for a questionable Titans defense.

Panthers @ Chiefs

Scottie: Panthers

The Chiefs are the worst team in the NFL.  They are in cruise control for the number 1 pick in the draft.  The Panthers showed they can at least beat teams that have given up on the season (see Eagles).  They will do it again this week.

Matt: Panthers

I agree completely with what Scottie said above.  The Panthers can beat bad teams, and the Chiefs are a bad team.

Patriots @ Dolphins

Scottie: Patriots

The Patriots are coming into their own over recent weeks.  They are coming off of 2 absolute laughers.  Vince Wilfork is throwing opposing offensive linemen into their quarterback.  Brady is getting protection that rivals that provided the Queen of England and shredding defenses.  I hate to sound like the overconfident and cocky Patriots fan, but the Dolphins really have no shot in this one.  Belichick orders rookie quarterbacks off the menu at Denny’s.

Matt: Patriots

Tannehill his the rookie wall.  Belichick is undefeated in the 2nd half of the season over the last 3 seasons.  Belichick feasts on rookie quarterbacks.  The Dolphins suck.  Pats win.

Bucs @ Broncos

Scottie: Broncos

I have gone back and forth on this all week.  Anyone who has read this column over the course of the season knows my infatuation with the Bucs.  The problem is I believe in Peyton Manning.  I can’t see him losing at home.  The Broncos are trying to get a first round bye in the playoffs and they won’t let the Bucs get in their way.

Matt: Broncos

Touch matchup here.  The Bucs are pretty hot, but the Broncos are on fire.  The Broncos defense is among the league’s best in a variety of categories.  The Broncos offense is performing wonderfully with Peyton Manning at the helm (although the McGahee injury hurts them badly).  The Bucs have been good, but I’m interested to see how they perform on the road, in a cold hostile environment.  Advantage, Peyton.

Browns @ Raiders

Scottie: Raiders

Who cares? Taking the Raiders because they are the home team.  This will also make Timmy B and Marcos happy.  Shameless shoutout right there.

Matt: Raiders

Awful.  Who cares?  Good question Scottie.  The Raiders are the better of these two questionable teams.

Bengals @ Chargers

Scottie: Bengals

Love Andy Dalton. Hate Phillip Rivers.  The Bengals have gotten hot over recent weeks while the Chargers still employ Norv Turner.  Until the Chargers realize that Norv Turner has had the franchise running in place the last 10 years or so, they will continue to stay right where they are.  Because that is what happens when you run in place, right?

Matt: Chargers

At home, I think the Chargers get this one done.  I haven’t been able to rely on the Chargers all year, however the Bengals haven’t been very reliable either.  I like the Andy Dalton, AJ Green combo, however I think the Chargers are due for a win.

Steelers @ Ravens

Scottie: Ravens

The Steelers couldn’t get by the Browns last week without Big Ben.  Charlie Batch has to be in his late 70’s and guys that old just can’t play quarterback in the NFL.  He reminds me of Abe Vigoda from the 2010 Super Bowl Snickers commercial.  All that being said, everyone knows I am high on the Ravens. What isn’t to love?  Ray Rice converts 4th and 30’s with the ease of a gazelle frolicking through the Great Plains.

Matt: Ravens

The Steelers are coming off of a bad loss against Cleveland, a game they should have won even without Big Ben at the helm.  This week they may get Ben back, but I’m not sure that it matters.  The Ravens offense has sputtered as of late, but the loss of Ray Lewis hasn’t affected the Ravens defense as much as I anticipated.  I think Flacco and Ray Rice do enough to get the job done at home.

Eagles @ Cowboys

Scottie: Cowboys

Mike Vick looks to be out for the season and his Eagles career is likely over.  DeSean Jackson is out for the year with a rib injury.  LeSean McCoy might also be out.  Yes, Bryce Brown was a monster last week, but not monster enough to lead the woeful Eagles to a victory.  The same will ring true this week.  How the Cowboys are still in the playoff conversation baffles me.  The Cowboys are less injured than the Eagles and are actually playing for something.  It’s a travesty this is the Sunday night game.

Matt: Cowboys

If the Cowboys actually played challenging games on a weekly basis, they would have no shot at a playoff spot, because they aren’t a playoff caliber team.  With that being said, the Eagles certainly don’t present a challenge.  As far as I know, Vick looks like he’ll be out again this week, and with McCoy hurting (and not DeSean Jackson down), the Eagles don’t have much of a chance.

Giants @ Redskins

Scottie: Giants

Tom Coughlin’s crew is at it again.  They are going to go on a tear over the last month of the season and into the playoffs.  Eli is an elite quarterback, Victor Cruz is a top 5 receiver, and the defense is stout.  I think they can bottle up RGIII on Monday night.  Wonder if Victor Cruz will show some love to the great alma mater of Matty and I this weekend.  The La Salle Academy takes on Hendricken in the Rhode Island Divison I Super Bowl on Sunday.

Matt: Giants

I don’t think the Giants are the same team this year as they were last year.  Granted, every year they make a Super Bowl run I feel as though I say the same thing.  I believe the Giants win this game because the Redskins secondary can’t stop a Scottie jump shot (why Jim Haslett is still employed is beyond me) and the Giants defensive line is athletic enough to slow RGIII down.

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