Week 2 NFL Picks: Matty O vs. Scottie

Scottie smoked me Week 1, nothing more to say.  Let’s do it…

So I took it to Matty pretty good to open up the season.  I went 12-3 while Matt took it on the chin going 8-7.  I am trying a new formula this season.  I am going to stay humble and not take the young pup for granted.  So on to Week 2:

Bears @ Packers

Scottie: Packers

I can’t see the Packers losing twice in a row at home.  I expect Randall Cobb to have a coming out party in the presumed absence of Greg Jennings.  For all you fantasy football players out there, Cobb is the guy to get not Kevin Ogletree.

Matty: Packers

The Pack really disappointed me week 1 with their lackluster effort.  Similarly to what Scottie said, I simply can’t imagine Aaron Rodgers and the Packers going down for a 2nd consecutive week.  That being said, Jay Cutler looks like a confident QB with Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey on the outside.

Cardinals @ Patriots

Scottie: Patriots

Last week I mocked the Cardinals quarterback situation yet they came out and won.  The Patriots defense was very impressive against a young quarterback.  I expect the Patriots defense to give another unproven quarterback fits and TB12 to do his thing.

Matty: Pats

Kevin Kolb was Arizona’s savior in week 1 after John Skelton went down with an ankle sprain.  Sadly for the Cards, they simply aren’t talented enough to keep up with the Pats.  Although, I am looking forward to watching Patrick Peterson play for an entire game.

Chiefs @ Bills

Scottie: Bills

Both teams were destroyed last week.  The Chiefs were beaten by a very good Atlanta team.  The Bills, in essence, beat themselves. I expect the Bills to come out on a mission, pissed off they lost to the Jets, and I expect them to handle the Chiefs on their home turf.

Matty: Bills

The Bills have more bounce-back ability than the Chiefs.  I honestly believe CJ Spiller may be a better fit for that Bills offense than Fred Jackson, but Spiller will have to prove it over an extended period of time.  I expect both Fitzpatrick and Cassel to step up in week 2, but the Bills will come out on top.

Browns @ Bengals

Scottie: Bengals

The Bengals ran into a buzz saw in the Ravens last week.  The Bengals are a lot better than what they showed and they are certainly better than the Browns.  I know the Browns gave the Eagles a run for their money last week but they lost because they are a young team and can’t close out ball games.  Plus, they are without Joe Haden, so I figure AJ Green is going to have a monster day.

Matty: Bengals

Contrary to what Scottie believes, I don’t really believe the Bengals are much better than they showed against the Ravens.  I think the Bengals overachieved last year.  AJ Green is going to have a long season trying to get open against double coverage nearly every play, but it’s tough to be worse than the Browns.

Vikings @ Colts

Scottie: Vikings

The Vikings were able to slip by the Jaguars last week.  Remarkably, Adrian Peterson is not human and is able to play not even a year after destroying his knee.  I believe he is healthy and I believe he will run all over the Colts on Sunday.

Matty: Colts

I didn’t watch one minute of the Colts play last week, but from what I can gather from the stats Andrew Luck didn’t play very well.  I expect Luck to bounce back in week 2, and I think that the Colts D, with Freeney and Mathis on the outside in their new 3-4, will exceed expectations.

Raiders @ Dolphins

Scottie: Raiders

The Dolphins will be this year’s version of the 2011 Colts.  They don’t have any real weapons outside of Reggie Bush.  I was amazed they scored 10 points last week.  It just might be the highest output they have all season.

Matty: Raiders

I agree with Scottie on this one, the Dolphins are terribly untalented.  As I mentioned last week I’m not a big Tannehill fan, but with Brian Hartline as his best receiver, there wouldn’t be much hope for him even if he were Joe Montana.  Raiders ride Run DMC to a win.

Bucs @ Giants

Scott: Giants

I think the Giants were suffering from a Super Bowl hang over last Wednesday.  Josh Freeman isn’t capable of lighting them up like Tony Romo did.  The big concern in New York should be if Victor Cruz was a one year wonder or not.  If he is, they are in significant trouble.  Not enough trouble to lose this week however.

Matty: Bucs

Two things led me to pick the Bucs here.  First, I hate the Giants.  Second, I just love the way the Bucs played against the Panthers.  Tampa Bay took Greg Schiano’s personality onto the field and out-physicaled Carolina.  The Giants lacked physicality against the Cowboys and I think the Bucs expose that again.

Ravens @ Eagles

Scott: Ravens

The Ravens featured a new no huddle offense on Monday night that showed a new dimension of the traditional ground and pound franchise.  Joe Flacco looked comfortable running the new offense.  The Eagles struggled with the lowly Browns.  Any betting man would surely bet that Mike Vick won’t be able to finish this game.

Matty: Eagles

Mike Vick bounces back and exposes the Ravens defense as an aging unit (but damn Ray Lewis and Ed Reed looked really good on Monday).  Flacco looked great against the Bengals, but I’m not sold.

Saints @ Panthers

Scottie: Saints

After the Saints suffered the biggest upset of the week at the hands of RG3 and the Redskins, I fully expect the boys from Nawlins to but a bounty out on Cam and the Panthers.

Matty: Saints

Drew Brees and the Saints won’t be embarrassed like they were against the Redskins for a 2nd consecutive week.  The Panthers are a team that could quickly slip to the bottom of their division and have a tough time climbing out of the cellar.  Hopefully, for my fantasy team’s sake Cam Newton steps it up!

