NFL Week 8 Picks: Scottie vs. Matty

Once upon a time Matt was a guru when it came to NFL knowledge.  He used to drop knowledge on this blog about upcoming Patriots games with some pretty good insight. But that was a long time ago. You see, Matt reminds me of Charlie Sheen’s character, Rick Vaughn, in the Major League movies.  In the first movie, Vaughn was a bad ass.  Everyone loved him and he had his Wild Thing theme song.  In the second movie, Vaughn went Hollywood and cared more about his corporate interests.  He went to a corporate function over a kid’s birthday party! “He didn’t even have no cake!”  This is what has become of Matt.  We texted each other throughout Sunday and you could tell Matt is a beaten man.  Well, saying he is a man is giving him too much credit.  He uses smiley faces when he texts.  I don’t even know this guy…this person anymore.

I could sit here and gloat about how I only lost 2 games last week, but I’ve been there before.  I am just that good.  I am now 67-37 on the year after going 11-2 last week.  Matt went 10-3 and is now 62-42 on the year.

I used to know this guy Scottie that respected what I said because he knew I was right.  Now, this kid I supposedly know thinks he has turned into this high and mighty individual that can judge the way that others do things.  I’ll tell you something Scottie, that kid you say you used to know is alive and well my friend.  He is up in the Bean, doing things the big way.  Scottie’s right, I may not have the same amount of time that I used to have to dedicate to the Patriots, but all that knowledge is still present.  Have I been preoccupied as of late, yes.  Am I gonna back down and let Scottie think he knows anything?  Absolutely not.  LET’S DO IT…

Bucs @ Vikings

Scott: Vikings

The Vikings are coming off a win against Arizona and Adrian Peterson rushed for 153 yards against a good defense.  Peterson is getting healthier and healthier as the year goes on.  The defense has been solid and Christian Ponder is managing the game beautifully.

Matt: Bucs

Why do I even have to explain myself?  My pick should be enough to convince the fans of what will happen.  I have a feeling about this one.  Enough said.

Patriots @ Rams

Scott: Patriots

Richard attempted to blast me last week about how I don’t know anything about the Rams.  I promptly put him in his place and haven’t heard from him since.  The Patriots secondary is terrible. That is no secret.  Bradford will probably throw for a country mile in England on Sunday.  If getting into the red zone scored points the Rams would be a damn good football team.  I expect the Pats “bend but try not to break” defense will keep the Rams out of the end zone when they need to, and Brady will stay away from Cortland Finnegan and lead the Pats to victory.

Matt: Patriots

I love what NTCF fan Richard did last week.  He came in hot on the comment section and called Scottie out for the scrub that he is.  Scottie continue to bash Sam Bradford when he probably hasn’t even tuned into a Rams game all season.  If Brady were the QB for the Rams, they would be lucky to hit 9-7.  Stephen Jackson is washed up.  Their best receiver would be lucky to make the Arena Football League if he were released.  So I agree with Richard, shut up Scottie!  Pats take it.

Panthers @ Bears

Scott: Bears

It is the battle of whiny quarterbacks! I am upset with Warren Moon for saying that criticism levied at Cam Newton has racial undertones.  It is such an ignorant comment.  Jay Cutler gets the same criticisms, and to an even higher degree.  How is that racially charged? Anyways, the Bears defense is awesome. Cam Newton’s sophomore slump will continue and the Bears will get the W.

Matt: Bears

Everyone keeps waiting for Cam Newton to turn into the quarterback he was last year.  Well folks I have news for you, 7 weeks have passed in the 2012 NFL season and Cam is stuck in the sophomore slump with no signs of coming out.  DeAngelo Williams is one of the most explosive backs in the league, yet he touches the ball 10 times a game.  Something in Carolina just doesn’t make sense.  Jay Cutler sucks.  The Panthers suck more.

Chargers @ Browns

Scott: Chargers

The Trent Richardson injury really hurts the Browns.  I understand they are 1-6, but Brandon Weeden has established some chemistry with his receivers, most notably Josh Gordon. But not enough chemistry to be able to take down the Chargers.  The Chargers are coming off their bye and have had 2 weeks to prepare for a bad Browns team.

Matt: Chargers

Not picking the Browns all year.  Rivers gets it done.

Seahawks @ Lions

Scott: Lions

I truly believe the Seahawks success is directly related to their massive home field advantage.  They are 3-0 at home and 1-3 on the road, their lone road win being against the lowly Panthers.  There is no doubt the Seahawks have a great defense.  But their offense is so limited outside of Marshawn Lynch.  The Lions will be able to put up just enough points to get by Seattle this week.

Matt: Lions

The only reason I’m picking the Lions here is because I think they have the ability to outscore the Seahawks.  Seattle’s defense is good, and did a number on the Patriots offense a couple weeks back.  No defense has the answer for Calvin Johnson.  I truly believe he can’t be stopped.  Double cover him, and he runs underneath.  Triple cover him and the jumps over the defense.  Single cover him with a safety over the top and he runs by both.  Suh does a number on the Seahawks run game and the Lions win this one.

Jaguars @ Packers

Scott: Packers

The Jaguars lost MJD for at least a few weeks with a foot injury.  Rashad Jennings was only able to rush for 44 yards on 21 carries. The Jaguars stunk with MJD. Without him? I don’t think there is an adjective in the dictionary to describe how bad they are.  The Packers should be able to race out to a 3 score lead in the first half of this one.  It’s upsetting because Aaron Rodgers most likely won’t have a good fantasy day.

