Bucks Destroy Celtics in Home Opener

Tonight, I learned the importance of chemistry in the NBA.  At the present time, the Celtics have zero chemistry to speak of.  NBA fans across America will read that the Bucks beat the Celtics 99-88 tonight.  Any one that actually watched the game would tell you it felt like the Bucks beat the Celtics by 25.  I have attributed the Celtics woes through two games to poor chemistry on both sides of the floor.  Chemistry can’t be understated.  The first year of the Heat “dynasty?” They started out 9-8.  This year’s Lakers are yet to win a game and yes I am counting the preseason.

I was stupidly hopeful the Celtics would protect their home parquet and have an outstanding record at home.  They are now 0-1 at home and 0-2 overall.  On offense, there is no flow and no organization whatsoever.  Their offense has no identity.  On defense, they have some great “on the ball” defenders, but are getting beat backdoor, and through picks repeatedly.  There is no “Ubuntu,” there is no trust right now.

I am becoming rather concerned about Jason Terry.  I was excited about the signing in the off-season because it was a “sexy” signing.  But does he fit in with this team?  He is being asked to be the back up point guard to Rondo.  I am not comfortable watching him bring the ball up the court.  He isn’t a ball handler.  Both the Heat and Bucks have pressed him and he hasn’t been able to handle it.  Ultimately, I don’t think JET’s skill set fits with this team.  I pray to every prominent religious figure I am wrong about him, but I am not comfortable when I see him on the floor.  He plays zero defense and he isn’t able to contribute offensively.

Tonight, I learned what my Hell is.  I will be in a dentist’s chair, surrounded by snakes, watching Darko Milicic play basketball.  Was that not the most atrocious 5 minutes of basketball anyone.. I mean anyone (CYO St.Pius players included) has ever played?  He air mailed a left-handed hook that took out Big Papi’s wife in the front row.  He tried to dribble …which is as inadvisable as driving after drinking a bottle of Jack.  He was also victimized at least 3 times on defense.  My God, go find Dino Radja and let him play over Darko.

The Celtics need to find their identity.  Paul Pierce can’t have 2 points going into the 4th quarter.  Jeff Green needs to assert himself.  Jason Terry needs to find his niche.  Their defense has been astoundingly awful.  Matty O and I could probably throw up 40 each against them right now.  This isn’t the Celtics.  If the Celtics continue to play swiss cheese defense, they will continue to lose.

I am so thankful the Celtics are able to travel down to DC, (home of the great Mike Gambarella) and take on John Wall and the Wizards tomorrow night.  I couldn’t handle a long lay off.  I don’t think the Celtics could handle that either.  As Celtics fans, we need to remember, they were a less than .500 team half way through the season a year ago.  They still took the Heat to a Game 7.

They will figure it out eventually.

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