NFL Week 7 Picks: Scottie vs. Matty O

After destroying Matty again last week, I improved my overall record to 56-35.  Matty, meanwhile, is a lowly 52-39.  I am surprised he keeps coming back on here.  At this point he is just embarrassing himself.

Nothing to say.  Time to get going.  Let’s do it…

Seahawks @ 49ers

Scottie: 49ers

I think the 49ers will rebound after an ugly loss to the Giants.  Russell Wilson will come back down to earth now that he is facing a real defense.  I think Seattle is a much different team on the road than they are at home.  The 49ers will remind them of that.

Matty: 49ers

The 49ers are pissed after that loss to the G-Men.  The Seahawks still are on cloud 9 thinking they won the Super Bowl after beating New England last week.  The hungrier and more talented team wins in a short week.

Titans @ Bills

Scottie: Titans

Kenny Britt looks to be healthy.  I think if Hasselbeck can get him the ball now it will open up things for Chris Johnson.  The Bills defense is bad at best and I actually think the Titans will be able to show just how bad come Sunday.

Matty: Bills

I just can’t seem to convince myself to pick the Titans.  Without Chris Johnson setting rushing records, the Titans are pretty miserable to watch.  CJ Spiller is becoming more healthy every week and Tennessee’s D has been shaky.

Browns @ Colts

Scottie: Colts

Well, my 0-16 prediction was proven erroneous last week with the Browns victory over the Bengals.  I was also ready to anoint Andrew Luck as the second coming of Christ last week, and that was also proven wrong.  I still think the Colts are better than the Browns and they will ultimately win the game.

Matty: Colts

How about them Browns.  I told you Scottie, the Browns weren’t going 0-16, 1-15 is just much more likely.  Gotta listen to me once and a while kid.  Anyways, the Colts are a better team than the Browns, although if the Browns running game can repeat last weeks performance, Luck is going to need a big game for the Colts to grab a win.

Packers @ Rams

Scottie: Packers

I also finally found out what its like to have Aaron Rodgers on my fantasy team last week.  It only took him 6 weeks to show up!   Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  Sam Bradford is just putrid.

Matty: Packers

I know I’ve been rolling with the Rams all season, but they just aren’t good enough to overcome the Pack, who looked to get back on track last week.  If Aaron Rodgers is on, there are very few teams in the NFL that can beat Green Bay.  Sam Bradford is a man, but Aaron Rodgers is 40…(Scottie I know you get it).

Cardinals @ Vikings

Scottie: Vikings

The Cardinals received good news when they learned Kevin Kolb will be out for 6 weeks.  His offense line can be blamed for that.  I still am high on the Vikings and think Percy Harvin is the league MVP at this point in the season.  My next bold prediction? The Vikings will win a playoff game this season.

Matty: Cardinals

I don’t know why, I just have a feeling about this one.  Kolb being out is great for Arizona.  Skelton coming in is awful for Arizona.  They just can’t win.  John Skelton has a tendency to look in Larry Fitz’s direction on every play, and honestly if I was the QB in Arizona I would do the same thing.  Larry Fitz goes off en route to a Cardinal win.

Redskins @ Giants

Scottie: Giants

RGIII was impressive in his return to the gridiron off a concussion.  He ran the last 40 yards of his 76 yard touchdown run in 4 seconds flat.  All of that is well and good, but I don’t think he can come into NY and beat the Giants in the biggest game of his young career.  With the egg that Brady laid last week, I am starting to think it might be time to move Eli into that number 1 spot amongst quarterbacks.

Matty: Giants

Scottie is right, RG3 was a man last week.  Sadly, the Giants are coming into their own and they have the athletes on their d-line to try and contain RG3.  I think the G-Men are going to come out on fire against the Redskins and bury the Skins before the game is even started.

Saints @ Bucs

Scottie: Saints

I don’t care what the Saints record is.  They will be a tough matchup all season long.  With or without Jimmy Graham, I don’t think Josh Freeman has the weapons to keep up with Brees.

Matty: Bucs

Have another feeling about this one.  I have really cooled on New Orleans over the past few weeks (probably because they have been miserable).  The Bucs looked good last week and I do think they have the weapons to keep up with the Saints, especially if Jimmy Graham is down.

Cowboys @ Panthers

Scottie: Panthers

Jason Garrett might be the dumbest coach in football.  The Cowboys had the opportunity to stun the Ravens last week and Garrett doesn’t center the ball for his kicker with time remaining on the clock for an easier kick.  It’s the little things that Garrett doesn’t do that hurts the Cowboys.  Cam has had a week to gather his thoughts and get himself together.  I think the Panthers win and Jerry Jones will be forced to give Garrett a tongue in cheek vote of confidence before firing him some time next week.

Matty: Cowboys

I think Cam has a new week, the Cowboys are just better and they are fighting to stay in the NFC East race.

