Scottie’s Recap: Celtics 86’ed by 76ers

There is no true recap for tonight’s game.  Truth be told, I didn’t pay close attention to it like I have the previous 4.  Yeah, we lost to the Philadelphia 76ers and they didn’t have their franchise player, Andrew Bynum.  There are many Celtic fans standing on the Tobin ready to hoist themselves into that dirty water.  I don’t understand why.  We are all upset the Celtics aren’t 5-0 right now, instead they are an ugly 2-3.

My view on the 2012-2013 Boston Celtics?  It is an 82 game audition for the playoffs.  The Celtics easily have the most talent on an NBA roster from 1-12. As Celtics fans we must temper our expectations this early.  When LeBron first took his talents to South Beach, the Heat started out 9-8.  We know what they did from there.  The Lakers are in absolute panic mode after starting 1-4.  They fired their head coach!  The bottom line… Hey Celtics fans, show some trust and have faith in your squad.

On to tonight’s game.

I am yet to talk about Courtney Lee through the first five games of the season.  Truth be told, I wanted the Celtics to use the package they used to acquire Lee, to go get Marcus Camby. They didn’t.  I am over it.  It did not happen.  Courtney Lee hasn’t been good, he hasn’t been bad.  I consider Courtney Lee vanilla ice cream.  I mean, its ice cream, but there ain’t no chocolate chips, no cookie dough, no fudge, but it’s ice cream.  Courtney Lee is purgatory.  He is just there.  I love his on the ball defense.  But he cannot rotate on D if his life depended on it.  I am starting to wonder if Doc should start Barbosa with Rondo.  I have no problems with Lee but I don’t like him either.

In my heart of hearts, (no pun intended because it’d be a God awful pun) I think Jeff Green wants to do big things every time he is on the court.  For us Celtics fans, he is the next Paul Pierce.  Green needs to relax and let the game come to him.  He is a very good basketball player.  He shows flashes of brilliance every few possessions.  I find myself getting so excited every time he touches the ball thinking, this will be when he breaks out.  I need to temper my expectations and he needs to chill out and let the game come to him.

It should be noted Rondo had 20 assists tonight.  I am waiting for someone to tell me he isn’t the best point guard in basketball.  I love arguments.  If no one is going to tell me he isn’t the best in the game at what he does I will start campaigning he is the best player in basketball.  You don’t think I will?  Ask anyone that knows me.  Let’s go.

The Celtics have a quick turnaround and travel to Milwaukee.  Milwaukee has had it’s fair share of visitors.  The French missionaries and explorers were coming there as early as the 1600’s to trade with the Native Americans.  It is actually pronounced  “mill-e-wah-que” which is Algonquin for the “good land.”  (What movie?).

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