Week 5 NFL Picks: Matty O vs. Scottie

I got things back to normal last week going 11-5. Matty also went 11-5.  This leaves him still one game behind me on the year.  I am 37-26 an Matty is 36-27.  Hey Matty, through 4 weeks, how’s my ass taste?

Relax, Scottie.  I’m taking the lead this week.  Let’s do it…

Cardinals @ Rams

Scottie: Cardinals

Matty’s binkie Sam Bradford is sure to get demolished Thursday night by the stifling Arizona defense.  There is a large part of me that wants to pick the Rams here, hell I know they are going to win, but I can’t in good faith pull the trigger.  Bradford sucks and so does Matty.

Matty: Rams

Scottie sucks, so I’m going with my boy Bradford.

Dolphins @ Bengals

Scottie: Bengals

The Bengals have been the beneficiary of a very weak schedule early on.  That trend continues here as they get the Dolphins at home.  I really what Andy Dalton has done for the Bengals this year.  The Bengals will win the games they should and lose the games they should this year.

Matty: Bengals

I keep saying week after week that I want to pick against the Bengals.  Sadly, the keep playing the Scottie’s of the league and beating bad competition.  Dalton beats Tannehill 10 times out of 10.

Packers @ Colts

Scottie: Packers

The Packers were able to rebound from the Monday Night Mayhem to squeak by the Saints 28-27 this year.  They are a Garrett Hartley missed field goal away from being 1-3.  I think that is the game the Packers can build off of and get back to being the Green Bay of old.  I think the Packers blow out Indy.

Matty: Packers

The Pack’s offense got back on track against the Saints last Sunday.  Against the Colts, the Packers D will look to get back on track.  RG3 is getting a lot of the press early in the season as the “Rookie Sensation” but Andrew Luck is performing pretty well in Indy for a guy leading a mediocrely talented team.  That being said, Charles Woodson loves playing rookie quarterbacks.

Ravens @ Chiefs

Scottie: Ravens

It was reported earlier this week that the Chiefs are losing confidence in Matt Cassel.  That shouldn’t be news.  Since Cassel has left New England he hasn’t established himself as a quarterback worthy of starting for an NFL team.  The problem with KC is their other options are Ricky Stanzi and Brady Quinn.  The Ravens get another layup after last week’s victory over Cleveland.

Matty: Ravens

KC > Cleveland.  Baltimore > KC.  In accordance with the man above, Cassel isn’t really getting the job done in KC.  On the other hand, Flacco is being appointed at the next coming on Montana in Baltimore.  I think Flacco is serviceable, but as you could tell from my QB ratings posted last week, I’m not as high on Flacco as everyone else.  The Ravens win this game with Scottie under center.

Browns @ Giants

Scottie: Giants

I said last week that I think the Browns will go 0-16 this year.  I have no reason to stray from that opinion.  While the Giants should be concerned about Hakeem Nicks’ injury,  (The guy reminds me of Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Unbreakable) Ramses Barden has shown he has the ability to step up in Nicks’ place.

Matty: Giants

Gotta disagree with Scottie on this one.  I believe the Browns will go 1-15 this year.  It’s just so damn hard to go 0-16.  The Giants benefit from an easy one this week.  Although, I still hate Tuck and Eli.

Eagles @ Steelers

Scottie: Steelers

This is the hardest game to pick this week.  The Steelers are coming off a bye week and have had time to prepare for Mike Vick and the Eagles.  The Eagles are fresh off a huge Sunday night win against division rival Giants.  I take preparation over momentum.

Matty: Steelers

I correctly picked an Eagles victory last week.  I think Philly has been living too close to the edge to pull one out in Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh on the other hand, hasn’t looked as sharp as everyone expected.  With Mendenhall returning this week, the Steelers ground game will get on track and Pittsburgh wins this one at home.

Falcons @ Redskins

Scottie: Falcons

I have said it many times and it is finally coming to fruition.  Matty Ice is approaching upper echelon status in the quarterback pantheon.  Did anyone doubt he wouldn’t come back and beat the Panthers with 2 minutes left last week?  Julio Jones’ hand injury is of concern but the Falcons still have Roddy White doing work and Michael Turner made a guest appearance last week.

Matty: Redskins

I don’t know why, I just have a feeling about this one.  I think RG3 takes advantage of a questionable defense in Atlanta.  Matt Ryan does everything he can, but the Redskins win in a shootout.

Seahawks @ Panthers

Scottie: Seahawks

The Seahawks defense will give Cam Newton fits on Sunday.  He is becoming the next Jay Cutler with his ability to sulk, whine, and be moody.  While he is crying on the bench, Marshawn Lynch is going to trample the anemic Panthers run defense to the tune of over 200 yards and lead the Seahawks to victory.

Matty: Panthers

With all the negative criticism surrounding Cam Newton, I think he comes out with something to prove against the Seahawks.  Seattle’s D has been a force to be reckoned with so far this season, but Cam Newton may be just elusive enough to cause them some issues.