Matt: Packers

Similarly to the Browns, I’m not picking the Jaguars all year, unless they play the Browns.  Aaron Rodgers is heating up.  Watch out NFC.

Colts @ Titans

Scott: Titans

Chris Johnson was finally able to break out last week.  Even if it was against the horrid Bills defense, there is reason for excitement in Tennessee.  This is easily the toughest matchup to pick this week, as I can see it going either way.  I will take the Titans experience over the Andrew Luck-led Colts.

Matt: Colts

Chris Johnson got on track last week but I’d expect the Colts to load the box this week and make Matt Hasslebeck beat them on Sunday.  I don’t know about Scottie, but I don’t have much faith in Matty.  Scottie thinks Titans, so I’m going with the Colts.

Dolphins @ Jets

Scott: Dolphins

The Dolphins defense is actually pretty good. Even without Richard Marshall, their secondary has played really well this season.  Of course, you can ask Matty’s college roommates to play secondary and they would be better than the Patriots secondary.  My point being, if Mark Sanchez couldn’t lead the Jets to victory when he literally had 5 receivers open on every play, how the hell is he going to be able to beat the Dolphins?  He isn’t.

Matt: Jets

I just don’t think the Dolphins have enough offensive firepower to get past the Jets defense.  Rex Ryan will work diligently to confuse the hell out of Tannehill.  There is a lot of bad blood between these two teams.  The Jets defense wants to hurt Reggie Bush.  The Dolphins offense is gunning for Laron Landry and Aaron Maybin.  This is going to be a fun game, but I think the Jets take it.

Falcons @ Eagles

Scott: Eagles

Both teams are coming off of byes.  I don’t see the Falcons going undefeated this year. They have to lose at some point.  Why not this weak?  Their lone weakness is their defense.  I think (hope) Michael Vick got the time off he needed to get his head screwed on right and he will be able to get back to his old self against a franchise he was once the face of.

Matt: Falcons

I agree with that moron above, however I don’t think this is the week the Falcons go down.  I hope Mike Vick steps it up, because my fantasy season is all but over due to his performance thus far in 2012.  I think the Falcons defense is better than advertised and the Eagles are turnover prone.  Advantage = Falcons.

Redskins @ Steelers

Scott: Steelers

The Redskins lost a heart breaker last week to the Giants.  RG III has been better than expected.  Although the Steelers are banged on both sides of the ball, I think being at home will be a huge benefit to them this week.  I expect Big Ben will keep the game close and win it in the end because that’s just what Big Ben does.

Matt: Steelers

The Steelers are simply a more sound team that the Redskins.  I love RGIII and what he’s done this season, but the Steelers aren’t a 3-4 team.  I’m hoping that Mendenhall makes his way back to the starting lineup this week and help balance the Steelers offense.  Without Mendenhall, this game is a bit more questionable but I still think the Steelers take it.

Raiders @ Chiefs

Scott: Chiefs

Brady Quinn has had 2 weeks of practice as the new starting quarterback for the Chiefs.  I think that change will be a momentum boost.  Jamaal Charles has been the best back in the league all year.  He didn’t have his best game 2 weeks ago so I expect he will come out with purpose.  Helping the cause? The Raiders are just bad.

Matt: Raiders

Brady Quinn is starting for the Chiefs.  Enough said.  Scottie is not a Brady Quinn fan?  What a jackass.  Can’t listen to this kid anymore…he’s lost his mind.

Giants @ Cowboys

Scott: Giants

The Giants will be wanting to avenge their week one loss to the Cowboys this week.  Victor Cruz has made himself a hell of a lot of money this season by not holding out.  The Giants would be wise to sign him now before that price tag keeps going up and he is able to hit the free agent market.  The connection that Eli has established with him has really been the story of the Giants season thus far.

Matt: Giants

Cowboys won the first matchup at full strength, and now the Giants are looking for revenge.  The ‘Boys will be missing DeMarco Murray and Sean Lee, two huge keys to their team success.  The Giants on the other hand are close to full strength now that Bradshaw and Nicks have returned to the starting lineup.

Saints @ Broncos

Scott: Broncos

This has the makings of a good ole fashioned shootout.  With it being a high scoring game, I have more faith in the Broncos defense than I do the Saints, that they will be able to get a stop when its needed.  Von Miller is a beast and he has the ability to create problems for Drew Brees.  I am genuinely excited for this game come Sunday night.

Matt: Broncos

This is going to be a high scoring affair.  I have more confidence that the Broncos defense can come up with a big play before the Saints defense.  If you have either Brees or Manning on your fantasy team this week you are headed for a W.

49ers @ Cardinals 

Scott: 49ers

It’s funny.  The 49ers have an abundance of riches at the running back position.  Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter have been the 2 doing the work so far this season.  Brandon Jacobs and LaMichael James are yet to see the field! Meanwhile Arizona has gone through Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams.  They are now left with LaRod Stephens-Howling and backup quarterback John Skelton.  A horrible offense against a great defense? Yeah, the Niners win.  No brainer.

Matt: 49ers

How is this a Monday night game?  This is a miserable matchup.  Larry Fitz is going to get triple covered all game and the 49ers are going to beg John Skelton to beat them.  I’ll be surprised if the Cardinals score 10 points.  49ers all day every day.

I can be followed on Twitter @ScottieNTCF.  

Matt uses smiley faces in his text messages.


2 Responses

  1. goin into 4… scott – 6-4
    matt 8-2

    he’s backk! its him! Wild thing you make my heart sing!!

  2. Going into Monday night:

    Matty: 11-2
    Scottie: 8-5

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