Week 3 NFL Picks – Matty O vs. Scottie

Matty got the best of me last week going 10-6 while I went 9-7.  But hey, even a replacement ref gets a call right every once in a while.  For the season I am 21-10.  Matty is 18-13.

After 2 weeks, Scottie has an overall record of 21-10, while I’m lagging behind at 18-13.  I was a little sharper last week, but I’m still refining the craft.  There are a couple of tough games to pick this week, so I’m hoping Scottie will fall into his old moronic habits and I can come out on top for the 2nd consecutive week.  Let’s do it…

Giants @ Panthers

Matty O:  Panthers

The Giants made a crazy comeback win against Tampa last week right after I cracked a celebratory beer thinking I picked the game correctly by choosing Tampa.  Once again Eli somehow leads the Giants to a comeback victory by single-handedly putting them in a huge hole by throwing INTs.  As of today, Bradshaw, Nicks, and a couple other will be missing for the G-Men, so I’m picking the upset and going with the Panthers here.

Scottie: Giants

It is so painful to say but it needs to be said.  Eli Manning has become an elite quarterback in the NFL. He put on a show last week in the second half leading the Giants in a come from behind victory over the Bucs.  I expect a shootout in Carolina but I just can’t pick against Eli. I just threw up in my mouth.

Buccaneers @ Cowboys

Matty O: Cowboys

The Cowboys somehow managed to get themselves smoked by the Seahawks last week.  It seems like every season there is so much talk about how the ‘Boys will finally come together, stop losing against bad teams, and make a serious playoff run.  Their start to the 2012 season doesn’t make it seem like that talk will be validated.  That being said, the Bucs have to be down after the loss to the G-Men, therefore Romo and company should get it done here.

Scottie: Bucs

I absolutely love what Greg Schiano did to the Giants on the last play last week.  The game isn’t over until its over.  What if Eli fumbles? The Bucs can scoop and score and win the game.  Because of that attitude my opinion of the 2012 Bucs completely changed.  I think they will go into Big D and grind out a hard nosed victory.

Jaguars @ Colts

Matty O: Colts

The Colts are bad.  The Jags are bad.  I like what the Colts did last week against the Vikings.  I don’t like what Blaine Gabbert did last week throwing for 53 yards against the Texans.  Pick: Colts

Scottie: Colts

Andrew Luck at least looks to have the Colts franchise headed in the right direction.   There is reason for optimism in Indy.  Jacksonville? Not so much.  The Jaguars are putrid at best.  Gabbert is yet to establish any kind of chemistry with Blackmon.  Have to love Indy at home here.

Bills @ Browns

Matty O: Bills

Coming into the 2012 season, widespread speculation was that the Bills, not the Jets, would be the biggest threat to the Pats in terms of winning the AFC East.  The Bills got off to a slow start in week 1, but rebounded nicely in week 2 against the Chiefs.  Luckily for Buffalo, they come up against Cleveland, arguably the league’s worst team.

Scottie: Bills

CJ Spiller has burst onto the scene in 2012 and has added a whole new dimension to the Bills offense.  After handing the Jets a win in week one, the Bills dominated the Chiefs.  I don’t see any scenario in which the Bills will lose to the lowly Browns.  And to think the Bills could’ve been 3-0 after this week.  Sorry JL.

Jets @ Dolphins

Matty O: Jets

Hate the Jets.  Hate Tannehill more.  Dude is just awful.  May be the 2nd worst QB in the league (behind Blaine Gabbert ofcourse).  When David Garrard is a possible starter for your team, season is a wash.  Thoughts around the league were that Shonn Greene left last week’s game with a concussion, but a return to practice Wednesday looks promising for Greene to play on Sunday.  Give Tebow the ball Rex.

Scottie: Jets

No one was more shocked than I when the Dolphins stomped on the Raiders.  Reggie Bush looked like he played for USC once upon a time.  I didn’t think the Dolphins would score more than 17 points in a game all season.  I was wrong.  See a trend here? All that being said, I don’t think they lightning will strike twice.  I trust Rex will bottle up Reggie and after that what can the Dolphins possibly do?

Chiefs @ Saints

Matty O: Saints

You could throw Petey C in to coach the Saints and they should win this one.  Scottie could be calling the plays, and the Saints would smoke the Chiefs.  I just can’t see New Orleans starting off 0-3.

Scottie: Saints

I don’t think there is a team in the league that is envious of the Kansas City Chiefs this week.  The Chiefs are terrible as it is.  Add being terrible into going down to New Orleans to face an 0-2 Saints team? It’s a recipe for disaster. I think this will get ugly fast.

Bengals @ Redskins

Matty O: Bengals

Cincinnati made it interesting against the Browns last week.  Andy Dalton hasn’t looked like the same QB from 2011 (sophomore slump style) and the Bengals D isn’t nearly as menacing.  That being said. the Redskins lost Orakpo and Carriker last weekend, two huge pieces of their defense that are virtually irreplaceable.  I like what RG3 is doing, I just think the Bengals edge out the Skins in this one.

Scottie: Redskins

The Redskins are a Joshua Morgan penalty away from coming into this week 2-0.  RG3 is Cam Newtown reincarnate.  I think that Shannahan has the Redskins ready to compete in the always tough NFC East.

Rams @ Bears

Matty O: Bears

I made a big stink last week about how I think Sam Bradford is a solid NFL QB, and I’m sticking with that statement.  Sadly, the Rams as a team just aren’t good enough to stick with the Bears, even after that vomitous performance in week 2 against the Pack. 

