Scottie’s Recap: Celtics Survive Wizards Again

The Washington Wizards took the Celtics to overtime on the Celtics home floor.  That should never happen. The Celtics won 100-
94. The Wizards have given the Celtics all they could handle in two meetings and that is without Nene and John Wall.  The Celtics played like they were waiting for the Wizards to say “oh you’re the Boston Celtics, we don’t belong on the same floor as you, so we will just quit now.”  Every time the Celtics hit a big shot, the Wizards ran right down the court and answered within seconds.  Give the Wizards credit.  They are a scrappy bunch of no names.  Thankfully, the Celtics don’t see them again until April 7, 2013.

What more can I say about Kevin Garnett?  He is quickly approaching a point in my mind where I will be forced to go out and buy his jersey.  For one grown man to go out and buy another grown man’s jersey, that’s the highest praise I can give.  Garnett was the only reason to watch the game tonight.  His defense remains the best in league.  Without Garnett, the Celtics play zero defense.  The difference between when he is on the floor and on the bench is night and day.  His intensity is paramount to the Celtics success.

All that praise, being given, I am concerned about his minutes.  The Celtics are going into a stretch where they will play 3 games in four days.  Garnett played 35 minutes tonight.  I expect him to play no more than 25 in each of the three games coming up.  Doc has the depth to give Garnett a rest.  The problem is the Celtics are so damn flat when he is sitting down.

Chris Wilcox was awesome in just 4 minutes tonight.  His 4 minutes breathed some life into the Celts.  He had 6 points, 2 rebounds, and a block.  I love the way he runs the floor with Rondo.  He was great last year in his role as “energy guy” before going down with his heart ailment.  I would obviously like to see him get more than 4 minutes but Doc has to tread lightly with Wilcox’s health issues.

Ok, I am going to say this.  Call me a homer, call me a Green Teamer, call me whatever you please.  Rajon Rondo is the best point guard in the NBA.  I have gone back and forth on this one for the last 3 years but I can now say it with total certainty.  He is turning a 10 assist night into an average night.  He has developed a jump shot, which was always his only weakness.  He is also hitting his free throws.  Rondo is the best floor general in the game.  I know it is only 4 games into the season, but if Rondo isn’t starting the All Star Game, I am going to be angry.

I am willing to ignore the first 3 games of the season and say Jason Terry’s career as a Celtic started tonight.  Terry lived up to his off-season words, and was the offensive spark off the bench the Celtics have been missing for the last few years.  I could do without the Jet run after every three he hits however.  I wish he would save that for the big plays.  A couple of times tonight, he had the opportunity to blow the roof off of the Garden with a big 3, but wasn’t able to hit.  I am sure we will see plenty of big shots out of him over the course of the season.  Jet had 16 points in 32 minutes.

Brandon Bass is a rock solid basketball player.  He rebounds, he hits open shots, and is a good free throw shooter.  I was glad to see Doc give him minutes at the end of the game.  Usually he is on the bench in crunch time.  He is another guy that would be able to alleviate Garnett’s minutes.  I will always remember the minutes Bass gave the Celtics against the Heat in last year’s playoffs.  I am huge Brandon Bass fan, the man can play.  Off the bench tonight, Bass played 33 minutes had 11 points and 7 rebounds.

The 76ers come to Boston on Friday night without Andrew Bynum.  They beat the Hornets rather handily tonight 77-62.


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