NFL Week 10 Picks: Scottie vs. Matt

Matty has had his game face on the past two weeks. Calling him out for being the fraud that he was has actually brought some competition my way.  I am 87-45 on the season (87-46 if we count the Giants-Cowboys from Week 1) after going 11-3 last week.  Matt had himself another great week going 12-2 which pushed his record to 86-46.  He sits one game behind me going into Week 10.

Scottie, you asked for this buddy.  Here comes NFL pick demolition round three buddy.  We apologize for the late post, both of us picked the Colts before Thursday night’s game.  I was just too busy getting drunk over the last couple of days to get the picks up.  Let’s do it…

Colts @ Jaguars

Scottie: Colts

The Colts are the best story going in the NFL right now.  A year after they laid down like dogs to get Andrew Luck, they are in playoff contention, while their head coach undergoes treatment for leukemia.  If Chuck Pagano’s speech to his team after last week’s win didn’t give you the chills, you are a fundamentally bad person.  In another Thursday night snoozer, the Colts will cruise in Jacksonville.

Matt: Colts

Games over.  No explanation necessary.

Giants @ Bengals

Scottie: Giants

They Giants haven’t been very good the past month of the season.  Eli is suddenly back to his old self and no longer living up to my high praise of calling him Eli-te.  Be that as it may, the Giants are still 6-3 and atop the NFC East. Their defense is among the best in the NFL.  The Bengals have lost 4 in a row after their 3-1 start.  Outside of AJ Green, the Bengals don’t have the personnel to compete with the Giants.

Matt: Giants

We go through this debate every year.  First it’s, “oh man the Giants look great this year!”  Which then turns into, “damn what happened to the Giants?”  And finally, “the NFC east sucks, how did the Giants make the playoffs at 9-7?”  I expect nothing less in 2012.  The Bengals are a lost team, and the Giants have JPP.  By the way, I hate Justin Tuck.

Titans @ Dolphins

Scottie: Dolphins

I can’t believe how much I am sipping the Dolphins Kool-Aid lately.  Yeah, they lost last week but still gave Indy a game.  Maybe I am just pulling for the Dolphins because a former writer on this blog, B-Farl, is a good kid.  Maybe I am rooting for the Dolphins because one of my college roommates writes a damn good Dolphins blog, (check it out, Or maybe I resent the fact C-Velt doesn’t hit me up to catch a game anymore, and I hate his Titans because of it.  Or maybe the Dolphins are just better than the Titans.

Matt: Dolphins

Scottie, you’re sipping a little more than Dolphins Kool-Aid over there.  From the rumors I’ve been hearing, you and Tannehill have been spending some late nights together…and you’ve been spotted in ass-less chaps.  Anyways, my man CV doesn’t want to hit Scottie up to catch a game because no matter the opposition, the Titans will lose and he’ll be embarrassed.  Jake Locker comes back for Tennessee, but the Dolphins have been tough at home.

Lions @ Vikings

Scottie: Lions

I gave Christian Ponder high praise after the first 4 weeks of the season.  I even said the Vikings would win a playoff game.  Well all that is lost because Christian Ponder had to go out and start dating the new Erin Andrews at ESPN, Samantha Steele.   Couple this curse with Percy Harvin’s injury, I don’t care of AP runs for 300 yards, the Lions will go into Minnesota and grab a W.

Matt: Lions

Vikings with Percy Harvin > Lions.  Vikings without Percy Harvin < Lions.  Without the league’s most dynamic playmaker on the field, the Vikings offense will struggle to move the ball down the field.  Aside from a monster day from AP, the Vikings don’t have much of a chance.

Bills @ Patriots

Scottie: Patriots

There are 3 things in New England’s favor this Sunday. 1) They are coming off a bye.  2) They are playing at home.  3) They are playing the Buffalo Bills.  Not to look ahead, but I am more excited about next week’s matchup with the Colts, and the Patriots debut of Aquib Talib.  So does that make this a trap game?