Ravens @ Texans

Scottie: Texans

The Ravens were ravaged by the injury bug this week losing both Ray Lewis and Lacedarius Webb for the season.  Arian Foster and company will be foaming at the mouth in this battle of the bests in the AFC.  Flacco no longer has the luxury of one of the most fierce defenses in the league.  It’ll be on him to carry the Ravens now, and I don’t think he can shoulder that responsibility just yet.

Matty: Texans

Houston is good.  The Ravens were good.  It remains to be seen how that Ravens D performs without their leader Ray Lewis and without one of their best CBs Webb.  Supposedly Terrell Suggs is looking to return this week, however he won’t be at full tilt for a while.  JJ Watt and the Texans will smash the Ravens in the mouth.

Jets @ Patriots

Scottie: Patriots

I hate to tell y’all I told y’all so last week but yeah well I did.  I get these horrible feelings with some Patriots games and that was the case last week.  No one would listen to me because generally speaking Patriots fans are some of the most arrogant, pompous, ignorant fans on the planet.  Lucky for them, I have no such bad feeling this week, and I expect the Patriots to annihilate the Jets.

Matty: Patriots

Scottie, cut the crap.  You pulled that one straight outta your ass.  The Pats are pissed.  I’m pissed.  Scottie pissed himself.  The Jets never fail to provide bulletin board material, and I feel like this week you just do not want to mess with the Patriots.  I really hope Seattle makes a miraculous run at the Super Bowl so the Pats can hang 50 on them.

Jaguars @ Raiders

Scottie: Raiders

This will be the week Darren McFadden breaks loose and gets back to being the dynamic player he was a season ago before his injury.

Matty: Raiders

God, what an awful game.  Carson Palmer sucks.  Blaine Gabbert sucks more.  Advantage Raiders.

Steelers @ Bengals

Scottie: Steelers

I have given Andy Dalton and the Bengals too much credit over the past 2 weeks.  They have been beaten by Tannehill and Weeden.  I think Big Ben will be able to handle the Bengals.  AJ Green may have a big day against a decimated by injury Steeler secondary but I don’t think they can pull off the upset.  The Steelers will get their first road win of the season.

Matty: Steelers

Finally, I get to pick against the Bengals!  The Bengals have been the beneficiary of an extremely weak schedule, but it stops in week 7 against Pittsburgh.  Big Ben and Mendenhall (hopefully) lead the Steelers to the win.

Lions @ Bears

Scottie: Lions

I said last week that the Lions are now a motivated bunch after being called overrated.  I think Ndomakung Suh will make Jay Cutler’s life even more of a living hell than it already is.  I expect Stafford will able to connect with Calvin Johnson at will and the Lions will go into Chicago and take care of business.

Matty: Bears

How this is a Monday night game is beyond me.  Gonna be a battle of two evils.  An awful Jay Cutler and a solid Bears D against a solid Detroit offense and an awful Lions D.  I hope Suh smashes Cutler into the turf on numerous occasions, however I think the Bears D wins this one for Chicago.

I can be followed on Twitter @ ScottieNTCF.  Matty can’t be followed because he is a follower and not a leader.

That makes sense Scottie…

3 Responses

  1. You know the song “Scotty Doesn’t Know”? Y’know, Scottie (see what I did there?), the lyrics are in my head: “Scottie doesn’t know! Scottie doesn’t know! Don’t tell Scottie!” Bradford hasn’t been a prime time player (then again, who does he have to throw to with Amendola sidelined? Seriously), but it’s clear to me that this Scottie doesn’t have a clue about the Rams’ offense or its stagnant offensive line. I’m positive Scottie hasn’t watched a Rams game this season (nor in years; can’t blame him for that, though), but allow me to lay on some facts real thick for Scottie, so he will know: the Rams, every game, reach the redzone without fail, but they can’t for the life of George McGovern (passed away today; your higher power, rest his soul) convert the ball INTO the endzone. Their offense reminds me of a collective 15 year old desperate for poonani — they ain’t gettin’ it, yo!

    Bradford’s biggest issue is third downs. He’s done better recently, but he holds the ball for a tadbit too long and BAM! He’s down. The line can’t hold up. I have a fear that he’s going to develop MBC (Marc Bulger Complex) and become timid.

    Scottie, do yourself a favor and actually watch a couple of Rams game so you can actually see for yourself what the problems are. Win as a team, lose as a team. I promise, pal, watching the Rams for the first time in years won’t hurt. 😉

  2. Richard!!!!! What’s happening????

    The Rams biggest issue is they are 3-4 and in the basement of the NFC West. Bradford’s biggest issue is he sucks. Marching down the field and reaching the red zone doesn’t score points.

    If you want the remedy for the disaster known as the Rams, how about giving S Jax the ball a bit more in the red zone. He is your only offensive talent. Bradord loves to throw picks in the red zone.

    At no point during your rambling incoherent response did you explain what it is that I don’t know. The Rams lost yet again today.

    I was right yet again.

  3. Going into 4 o’clock:

    Scott- 8-1 (Damn, I am good)
    Matt- 6-3

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