Week 9 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. Matt

Yeah, I went pretty hard at Matt last week.  My smack talking finally brought back the kid from 2 years ago.  It was as I predicted, the return of the Wild Thing.  Mission accomplished.  Because quite frankly, I wasn’t having as much fun whooping his back side.  I like a tight race.  With that being said after last week, I am now 76-42 going 9-5.  (To be honest I am 76-43… I would have picked the Giants to beat the Cowboys on opening night). Matt improved to 74-44 with his 12-2 showing last week.

You know what, after the performance I put up last week most of you would expect that I would be coming in this week bragging about how I’m going to kick Scottie’s ass again.  I’m not going to do that.  Scottie came in pretty hot last week, and maybe I deserved it.  I wasn’t putting much effort into the picks this year, and it showed.  Scottie made a pretty poor mistake last week.  He awoke a sleeping giant.  Guess what Scottie, I’m coming at you this week, next week, and for the rest of the season.  I’m winning that bar tab and am going to force you to take out a loan for the amount of alcohol I’ll be consuming.  You better step up your game Scottie, because I would rather this not turn into a blowout.  Let’s do it…

Chiefs @ Chargers

Scott: Chargers

The Chiefs found a new way to lose last week.  The game plan was called “Let’s not give out best player the ball.”  As a Jamal Charles fantasy owner, you could imagine how angry this made me.  With the Chiefs seemingly inventing new ways to lose, I will take the Chargers, coming off an embarrassing loss of their own, in this one.

Matt: Chargers

Scottie was a huge Brady Quinn fan last week.  I’m surprised he isn’t throwing all his eggs into Matt Cassel’s basket this week.  What an idiot.  The Chargers haven’t been playing well all year, but you really don’t need to play well to beat the Chiefs.

Broncos @ Bengals

Scott: Broncos

Peyton Manning has been the best quarterback in the NFL.  Yeah, I just said it.  Remember 6 months ago when there was all this concern about whether he would ever play again, let alone be effective?  He has put those critics to shame.  He has also created a star in Demaryius Thomas.

Matt: Broncos

Peyton Manning had a great game again last week against a Saints team that would struggle to stop a nose bleed.  The Bengals on the other hand have been up and down all season.  Andy Dalton and AJ Green look great one game and then awful the next.  The Broncos D is good enough to stop the Bengals offense and the Broncos offense looks unstoppable at the moment.

Ravens @ Browns

Scott: Ravens

Okay, so even blind squirrels find two nuts every once in a while.  That is what has happened with the Browns this season.  There is absolutely no shot they beat the Ravens.  I don’t care how injured Baltimore is.  The Browns simply will not beat the Ravens.

Matt: Ravens

How the Browns beat the Chargers last week is beyond me.  It won’t happen again against the Ravens.  After a bye week, Flacco and company look to get their offense back on track, similar to how it looked at the beginning of this season.  Scottie was a Brady Quinn fan, I’m surprised he’s not jumping on the Browns bandwagon.  What an idiot.

Cardinals @ Packers

Scott: Packers

The Cardinals have been exposed as frauds over the past month losing 4 in a row after winning their first 4.  Their offense couldn’t move a car with the keys in the ignition.  The Packers have been decimated by the injury bug losing Cedric Benson, Greg Jennings, and now Jordy Nelson. I could be Aaron Rodgers’ #1 receiver right now and I’d still lead the Pack to a victory this week.

Matt: Packers

Does everyone remember when the Cardinals were being anointed at the next team to beat early this season?  I’m pretty sure Scottie was on board with those predictions as well.  What an idiot.  The Cardinals suck for one reason, they have absolutely no quarterback.  John Skelton is not the answer!  Kevin Kolb is not the answer!  Why not trade for a Colt McCoy type and at least get a guy that manages the game well?  Randall Cobb goes off and the Pack get the victory.

Bears @ Titans

Scott: Bears

The Bears continue to win football games in spite of themselves.  The Bears defense has been the story in Chicago.  I expect them to bottle up Chris Johnson and leave Tennessee with another W.

Matt: Bears

Jay Cutler sucks.  The Bears keep winning despite having an amazingly inconsistent offense.  Thankfully for Chicago, the Titans are a mess.  Hassleback can’t get it done.  Chris Johnson isn’t himself.  The Titans defense hasn’t been dominant in years.  The Bears D controls this one and Chicago gets another miraculous win.

Dolphins @ Colts

Scott: Dolphins

The Dolphins have been my surprise story of the season.  They might be without Tannehill this week but their defense has been very good this year and I think they will do just enough to give Andrew Luck problems.  Reggie Wayne is human again which severely hurts the Colts’ offensive attack.

Matt: Dolphins

The Dolphins impressed me last week.  I was sure that the Jets were going to pound the Dolphins into the turf, and make Reggie Bush hurt all game long.  Contrary to what I though, Reggie Buch and the Dolphins did the pounding.  That being said, my man Andrew Luck helped the Colts pull out a win against the Titans last week (another poor Scottie prediction).  I think the Dolphins defense will keep the Colts offense on lockdown en route to a victory.