Matt: Patriots

This one is going to be a little closer than most may assume.  Yes, the Pats are coming off a bye, but that doesn’t fix what’s wrong with their defense.  The Pats have been notoriously vulnerable to big-play running backs (enter CJ Spiller), always have a tough go against Buffalo, and haven’t been as dominant as we normally anticipate.  That being said, I’ll be shocked if the Bills are able to pull this one out.

Falcons @ Saints

Scottie: Saints

I am going back to my Week 8 theory.  The Falcons have to lose at some point.  The Saints haven’t been very good the first half of the season but are still somewhat in playoff contention.  A win Sunday would be huge for them.  They are at home and they should be motivated to take down the undefeated Falcons.

Matt: Falcons

Scottie, your an idiot.  Yes, the Falcons have to lose at some point but this isn’t the Saints that we are used to seeing.  Their offense struggled without Sproles last week, their defense couldn’t tackle you, and the Falcons are absolutely reeling.  I expect Matty Ryan to go off in New Orleans this week and for the Falcons to move to 9-0.  That being said, as all of us in New England know all too well, regular season dominance does not equal post-season success.

Chargers @ Bucs

Scottie: Bucs

Doug Martin broke fantasy football last week throwing up 51 points. I am not saying Martin will have another performance like that (probably never will again) but if he is able to be an effective running back, it will only stretch the field for Josh Freeman to find Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams.  Suddenly, the Bucs have a high powered offense.

Matt: Chargers

I think the Chargers find a win in Tampa and get their playoff hopes back on track.  Phillip Rivers is due for a big game, and I think San Diego’s defense has the bodies up front to at least try and slow Doug Martin down.

Broncos @ Panthers

Scottie: Broncos

There is something nagging at me to take the Panthers in an upset this week.  But I just can’t pull the trigger (see what I did there Q?).  I can’t in good conscience go against Peyton Manning.  The Broncos have won three in a row.  Ronnie Hillman is going to be a very good running back one day.  Keep in mind he is the youngest player in the NFL.  My one wish is that Manning would start looking in Demaryius Thomas’ direction a little more.  Not because he is on my fantasy team, but because after Calvin Johnson and AJ Green, DT is the best wide out in the game.

Matt: Broncos

Peyton Manning is playing like he is 28.  The dude is killing it.  Cam Newton is playing like he is 14.  The dude is absolutely lost.  I don’t understand the sophomore slump.  Is it because opposing teams have plenty of tape on you?  Is it because your offseason preparation is worse?  You would think that in your rookie campaign, teams that play you in week 11, 12, 13, etc. have plenty of tape and can make adjustments to stop rookie QB’s, right?  My man Derek always is quick to point out that in the 2nd half of many of his rookie season games, Cam was a different (worse) quarterback.  Once teams were able to adjust to him, he had no countermove.  I’ll be interested to see what Cam Newton shows up in 2013.  Oh yea, Broncos win.

Raiders @ Ravens

Scottie: Ravens

Doug Martin gutted the Raiders like a fish (to quote the great Iron Mike Tyson) last week. He ran for 251 yards and scored 4 times. This is relevant because, well, what the hell is Ray Rice going to do against this pathetic defense?  Loyal reader G Knott hates my love (respect) for the Ravens and Joe Flacco.  But this week, they won’t need Flacco at all.  The Raiders are also pretty banged up and will likely be without Darren McFadden, Mike Goodson, and Richard Seymour.

Matt: Ravens

I sadly agree with Scottie on this one.  Ray Rice will go off.  Joe Flacco will go off.  Torrey Smith will go off.  The Ravens will win.  I read an article on Yahoo the other day saying that Ray Lewis might return next season.  Ray Lewis is a man!  He’s nearly 40 (haha get it Scottie)!  I love Baltimore when Ray-Ray is on the field.