Scottie: Rams

Matt got the best of me last week in our Sam Bradford debate.  I hate admitting when I am wrong but it must be done. Now I find myself picking the Rams this week.  Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t think Bradford is good, I just think it “sacks” to be Jay Cutler. (See what I did there?) And with Matt Forte likely out? I give the Bears next to no shot winning this week.

49ers @ Vikings

Matty O: 49ers

I love Percy Harvin and everything he brings to my fantasy team (even though I know he will inevitably get hurt every season), but the Vikings will be overmatched in this one.

Scottie: 49ers

I like the 49ers more and more each week.  I remember Alex Smith being a stud quarterback at Utah.  He now has some weapons in Crabtree, Moss, Manningham, and Davis (they can win with him).  The running game is stout and they have the best defense in the league.  If Aaron Rodgers couldn’t do it.Christian Ponder is not going to beat the best team in the NFL.

Lions @ Titans

Matty O: Lions

My man CV’s squad just continually lets me down.  I pick them to beat San Diego last week and what do they do?  Get blown the F out.  I love Detroit’s meanness, and Schwartz is a mad man.  I no longer have faith in the Locksmith, and Chris Johnson looks awful.

Scottie: Lions

The Titans are having serious issues moving the football this season. Chris Johnson hasn’t been able to open up the field for Jake Locker.  The Lions don’t have that problem.  Matthew Stafford is able to air it out whenever he likes.  This has the makings of a blow out.  Sorry CV, your Titans suck something awful.

Falcons @ Chargers

Matty O: Falcons

Just when I thought man fantasy running back situation couldn’t get any worse, Michael Turner goes and gets himself arrested.  The Falcons looked great again against the Broncos, and I expect that trend to continue throughout the course of the season.  Atlanta’s offense is potent and their defense has a knack for turnovers.

Scottie: Falcons

I am on the Falcons bandwagon this season.  They were the beneficiary of a horrible game from Peyton Manning last week.  Even without a running game, the Falcons, in my opinion, are on pace to meet with the 49ers in the NFC Championship.  And bold prediction of the week? Michael Turner lights up his old team for 2 touchdowns.

Eagles @ Cardinals

Matty O: Eagles

Somehow the Eagles are 2-0 after committing 9 turnovers in those two games (or something along those lines).  Michael Vick looked OK against the Ravens, and you would assume he would look even better against the Cardinals.  Although, after the way Arizona stifled the Pats offense last week who the hell knows.

Scottie: Eagles

The Eagles escaped the Ravens with a win in a game they didn’t deserve to win.  Now they travel to Arizona to take on the 2-0? Yes the 2-0 Cardinals.  The Cardinals defense was great against the Patriots and they didn’t allow Brady to get into any type of rhythm.    I don’t think they will be successful doing that with Vick.  Forcing him out of the pocket plays to his strength.

Steelers @ Raiders

Matty O: Steelers

The Raiders are just a mess right now.  Carson Palmer looks OK, but Run DMC just isn’t the same back, and their defense just allowed 35 points to the Dolphins.  No that is not a typo…35 points allowed to the Dolphins!  Maybe I should retract my Tannehill statements?  Nope, sticking with them.  The Steelers crowd the box to make sure McFadden doesn’t go off and win this one pretty easily.

Scottie: Steelers

The Raiders screw me every year in these picks.  When I pick them, they get spanked.  When I pick against them, they revert back to the Tecmo Bowl days with Bo Jackson and Marcus Allen.  Well, the Raiders will need Bo Jackson and Marcus Allen if they are going to beat the Steelers

Texans @ Broncos

Matty O: Texans

Peyton Manning looked like a guy coming back from 3 neck surgeries on Monday night against the Falcons.  He was sailing balls more often than Scottie airballs jumpers.  I still believe that the Broncos will struggle with their mediocre receiving corp.  The Texans defense is legit.  If the Broncos had 4 turnovers against the Falcons, they might hit double digits against Houston.

Scottie: Broncos

Peyton Manning meets up with his old rival and atones for last week’s debacle.  On a side note, from the end of last season to the beginning of this season, has there been a better wide receiver in the NFL than Demaryius Thomas?

Patriots @ Ravens

Matty O: Patriots

Cut the shit, New England fans.  Wes Welker isn’t going anywhere.  The guy needs to be a bit more consistent, and I think he got the message.  The loss of Hernandez hurts the offense, but I’m sure they will adapt with the addition of Branch and Kellen Winslow.  I look for Welker and Lloyd to get more touches this week (although they forced the ball to Lloyd a bit much last week) and the Pats will get right back on track.

Scottie: Ravens

There isn’t one scenario in which I can see the Pats going down to a hostile environment in Baltimore and being able to pull out a win.  If this game was in Foxboro, I might feel differently but after the Ravens were robbed of a win last week, they are going to come out with an edge and the Patriots won’t be able to recover.

Packers @ Seahawks

Matty O: Packers

What’s up with the Pack getting all these primetime games?  I mean I know they are supposed to be good, but what about the Pats?  What about the Ravens?  49ers?  Let’s spread the wealth here NFL.  Anyways, the Seahawks smoked the Cowboys last week, but don’t expect a repeat here against the Packers.  The Week 1 loss to San Fran has Green Bay motivated.

Scottie: Packers

Aaron Rodgers owes me an other worldly performance after the egg he laid last week. Doesn’t he know that I (along with millions of other people) put a lot of trust in him as our fantasy quarterback?  Clay Matthews will be chasing Russell Wilson all over the field and the Packers win by two touchdowns.


I can be followed on Twitter @ ScottieNTCF.  Matt can’t be followed because he is a loser.

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  1. Going into Sunday night… Awful

    Scottie 4-10 my god
    Matty- 7-7

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