Panthers @ Redskins

Scott: Redskins

It’s Cam Newton version 2011 played by Robert Griffin III vs. Vince Young played by Cam Newton.  I can’t help but wonder if RGIII looks across the field come Sunday and sees himself in one year.  I certainly hope not.  Cam did actually play better last week but the Panthers still lost.  Until this sophomore campaign is over, I might not pick the Panthers the rest of the season.

Matt: Panthers

The Redskins pass defense is worse than Scottie’s ability to hit a softball.  Cam Newton needs a game against a porous secondary, and the Redskins have just that.  I have a feeling about this one.  Scottie has runs in his shorts.

Lions @ Jaguars

Scott: Lions

I read a rumor this week that the Jaguars were actively pursuing Tim Tebow.  This is why I hate the Jaguars franchise.  Blaine Gabbert is actually starting to play well and they go and create this distraction for him.  Stafford is showing signs of his 2011 self and I think he will continue that trend and throw all over the Jags on Sunday.

Matt: Lions

The Jaguars are awful and I won’t pick them all year.  Stafford and Suh win.

Bills @ Texans

Scott: Texans

The Bills defense couldn’t stop traffic if they were operating a red light.  And now they are being asked to stop Arian Foster and the Texans? That just ain’t right.

Matt: Texans

Good one Scottie…Arian Foster is facing one of the worst defenses in the NFL and will have a monster day.  The Texans defense is loaded with studs, even though Cushing is sadly out for 2012.  CJ Spiller will give it his best effort, but the Bills have no shot in this one.

Bucs @ Raiders

Scott: Bucs

If you remember early in the season, I was rather high on Tampa Bay.  For whatever reason, I got off of that idea.  Well now, I am back.  I love Doug Martin.  Josh Freeman is throwing the ball well and he has weapons in Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams.  Plus, I hate the Raiders.

Matt: Bucs

The Bucs looked great against the Vikings last Thursday.  The Raiders looked pretty good against the Chiefs on Sunday.  I think Josh Freeman looks more like the 2010 version than the 2011 version, which is bad news for Oakland.  Doug Martin looks like a possible rookie of the year candidate.

Vikings @ Seahawks

Scott: Seahawks

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. The Seahawks will not lose at home this year.

Matt: Seahawks

Although I absolutely hate agreeing with Scottie, but at least on this one he’s right.  Seahawks are TOUGH at home.

Steelers @ Giants

Scott: Giants

The Giants are coming off of what a co-worker of mine deemed “the longest 16 seconds ever.”  Let’s face it, when you pick off an opposing quarterback 3 times in the first quarter, the game should not come down to a last second stop.  The Giants didn’t win last week, they escaped.  Coughlin must have been all over them this week.  I think Giants win by two scores this week.

Matt: Steelers

Yes, the Giants got off to a great start last week, but they didn’t finish the game really strongly.  The Cowboys were moving the ball at will from the 2nd quarter on against a shaky Giants secondary.  I think Antonio Brown, Mike Wallace, and Big Ben all have big games, and the Steelers D starts to look like the dominant force that it once was.  If Mendenhall can get on the field, that adds another element the Giants have to contain.

Cowboys @ Falcons

Scott: Falcons

Last week, I said I had to pick against Atlanta at some point.  They proved me wrong.  Maybe another game, but not this week.  Dallas can’t possibly go into Atlanta and come out with a win.

Matt: Falcons

I would go with the Boys if this game were in Dallas.  Tony Romo has been to reckless with the ball, but I honestly can’t put it all on him.  Dez Bryant and Miles Austin aren’t living up to their contracts.  Jason Witten was an absolute machine last week, but he’s not catching 17 balls every game.  Matt Ryan and the Falcons struggle with the ‘Boys D, but they pick up a win at home.

Eagles @ Saints

Scott: Saints

When I looked at the schedule in the preseason, this game jumped out at me as one of the more exciting games on the tilt.  I was wrong.  Andy Reid wants to bench Mike Vick for Nick Foles?  How Andy Reid looks in the mirror?  Maybe then he will see the true problem in Philadelphia.

Matt: Eagles

Mick Vick is invigorated.  The Eagles are rejuvenated.  Andy Reid is supposedly behind behind Vick.  The leaders in the Eagles clubhouse held a players only meeting on Thursday, and I think it’s going to pay off big time.  The Eagles defensive line will get to Brees, and Vick has a breakout game.

I can be followed on Twitter @ ScottieNTCF.

The old Matt is back.  

Scottie has runs in his shorts…

5 Responses

  1. Going into Sunday we are both 1-0… This just got real serious as far as I am concerned. No one…calls me… an…idiot!

  2. Going into 4 o clock
    Scott: 7-2
    Matt: 8-1

  3. Heading into Monday night:

    Scottie: 10-3
    Matt: 12-1

  4. I bet you’re feelin real proud of yourself

  5. That makes

    Matt: 12-2
    Scott: 11-3

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