Jets @ Seahawks

Scottie: Seahawks

I am sticking to my philosophy.  The Seahawks will go undefeated at home this year. Now even if they were coming into New York, I still think I would pick them.  The criticism levied at Rex Ryan this week being tabbed the “most overrated coach” in the NFL is a bit unfair.  He coaches the worst roster in the league.  He is only considered overrated because he is a loud mouth that draws unnecessary attention to himself.  On a side note, I am predicting the Jets will make the same mistake they made 4 years ago, and they will draft a quarterback out of USC that just isn’t good.  Hey Matty, remember when you were cool that one time, and knew the NFL Draft like the back of your hand?

Matt: Jets

I am not sure why I am picking the Jets here, but I have a feeling.  Rex Ryan salivates over playing rookie QB’s (but so does Belichick).  I think the Jets offense will do just enough to squeak out a win in Seattle…If Tebow gets some more snaps.

Cowboys @ Eagles

Scottie: Eagles

How frustrating must it be to be an Eagles fan when your team has all the talent in the world yet they can’t win? Oh wait, I am a Red Sox fan.  I know exactly how it feels.  I am only going with the Eagles here because I think the Cowboys are weaker at the moment and they are traveling to Philly.  Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray are both question marks.  Sean Lee is out for the season.  If the Eagles lose, I won’t be surprised to see Andy Reid let go, allowing the Eagles to jump into the Sean Payton (what a scumbag he is, but that’s another rant for another time) sweepstakes.

Matt: Eagles

My man PC has got to be pissed.  He had the biggest hard on when the Eagles grabbed Vick a few years back, only to be trumped by the tipi in his pants when the signed Asomugha.  Now, the Eagles are a complete disaster, and will probably get one of the best coaches in the game fired at the end of this season (if he makes it that far).  I think they win against the Cowboys simply because they are in desperation mode, and the Boys will throw the game away somehow.

Rams @ 49ers

Scottie: 49ers

The Rams are yet to win on the road.  Both teams are fresh off their bye week.  The Rams have lost three in a row and are finalizing their toughest stretch of the season.  The 49ers are just a damn good football team.  St. Louis? My feelings about the Rams have been well documented.

Matt: 49ers

In St. Louis, I might think a little harder about this one.  In San Francisco, this one is a no brainer.  I love Sam Bradford and the direction that Jeff Fisher is taking the Rams defense, but their offense isn’t potent enough nor is their defense stout enough to slow down the 49ers.  This one may be a little closer than expected though.

Texans @ Bears

Scottie: Texans

Easily the game of the week.  The Texans have a great offense to go up against the equally great Bears defense.  The problem for Chicago is their offense isn’t as good as the Texans defense.  I think Houston is capable of going into Chicago and grabbing a signature win.  I am really looking forward to seeing Jay Cutler get lit up by JJ Watt and (easily the coolest name in the NFL) Whitney Mercilus.

Matt: Texans

The Bears may be the worst 7-1 team of all time.  Jay Cutler to Brandon Marshall is a formidable duo, however if Cutler is on his ass after every throw, the hits are bound to catch up to him.  The Bears defense has kept them alive throughout the entire season, however the Texans have a pretty good offense, and arguably the league’s best defense.  Again, I agree with Scottie this is the matchup if the week, and I’m looking forward to it.

Chiefs @ Steelers

Scottie: Steelers

The Jets may have the worst roster in the NFL, but the Chiefs have to be the worst team.  It boggles my mind, really.  There is so much talent in Kansas City, but together they collectively suck something awful.  And really, NFL, two weeks in a row of prime time games for this motley bunch?  C’mon man.

Matt: Steelers

The NFL is confusing me this season.  They have selected some of the worst games for their Monday night and Thursday night spots.  I mean this one isn’t even going to be close.  I am pretty pissed though.  Antonio Brown and Mendenhall being out is absolutely destroying my fantasy team.  My only hope at success this season is by taking Scottie down in our picks.  I’m on my way, just gotta keep grinding.

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Matty dresses worse than Tom Brady

Scottie wears ass-less chaps with Ryan Tannehill

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  1. Going into 4: Scott: 6-3
    Matt: 4-5

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