Texans @ Jaguars

Scottie: Texans

Granted it was against the Dolphins, but it sure looks like Andre Johnson is back.  The Texans are the beneficiary of an early cupcake schedule.  I expect them to handle the Jaguars with ease.

Matty: Texans

2012 should be Matt Schaub’s coming out party.  Arian Foster leads one of the league’s best running attacks which takes some pressure off Schaub.  Andre Johnson is a beast.  Those two things alone are enough to win the Jags.

Redskins @ Rams

Scottie: Redskins

Give me one decent reason why I should pick against RG3, Shanny, and Skins after what they did to the Saints last week.  They come to St. Louis on a high facing a Rams team that blew a late lead to the Lions. We saw the energy Cam Newton brought to Carolina last season, I am getting the same vibe from RG3 in Washington this year.

Matty: Rams

St. Louis gave Detroit a run for their money last Sunday, and Jeff Fisher has a team that will battle all season long.  I’m still a big Sam Bradford fan.  He’s proven he can be effective in the NFL.  RG3 certainly made his case that he can be a very good NFL QB last weekend, but I want to see him prove that for another week.

Cowboys @ Seahawks

Scottie: Cowboys

It amazes me how Tony Romo makes #3 receivers look so good.  Look at Miles Austin, Laurent Robinson, and now Kevin Ogletree.  Couple that with the emergence of DeMarco Murray as one of the premier running backs in the league, and suddenly the Cowboys are dangerous again.

Matty: Cowboys

The Cowboys looked terrible last Wednesday, but luckily the Giants looked even worse.  Kevin Ogletree came up big, but I agree with Scottie, Dez Bryant and Miles Austin are still the big time guys in Dallas.  Russell Wilson looks to be an impressive rookie, but the Boys’ defense is too good.

Jets @ Steelers

Scottie: Steelers

The Jets were fortunate enough to have the Bills give them the first game of the season on a platter.  The Steelers are going to be angry they were victims of Peyton Manning last week.  I expect the Steel Curtain will make life a living hell (pun intended) for Sanchez and Tebow.

Matty: Steelers

Pittsburgh exceeded all of my expectations on Sunday night against Denver…just kidding.  Peyton Manning shredded them like the Pats defense in 2006.  Like Scottie said, the Jets were handed win #1 on a silver platter.  Their offense just isn’t explosive enough to continually produce big offensive outputs.  I’m sticking with the Steel Curtain in this one.

Titans @ Chargers

Scottie: Chargers

Chris Johnson couldn’t get it going against the Patriots last week.  If he stumbles out of the gates like he did last week, the Titans are in trouble again.  And like I said last week, I think Phillip Rivers is out to prove something this year.  Once he finds his niche with a receiver watch out for the Bolts.

Matty: Titans

With Ryan Mathews still out, Phillip Rivers is all that San Diego has.  I think Chris Johnson has a breakout week against the Chargers.  Jake Locker looked alright against the Pats, and I’m hoping for some improvement against the Bolts.  This one is for my man CV.

Lions @ 49ers

Scottie: 49ers

I believe in the 49ers, I believe in Harbaugh, and I think this is the year they make serious noise.  I picked them over the Packers last week.  Why shouldn’t I pick them over the Lions?

Matty: 49ers

Sadly for the Lions, who I am expecting to have a solid 2012 campaign, the run into a San Fran team that looks to be better than most of us expected.  the 49ers defense is scary, and their offense may just be good enough to have another solid season.  Unless Calvin Johnson goes off, it’s all 49ers in this one.

Broncos @ Falcons

Scottie: Falcons

Yeah, Peyton Manning is great in domes.  But this 2012 is Matty Ice’s coming out party.  By the end of the season I think people are going to be talking about Calvin Johnson and Julio Jones in the same sentence.  I really like the Falcons this year.

Matty: Falcons

I think the Atlanta Falcons are the real deal this year.  Michael Turner is absolutely killing my fantasy team, but that doesn’t really matter with Matt Ryan slinging the ball all over the field.  Peyton looked good last week, but the Broncos will be put to the test trying to match points with Atlanta.


7 Responses

  1. Exactly when did Sam Bradford prove he could be effective in the NFL?

  2. As a rookie in 2010 threw for 3500 yards, 18 TDs, 60% completion percentage, and led an abysmal St. Louis Rams team to a 7-9 record, nearly making the playoffs. In my book, that’s effective for a rookie…

  3. Is this from the same book that led you to an 8-7 record last week? Read what you just wrote. At no point does that tell me Bradford has ever been effective. Maybe we have different definitions of effective…mine pertains to winning. Bradford hasn’t even had a .500 season yet.

  4. When a rookie leads an absolutely horrible team to 7 wins while also posting pretty solid numbers I’m willing to say he’s an effective quarterback. Do my standards change as the number of years they are in the league rise? Yes absolutely. Do I think Bradford has shown he can be effective? Yes absolutely. Do I think your a moron? Yes…absolutely. If RG3 or Luck somehow turn two of the worst teams in the league into playoff contenders and simultaneously post solid numbers will i consider them effective? Yes absolutely.

  5. 1 o’ clock games: Scott: 5-5 Matt: 6-4

  6. After 4 o’ clock: Scott 7-7 Matt- 8-6

  7. Final: Scottie – 9-7, Matt: 10-6

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