Bears @ Jaguars

Scottie: Bears

The Bears were able to pick off Tony Romo 5 times Monday night.  I am afraid to think of what they are going to do to Blaine Gabbert.  Fortunately Gabbert starting looking toward Justin Blackmon last week (10 targets, 6 catches, 48 yards).  That is a connection that must be made if the Jaguars ever want to taste something that could be considered success.

Matty: Bears

I don’t like siding with Jay Cutler and the Bears most of the time.  I don’t like siding with Blaine Gabbert…ever.  The Bears D will limit MJD, and Gabbert has no shot of winning one for the Jags.

Broncos @ Patriots

Scottie: Patriots

I am quick to bask Devin McCourty on my Twitter feed every Sunday.  But I will give credit where credit is due, he actually played well on Sunday.  The Patriots are slowly developing an opportunistic defense behind Vince Wilfork, Brandon Spikes, and Chandler Jones.  I think they will cause problems for Peyton Manning on Sunday.  Manning has the ability to pick apart a defense, but I don’t know if he is physically able to do what he wants after his surgeries.  I think the Pats protect their home turf and leave Sunday with a W.

Matty: Patriots

Peyton Manning seems to be getting better since that disastrous performance against the Falcons.  The Patriots seem to be getting better since that disastrous performance against the Cardinals.  The only thing that scares me about this game is the potential for the Broncos to put consistent pressure on Brady with Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil.  I still think the Pats pull this one out.

Titans @ Vikings

Scottie: Vikings

I really don’t want to say the Vikings are for real just yet.  But Christian Ponder has been a more than serviceable quarterback, Percy Harvin is one of the best playmakers in the NFL, the defense is playing great, and oh yeah they have Adrian Peterson.  Jake Locker won’t play for the Titans Sunday, and I don’t think Matt Hasselbeck has it in him to lead the Titans to a win.  Will Matty share my point of View? (see what I did there?)

Matty: Vikings

I don’t really know who is better for the Titans, Matt Hassleback or Jake “the Locksmith” Locker.  I this game I’m not really sure if it matters.  The Vikings have been a surprise team this season and I think it will continue on Sunday.  I agree with Scottie.  Percy Harvin is a big time playmaker and AP will deliver.

Bills @ 49ers

Scottie: 49ers

The 49ers are fresh off shellacking the Jets 34-0.  The Bills are fresh off of getting smashed by the Patriots.  Ryan Fitzpatrick has shown that he can be forced into throwing a fair amount of interceptions.  I think Patrick Willis will make his life a living hell on Sunday and the 49ers will coast to a 10 point win.

Matty: 49ers

This one is pretty simple.  The Bills allowed 52 points to the Pats and mustered up only 28 points.  The 49ers D is much more stout than the Pats, so I don’t expect this one to be much of a challenge.  Plus with a banged up Spiller and Jackon, the Bills will have even more difficulty scoring points.

Chargers @ Saints

Scottie: Saints

I just can’t see Drew Brees allowing his Saints to lose 5 games in a row.  He threw for over 400 yards last week trying to prevent his team from going 0-4.  I think he will throw for a mile on Sunday Night.  What concerns me is the Saints inability to stop a nose bleed without the incentive to get $10,000 on defense.  I think Brees is always motivated to matchup against his former team.  i believe in Brees.

Matty: Chargers

I said what Scottie said about 2 weeks ago.  I can’t see the Saints going 0 – whatever.  Guess what Scottie, the Saints are 0-4 and they are meeting YOUR new favorite team and quarterback Phillip Rivers.  Yes, I’m sure Drew Brees will throw for 2600 yards in this game alone, but the rest of the Saints team is such a mess I don’t think it matters.  Stick with your team Scottie!

Texans @ Jets

Scottie: Texans

The Jets are now a bigger mess than a college dorm on a Saturday morning.  Revis: out for season.  Holmes: out for season.  Owner wants Tebow to start.  Rex says Sanchez is his guy.  At this point does it even matter who the quarterback is?  The Jets might have the least amount of talent on their roster in the NFL.  Christmas hath come early for the Texans.  I expect to Texans to feast on the weak and annihilate the Jets.

Matty: Texans

The Houston Texans may be the best team in the NFL.  Who ever thought those words would be uttered when David Carr was under center?  The Jets just lost Santonio Holmes for the season with a Lisfranc injury (and yes, I know what that is), but I don’t think it really would have mattered.  The Jets are a ticking time bomb and Tebow will be in there soon.

I can be followed on Twitter @ScottieNTCF.  Matty reads Vogue.

3 Responses

  1. I don’t even want to hear it. Bradford was 7 for 21. 141 yards. 2 touchdowns and an interception. Don’t you dare say thats effective. He just happened to be less awful than his opposition.

  2. Going into Sunday Night
    Scottie: 9-3
    Matty- 8-4

  3. End of week. Scottie 11-3 Matty 9-5

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